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September 2011

Style File 09.27.11


When Rowan and I went out to take these photos, I realized I forgot the attachment for the camera to hook into the tripod. DOH! I always forget something. I debated walking all the way back, but my “happy time” with her sitting in the stroller is limited, so we improvised. We used the stroller as the tripod, and I have to say, they came out pretty good. Go Us!


I got this blouse in the mail yesterday from Mandi of Here’s Looking at Me, Kid. I am so excited to have her as part of the Delightful Dozen. I just love her! This blouse was calling my name, so I had to wear it today. I went for a monochromatic color scheme. I really liked the mustard with the pale yellow polka dots. To spike the interest of the outfit, I added my new favorite shoes. They are the most amazing shoes I own. Loafers.Studs.Leopard. They can do no wrong. Yep, I love this outfit!


Outfit Details:
Vintage Blouse: Delightful Dozen (via Here’s Looking at Me, Kid)
Wool Pencil Skirt: J.Crew
Belt: Thrifted
Matiko Studded Leopard Loafers: c/o shopAKIRA
Bracelets: Forever 21

Last Night’s Dinner 09.27.11


Ok, this is more like yesterday’s breakfast, but we will stick with the regular titles for posts. It all falls under the kitchen, food umbrella anyway. I have always been a smoothie girl. I would pick a smoothie over ice cream any day. Now that Rowan is a pickier eater when it comes to veggies, I have been looking for smoothies to make her that include fruits and veggies. This is a delicious one that includes carrots! A mild smoothie for anyone who is a little scared to add veggies to smoothies. We drink them in the mornings together. MMMMMmmmmmmm!


3/4 cup chopped fresh pineapple (Freeze chunks first)
1/3 cup fresh orange juice
1/4 cup chopped carrot
1/2 banana (slice and freeze first)


Original Recipe found on Real Simple

Style File 09.26.11


Have you seen Mocloth’s latest stylebook? It is so darn cute! Every time I look through it, I get more and more excited for fall. This golden Gourd Garden Dress is by far my favorite item from the stylebook.

The temperatures around here are still on the warm side, so I was able to wear the dress without tights, and add some slingback wedges. Won’t it be great with colored tights and boots as well?


Outfit Details:
Gourd Garden Dress: c/o Modcloth
Belt: Thrifted Vintage
Wedges: Thrfited
Renegade Cluster Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot

What is your favorite item from the stylebook?

Weekend Show & Tell…

Happy Sunday Friends. Hope you are having a lovely weekend! I have missed the last few Friday links posts, and my starred posts are bursting. There has been some good stuff out there, and I’ve been dying to share. First here is a silly little (sorry for the terrible quality) video I took about a month ago at my mom’s. Rowan LOVES photographs. So, an entire photo wall makes her very, very excited. She also thinks any photo is of Kev. Enjoy!

Here are my favorite things from around the internet this week!
1. Sweater Weather is almost here. I am in LOVE with this one, this one and this one!

2. Love the artwork in this post! Such great illustrations.

3. Love these thrift store tips!

4. Ok, one more sweater. Look at the pattern on this one! Swoon!

5. 10 ways to eat pesto. Yes please!

6. I am obsessed with this post. Love Rachel Antonoff. The video at the end is awesome.

7. I always like to get a new handbag for fall. This one seems perfect!

8. Dying over this sweater dress and matched with these shoes. It screams fall!

9. Cutest video ever. I want to eat beet cake for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

10. Oh Kendi! You can do no wrong my friend.

Style File 09.22.11

Can you believe that tomorrow is the first day of fall? Yay! I am loving this new dress from Ruche for fall. It is the perfect length, with just the right around of twirl to it. haha. I am not very technical here as I describe clothes. Anyway, I think it is a great transition dress for the fall.

Rowan and I have been going on lots of walks lately. It is always good to get out of the house and get some fresh air. By the afternoon we are both so sick of being inside. I have been wearing these black flats a lot lately. Perfect for walks. They seriously feel like slippers, plus how cute are the giant bows? Love them.


