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Whew! What a weekend. I headed out last Thursday night to spend a couple nights up in Silver Bay, NY on Lake George. Boy, Oh Boy is it beautiful up there. So many mountains and it’s such a beautiful part of the lake. I am a total lake girl. I think it is the Ontario girl in me, but I would choose lake over ocean any day. The smell, the air, the breeze, the sounds, Ahhh so refreshing to your soul.

After church on Sunday we headed over to the “Pig Out” in Troy. haha. Just what this vegetarian girl loves, a bbq competition. There was pulled pork as far as the eye could see. We didn’t get anything other than a smoothie, but I will admit it did smell good. This is the outfit I had on as we walked around. People just loved this dress yesterday. I can’t blame them. I am in love with it as well. I had like 6 people tell me how pretty the dress was. I added a vintage slip under it so a little bit of the pleated lace would show through. It’s the right mix and nautical, feminine and comfort all rolled into one dress.
Outfit Details:
Battenberg Lace Dress: c/o Spotted Moth
Belt: Thrifted
Vintage Slip: Thrifted
Bracelets: ModCloth, Target, Forever 21
Sandals: T.J Maxx

Stay tuned later this afternoon for a giveaway from Spotted Moth!

  1. The lace detailing on this dress is lovely! Love the shoes you paired with it. 🙂

  2. Aw, I love your dress and that you were in the Capital Region! I live in Albany and if you’re looking for vegetarian food the next time you’re here, go to Lil Buddha Tea on Lark Street in Albany….the menu is to die for and the owners are so nice!

  3. Love those shoes

  4. I’m in love with the dress too! All the little details on it are so pretty!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. you look simply gorgeous in these photos.

    love the addition of the slip – looks like it should be that way.

  6. That slip is so flirty and feminine, and compliments the lace neckline and dress’ shape beautifully!

  7. you look fantastic!

  8. It IS a great dress, the slip is a perfect match too.

  9. Mallory •

    There is nothing like fresh mountain air. I grew up in the Poconos. Your such a good sport for going to bbq competition. Come on you had to have gagged at least once. Beautiful dress…the slip makes it.

  10. Everything about this outfit is so pretty! I love the slip – it adds the perfect touch! What a great find! 🙂

  11. Lovely, your hair looks so pretty here Jen. And I can see why you received so many compliments on that dress, it’s just adorable. Love the neckline and the bit of peek-a-boo lace at the bottom is SO gorgeous. Have a great night. xx veronika

  12. gorgeous. I love that you added the slip. It’s perfect!

  13. Isn’t it silly how the thought of eating meat can be icky but it can just smell so yummy sometimes haha. My non-vegetarian buddies don’t always understand this. Also, it’s no wonder you got so many compliments on that dress, it is BEAUTIFUL and the slip makes it even more so!

  14. What a lovely lovely dress! You look great Jen!

  15. Beautiful dress…. and I can’t help but notice you have lost a lot of weight! 🙂 Awesome 🙂

  16. I love those shoes!

  17. Your dress is darling! & I love how you paired it with a vintage slip and pretty sandals!

  18. I’ve definitely been the vegetarian-at-a-barbeque before! But even now, I think it smells delicious. 😛

  19. Such a lovely dress and the slip underneath was such a great touch! I am a Lake George girl myself and spent my summers in Bolton Landing. There’s just something about the lake and mountain setting that makes me feel at peace.


  20. it is pretty! A weekend at the lake relaxing, sounds amazing!!

  21. I would have added to the list of folks complimenting your dress–it looks adorable on you! I love how you added the slip…it just made it look perfect 🙂 I’ve never been to that corner of the country, but it sounds heavenly! Hope to see you in person at the swap at the end of July! xoxo {av}

  22. Oh, I love this dress! The details are beautiful. The slip adds the right amount of whimsy.

  23. I definitely agree with those 6 people who thought the dress was pretty! And the lace slip peeking out from underneath is such a lovely detail…I think it’s just the right touch to complete the outfit.

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