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The weather has been awesome lately. Perfectly warm, yet you can feel the fall coming when the wind blows. I am so excited. I love when fall comes around. I just wish it lasted longer. I am looking forward to transitioning some of my summer items into fall. I love wearing sundresses with cardigans or jean shorts with long sleeve button ups. It’s so casual and relaxed.

Do you love the cooler weather that fall brings? What are you looking forward to wearing?

This outfit is great for the summer, but I am excited to pair it with a sweater for fall. I bought a few cropped tops this summer at UO. I love the brass snap buttons up the back of this one. Perfect to wear with a high waisted skirt.


Outfit Details:
Cropped Top: Urban Outfitters
Mango Chambray Skirt: c/o jcpenney
Sunglasses: c/o 80’s Purple
Heels: Chelsea Crew
Bracelets: Gifts, handmade
Necklace: Thrifted from Savers

  1. The wind created a cool effect on these pictures, love that skirt the silhouette is so feminine and pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  2. oh, i absolutely adore those shoes! i’m a shoe gal 🙂

  3. You look adorable! I love it.

  4. Adorable! I love that top.

    I can’t wait for fall. Transitional seasons are the best because your whole closet is fair game! But, like you, the autumn is just way, way too short here. Sigh.

  5. Crop tops are a favourite of mine, too. They’re so flirty and fun, but when you wear them with high waisted pieces, they’re somehow still modest!

    I’m so excited for mittens this year. Nothing feels better than walking around town with a hot drink in between mittens.


  6. Adorable – I like the cropped top and how you balanced it out with the high waisted skirt. I’m always afraid to do anything to daring since I’m 30 but cropped tops with a little bit of tummy are just the right amount! I love this!

  7. Love that skirt! I can’t believe it’s from JCPenny!

  8. you look adorable. and i love those shoes.

  9. so pretty!! I really love those heels.

  10. I am so excited for fall, too! It has been very difficult to NOT change out my closet yet … but it may have to be a weekend project soon.

  11. the cropped top looks great w that high waisted skirt!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  12. Le gasp! I love your heels!

  13. I love it, so pretty! 🙂

  14. Ah, gorgeous outfit Jen!! The shape of that skirt is beyond perfect & I love, love it paired with the delicate florals, and oh my goodness those shoes are SO cute. Yay, for gorgeous weather and I too can’t wait to transition some of my fave pieces. xo veronika

  15. Love the outfit.. especially the button detailing on the skirt 🙂

    We don’t really get autumn in San Diego, but I wish we did. I would love to see the leaves change colors… oh well 🙂


  16. What a beautiful denim skirt! I love the length and the buttons. And those green shoes are perfection! I want a pair in that exact same shade!


  17. you look super as always, but I must say, I am very much so all about those shoes!! what a great height on the heel and the color is perfect for fall!!

  18. You had me at T-Strap heels

  19. Love the wind-blown shot. So pretty!

  20. thank you for again reminding me I need to go check out JCPenney. I used to always shop their juniors section for back to school but haven’t been there in ages. It seems like they have gotten infinitely more stylish than when I was kid.

  21. this has also been perfect hair weather! love your look!


  22. I love those shoes and that skirt is adorable!

  23. sarah d. •

    you have such great style. i think i’m going to go purchase that skirt today…so cute!

  24. cute outfit. i know what you mean, i always prefer autumn/winter clothes


  25. Your hair looks awesome in these pics! And the skirt is gorgeous.

  26. so flattering on you 🙂 but no, i don’t want fall to come 🙁 i love the warm summer time and all the lazy days and nights it brings with it. i want fall weather to stay away please

  27. Looks like a delicious hot and windy day – love your breezy outfit!


  28. I’m just excited to be able to wear pants again. Getting tired of short shorts and tank tops!

  29. Those shoes are absolutely INCREDIBLE!

  30. I’m looking forward to fall so much. It doesn’t usually get cool here until late October or November though. I want to wear tights and sweaters!

  31. You look lovely! I adore your shoes, and your crop top is so cute!

  32. green shoes seem so mad men-esque! love them.

  33. Oh, those heels totally made my heart skip a beat! Lovely!

  34. cute shoes, cute mama!

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