Outfit Details:
Arrowhead Print Dress: c/o Ruche
Moto Jacket: Forever 21
Belt: Thrifted
Bow Flats: c/o Blowfish
Bracelets: Forever 21
Renegade Cluster Bracelet: c/o Stella & Dot (seriously, best.bracelet.ever!)

Last Night’s Dinner 09.20.11


This will be the most delicious black bean soup you will ever make. It is so freakin’ good. I would eat it every day if I could! Perfect for these cooler fall temperatures that are starting to settling around New England. Mmmmmmmmmm!

1 tsp Ex Olive Oil
1 large onion, chopped
1 red pepper, chopped
Red Pepper Flakes
2 cups Vegetable broth
3 cans (15.5 oz each) Black Beans, undrained
1 can (14.5 oz) Diced Tomatoes (I used the Green chillies kind)
2 medium sweet potatoes, peeled, diced 1/2-inch
2 Tbsp Red Wine Vinegar
1 clove garlic, chopped
1 Tbsp Cocoa Mix
2 Tbsp Honey
1 1/2 tsp chili powder
1/2 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp ground cinnamon
Salt and pepper to taste

1. Heat oil in medium stockpot on medium-high.
2. Add peppers & onions and red pepper flakes. Cook, stirring, 3-4 min until soft, but not browned.
3. Add broth, beans and liquid, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, vinegar, garlic, cocoa powder, honey, chili powder, cumin, and cinnamon.
4. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat and simmer on low, uncovered, 25-30 min or until beans are tender.
5. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Serve with some cornbread! Mmmmm!

Original recipe found here.

stART on the Street | Art Market

What a fun day yesterday was! I haven’t been in an art market in over 2 years. I always love doing them, but life is always just so busy. This year, I decided to suck it up and sign up for stART on the Street. The Haberdash was going to be there too and I knew it would be awesome getting to hand out with friends.

Honestly, it was so great! Something about it brought back so many nostalgic feelings. I think its because bookmaking, crafts and artshows have been my love for so long, like before I was a mom, before I had this blog and before I ever got married. It was super heart warming to see it all sort of full circle. I was there selling all these books I was so proud of, sharing the day with Kev and Rowan and getting to meet a bunch of lovely readers. I don’t know if that makes sense to anyone, but something about it seemed very special for me.

We got to be neighbors with Amy and the Haberdash for the day, which meant lots of hang out time and lots of Canadian jokes from Adam. We even had friends come out from Albany to hang out and enjoy the art market. I am always super unprepared for markets like this, good thing Amy is an expert and had everything that I forgot. Thanks Amy!
Here are a few tips for you…
1. Bring LOTS AND LOTS OF CHANGE. You will always need more $1’s and $5’s than you think.
2. Remember a chair
3. Bring a little kit of tape, sharpie, paper, thumb tacks, twine, scissors. You never know.

Have you ever done an Art market before? Did you have so much fun?


Style File 09.15.11


Last Friday, The Lucky Style Collective was invited to have a champagne breakfast at Lucky Magazine. We got to sit around a boardroom table with various editors, as well as Brandon Holley, Editor-in-chief of Lucky. It was a very surreal moment. It is an honor to be part of such a fabulous group of strong, intelligent ladies.

After the meeting, Tieka and I dashed off to the Crosby St. Hotel. Hello beautiful hotel! It was gorgeous in there! The lovely ladies from Lulu’s were holding a brunch there and it was DELICIOUS!! I felt like it was the first real meal I had while I was in NYC. The whole morning was just perfect!

I went with neon + leopard for a morning of hoping around the city.


Outfit Details:
Neon Pink Blouse: J.Crew
Leopard Skirt: Target
Belt: Charlotte Russe
JC Heels: Lulu’s
Vintage Coach Purse: Savers
Bracelets: Forever 21, Handmade, gifts, Francesca’s Collection

Thanks Julie for taking my photos!

