La Posh Style Giveaway

La Posh Style is giving one lucky reader a chance to win any dress they would like from there shop. Yay! Who doesn’t love a free dress? Especially when they have so many cute ones. I would chose this Sunny Sweetheart Dress or this Summer Striped Dress.

What would you choose?

To enter:
1. Visit La Posh Style and pick the dress you would like to win and let us know in a comment below.
2. Bonus entry for liking La Posh Style on Facebook.

Contest goes from now until Sunday night. Winner will be randomly chosen from and then notified by email. Good luck!

  1. I love the take me away dress and the sunny sweetheart dress!

  2. Ohhh how fun! I adore the attractive polka dot dress, I am a sucker for anything polka dot! x


  3. Brittany HP •

    I absolutely love the color block tube dress with tie in navy. It is the perfect casual dress.

  4. Thanks for showcasing La Posh Style. I’d never heard of them before and really love their selection of dresses. I’d pick the Blooming Dress!

  5. There dresses are so cute..I like the mediterrean maxi dress or the you make me smile dress (which has a great name to boot!).

  6. i love the amore striped dress!! <3
    sarah r

  7. OH, my! So many to choose from! I love the sweetheart dress!

  8. Just liked La Posh on facebook!

  9. Maura •

    I love the summer stripped dress in red too!!

  10. I would get the Under the Sun Dress, The Cityscape Dress, or the Beige Secret Garden dress.


  11. Liked them on FB.

  12. Yes please. LOVE the Daisy Pearl dress …

  13. I already liked them on facebook …

    Kelly @
    Elegantly Academic

  14. I like the Sunny Sweetheart dress you chose, and the Amore striped dress. So sweet!

  15. I would also pick the sunny sunshine or the crochet casual!

  16. Joanne •

    The sunny sunshine is perfect for any summer occasion!

  17. Taylor •

    I love the You Complete Me dress!

  18. I think I’m with you – I would choose the sunny sweetheart dress, too! Or maybe the you complete me dress!


  19. & I already like them on facebook!


  20. How great! I’d love to win the Attractive Polka Dot Dress! So cute and simple! 🙂


  21. I’m also a follower of La Posh on Facebook! (Danielle Villano)


  22. I love the Multiprinted Dress!

  23. Meghan •

    I love the vintage look dress in blue!!

  24. The Navy Blue Secret Garden dress, please!

  25. I like them on Facebook too

  26. I love the Barcelona Dress in blue. Super cute.

  27. Sarah •

    I love the multi printed dress. Perfection!

  28. Very lovely dresses! I like the Serendipity Dress. So cute!

  29. This is awesome!! Love the classy chic dress! 🙂

  30. I love the Attractive Polka Dot Dress!! I can think of so many ways to wear it!!

  31. I love the taking chic dress, I think it’s called. The khaki shirt dress with buttons up the front. It looks like such a comfy work dress!

  32. Jennifer •

    I’m loving the Life is Beautiful dress!

  33. Molly Hall •

    The Sunny Sweetheart dress is so darling!

  34. The barcelona dress is blue is perfection!

  35. Love the Life is Beautiful dress! Thanks!

  36. Rachel •

    I love the Serendipity Dress and its awesome ruffles.

  37. Vicky •

    I love “Summer Days Dress”!


  38. Katherine •

    the striped gal dress is super cute and very summery. I love both the white and blue versions!

  39. Renata •

    The Vintage Look Dress in Blue is adorable 🙂 I also Liked them on Facebook!

  40. Sara W •

    I love the Dazzling Tube knit dress!

  41. i love the attractive polka dot dress 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  42. I love so many of them! I think the serendipity is my favorite.

  43. I also liked them on facebook. 🙂

  44. ohh i like: “style me pretty” and “sailors gal” and “mediterranean maxi” and “you are my sunshine” and and and

  45. Sophie •

    good luck, considering they use Givenchy logo (ok, just a little bit altered..).
    so not cool. why support them making money on someone else’s idea.

