A DIY Garden

Since we live in a loft apt. we have some very large windows, with very large windowsills. I never figured out what I wanted to put on them till a few weeks ago. I decided since I loved my little Jade plant our friends gave us so much, I would give it some new friends. I didn’t want to plant everything in normal little pots, so off to the thriftstore I went. I found some super cute/different shaped dishes I could use. I am pretty happy with how it came out. It is a work in progress though. I still want to find more succulents to fill in some gaps.

What do you think?

1. Find some glass from the thriftstore.

2. Get some craft paint and think about what clear glass you would like to paint.

3. Paint the inside of the glass to create a unique plant holder. I love the textured glass on the outside with the color underneath.
4. Plant. Plant. Plant. I bought plants from different places (home depot, nursery, etc…) and some cactus soil. I added some little figurines just for fun. Everyone needs a mini cat right?
5. I also added these little ceramic flowers I have from my great grandma. I am not really sure what they were from, but I love them.

Super fun! Try it yourself.

  1. Love it! What a great use of space.

  2. How perfect is that! I absolutely LOVE the combination of all the containers. Perfect use of large windowsills!

  3. this looks so peaceful 🙂

    <3 steffy
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  4. This combines two of my favorite things… milkglass and succulents! Awesome addition to your home!

  5. Jen! You are so talented. I love terrariums…this is so neat!

  6. Great idea. I have a total black thumb so I’m super daunted by anything that grows…except my dog! But I may have to just try again…


  7. Oh I love this. I’ve always wanted to try a terrarium; this is a great visual kickstart! Thanks!

  8. This is a beautiful display! Great ideas!!!

  9. Love this! I wanted to buy similar plants (the little cactuses with the rocks and flowers) and I think I should because they would be great indoor plants. My little indoor plant died…I need something pretty like this.

  10. I love these! I too have very large windows and sills (yay for lofts!), but I also have a very destructive cat who destroyed my last succulent garden, piece by piece. Maybe I’ll try again…

  11. What a great use of that large window sill! I love the thrift store dishes and all the little touches you added to your succulents. I will definitely be giving this a try.

  12. This is so beautiful! I was going to do a handing herb garden in my apartment, but this is such a great idea, I might have to switch.

  13. I love the use of thrifted dishes, it turned out great!

  14. marget •

    super cute- great idea & cheap too!

  15. Love it! How do you keep your cat out of them though?

  16. This is super great, you are very creative !! Love how it all looks together!

  17. girl, you better put soe drainage holes in those…

  18. ooh, second on the drainage holes….they might be okay without, but it could be a bit sketchy. Don’t wanna get root rot.

    I am also wondering about the acrylic paint….I know it’s water resistant, but you wouldn’t want any chemicals seeping into the soil….though I’m sure you know more about paint than I do! 🙂

    Looks pretty though! 🙂

  19. Wow, what a great idea!! Your window looks so lovely with all the plants 🙂
    Drainage holes might be a good idea though 🙂

  20. What a wonderfully creative idea. I’ve definitely been thinking about getting some live plants in our home, and the window sill makes total sense, because we have the space also! That cat figurine made me giggle because I would definitely do that too haha

    Do your cats try and get up there and mess with the plants? My only worry is that our adventurous kitty would knock all that beautiful glass down or eat the plants haha

  21. Oh gosh these look lovely! I too love the effect you got from painting the inside. Well done!

  22. Allison •

    very, very cute 🙂 i just moved to the midwest from phoenix, and i never thought i’d be downright nostalgic for a cactus or twenty!

  23. Andrea •

    This looks so pretty! I can’t wait to do this for my dorm!!

  24. wow! amazing, i am totally freak about birds, so i luuuv those porcelain and this pot!!!where did u get this?

  25. I love this idea! Especially the paining the inside of the glass vase! Will definately be trying that when I get my own place haha! 🙂

  26. I love succulents and milk glass! If you didn’t put drainage holes, you should put some carbon in the bottom under the soil. I don’t have big windowsills so I’m stuck with a bunch of small tables crammed with plants in front of my windows. We have mostly succulents with a few begonias, pitcher plants and tillandsias.

  27. i love this! it looks great – i love succulents! if only our cats didnt eat every and all plants, flowers, etc…. i love all the different style dishes you used.

  28. LOVE THIS! so simple, charming, and adaptable. you have more style sense in your eyelashes than i have in my entire body, even with cacti. thank goodness for inspiration rubbing off!

  29. Pff, drainage holes are not needed if you water sparsely. I have some succulents that have been growing happily for years in pots without holes. Just water them a little when the soil is bone dry and they’ll be fine.
    I especially like the display in the (fish?) bowl!

  30. You did such a great job, the cactus (cacti?) are so adorable! 🙂

  31. brilliant! I wish my window sills were high enough..out of little peoples reach..;)

  32. This is amazing!!!! I have so much trouble finding unique flower pots that go together, this is great. Thanks for the inspiration.

  33. I wish I could do this! So much fun! =)

  34. This display came out beautiful! I wish I had the space to try it in my room.

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