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I have been asked a few times lately what I am doing for exercise now that the marathon is over. If you follow me on twitter you may have noticed that I have been talking a lot about Insanity. Have you heard of it before? It’s like this crazy P90x, but without hand weights. There are A LOT of jumping, squats, push ups and sweating. I have never taken a bootcamp class before, but from what I hear it sounds sort of similar.

The program is 60 days long. You follow a calendar and do certain work outs on certain days. I will be honest and say it is not a beginner work out. We first started it during the last few weeks of my marathon training, and even then they totally kicked my butt. I would have to stop and rest a lot. I think anyone can do them. You just have to adjust the tempo to your abilities. So far, I really like it. It is super hard, but I am waiting for the awesome results it promises. We have been doing it for 2 straight weeks now, and I am starting to notice a difference in myself.

Here are a few tips for sticking with a work out routine that have worked for me.
1. Try to work out at the same time everyday. Making it a routine makes it way easier stick with it. For Kev & I, we get up at 6:30 every morning to work out. We know Rowan will still be sleeping and we have nothing else to do. We tried at night, but being tried and everything else always got in the way.

2. Stay well rested. Being tired is the easiest way to skip a work out. Since we started working out in the morning, I try really hard to go to bed before 11. It doesn’t always work but I try.

3. Work out with someone. I am the first one to make excuses. Kev keeps me accountable. If he is getting up to do it, then I can’t really stay in bed and let him work out without me. Workout buddies keep it fun!

4. Try to have the right mind set. It is easy for me to drag myself out of bed, and halfass the work out because I am grumpy about having to get up. One day Kev said “I might as well work hard at the workout because otherwise it is a waste to get up so early.” Good point! Since then I try to remember if I am getting up this early, I better make it worth it.

5. Find something you like doing. Workout videos aren’t for everyone. Maybe running is, or yoga or spin class. Try different things until you find something you enjoy. Don’t settle thinking you have to hate exercising.

  1. Those are great tips, and yes, insanity IS hard, but it is also a great workout, I loved it personally and finished the 60 days of it. I have now moved on to Chalean Xtreme and I will soon try the next version of Insanity which is Asylum, can’t wait!

  2. You are so freaking adorable in that photo! And seriously- YOU GO GIRL! Love this post and love these tips. Inspiring for sure.

  3. maybe you should be a spokeswoman for insanity. you sold me!

  4. Thanks for the motivation, I needed a little extra push to get me back over to the gym. Waking up early is just SO tough in the summer!

  5. I do Insanity as well! It’s an amazing workout!!

  6. Emmilee •

    My husband and I are doing Insanity too! We do it in the evenings right after we put our toddler to bed. It helps to have an exercise buddy to keep you accountable, though I have found that having a partner can have the opposite affect as well–if one person starts to drag their feet, the other is not far behind. It is a struggle stick with the program night after night, especially after both of us come home from work tired and then spend 4 hours trying to keep up with our 3-year-old before we even start our workout. We have just hit the “recovery week,” which is an excellent change of pace. The results haven’t been stunning so far, but hopefully our persistence will pay off.

  7. Thanks for the tips! I think the best part hearing your personal experiences and that you were open to admitting your struggles with us, it always helps to know you’re not the only one struggling with a workout routine and especially from such an in-shape momma herself! keep up the great work!

  8. sounds really amazing! I couldnt believe when u decided to run in the marathon and YOU DID!!!!after baby birth! I know it was motivation and female strength but I admire you highly to find time and inner strength to do it, having a little baby and a new everyday routine! now the challenge.. wow! its great u and kev are such a great partners in all u do. the progromme is thought out of mu financial reach(and also transcontinental) will u show the photos afterwards?;)i luv your blog, greets, sigrun

  9. Great tips, even though the idea of working out makes me sad! Lol good for you!

  10. I totally agree that having a workout buddy helps a ton. After slacking off for a while, my husband and I joined a new gym and started to go between 3-4 times a week. I also second the tip about trying new classes to see what you like. Our gym has a rock wall, and so we took a class this summer and I fell in LOVE. I NEVER thought I would love it as much as I do (I totally surprised my husband too!).

    There are also tons of apps out there to track your progress and help you work your way up, we’re both doing the 100 pushups app as well as the couch to 5k, just so that we can have clear goals and a set routine, along with out other cardio and climbing workouts. It’s working well so far!

  11. Good luck with insanity! My cousin did p90x and insanity and lost 100 lbs! Thanks for the great tips, I might have to make my hubby my workout buddy!

  12. I have a friend doing insanity and it is just as the name would suggest… insanity ;P Keep it up though gives good results!

