Over the weekend…

We celebrated the 4th all over the place this weekend. We went boating on a beautiful lake by my parents, we hung out with friends on a private beach in Plymouth and we took photobooth pictures like only the 6 of us can at Adam’s. It was a fun filled, packed to the max, shared with lots of friends, awesome weekend. I always love the 4th of July.
Getting to hang out with Punky, Adam, Chris and Julie is always a highlight to any weekend!

What did you guys do this weekend?

*Thanks to Adam for all the wonderful pictures!

  1. Emma told me she missed Rowan today. 😉

  2. Birta •

    Man, that next last picture of Kev and Rowan cracks me up!

  3. Awww … what cute photos. Looks like you had such fun.

    Kelly xo
    Elegantly Academic

  4. Haha these photos are great!

  5. Love the photos!

  6. These photos are too cute! 🙂 Rowan is so adorable, and your family and friends look like so much fun!

  7. I love the first picture how Rowan and the dog are like mirroring each other. Her dress is so adorable!

  8. so fun!!!!!!! love these pics 🙂

  9. Out of this world adorbs. Your family is the cutest. 🙂

  10. Amelia •

    such fun pics!! great memories for Rowan for sure. I hope to instill some adventure seeking in my little bun in the oven. My husband and I aren’t overly adventurous, althought we would like to be…and i think our little peanut will bring that out in us! I’ll have to get a baby sling for sure!!! (more of a comment for your next post!) Rown is super lucky to have such awesome parents!!!

  11. ashley •

    omg you near manamet?i was there visiting family and for some crazy you and your family crossed my mind… 🙂

  12. These photos are so cute! Looks like you had a great weekend!

  13. Loving these pictures of you all!!! Can’t wait to see you at the swap at the end of the month! – Katy

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