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Ok, well it is Saturday morning, not Friday. IT IS SWAP DAY!!! YAY!!! I can not wait to see everyone, and hang out, and swap, and eat and did I already mention see everyone? So excited.

Do you live near your siblings? I don’t. My sister and her husband live in Canada, and my other sister lives in Rochester. I do not get to see them very often. I have been missing them a lot more than normal this week. Sniff, sniff. Last night, I was wondering what it would be like to actually live near them. Since the day I left for college, I have not lived near my sisters. Maybe one day…

Carrie (the youngest), Amy (the Middile), and I (oldest and very pregnant)


Carrie and I being all matchy, matchy.

Have a fabulous weekend everyone! Here are some favorites from around the internet and sponsors this week. Enjoy!

1. The yellow peeping out at the bottom of this dress has me swooning. So cute!

2. I cannot say enough about this little video. To have a studio like this would be a dream come true. Book binding is one of my favorite things to do. ever.

3. These little fox dolls are beyond the coolest thing I have ever seen.

4. A minty handbag. The prettiest color out there.

5. I am so doing this! A Surprise ball that you keep unwrapping to reveal gifts?!?! Now that is an ingenious idea.

6. A Pinterest Challenge? Count me in!

7. Kind of dying over this necklace! Oooh the colors!

8. For a little beach bum baby.

9. Love this Orla Kiely Lookbook Video!

10. This app. is now downloaded and iphone + instagram photos are on their way to my house!

  1. Thanks for sharing those adorable pictures. I live 3000 miles away from my brother and it is so hard to live so far away, but it does make our visits so fun and memorable. I love that necklace from Le Mode! It is totally gorgeous as I am really into statement necklaces with bold colors lately!!

  2. I love these pictures! You and your sisters are beautiful! I’m lucky, my sister lives about 20min away, And now you’ve made me grateful and I want to see her today!

  3. I live in Illinois and my brothers both live in Arizona. My mom lives in the Czech Republic, which is super far! I’m moving to Scotland in the fall, though, so I will be closer to my mom. Also, I love that surprise ball, I really want to make one or two or twelve.

  4. The Postalpix app is such a simple but genius idea, love! That mint bag is gorgeous and I feel the same way about the sunshine dress. Such a beautiful thing to have sisters (I have only a brother, whom I love dearly but always wanted a sis too), I hope you live near them one day. 🙂

  5. Courtney •

    You guys look so cute together 🙂

    Would you consider doing a round up of all your favourite online clothing stores for a share and tell? You have such fabulous style and its hard to work out where to shop, especially since I’m in New Zealand and shipping is pricey and its hard to work out the quality of the clothing from online photos. Thanks xx

  6. nikki •

    nope i slive super far from my entire family. over 3,000 miles. thanks to the military I won’t be living near them for quite a few more years…especially if husband re enlists! i totally feel your pain….it’s just not siblings but nieces and nephews growing up without me!

  7. Ohhh. I love that! Sisters…I can’t really relate but i sure would love sisters!
    It makes me happy though to imagine my four boys as adults still close friends (even if further in distance.)
    Aloha to you!

  8. Well my brother moved to Manchester (UK) last year and I’ve been living in Antwerp (BE) for 6 years now so we don’t live near each other at all. We’re not very close (didn’t get along with each other as teens…) but we do get along much better now that we no longer have to share a bathroom and a breakfast table 🙂 I sometimes wonder what it would be like to have sisters, my mom has got 4 sisters and she’s really close to 3 of them.
    The fox dolls are so well done, and I love the necklace too.

  9. I love the pictures of you with your sisters, so freaking adorable!! my sister and mom live in austin (about four hours away from where we are) and since being pregnant i have been sooooooooo homesick. at least we are driving distance! Hope you found some great things at the swap!


  10. dude, your roundups are always so good! thanks for including me! 🙂

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