  46. Jessica •

    I love the cool pattern on the classy chic dress!


  47. I love the summer striped dress! It’s adorable.

  48. I like so many but I finally decided on the Serendipity dress!

  49. Jessi •

    oh geez… they’re all so very cute!

    i think i’d have to go with the summer striped dress in navy… very easy breezy…

    and in this heat thats all i can manage! 🙂

    thanks so much, stay cool!


  50. I love love these two, I think I’d have to draw a name out of a hat to decide, lol or

    and I totally “liked” them on FB

  51. Haley •

    I *love* the you complete me dress. It’s like nothing else in my closet and would be the perfect summer addition.


  52. I love the multi-printed dress. So hard to choose!

  53. Haley •

    I also liked them on Facebook!


  54. I’d love the attractive polka dot dress!

  55. Tina Z •

    I like the In Style dress, thanks!!

  56. Mallory •

    Definitely the Sunny Sweetheart dress! My rehearsal dinner is coming right up and yellow matches my wedding colors! 🙂

  57. Mallory •

    Liked on Facebook as well!

  58. Oh man. I like the blue crochet dress, attractive polka dot, and summer stripe in both colors! Ha.

    If I had to pick I’d probably go with summer stripe in black.

  59. Heather •

    I might be too late…
    I love the Forest Journey dress and the Neutral Striped dress (if I could pull it off super sexy! wowza!)

  60. I like the Life is Beautiful dress. It reminds me of something Kate Middleton would wear.

  61. Ashley •

    I just liked La Posh Style on Facebook.

  62. Ana P. •

    I already like them on facebook!! I loved the mint floral dress and the simply pretty thing dress 😀

  63. I really like that sunny sweetheart dress, but the dazzling tube knit or the blooming dresses are also top of the list!

  64. I love the dress in the give away photo, Sunny Sweetheart dress, but I would definitely be torn between that one and the Special Someone Dress.

  65. Danielle •

    I’m stuck between the cute in blue, summer stripes, and the take me away! I may just have to buy the other two if I win 🙂

  66. stephanie •

    ooh, i think the sunny sweetheart is my favorite, too. though the multi printed dress is awesome very awesome.

  67. I love the mint Floral dress!

  68. So many pretty dresses! I like the my love embroidered dress in Salmon!

  69. Shannon •

    Lots of beautiful dresses. Although, I would choose Caribbean Island Dress… so pretty!

  70. Ashley •

    I would pick the Life is Beautiful Dress


  71. Shannon •

    I just liked La Posh on Facebook for my bonus entry. I would choose Caribbean Island Dress! 🙂

  72. The Beige Secret Garden dress is lovely lovely lovely!

  73. Also liked them on FB. 🙂

  74. I would have to choose the You Complete Me dress or the Summer Striped dress!

  75. Jessica •

    I’d pick the You Complete Me dress!

  76. Jessica •

    Just liked them on FB!

  77. Laura •

    I really like the barcelona dress in mustard.

  78. such pretty dresses! I would have to go with the You Complete Me Dress since it’s in my wedding colors (and I have a stupid case of bridal brain haha) engagement photos- woohoo!

  79. Ooh, so many options. I like the “you complete me” dress and the “sunny sweetheart” dress too…

  80. Megan •

    I love the dazzling knit tube dress!!


  81. My fave has got to be the My Love Embroidered Dress in Salmon….so cute!

  82. The classy chic dress really caught my eye! 🙂

  83. rachel h. •

    i think i’d get the classic chic dress!

    – rachel h.

  84. Amber, this is the life •

    I like the you complete me dress!!

  85. so hard to decide, but i really love ‘her charming dress!”

  86. Stunning stuff! I’d want to take home the Sydney Mocha Button-Up Dress with Belt.

  87. Alisha •

    I’ve had my eye on the Life Is Beautiful dress. I’ve really got my fingers crossed for this giveaway.