Style File 09.14.11 | MODSWAP


My favorite night in NYC was definitely the night of the swap. The Swapaholics teamed up with ModCloth to host a fabulous evening of swapping, drinks and photobooth fun. I love the Modcloth team, everyone is so friendly and well, just plain awesome! I also loved getting to hang out with friends and 1/3 of the delightful dozen girls. If only we could plan a big, huge delightful dozen meet up!

Like my new boots? I am kind of obsessed!

Outfit Details:
Dress: c/o ModCloth
Belt: thrifted
Girl of the Hour Bootie: c/o Modcloth (Jeffery Campbell)
Bracelets: forever21, handmade, gifts

Photobooth fun!

Julie, me, Punky

Punky, Mel, Me

Modcloth Crew

Me, Krystal, Kim

Julie, Me, Veronika, Tieka

Tieka, Mikhaila, me, Andrea, Ashley

Jenni, me, Kim

me, Caroline

Let’s Make Something! | Pinata


Since I got lots of comments on our #1 pinata for Rowan’s party, I decided I would post a little tutorial. (I got the idea from Oh Happy Day!) It is super easy and a great way to add a little extra something to your party. Everyone loves a pinata. Who wouldn’t want to whack something to get candy? Sounds like a party to me!


1. We just happened to get Rowan a new bike seat so we had a large box around, but you will need cardboard that is about 3″x2″ in size. Cut out a front and back of the number you want to make. Make sure they are the same size. Decide how wide you want it to be and start cutting strips to use for the sides. I cut 4″ wide strips for the side.


2. Start taping the front and back numbers to the side pieces.
3. Trim the sides when you get to corners so everything fits perfectly.
4. Continue working all the way around the number taping it all together.
5. When you get to curves make sure the corrugated part of the cardboard is horizontal with the curve. It will make it really easy to bend the cardboard as you tape along the curve


6. Leave an opening for the candy to go in


7. Cut 3″ strips of tissue paper. Cut fringe strips every 1/2 inch or so on both sides of the tissue paper. Make sure not to cut all the way through.


8. Fold cut tissue paper strips in half and attach to pinata with hot glue. I worked from the bottom to the top alternating between red, turquoise and pink.

When you are done, fill with candy and you are good to go!


12 Months!

Ahhh! This morning at 9:38am (one year ago), we welcomed our little Rowan Winter into our family. Can you believe it? I feel like I was just telling you all I was pregnant.

What a year this has been. Rowan has changed us in ways I never thought she would. Kev and I have become closer, stronger, more patient, kind, and loving than we ever were before she arrived. She is our everything.

I say this every month and I know I will continue to say it, but this last month has been filled with some of my most favorite moments. I cannot express in words how much personality this little girl has. She keeps me laughing all day long. What a joy she is to spend each and every day with. It is always a little weird when school starts and I realize I am not going back to teach. Honestly though, I would not trade being able to stay home with her for anything.


Rowan can instantly brighten any room she enters. People are drawn to her. I think it’s because she is not shy at all. She interacts with everyone. It takes us about an hour longer to do anything because everyone needs to talk to her when we are out. Now that she has been walking for 2 months, she thinks she is a little expert. She has no fear of curbs, stairs, pavement, etc… we have encountered our fair share of skinned knees already (as you can see in these pictures).


