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Hey Friends!
We are going to try a new little series here on the blog. It will involve Kev, Rowan and myself in a weekly question and answer video. We are going to answer questions that you ask us! haha. This may be a terrible idea, but we are just going to go for it!

Each week will have a theme like… Blogging, Marriage, Parenthood, silly questions, photography, etc…

Next week will be the first week and we are going to start with Parenthood! So let the questions fly in the comments below and we will try to answer as many as we can. If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or already a mommy, we would love to chat about anything (baby gear, pregnancy, birth, etc…).

Let’s hear them!
(we of course don’t claim to know the answers to anything, we just think it will be fun to share our experiences)

  1. Did you always know you that you wanted to become a parent?

  2. I think this is awesome and exciting! Not at all a terrible idea! Okay, here goes. How did you decide WHEN to start trying for a baby? My husband and I keep going back and forth. One day I REALLY want one, but the next day I start overthinking and I get too scared 🙁

  3. Good idea! My question is how hard to you feel it will be to choose childcare for Rowan, when/if you go back to work outside the home?

  4. Hi there! Just found out I’m pregnant! So excited!
    I don’t want to have to buy pregnancy clothes, but I fear I will HAVE to.
    When did you start wearing pregnancy clothes, and where did you get them?
    I’m also a wedding planner and will be on my feet a lot, needing a good pair of shoes to support the baby weight!

  5. Love this idea!

    I have a coworker who is about to get married and would like to start having babies soon after. She is very insistent that she doesn’t want to be a stay at home mom and yesterday she went so far as to tell me she doesn’t know what women do with 3 months of maternity leave because she thinks she would get bored.

    I accept her opinion and that staying home isn’t for everyone but still I am under the impression that caring for an infant or any child is a lot of hard work with endless things to do! Can you please make a video explaining to my coworker where all of your time goes in those first three months?

  6. How did you choose Rowan’s name, and how did you know it was the one? 🙂

  7. Sorry to double-dip…I’m also curious why you decided on a natural birth. I am hoping for the same, but have trouble articulating WHY that’s what I want.

  8. My daughter Wynne is about 3 weeks younger than Rowan and I had some questions about feeding. How are you weaning Rowan from formula? Gradually offering less, or switching to some other beverage in sippy cups, or mixing in milk, or what? I feel like Wynne doesn’t eat enough food to make up for the nutrition formula offers. When we stop formula, how do I add in enough protein and the other nutrients that formula makes up in her diet? She’s not reliably eating big people food (especially beans and egg yolks which i know are loaded with protein), often gagging and refusing anything with too much texture.

    Does Rowan wear shoes a lot now that she’s walking? What kind?

    HOW in the blue blazes do you get a heavy squirmy baby into a ring sling?! I’ve tried every way I can think of and watched a bunch of youtube videos but it never feels secure and I hate to give up on our ring slings before we have to.

  9. Hey Jen, Kev and lovely Rowan! This is a super cute idea 😀 And guess what? I have a question for you guys :

    How did you come up with your ideas to document your pregnancy? Not just for the blog, but for your personal use as well. I loved the weekly pictures and updates and will definitely do the same when pregnancy comes. But did you do others things to document your pregnancy?

    I guess that’s two questions!

    PS. The lovely video you posted a couple weeks ago (cannot find it in your archives) that had video of you timing your contractions on your iPhone was incredible! I hope to be able to have such a video to show my child/ren one day 🙂

    Much love, Isabelle

  10. what a great new series!
    As a first time mom-to-be i feel overwhelmed with the information out there on how to raise your child (from breastfeeding, to labour, to swaddling). Did you and Kevin read many books when you were pregnant? Any that really stand out that you would recommend? Or perhpas you took the route of learning as you go and decided to listen to your gut rather than the “experts”?

  11. Were you planning to start a family when you got pregnant? If you weren’t “trying” when you got pregnant, can you talk about how you prepared for your life adjustment to Jen plus Kev plus one?

  12. Oh! Also, question #3 (am i even allowed to do that :S) What program do you use to do your graphics/texts (like the ones on the picture for this post)?