  88. All of these dresses are beautiful…but my favorite is definitely the Multi Printed Dress!


  89. Lindsay •

    I love the You Complete Me dress. So cute! Thanks!

  90. Lindsay •

    “liked” La Posh Style on facebook too!

  91. Sarah •

    I love the Gray Floral Dress w/ Ruffles & Belt!

  92. Mackenzie •

    so many beautiful dresses to choose from…but i am absolutely loving that colorful maxi dress!

  93. Sarah •

    I liked them on facebook also!

  94. So many to choose from! I picked the “cute as a button” dress. 🙂

  95. Haley •

    I love the Sunny Sweetheart. Such a happy dress 🙂

  96. Super hard to choose just one, but LOVE the Blooming Dress!

  97. Jamie •

    I would love the Serendipity dress!

  98. I love the You Complete Me Dress. The stripes and skirt are so pretty.

  99. Such beautiful dresses and so VERY affordable! I’m impressed!
    I would love to have the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress, it’s the perfect summer frock! Thanks!

  100. Love the Summer Striped Dress in navy

  101. like LA Posh Style on facebook

  102. Angie M. •

    I love the In Style dress. I could work for the office or a date night!

  103. Angie M. •

    I also liked them on Facebook!

  104. Teddie •

    I like the “When in Rome” Dress.

  105. rachel •

    love the amore striped dress! thanks for the opportunity to win!

  106. the striped button down dress would be so cute for layering!

  107. Love the Walk in the Clouds dress in Coral!

  108. Cayla •

    I would go for the Cute in Blue dress!

  109. I would love to add the striped button down dress to my closet!!

  110. Brianne •

    So hard to decide, but I really like the Daisy Pearl dress. No necklace required with a top like that.

  111. Brianne •

    I liked them on Facebook too.

  112. Oh man, I’ve been DROOLING over the Serendipity dress forever!! I would lovelovelove to make it mine!!!

  113. I really love the serendipity dress :).

  114. Sarah •

    I am OBSESSED with the Vintage Look Dress in Blue. I can picture myself wearing this dress and living out my Liz Taylor fantasies!

  115. The “you complete me dress” is out of this world beautiful……I need it in my wardrobe:) Good Luck everyone!

  116. I am crazy about sweetheart dresses so I must agree with you, I love the Sunny Sweetheart dress!! Thank you for the giveaway Jen 🙂

  117. Rachel •

    Ooh i am so into the dazzling tube knit dress. I am the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding and we all get to choose our own dresses, as long as they’re navy blue. She wants me to stand out since all the other girls will be wearing plain navy and this is the exact kind of dress I’ve been looking for! It will definitely do the trick. I also liked them on FB. Thanks Jen and La Posh Style!

  118. That Sunny Sweatheart dress is adorable. The pockets are fantastic!

  119. I love the a vintage look dress, perfect for summer!

  120. I didn’t even know about this site! So many cute dresses it’s hard to choose, but I love the leather details on the Serendipity dress.

  121. Stephanie •

    Love so many of their dresses! Classy chic is my pick today!

  122. Heidi jo •

    I’d definitely choose the sunny sweetheart dress too. So cute!

  123. Obsessing over the Life Is Beautiful dress. Season-less perfection.

  124. i love the striped dress with ivory petals in navy blue, it is so cute! i would wear it with my red wedges and be fabulous.

  125. i also ‘like’ them on facebook!

  126. Kayla •

    I LOVE the sunny sweetheart dress…too precious!

  127. Kayla •

    I liked them on facebook, too 🙂

  128. It’s hard to choose, there are so many lovely choices! I decided on the Attractive Polka Dot Dress though. I can see myself wearing it in all seasons. 🙂

  129. Definitely the Barcelona dress, but I can’t decide which color. Both are lovely. Well, maybe the mustard one.

  130. I also like them on Facebook

  131. Sophie •

    I absolutely adore the sunny sweetheart dress!

