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We have the cutest bike path by our house. It is perfect for after work strolls when Kev gets home. The tunnels are covered with graffiti. Kev and I, like to read all the teen drama kids write on there. I do not miss being a teen that is for sure. Everything seems life or death. Poor Rowan. As a former High School art teacher, I don’t look forward to the high school years. haha

This dress from Romwe was a perfect “stroll” dress. Breezey and comfortable. I love the knitted overlay on the front. Very cute. Do have any afterwork traditions to relax yourself? A walk? A glass of wine?






Outfit Details:
Floral Knitting Mosaic Black Tank Dress: c/o Romwe
Sandals: Chinese Laundry
Belt: Thrifted
Necklace: gift

  1. My husband likes to chill out, and I end up curling up with a book or a project of some kind. After an hour of this, we like to walk around our neighborhood, and we always find a new quirk, detail to the homes around us. It is the best time to catch up and especially during the Summer, it feels super sweet and romantic. Also, a Blue Moon or two might be involved 😉

  2. I work out the moment I get home, or I won’t do it. Then I destroy whatever fitness progress I may have made by immediately sitting down to enjoy a cold beer or three in the backyard.

  3. That lace is so pretty!

  4. Ah, I was so happy when I saw this picture! My boyfriend and I were on that bike path on Sunday! =D

  5. Love your hair here Jen, it looks fantastic! As for after-work traditions, definitley a big yes to the wine …and hubby & I usually take the pooch for a walk down to the ocean. Total bliss. Also, loving your gorgeous dress + the sandals that you paired with it, off to check out their online store. xx veronika

  6. This is such a perfect summer outfit! Cute! This tunnel reminds me of my favorite entrance to a beach back in college. Definitely like to relax with the hubby over dinner, then go for a nice walk. Or a run before dinner! 🙂

  7. Steph •

    Loving your outfit! So fun and flirty! Where did you get the Chinese Laundry sandals?! AMAZING!

  8. for sure a glass (or two!) of wine!! really great spot to take your photos! This dress fabulous and I love the way the belt fits with it perfectly!!

  9. I love your top!

  10. i love that pretty lace top, and that bike path is the best picture location!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. i was excited to find that i have the same shoes you have in this post. i’ve been feeling those shoes has more of a rocker feel to it. but thank you for showing that it actually goes well with floral style. i am inspired! 😀


  12. Well I really want a dog so my after work tradition is walking it with my boyfriend. We actually dog walked together once a week in college for extra date money and I really miss it. It was fun to spend 2 hours a week together without distractions like the TV. We can’t have a dog in our apartment now but when we move next month, we’re definitely getting one!

    PS- What are you doing to your hair/bangs? It looks adorable. Giving me the urge to chop my hair and have bangs again.

  13. You look amazing jen! and i love what you did with your hair today!!

    I think those arvo traditions are so important!! We like to sit on the deck after the kids go to sleep and have a glass of wine or a coffee. It’s my favourite time of the day 🙂

  14. i love that pretty overlay. such a cute detail.

  15. That dress is perfection on you!

    And yes, sitting on my porch with the iPad and a glass of wine(guess what I’m doing right now?lol)

  16. Love this dress 🙂 The overlay is especially sweet
    Normally I head straight to boot camp or pilates/yoga after work. Then I head home to cuddle with the boyfriend on the couch and watch some HGTV


  17. LOVE that dress. The belt was a great find too, such a pretty shade! And I definitely agree, I wouldn’t re-live middle and high school years ever!

  18. Cute pics…love this tunnel! Well, I take about a 10 min. power nap the second I get home, and then drag myself out of bed to go to an aerobics class, haha. Some days I don’t make it.

  19. I teach art in a very small town, so the kids are generally really good. I don’t find too much graffiti from them, but last year I did clean one up that said, “Beards, they are Snazzy!” Sigh….to be young and goofy again!

  20. These sandals look so effortless, light, and airy! Obsessed!

  21. Uhm, does putting on a pair of sweatpants count? I live alone and work long hours, so getting out of my tight office clothes and into tha pants is the official start of relaxation.
    When I have a boyfriend I try to do something more feminine. Most of the time 🙂

  22. Alysha •

    Love the after work ritual 🙂 After seeing your adorable dress I have to give Romwe a try! How is their shipping? I hope it is quick!!!

  23. What a sweet dress! I love the little placket of lace. By the way, hoping to try the pizza recipe you posted the other day on my trusty gluten-free crust. Yum!

  24. Love your outfit! Super cute! I love the lace!!

  25. Ooh that dress is a beauty and you look as pretty as a peach 🙂

  26. That dress is gorgeous on you! I love the mix of mint green and the white lace, too cute! Perfect for a nice evening stroll 🙂

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