  13. That sounds like so much fun! I love watching video blogs. How do you and your hubby balance me time with your new addition? xo, Rae Veda

  14. I’m 7 months pregnant and feel like I’m going to scream at the next person who gives me unsolicited advice! How did/do you put up with everyone you come in contact wanting to tell you how to raise your child?

  15. How does Kevin maintain is massive 12 inch pythons!?!

  16. haha what a cute idea 🙂 i can’t wait to watch the vlogs

  17. Hi Jen
    One of my dearest girlfriends has a beautiful 6 month old girl and a great husband but since giving birth, she feels like they are parents, not husband and wife. I wondered if there is anything you and Kev do to keep the romance alive? I’m baby sitting for them Saturday night so they can go on a date but wondered if you have any little suggestions for me to pass her way

  18. Oh my word. I was about to email you with a ton of questions I have lol! Brace yourself…

    1. My 9 1/2 mo. old son wants to feed himself. He refuses to be spoon fed. So far I cut up small veggies for him, but there are two problems: he doesnt have any teeth yet, and only about 5% of the food actually ends up in his mouth. What other things did you feed Rowan when she was going through this? What should I give him to feed himself since he doesnt have any teeth??

    2. My son still doesnt sleep through the night, any suggestions?

    3. Does Rowan use a pacifier? I never see her with one, which is good because my son is so attached to his. How can I slowly take it away?

    4. What did you do when Rowan was teething? Did you give her medicine for the pain?

    5. Thank you!=)

  19. I love this idea! I have plenty of questions, but will keep it to one this time 🙂

    What tips do you have for a blogger who is looking to become successful? I have had my blog for years, but only decided that I wanted to make a living off of it this year. I’ve gained a few new followers here and there, but I would love it if this could be my main source of income. What should I do differently or start doing for my dream to come true?

    Thanks so much!


  20. Oh i love this free reign we readers have! hehe..I’d like to see a video of you taking your outfit shots, or Kev taking them for you-which ever…I’ve always wondered how style bloggers go about doing their outfit shots from day to day, how long does process take, what are your favorite settings for your crisp blog photos, things like that…I look forward to seeing this series play out! 🙂

  21. Hi!
    I would love to know how you dealt with having your pregnancy so public?
    I also have a blog (but on a much smaller scale, haha) and we’ve recently discovered that we’re expecting 🙂
    I just don’t know if I would like to share bumps pictures etc on the blog or keep it private.
    How did you decide how much to share with the world?

    (ps, that is actually the thing I love most about your blog, how open and honest you are)

  22. I agree with Kelley above! How did you know when you were really ready? Did you always think you’d wait until you were financially ready/settled etc? I have baby fever really bad although I know I’m not qute ready now at almost 23. Can’t wait to see the video. I’m sure it’ll be great.

  23. i know you mentioned that rowan was gassy when she was younger. what types of things did you do to alleviate her gas? my four week old is very gassy and very uncomfortable at night. any suggestions on how to make him feel better would be very helpful!

  24. I like this feature idea! I just have one question, when is Rowan getting a cute brother of sister? 😉 (no answer required).

  25. FYI, you link for calivintage is the old one and the link for eat.sleep.wear links to a specific post, not the blogs main page.

  26. Hi, I love your blog and visit here often but am too lazy to ever comment. My boy is 18 days younger than Rowan so I will be planning a birthday party soon too xD. (His daddy also has a birthday coming up.)
    My question: Does Rowan sleep trough the night? my biggest problem is that Ali wakes up every hour (or 2 hours if I am lucky) demanding to be breastfed and this makes me so drowsy during the day.
    Also how much do you spend a day playing with your baby? sometimes I feel guilty and think I am not spending enough time just with him.
    Also another question: where do you get ideas for baby foods? I feel like I am feeding my baby the same thing over and over.

  27. Awesome! Good for you for reinventing and being brave! I REALLY want your perspective on how to remain totally in love with your husband (despite good/bad days) while raising your child. Secondly, although I’ve never touched a $900 stroller, I’m not so convinced that something like the UppaBaby is really worth the money. It looks kind of bulky–so what is it about that stroller that makes so many owners love it?

  28. I’d love to hear a little bit about how you get those great additions on your photos! Like the little captions and word bubbles and the titles that look like they are on graph paper!

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