  132. Sophie •

    and I liked them on facebook too!

  133. emily •

    Ooh! I have one my dear friend’s wedding coming up that I’m in and I need a new dress (we get to pick what we want to wear)… This would be awesome! I have a serious crush on the Style Me Pretty dress! Such pretty details!

  134. emily •

    I “Liked” La Posh on Facebook too!

  135. I would love the Florence dress

  136. Oh gosh picking one is going to be so hard! I’d have to choose between the Splash of Color with Ruffles Dress, the Striped Button Down Dress, and the Neutral Striped Dress. They’re all so pretty! Thanks for such an awesome giveaway!

  137. I’d like the cityscape maxi dress!

  138. Alesha •

    I just love the amore stripped dress. I feel like it the perfect dress for any situation

  139. Kristen •

    Love the summer stripe dress!

  140. Nicole •

    I think the serendipity dress is too cute!!

  141. Mindy B. •

    I love the Mint Floral dress!

  142. Nicole •

    Also, liked it!

  143. Hi!
    I love the multi-printed dress…

  144. stacey •

    I would pick the Sunny Sweetheart dress. I love it!

  145. Amelia •

    i love the Miles of Style dress and the Mint Floral dress….fingers crossed!

  146. I love the Mint Floral Dress!

  147. Jannira •

    Saw this and didn’t have to look any further! Loved Serendipity Dress!!!

  148. I absolutely love the Barcelona dress in blue!!

  149. Thu Huynh •

    My pick – The Style me Pretty in Pink! Perfect for graduation party next year! Thanks for the Contest!

  150. Jammy •

    I have been wanting to buy some dresses since Im more of a jeans and T-shirt kind of girl but you make them look so cute and fun! I would love to start my collection with the serendipity dress. I think its just adorable and I love the detail on it 🙂

  151. Jammy •

    P.S. I “like” them on Facebook!

  152. Annie McGinnis •

    This one is just too cute for words. And thanks for showcasing La Posh, I’ve never heard of them before, but all of their dresses are darling (and inexpensive!).

    + 1 for facebook too.

  153. Christine •

    the sunny sweetheart dress is so lovely!

  154. I love the black and gray with petals, but so many more too, so hard to choose one!

  155. Laurel •

    I love the summer striped dress in red!

  156. I like on FB!

  157. I love the amore striped dress [].

  158. Kelsay Parker •

    I’d pick the sophisticated chic dress!

  159. I would pick the vintage look dress

  160. Tina C. •

    So hard to choose, but I really like the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress.

  161. Maria •

    Just one are you kidding?? I couldn’t choose, so I put down 4. Blame it on my pregnancy hormones : )

    The Miles of style dress

    barcelona dress in blue

    Mediterranean Maxi

    You make me smile dress

    Fingers are crossed!

    Oh and I already like them on fb.

  162. holy adorable. love them all. You Complete Me…would be my pick!

  163. I would have to say that my favorite is the same as your Jen!! Love the sunny sweetheart dress so much!

  164. Monica •

    The multi printed dress looks so unique

  165. Just liked them on Facebook as well!

  166. I am in love with the you complete me dress! I may have to get it whether I win or not!

  167. I’m loving the Multi Printed Dress. It could easily transition into fall and definitely wearable to school for teaching.

  168. …..and I just liked on facebook

  169. I also liked La Posh on Facebook 🙂

  170. ooh they’re all so pretty! I’m loving the classy chic dress. Love the print!

  171. I like them on Facebook, too!

  172. Emmilee •

    I love love love the Charlotte Dress. The Neutral Striped Dress is pretty cute too.

  173. The Mediterranean Maxi Dress is just gorgeous! It might be a contender for my baby shower.

  174. Like them on Facebook!

  175. Erykah •

    You complete me dress <3

  176. Meagan •

    Ooh, I like the Amore striped dress.