She is active, to say the least. There is not one second during the day when she is not up running around or playing with her toys. Haha, we like to joke that maybe our next baby will be the cuddly one. There are a few moments each day when she is tired that she will rest her head on something, but it only last a few seconds and then she is off again. Sometimes we’re lucky and it will be our lap or our shoulder, but we usually catch her laying her head on random objects or in this case, the grass…


Rowan is good at:
Running, walking, waving, pointing, saying Dada and Mama, eating with her hands, Signing “all done” “eat” and “more”, blowing raspberries, drinking from straws, ringing her hand bells, kicking a ball, blowing kisses and dragging furniture around the house (highchair, stools, guitar cases, etc…)

Rowan Loves:
Cheddar Bunnies, little cheetah, playing hide and seek with Dada, going to the playground, seeing other little kids, pickles, our cats, pictures of Kev, iPhones, the blender, eating paper and woodchips, going for bike rides and being out exploring new things

Rowan Hates:
Getting in her car seat, getting her diaper changed, eating anything that is not pickles or cheddar bunnies, not being allowed to run where ever she wants (the road), she hates leaving the playground, when the cats bat at her. She doesn’t like when people knock at the door and she hates when Kev leaves for work in the morning.

We go to the doctor this week so I am not really up to date on her stats but she has 8 teeth and 2 more coming in on the bottom. She is beyond tall and weighs a healthy amount. haha.


Rowan’s most fabulous vintage Birthday Dress in from Little Reader Vintage and the vintage slip underneath is from 3RingCircus. I could not have imagined a more perfect birthday outfit for her.


Style File 09.12.11 | Lucky FABB

Whew! What a week! It was a whirl wind of fun, but I am so glad to be home!!! Last Wednesday, I attended the Lucky FABB conference in NYC. It is always super enjoyable, well organized and full of great tidbits of information. My favorite moments were listening to Diane von Furstenberg talk (AMAZING!!!), the panel with Rachel Roy (love her!) and seeing the Kardashians in real life. Although, my most favorite part of any of the fashion week festivities… is getting to see all my blogger friends!!

Here is what I wore to the conference. I wanted to play off the neutral/bright color trend. I was kind of head over heels with this outfit. Love the nude color paired with the bright purple skirt.


Outfit Details:
Lace Top: American Apparel
Necklace: c/o Francesca’s Collection
Wool Skirt: Swapped
Wedges: c/o Ruche
Leopard Belt: Charlotte Russe
Purse: Vintage Coach (savers)
Bracelets: From all over


and this was too funny not to post…

The Party Post!

Sunday was an all around fantastic day. It was filled with friends, family and laughter. My heart was very full that day! I can’t believe that we are at this point. This year has flown by. It’s funny how such a tiny baby, can make such a huge impact on your life. I was sure I was going to cry as we all gathered around to celebrate her. I didn’t though. I held it together. I couldn’t be more proud of the silly, independent, sweet little girl she is turning into. What a personality!

We went with a fun, little vintage carnival theme. We had candy, games, bubbles, party hats and lots of bunting flags. Everything came together better than I ever imagined. I LOVED IT ALL!!!


and good thing the park pavillion had a kitchen with a big sink. We just hosed her down in there after the cake…

Tomorrow i’ll post a little Rowan style file featuring her beautiful birthday dress!
Plus an outfit post from Lucky FABB.
Have a great day!

Birthday Recap: Photo Booth

It isn’t a party, if there isn’t a photo booth! haha. Well, that’s what I think anyways. I LOVE photo booth pictures. They are always hilarious, somewhat embarrassing, yet make for good memories. I love seeing everyone’s silly side come out when they get funny props on, and are in front of a camera. Isn’t the picture of Kev checking Rowan’s diaper, while I am fixing my sisters glasses so funny? I died laughing when I saw that picture. I love these photos! (picture overload!)


Tomorrow we get into all the party details!

Style File | Orchid Grey’s Wedding!

Did everyone have a nice long weekend? Thank you all for all the warm birthday wishes. We had an absolutely fabulous weekend! Everything came together better then I ever could have imagined. It was seriously such a great day. I can’t wait to share all the pictures with you! Tomorrow I will start our birthday recap, but for today let’s go back to Julie’s wedding.

