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Sunday was an all around fantastic day. It was filled with friends, family and laughter. My heart was very full that day! I can’t believe that we are at this point. This year has flown by. It’s funny how such a tiny baby, can make such a huge impact on your life. I was sure I was going to cry as we all gathered around to celebrate her. I didn’t though. I held it together. I couldn’t be more proud of the silly, independent, sweet little girl she is turning into. What a personality!

We went with a fun, little vintage carnival theme. We had candy, games, bubbles, party hats and lots of bunting flags. Everything came together better than I ever imagined. I LOVED IT ALL!!!


and good thing the park pavillion had a kitchen with a big sink. We just hosed her down in there after the cake…

Tomorrow i’ll post a little Rowan style file featuring her beautiful birthday dress!
Plus an outfit post from Lucky FABB.
Have a great day!

  1. Wow! What a beautiful party!!! The details are wonderful! My favorite picture is that cake smile 🙂

  2. Oh my goodness! The one where she has the bat for the pinata, looks like she’s saying “Alright…let me at it!” Haha! Precious! =)

  3. Marguerite/chicspace •

    Oh my goodness! As always, Rowan is adorable! BUT the spread you did looks Martha Steward Magazine worthy. Gorgeous job, and happy birthday to you both!

  4. Aw how FUN! You did such a wonderful job. Everything looks amazing!

  5. you are a crafty and decor queen!! wow, my hubby and I own a entertainment business and do a lot of parties and this looks better then most of them!! what great pictures and a job well done!!

  6. Jace Richardson •

    I’m interested in all the props you used: lollipop holder, jelly bean cone holder, popcorn box, ticket box and the fabric dividers. Did you make those or buy them specifically for the party?

  7. She’s soo cute! Lovely party!

  8. What a gorgeous party- it looks like it could have been a wedding!

  9. Hey, beautiful pics and ideas,
    Did u do any return gifts, my daughters party is tomorrow, she is turning 3 and i am confused on what to do for return gifts for kids, ages 3-7. and what budget is it usually? Please reply soon, if u can, as party is tomorrow and i have to shop today!!!

  10. you are so creative! I love your party ideas. What a great family you are.

  11. How fun. I love the decorations and it looks like everything went well. So did she have two birthday dresses? Haha. Lucky little girl!

  12. I love love love the sink picture at the end – I have a few photos of me when I was in my grandmother’s kitchen sink for my bath. Fun memories! The party was beautiful. 🙂

  13. What a fun time that looked like! Happy Birthday little Rowan!

  14. Amber, this is the life •

    Wow Jen!! You guys did a fabulous job with the theme and the decorations! It all looks so wonderful. Rowan is a beautiful little birthday girl, what a blessing!!

  15. That is quite a party!!! What fun photos and memories. Looks like she was even awake and having fun for it all! 🙂
    Give her big aloha from all of us…

  16. Wow!

    You all look so happy!

  17. What beautiful decorations, and even food! I love the cupcakes, too cute.
    It looks like a lot of attention was paid to every little detail… so awesome. 🙂
    Rowan’s a lucky little girl to have such awesome parents!


  18. She is all cheeks and chubby knees…I love it! The party looks amazing. What fun memories!

  19. wow, ever detail looks amazing. down to her birthday bath !! all the treats look delicious. great job ! can’t wait until your baby girl looks back at all these photos 🙂

    ps, !

  20. You are the best party planner ever! You’ve created a wonderful concept, everything is adorable!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  21. She is such a doll…congrats to you on making it through your first year of motherhood…it’s an accomplishment that should never be taken lightly..:-)

  22. Hehe, Rowan clutching her cake is priceless!

  23. very sweet! Your party looks amazing. Love the handmade touches and the color pallet! Our daughter is turning 1 in October and I’ve been pinning some ideas on pinterest in preparation. There are so many options it’s hard to decide, but I love your unified focus. Helps to have a theme I guess.

    It looks like a great day with family and friends all together celebrating this milestone and of course your daughter. That picture in the sink is classic. Reminds me of my first mother’s day- there never really is a break from all that a baby can “offer” 😉

    Looking forward to your following posts about the big day!

    ~abigail aka @ GrayDayShop and tiptoethrough.blogspot

  24. Jen, the party was awesome, you guys did such a great job with the decoration… and I ate myself a little sick with all of the sweets that we ended up with at the end of the night.

  25. what an adorable birthday celebration!! love the little smash cake!


  26. What an awesome party!! YAY for a Rowan style file!

  27. How adorable! Did you make all the decorations yourself? XO, Rae

  28. So beautiful. Everything, especiall that little Rowan. What a doll! You guys put together such a nice party for her.

  29. I freaking love that picture of her holding (hugging?) her ENTIRE birthday cake! GO ROWAN!

  30. CUUUUUUTE!! 🙂

  31. Aw! What a cutie! Every time I see pics of her she’s looking more and more like her daddy!

  32. You should go into party planning! What an amazing day for everyone :)!!

  33. I love the photo of her hugging the cake! hahaha, happy birthday Jen and Rowan!

  34. The picture of Rowan clutching her cake to her chest is so priceless! Um, sorry mom and dad. I love you both but the cake is mine!

  35. so adorable! what an awesome party, I’d love to have one like this and I’m not turning 1! haha
    happy birthday to Rowan, and to you. 🙂

  36. My mom and I have been talking about this post for the past 24 hrs… I drove from Pittsburgh to Indianapolis to go to a friend’s baby shower and when I got home last night, one of the first things my mom said to me was, “Did you see Rowan’s birthday!? So, so, so cute!!” And then we had some white wine, “Oh Sara, did you see Rowan with the cake!? Adorable!” and then she brought it up again this morning 🙂

    You have such a beautiful baby girl, and it is so inspiring the way you love her so much!! You put so much work into her birthday and she is so blessed to have such a talented mommy! I love the little tots hanging out together, the photobooth is brilliant, and how you let her attack that cake (and hose her off in the sink!? so cute!!). Thank you so much for sharing your life with us, I am honored to be a long-time JenlovesKev fan 🙂

    Happy birthday Rowan, you sweet angel!!!

  37. Jen! That is the cutest baby birthday party I have ever seen! You did such an excellent job!
    Love your blog! 🙂

  38. cute party! i love the picture! 🙂

    Love Simple Green

  39. WOW, your daughter looks amazing and soooo cute! Surely it was a great birthday party! 🙂

  40. aw how fun! This looks like such a special first birthday!! I love all the decorations 🙂

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  42. I know I’m a couple of years late on this post, but I just had to say how precious these photos are! I came across your cake while searing on pinterest for my son’s upcoming first birthday. I too, plan not to cry all day:)
    Anyway, just wanted to say how much I love all the decor. Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

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