  177. Woah! Great giveaway! I hope I win, hehe. I hope you have a great turn out too of course 🙂
    As for the dresses, geesh, how do you pick just one? I think i would also have to choose the sunny sweetheart. Soooo cute

  178. Oh, I also liked on FB!! 🙂 Good luck to all

  179. The Serendipity Dress is adorable!

  180. heather •

    The Serendipity Dress!

  181. Beth C. •

    I would love to have the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress! 🙂

  182. I love the mint floral dress!

  183. They have soo many great dresses!! I think my favorite is the Classy Chic Dress 🙂

  184. The Simply Lovely. Perfect for summer! Thanks.

  185. Tarynn •

    I love the Treasured Moments dress!

  186. Ashley •

    I love the Striped Dress with Ivory Petals in Navy Blue. Too cute!

  187. Love the attractive polka dot dress!

  188. Love the Serendipity Dress. The front ruffles are too adorable!

  189. They do have a great dress selection! I would choose the Multi Printed Dress–I love the colors and print!!

  190. vanessa •

    I love the Dazzling tube knit dress.


  191. Alice C. •

    Gorgeousness! I love the Verona tunic

  192. The cute in blue dress – I need a brighter funky dress and that works perfectly!! – Chrissy

  193. I like La Posh of FB too!! – Chrissy/Christine

  194. Jackie •

    I would like to own a maxi dress. The Colorful Maxi Dress is beautiful!

  195. Amanda •

    The Amore Striped Dress is ESPECIALLY adorable!

  196. Trulie Terry •

    Love, Love the Serenadipity dress. The detail in the front is so sweet and it looks nice and cool for the south cali summer 🙂

  197. Navy blue secret garden dress!

  198. Sarah •

    i would love the Navy Blue Secret Garden Floral dress!!

    thanks so much:)

  199. I love the mint floral dress!!

  200. I’m a fan of La Posh on Facebook too!

  201. I think I would pick the Serendipity dress! very cute!

  202. rebecca •

    you compete me! so cute!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  203. Megan •

    The Amore Striped Dress is wonderful as well as the Multi Printed Dress. Or even the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress!

  204. Heather •

    You have great taste! I love the Sunny Sweetheart dress as well!

  205. I’m loving the “When In Rome” dress in black. Pretty Pretty!
    I’ve already “liked” them on FB…does that count? 🙂

  206. Robyn •

    It’s hard to pick between the Blooming Dress and the Dazzling Tube Knit Dress. So pretty!

  207. Felicia •

    I liked them on facebook! 😀

  208. Heidi •

    i love the “in style” dress! thanks for the giveaway!

  209. Felicia •

    I couldn’t decide! I just spent the longest time browsing everything on the website. Ah, so beautiful! This Multi Printed Dress would definitely be a favorite.

  210. My favorite is the florence dress….

  211. Pilar •

    I love the “Mint Floral Dress.” I’m a sucker for anything with flowers on it! Plus it looks super comfy and flowy. Perfect for any occasion! 🙂

  212. Awesome giveaway! I’m having a hard time choosing between the attractive polka dot dress and the beige secret garden dress. I think I’ll go with the polka dot one, though. I can’t get enough of polka dots!

  213. I also like them on facebook.

  214. The Amore Striped dress is very sweet.

  215. Nina R •

    I love the Summer Striped Dress in red! The perfect, nautical summery dress!

  216. Andrea •

    The Seafoam Charming Dress!

  217. I looove the mint floral dress & the gray floral dress… uh-oh! A decision will have to be made! 😉

  218. And I’m a facebook fan! 🙂

  219. Fiorella •

    I agree the sunny sweetheart is my favourite also – I am for Canada – can I participate to the contest?

