Style File 08.03.11

Don’t you love a good bargin? I do! I love when things go on sale. I actually have a hard time buying anything that’s not on sale. The internet is a very big place though, and going from site to site looking for sales takes time. When a friend told me about ShopItToMe, I was instantly hooked. They do all the work for you. They send me emails with sales from all my favorite stores. It’s dangerous, but awesome!! I found this pretty Kate Spade skirt on sale because of ShopItToMe.

I am in love with this outfit. It is super fun, bright and well…reminds me of teaching. I miss teaching sometimes. I loved interacting with the kids and teaching them about art and art history. Most days I don’t even think about it; just from time to time. I’d much rather stay home and play with little Miss Rowan anyway. Soon enough she’ll be at the age for me to start teaching her about art and I can’t wait!


Outfit Details:
Yellow Blouse: Thrifted
Skirt: Kate Spade (c/o ShopItToMe)
Necklace: Forever 21
Glasses: c/o 80sPurple (best selection of glasses and sunglasses. Ever!)
Wedges: c/o Lulu’s

When I was scrolling through the pictures on the camera, I thought, how silly that it takes so many pictures to find only a few I am happy with. Why are we so picky with ourselves? Anyway, seeing them in fast motion made me laugh. So, into a little video they went…

  1. ooooh! such saucy glasses!

  2. Haha – I loved that video so true about being so picky about ourselves. I always take dozens of pictures and like maybe 1 or 2. Also I love your song choice.

  3. I can’t do yellow but you can

  4. Love this look. The skirt is great, I like the how the paper bag waist is defined with the skirts own pattern.
    ps. Rowan is a cutie!

  5. Just signed up with ShopItToMe…. 😀

  6. what song is in the video?

  7. It is a Matt and Kim song called Daylight.

  8. Love the Kate Spade skirt! So funny what you said about scrolling through your pics. My sister did that recently with my camera and was maniacally laughing at my little “movie”!

  9. Ah I had to unsubscribe to Shop it to me, it was becoming a real problem for my little bank account! So addicting!!

    Love those glasses!!!

  10. Those glasses are killer! Love the entire look. 🙂

  11. Love the contrast between the bright, bright yellow shirt and black/white stripped skirt! 🙂
    And those glasses…. so stylish 🙂


  12. Fun and bright describes it perfectly! Yellow popping out looks so summery, and you are so cute with those eyecats!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. Heehee, I love the video. And those glasses are too cute!

  14. I love reading the style files. I’m currently a SAHM and am looking for inspiration to walk out of the house in something other than yoga pants and a nursing tank. Thank you!

  15. that is super hilarious, I always think the same thing about my photos, and I always seem to get a kick running through them quickly to seem the movement, so funny, I love your little video of them put together!! the shirt an skirt combo is killer!!

  16. What a wonderfully happy yellow top! And awesome glasses! I like people who wear glasses.

  17. Adorable! These were my HS colors so I love this outfit even more. You look great in those vintage style frames.

  18. Oof, I already get Ruelala and Gilt emails, but may need to sign up for Shopittome too! Love the skirt and that great yellow shirt that goes with it!! Love the video, glad to know I’m not alone in the tons of pictures for just 1-2 good ones 😀

  19. Great outfit! I love the sunny vibe!


  20. Great skirt, even better glasses. I love the cat-eye. I would wear this whole outfit in a heartbeat.

    You rock!

  21. i love EVERYTHING about this outfit! and from one art teacher to another – this would be a perfect!

  22. I wish I had the nerve to experiment with poses! I’m afraid my friends who read my blog will think I’m trying to be something that I’m not! Is that silly? I love all the photos!

  23. Oh god it makes me feel so much better to know that you only end up with a few good ones. I usually just imagine everyone else on the internet is just more photogenic to me. In the end I love the “bad” ones as much as the good ones. The important thing is the outfit!

    and this one is adorable!

  24. That skirt is terrific, and kudos for getting it on sale. I’ve been afraid to try ShopItToMe, because every time I get an update I’ll be too tempted to buy! Your glasses are also fabulous!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Oh those glasses are sooooo hot!

  26. This outfit is fantastic! It seems like I could wear something like this with flats as an art teacher outfit. I start my student teaching this month and am on a hunt for inspiration!

  27. Love that little video! 🙂

  28. Chelsea •

    Love your outfit AND this site!! I am all signed up!

  29. I never even THOUGHT you would have to take so many photos! You’re crazy dedicated to your blog. I love the blue and yellow. I am about to be a bridesmaid and that’s the yellow of our dresses.

  30. Jen – LOVE LOVE the outfit today. You look beautiful and stunning! The colors are great, and those glasses are fabulous! I love reading your blog!

  31. in love w the pop of yellow and that necklace is fab!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  32. Love the cat eye glasses! You pull them off so well! And I do the same thing with my outfit photos. It’s especially funny when you get a run of them that look like awkward dance moves.

  33. This outfit is PERFECT on YOu!!! love those glasses, you should wear them all the time, hehehe 🙂

  34. love!!
    And might I also add how smokin hot and even more fit your looking!!!

  35. love the yellow and the skirt – gorgeous!!!

  36. I love this outfit, you look perfect! Awesome glasses!
    I sign in on shopittome, sounds great!

  37. I adore this outfit on you. The necklace is the icing on the cake, and I really love that skirt, too. The glasses are also adorable. I’m going to find a way to steal all of it from you. 😉

  38. I love your skirt and that fun little video of your photos. An awesome outfit today! And those sunglasses are the coolest things ever!

  39. Amazing outfit! I love the bright pop of the yellow, and I am officially jealous of those amazing glasses!!!

  40. you look so pretty in these pictures! i don’t know if it’s the lipstick or the glasses or the outfit or just everything, but you’re gorgeous 🙂

  41. Love this outfit! I’ve always loved yellow and stripes together…been wearing it for years… now I guess it’s in style! ha ha

  42. This has to be my favorite outfit I’ve seen on a style blog in a long time. The top and skirt together are so fresh, but still kind of reminiscent of decades past. Love it! Aaaaand, you look awesome in all of your pictures. I could never take pictures of myself every day!

  43. Jen, that is too funny that you made that video. The same thought runs through my head every time I’m going through my pictures – it’s like a little digital flip book!

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