  13. such good advice. ive been such a slacker this week but i think you just inspired me to get back out there and start running again!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  14. My hubby and I have been doing Insanity for over a year now. We started it when we couldn’t afford a gym membership, and we love it! Here’s my encouragement for you: He stuck with it and did it religiously and lost 20 pounds! I did it just 4-5 times a week and definitely got in the best shape ever. I’ve recently switched to some Jillian Michaels videos to switch it up, but I’ll always come back to Insanity. Good job! Keep it up!

    ps. When I started it, I couldn’t do a single push up and did the girly ones the whole first month. Now I can bust out 20-50 pushups easy. : ) You go girl!

  15. this picture is awesome. and really great tips!
    I was SO good at working out every morning after Kingston, and have such a hard time finding time now. I used to wake up before King and work out, now at least one of the kids wakes up before me (hello 5am!)..I need to find a new routine for working out with two toddlers, cause I’m having the toughest time fitting it in my day!

  16. Thanks for the tip! They’re very useful. It seems like from this post, you tend to work out more at home than the gym. Has it always been this way?

  17. You are an animal- insanity is ridiculous! Way to stick with it every morning. I think that part of the battle in working out is just getting up and doing it. Its tough to have enough self-discipline to work out when there are so many other things trying to eat up your time. Nice work.

  18. I friend told me about Insanity a ferw days ago, and was impressed by the routine, I’m now considering it, I’ve seen some of the videos and absolutely not for starters, let’s see if it works for me!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  19. how is it possible that you look adorable even all sweaty and in workout clothes? life is unfair.

  20. Great post! I cannot get up for early work outs because I start work at 7 AM and my body refuses to move before 6 AM. So I get mine in right after work. You’re totally right about having a routine though! I know that I have to go to the gym before I go home! 🙂

  21. Good tips! I struggle with getting up in the mornings to work out, but when I get home from work I am always tired and in the summer it is too hot to run anyway, so most of the time I just skip a work out. Bad!! You have given me a bit more motivation to get my lazy bum out of bed in the morning!

    Intensity sound fun! I tried P90X but I didn’t like it. I thought the guy was kind of annoying and I didn’t like all the equipment you needed. Maybe I will check out intensity. Recently I’ve been using the Nike Training Club app for iPhone- those work out are butt kicking!! The first time I did one I could hardly walk the next day!

  22. Thank you so much for your post. I’ve been on the fence about trying Insanity or TurboFire (the websites are pretty intense), so it helps to know that you’re enjoying the program!

  23. That picture is hysterical!!! I love A.M. workouts! I feel accomplished and totally refreshed for the rest of the day. Also, it gets my butt in bed at a normal hour! Win-Win!

  24. Jessica •

    I’m so glad you posted tip #4–I am totally like you in that scenario! I get up early to work out, but sometimes I’m so irritated about it that I half ass it. I will try to keep Kev’s words in mind next time I feel that way!

  25. ahh, I love this post! haha. I have friends who did this workout too, girls and guys. The other big thing here is Crossfit, the are actually a gym, a bit pricier — but the closest you’ll get to having a personal trainer in a small group of people centered around a strong feeling of community and encouragement (so I hear by one of good friends). I’m not a gym/working out type of person at all. The only thing I have going for me is that I walk pretty fast and like walking a lot, and I bike (when I’m feeling brave…still new at biking in the city). But I do know, after a good work out or just keeping myself active all day…it feels great and I want to continue that feeling. So, do you definitely recommend insanity? I’d love to hear more about this. Thanks for sharing! :]

  26. I actually tried Insanity last summer. I made it through week seven then had to stop. I found it way too hard- I wasn’t inactive at the time I started, but I wasn’t a runner or anything. but it is definitely a good work out!

    right now I’m trying a new workout video, and I think you’re right about the morning thing- if I “leave it for later” it always means I skip it! I’ll try making hubby work out with me too. thanks for the tips!

  27. aaawwww thats so adorable you guys work out together <3

  28. Julia •

    Insanity is way harder than P90X, I think I fainted almost vomit when i did Insanity, I better stick with P90X, still get a good result though.

  29. Oh darling, I wish I looked like you after a heavy work out 😉

  30. Missy •

    one of the reasons i LOVE living next to such a good friend is we are workout buddies- only problem is we can’t workout when our husbands are at night meetings at church together. boo. i wish i could do morning workouts- you did make me laugh a little when you said 6:30 is early- thats the typical time our kids wake up for the day!!! YUCK! but your post does make me think about getting up at 5am on days i dont work to get a workout done…. maybe i’ll try next week! 🙂

  31. i’ve been doing jillian’s 30 day shred in the mornings, before work. kinda spices up the day for me. good luck!!

  32. Really inspiring Jen

  33. I hear people talking about Insanity all the time. I really want to give it a try. I like that you don’t need weights to do the workout.

  34. LOVE your workout tips! You are so right, routine really helps!

  35. I have P90X and I’ve recently started doing it again, it helps when it’s too hot to run outside or I don’t have my car to get to the gym. Looks like you had a great workout!

  36. you are so cute! love this post.

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