  220. Eloisa Chaparro •

    what a great selection of dresses! i think the sunny sweetheart dress is perfect for a summer outing on the lake and a night out on the town!

  221. Chelsey •

    I love the cityscape maxi dress!

  222. Chelsey •

    Liked LA Posh Style on Facebook!

  223. My fave is the Dashing dress!

  224. andrea •

    I would get the flower enamored dress!

  225. Amore Striped Dress!

  226. ooo! i’d take (and proudly wear) the mint floral dress, please. and thank you.

  227. bonus time! i mean, i totally am a-likin’ all things la posh via facebook now! 🙂

  228. i’d get the you complete me dress!!! i love those colors!

  229. The sweatheart dress all the way and I like them on facebook 🙂

  230. I love the Caribbean Island Dress. <3

  231. Kristyn F. •

    I love the YOU COMPLETE ME dress! It is pretty!

  232. Kristyn F. •

    I LIKE La Posh Style on Facebook!

  233. Minal •

    I love the ‘you complete me dress’ love the cut n the colors of the dress..

  234. I would get the “A Vintage Look Dress”

  235. It was a really hard decision, but I finally picked the Seaside Maxi Dress.

  236. Loving the summer striped dress in red!

  237. I liked them on FB!

  238. adele •

    The ‘multi-printed’ dress is killer!

  239. Gotta go with the Blooming Dress! Adorable and even office-appropriate! Love this dress!! (

  240. Katie •

    There are so many cute dresses to choose from! I think I would pick the You complete me dress. I love the red bow!

  241. There are several I want, but my top pick is the Rose Ala Mode dress in Green.. I love the colors for summer!

  242. Hello Gorgeous! I just adore the You Complete Me Dress – perfect for some summer fun! Love your blog!


  243. Becka •

    I would choose the You Complete Me dress to wear to my 10 year HS reunion next month!

  244. Becka •

    I liked on FB.

  245. I would LOVE to have the “you complete dress” I have a thing for stripes!

  246. Nicolette •

    I’m loving the You Complete Me dress and A Vintage Look dress. Thank you for this giveaway!!!

  247. Nicolette •

    Liked them on Facebook. =) <3 Nico

  248. I really like the Ocean Mist Dress.

  249. I “liked” La Posh on facebook! :0)

  250. love the Rose Ala Mode in Green

  251. Oh my. Both the “a dashing dress” and the “a vintage look dress in blue” are just lovely!!

  252. Emily Attaway •

    I love the attractive polka dot dress, caribbean island dress, and the vintage look dress in blue! so many choices!

  253. Kelly •

    I love them all. But I think the two tone dress with front ruffles, is super cute for work in the summer.

  254. The Serendipity for sure! I love it.

  255. Bethany •

    I love the Truly Yours Dress and the Sailors Gal Striped Dress in Navy.

  256. i need that sunny sweetheart dress!! it’s in my wedding colors, what a great thing to have for upcoming showers!

  257. I love the Serendipity dress and the Sunny Sweetheart dress, but I think I would have to go with the ladder. Adorable!

  258. I love the Crochet Casual Dress in blue!

  259. i would love that serendipity dress pretty please 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!

  260. I’m also following on Facebook!

  261. Sandi •

    I really love the two tone dress with front ruffle design. The front is beautiful but the back is adorable and interesting. Also, I liked La Posh on facebook!

  262. I like the Vintage Look dress in blue!

  263. I love the Summer Striped dress in Navy!

  264. I also already like them on FB!

  265. Agreed that the Sunny Sweetheart is the absolute cutest. A close second is the Amore striped dress!

  266. i love the life is beautiful dress! looks very kate middleton-esque. 🙂 and i’m obsessed with her so…. 😉

  267. I love the Feather Print top!:):)

  268. I love the Serendipity Dress: (

    and I liked la posh on facebook!

  269. Laura A. •

    Love their dresses! I would choose the Serendipity dress!

