10 Months

I’ve been sitting here this morning, trying to figure out how I can actually put in to words how we feel about Rowan. This past month has been the most fun of my entire life. She is such a joy, our beam of light. She is all personality, all the time. She wakes up moving and doesn’t stop till it’s time for bed. There are things to see and to explore, and she wants to find them. Her expressions just kill me. Her little finger points all the time at things, followed by her pursed lip “oooooh.”
She is all Daddy’s girl. Her reaction in that video is pretty much the same, every time he comes home. She sits on the floor in front of our picture wall, points to all his pictures and says “dada,” when he is gone. She misses him when he goes to work. We go for visits a lot though.
Rowan currently has 6 teeth. 2 on the bottom and 4 on the top. Haha. As I am writing this my mom just saw another one coming in on the bottom. She has become a little bit of a picky eater. One day she will love something, the next she will hate it, and then the next she will love it again. It leaves me with my head spinning, not knowing what to give her. We are trying to get her to eat more solid (whole) food, but it is a hard transition for me. I am so nervous about choking. Every time I hear that little cough my heart stops. aawk. She loves to feed herself though. It’s funny to see her pick up individual pieces of brown rice to shove in her mouth.
On her 10 month birthday (it was on Tuesday), she decided she would officially start walking. She has been scaling the walls, chairs, and you name it for a long time, but she finally lets go now. She just goes for it. She seems fearless. Rowan can walk about 10 feet without holding on to anything. She definitely won’t let you hold both her hands to walk around. You can hold one of her hands, while the other one is furiously waving at everything. The couch, the tv, anything. If there are actual people around, forget it, she goes nuts. She loves being around others, especially kids. She gets so excited, running and waving at everyone. It melts my heart. It is so sweet.

oh gosh. I love her so much!


Yesterday, we drove down to Kinderhook to visit a little petting zoo at the library. One of my favorite things about blogging, has been making such wonderful friends. I realized the other day that most of my closest friends have been made thru this blog. That just blows my mind. Anyway, we met Don and Rachel thru this blog and I couldn’t be happier. They are an amazing couple and an even cuter family. Their daughter Adeline is beautiful. Rowan and Addy are becoming fast friends. We love our family playdates with them.

* Rowan is wearing the most beautiful vintage dress c/o The Kissing Tree Vintage!

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  1. she is so sweet and beautiful! i love all these pictures – and i love how excited she seems to be about walking! so fun!

  2. This is such a lovely post, Jen! You write about Rowan in a warm and excited way like I am listening to a friend. Happy 10 months, Rowan!

    P.S. The embroidery on her little dress is immaculate! Kind of wishing someone made a women’s dress like that.

  3. I love her little dress!! She looks so much like Kev, it’s adorable.

  4. Babies are amazing aren’t they. i have a 10 month old son and know exactly what you mean and how you feel in each and every word written(except the walking, lol, he’s not quite there yet, just cruising round furniture!) best 10 months of my life.
    From one proud mummy (across the pond) to another, Your daughter is absolutely adorable!
    Here’s to the next 10 months and more!

  5. What a beautiful baby girl! She is adorable!

  6. Fun! And I have to know where you got your hat…!

  7. Wow! Beautiful girl!

    My son also walked on the day of his tenth month – what a trill!

  8. I can’t get over how adorable she is! She also looks like she has a great little personality. They are so much fun at this age 🙂

  9. Laura •

    There is nothing like seeing the world through your child’s eyes. She is so beautiful. And walking! My goodness, I can’t even believe it. It goes so fast.

  10. Hehehe, I just heard “Lust for live” running through my head when looking at the pictures of her walking. Happy 10 months!
    (P.S. I love your outfit. This stripes/flower combo is particularly successful!)

  11. That is such a beautiful dress!!

  12. Jannira •

    Happy 10 months to Rowan! She looks so grown up in that dress! Its adorable! You’re going to see her start to thin out now that she’s walking. Its bittersweet.

  13. Rowan is beautiful! This such a wonderful time to be treasured! You’ve just made me think back to when my 3 were that age….thank you’

  14. That is THE most adorable dress ever on Rowan! A little style star in the making! 🙂

  15. I’m told it goes by so quickly… makes sense, since 10 mo goes by quick and I don’t have a kid ;P

  16. These truely are the most precious photos! Her expressions are priceless and you can just tell that she wants to go go go. It almost looks like she is taking off in a sprinting race in some photos. So precious!

  17. you know, my hubby and i have been talking about having children for some time now and it has seemed so hard and complicated … but you and your blog have really shown me a new light on children and family, thank you!!

  18. Adorable and I feel the same way my love of my life. Rowan is such a combo of you and your husband. It’s really sweet!

  19. That’s so funny about them feeding themselves. My 8m old wants to feed himself and started choking today on a baby mum mum. My heart almost stopped but the second it went down he was reaching for more. Go figure 🙂 Love reading your blog.

  20. Lorra Baldes •

    Thank you for sharing Rowan with us & for sharing your little family’s adventures. I have 2 girls myself, they are now 7 & 9 & they sure do grow fast. I love your family pictures it is giving me baby fever!!! Thanks again & many blessings to you!

  21. Those pictures of her walking!! my goodness toooo cute!!!

  22. Oh happy day! What a cutie! And walking so young…I bet she is talking by one!
    Levi is trying so hard to communicate now…but in his own language (consistenly water is “lalala tongue roll, and if he wants to taste your food he does this “mmhmmm” raising his voice pitch up at the end.) SO funny these little ones! Girls talk earlier, so you’ll be having a blast with her!! ENJOY!

  23. Oh my goodness, her little dress eeeeeep I love it!

  24. she is just so stinkin’ cute! i love her dress! and your outfit is cute too 🙂

  25. The dress and the color of the stitching is wonderful. It flows nicely on her and she appears to enjoy it.

  26. your love for her is so sweet. it’s infectious, how much you cherish her, and i hope she grows up knowing how much you two are head over heels for her.

  27. Nadia Bamdad •

    Such fun & adorable pictures! Rowan is just precious, with her big doe eyes & chubby cheeks… she’s a doll!

  28. Rowan is such a cutie! These pictures make me look forward to when my daughter starts walking!

    Also, I love your striped shirt with the floral skirt!. It inspired my outfit I blogged about today.

  29. […] Rowan is absolutely a darling style maven in the making….just look at her in this gorgeous dress (and she’s only 10 months old!)! […]

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