Style File 08.16.11: Guest Blogging

Hi Friends! Just wanted to let you know I am guest blogging over on Orchid Grey today.
I am sharing…








It’s a post about a “Summer of Love” and who better to share that with Kev and Rowan.

Outfit Details:
Vintage shirt: re-sized and sewn by my mom. It use to be 5x too big!
Skirt: J.Crew
Belt: H&M
Heels: c/o Modcloth

  1. Great outfit as usual! Your mom did an awesome job resizing that blouse, it’s gorgeous on you! And it looks like Rowan is loving all the adventures you take on as a family. I can’t wait to share the carnival my my love this summer too 🙂

  2. I love the photos today! Very cute

  3. Aw these are the cutest pictures ever! Rowan is getting so big and even prettier, so love tht collar!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  4. Theses pictures are so adorable ! Not to mention your outfit which is probably the cutest I’ve ever seen! Have a great day Jen!

  5. Those SHOES! They are so cute, I love them. But not as cute as that photo of Kev and Rowan, which is adorable.

  6. Wonderful photos!! are you using a special app to get the vintage look to the pictures or doing it all in Photoshop? I’d love a quick little “how-to.” Thanks

  7. You’re too cute!

  8. Can’t believe that shirt was so large before! Looks great!

  9. Love this outfit and your shoes – oh my gosh, they’re soo cute!! Your post over at Orchid Grey was lovely, and these photos are simply adorable 🙂

  10. Your mom is awesome. I wish my mom could alter clothes for me, but neither of us knows how to sew! Love these photos.

    Lauren @ See Parrot

  11. I am in LOVE with these shoes. In love, I tell you.

  12. Such cute pictures! Well done! Stop by sometime 🙂

  13. I love this outfit and these pictures!

  14. What do you use to edit and put little blurbs on your photos…they’re super cute!

  15. That pic of you and Rowan on the horse is like my favorite pic on here in a while. Miss you! You are such a beautiful Mommy.

  16. What a great summer when filled with your happy family! Oh, and awesome shirt!!!

  17. How cute! 🙂 i Love those shoes!!

  18. this post is amazing! beautiful pictures, and super cute top!

  19. These pictures are great! Just too cute!

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