  270. saraht •

    i’ve got my eye on the striped button down dress. beautiful!

  271. Amanda •

    So great! I really love the In Style Dress, but I also love the Daisy Pearl Dress.

  272. Amanda •

    I also like them on facebook 🙂

  273. I adore the Light Pink Belted Tonic Dress. It’s so cute!

  274. Christine •

    All of the dresses are adorable, it was hard to pick a favorite! I love the Crochet Casual Dress in Royal Blue though, I have been looking for a blue dress for a while and this one is perfect.

  275. Christine Shellenberg •

    Also I liked them on FB 🙂

  276. I would love to get the Classy Chic dress. I love the bright belt and the pattern combination. Thank you!

  277. The sunny sweetheart dress for sure!!

  278. Jenneane cunningham •

    Love the in style dress! Liked you on Facebook.

  279. I’d get the striped button down dress! love the faux brass button accents and how the skirt part flows 🙂

  280. liked them on Facebook 🙂

  281. i love their selection of dresses but would choose the multi printed dress! i can’t get enough of color or prints!

  282. FaithJ •

    I’d choose the Take Me Away dress in grey. Perfect for parties!

  283. I would pick the sydney mocha button up dress with belt! So pretty, and I’ve always wanted a shirt dress

  284. I also liked them on Facebook

  285. littleassemblyrequired •

    i love the Simply Pretty Things Dress!

    littleassemblyrequired at gmail dot com

  286. littleassemblyrequired •

    i liked La Posh Style on fb (brittany k)

  287. I would love love love their Charlotte Dress!!
    Thank you for the opportunity!

  288. I’ve also liked them on facebook 😀

  289. I really like the Black and Grey Dress with Ivory Petals. I would be perfect for school and layering in the fall!

    Complex Cardigans

  290. oh oh oh! My love embroidered dress in ivory! I just LOVE that dress!

  291. i’ve already been liking la posh on facebook =]

  292. Melissa •

    Oh my. You always have the best sponsors. These dresses are to die for!

    I love the casual belted dress! It’s simple and I have nothing like it, and could accessorize it really well! I hope I win!

  293. definitely A Dashing Dress in yellow. so cute!! thanks for the awesome giveaway!


  294. Amanda •

    I love both the Summer Striped Dress in Navy and the Multi Printed Dress!

    Heres to hoping I win!

    Oh, and I liked them on facebook!

    xo, Amanda

  295. Danae •

    Ooooh! The ‘Special Someone in Royal” dress! I’ve never been there before and I love this shop!

  296. The Serendipity Dress is wonderful!

  297. Liked La Posh Style on Facebook!

  298. I like the seafoam charming dress.

  299. Liked on facebook.

  300. Attractive Polka Dot Dress is beauuutiful ! 🙂

  301. Ashley K •

    I love the flirty dress in olive!

  302. Ashley K •

    I like la posh on facebook!

  303. i too liked them on FB ^_^

  304. becky •

    in style dress! so pretty! easy to dress up or down!

  305. I think I’ll have to go with one of your recommendations, the Sunny Sweetheart Dress!

  306. I liked La Posh on facebook!

  307. Passerina •

    I like the striped racerback tank and black blazer.

  308. I love the You Complete Me Dress.

  309. I’d get the Blooming Dress:

    So cute!

  310. ewhatley •

    So many cute dresses, and affordable. I might choose this one

  311. emily •

    the european escape dress is beautiful!
    although the aqua leopard tunic looks wild!….tooo many choices

  312. chelsea •

    i’d go for the sunny sweetheart dress too 🙂

  313. Tiff K •

    I’m loving the “a dashing dress” in white. been lusting after a sweet white dress for summer!

  314. Tiff K •

    Also liked them on facebook.

  315. I really love the Barcelona Dress In Blue.

  316. *swoon* the Sunny Sweetheart dress is perfect. 🙂

  317. I would choose You Complete Me Dress

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