The wedding was beyond fun. Every part of the day was perfect! I have not danced that much in a long time. Julie looked beautiful and it was an honor to be there to celebrate such a wonderful day with them. Julie let us pick out our own dresses. Awesome, right? The only criteria was that it had to be a shade of pink. Here is what I wore as one of the bridesmaids…


Outfit Details:
Dress: Calvin Klein (via TJ Maxx)
Belt: J.Crew
Letterpress Necklace: Gift from Julie
Heels: c/o ModCloth
Bracelets: All over

I know I am biased but Kev was looking quite handsome that day as well… (My groomsman and Kev get into a little fight over who was going to take pictures with me. jk)


eeek! Today is a busy day. I am off to NYC this evening. Lots of fun NYFW stuff happening this week. Follow along with me on twitter if you don’t already follow me! I can’t wait for the Lucky FABB conference tomorrow! Hello Kardashians!

Friday Share & Tell

Yay!! It is a birthday party weekend extravaganza!! Rowan’s birthday isn’t till the 12th, but like I said we are celebrating this Sunday (my birthday!). I am turning 29! Yikes. Kev is taking me out on a grownup, birthday dinner date tonight!! Then tomorrow my family is coming into town!! We are having another birthday dinner tomorrow night, and then all our friends are coming over on Sunday for the party!!! I am seriously so excited!! There are still lots of things to do though. We are going to be baking up a storm tomorrow! However, today I still need too…

Can you guess what our theme is?
Anyway, I wish you all a happy long weekend! Here are my favorites from sponsors and around the internet this week! (There are some great ones this week!)

1. Closetista is an online fashion TV network featuring independent and emerging brands. They are currently having an emerging designer contest. Deschain would get my vote! Check out their video…

2. How perfect are these Ankle Boots for fall? *Swoon

3. Everyone needs a litte glitter in their life right? I think so!

4. Congrats to ELizabeth on her Engagement! How cute is this post?

5. The New Ruche Lookbook is AUH.MAZ.ING!! Seriously! Check it out.

6. Omgosh! I can’t wait till Rowan is school age to celebrate going back to school. How cute are these two posts? ONE | TWO

7. This Navy Toggle Coat is a must have for fall. So freaking cute.

8. I want to make Sangria and Bubble tea this instant! oh yeah- and some homemade nut milk!

9. Kind of dying over the Twenty-Seven Names Winter 2012 collection.

10. My favorite new flats!

Video FAQ!

Hey Friends!
We are going to try a new little series here on the blog. It will involve Kev, Rowan and myself in a weekly question and answer video. We are going to answer questions that you ask us! haha. This may be a terrible idea, but we are just going to go for it!

Each week will have a theme like… Blogging, Marriage, Parenthood, silly questions, photography, etc…

Next week will be the first week and we are going to start with Parenthood! So let the questions fly in the comments below and we will try to answer as many as we can. If you are pregnant, thinking about becoming pregnant or already a mommy, we would love to chat about anything (baby gear, pregnancy, birth, etc…).

Let’s hear them!
(we of course don’t claim to know the answers to anything, we just think it will be fun to share our experiences)

Last Night’s Dinner: 09.01.11

Happy September!
To celebrate my favorite month, lets eat some delicious bruschetta!! Mmmmmm! I made this the other night when we had some friends over for dinner, and then I made it again for lunch the next day. I could eat it everyday. Perfect for an appetizer, lunch or a compliment to dinner.

French Bread
Olive Oil
Garlic- crushed
2 Avacados pitted and sliced
Cherry Tomatoes, cut into quarters
cilantro, chopped
1 lime
salt and pepper
1/4 Red Onion, diced

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
2. Pour a little olive oil into a measuring cup. Using a garlic press, press garlic and its juices into oil. Spread across bread.
3. Cook bread in the oven for about 3 mins each side (or until desired crispiness)
4. In a bowl, mix avocado pieces, diced tomatoes, cilantro and onion. Squeeze in juice of 1 lime. Add salt and pepper to desired taste.
5. Mix together.
6. Spoon heaping mounds on top of toasted bread. Serve. Gobble up.

*Original recipe from Just a Taste

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