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I am getting super excited that Fashion Week is next week! I love getting to see all my blogging pals, especially all in one place, all at one time. It always feels very surreal. Are any of you guys going to be in town next week? Hope we bump into each other!! Anyone going to the Lucky Conference? I’ll be there!!

There has been lots of running around this week so far. We are having Rowan’s birthday party this weekend and I am trying to get everything squared away for that. I am trying not to go over board and just keep it simple, but it is hard. Every ounce of me wants to throw the biggest, craziest party ever to celebrate how awesome she is. haha. We are having her birthday party on my actual birthday and I really can’t think of a better way to celebrate my bday.

I have been wearing this outfit a lot lately. It is easy and comfy and well, it looks like I actually tried to look nice. That is my kind of outfit!


Outfit Details:
Vest: Old Navy
Tank: Forever 21
Skirt: ASOS
Belt: NY&Co.
Necklace: handmade
Jeffrey Campbell Wedges: c/o Lulu’s
Traveling Handbag: c/o Le Mode Accessories

  1. First: love those shoes…perfect for walking around! Second, I want to go to fashion week! Take me with you!!

  2. I love those wedges! And that precious necklace! xo, rv

  3. I really love the simplicity of this outfit but yet it looks so pulled together, I can totally see why you have been wearing it a lot!!

  4. LOVE this outfit. I’m totally going to copy it sometime soon. 🙂

  5. I like the colours of the necklace!

  6. Love your skirt! and shoes… too cute

  7. I think from following your blog that it is Rowans 1st bday.
    1st bdays are always meant to be special. I say go overboard!

    Have fun and can’t wait to see the pics!!

  8. Super cute! Love your handmade necklace…and that you’re entertaining Rowan in between shots!


  9. Do you think you’ll ever come to the fashion week in Milan? 😀 Let me know if you do.

  10. that handbag is so so cute, and i love the necklaces you have been making 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. do you dye your hair? i am in love with the color!!

  12. Love that skirt. It was just made for twirling! Have fun with Rowan’s party-planning! 🙂

  13. CUTE beyond words. Love the necklace so much!! Can’t wait to see you in NYC girl. xo, Kim

  14. Your purse is absolutely stunning lady. Love your new necklace too!

  15. super cute outfit! Happy birthday to the both of you! 🙂

  16. This full skirt is so darling on you. And I love love your necklace and bag!

  17. i LOVE your blog…I really do. I am so far from fashion anything but I secretly wish I was a fashionista!!! I love that you have such a casual sense of style….and your little girl is super cute 🙂

  18. I so wish I could go to NYFW! You are going to have a blast. I know you wished you were there last year. Gosh this past year went by so fast it’s crazy! Have fun getting ready 🙂 LOVE that necklace..can’t believe you made it!

  19. 1st birthdays are more for the parents anyways, lol!

  20. i really love those shoes! and i think it’s so cute that rowan is always outside of the shot to make you smile 🙂

  21. That necklace is the cutest touch of color! It’s so cute that Rowan’s around and is keeping you smiling! 😀 Love the outfit, it does look very comfy 😛

  22. Jen, I love this outfit! I’ve been seeing that vest everywhere and I’m dying to get my hands on it. And the little pop of bright with your necklace is perfect.

  23. Je, I love this outfit! I’ve been seeing that vest everywhere and I’m dying to get my hands on it. And the little pop of bright with you necklace is perfect!

  24. Jen, I think this look is adorable! It’s trendy without being overly so and each part of the outfit looks like a thoughtful addition. The necklace is super sweet and I’d love to have my own!

  25. I love easy, comfy, looks like I tried outfits! You look gorgeous 🙂

  26. Love your outfit!!! The fullness of the skirt is so fun, and the shoes are great too 🙂 I wore that same vest last week and actually blogged about it this morning!

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