Style FIle 06.28.11-Montmartre

I wanted to share an outfit post and some pictures from one of the days we spent up in Montmartre. I love that part of the city. It is totally worth getting off the metro near Moulin Rouge and then walking up the cute, little winding streets to the top. Such a pretty view near Sacre Coeur.
Outfit Details:
Shuffleboard Sweetheart Dress: c/o Modcloth
Sunglasses: H&M
Casita Sandals: c/o Blowfish (use code JEN15 for 15% off)


  1. I’m green with envy! How I long to visit Paris again.

    Love the sandals, by the way : )

  2. Talented husband, talented wife. Beautiful family, wonderful life!
    Hoping you had the best 5 yr anniversary and that your memories will warm many hearts (of the family you are building) for years to come.

  3. wow I love these pictures and that dress is love.

  4. Your found graffiti is from Princess Mononoke! And those oils make me long to paint….Awesome!

  5. Where is montemartre? Btw love H&M. I get sweet looking clothes there for SOOOO cheap.

  6. I so love your parisian look!!! Classic black and white can never steer you wrong. You look like you had an amazing amazing trip!!!!! Can’t wait to see more and more pics!! xoxo Kim

  7. I’m a sucker for stripes, so I was already loving your outfit at first glance. A closer look and there’s no denying you have a great sense of style. Hopping on over to do some sandal shopping now! Thanks for the promo code!

  8. Great post. I love photos.

  9. Wow such pretty pictures, your trip was in deed great, loved the picture of you with the graffiti so cute!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  10. i really liked montmartre! and you, you look SO cute!!! great look for this beautiful city.

  11. those sandals strike a perfect balance between comfort and cuteness – perfect for a day of travel without looking like a total tourist.

  12. These photos are so amazing. They make me want to visit Paris asap.

  13. I am really loving these pictures. Kev really knows how to capture the atmosphere. Looks like you guys had such an amazing experience. 🙂

  14. cute cute cute. and also, how funny, i just saw a post on Little Brown Pen about those little alien things pointing. here it is, in case you’re curious 🙂

  15. More wonderful pictures! Thanks for sharing them with us. You look lovely, as usual.

  16. gorgeous.

  17. I love the picture of you two in the mirror, way too cute! And that dress looks very fun and breezy, perfect for walking through the streets of France 🙂

  18. You look adorable! Jealous of your surroundings!

  19. That’s where Amelie, one of my favorite movies of all time, was filmed! I can’t wait to go there one day.

  20. When I visited Paris our hostel was in Montmartre. I loved it! Thanks for sharing your photos – takes me back. 🙂

  21. So wonderful! Montmartre was one of our favourite places. The stairs outside of the Sacre Couer are fantastic for people-watching.

  22. Chelsea •

    I love this dress and the photos! Is it possible that things look more magical in Paris?! So lovely.

  23. Ahh! You make me want to go back to Paris right this second!
    When I went I dressed more Backpacker than Blogger and while I had an amazing time, I wish I had better outfits in my pictures 🙂 Lucky girl to have a photog hubby!

  24. Love that dress! I could wear that in Paris! 🙂

  25. Such an adorable little striped dress! I love these pictures!

  26. The graffiti was on Little Brown Pen blog a few days ago, did you find his twin too? (
    I’ve been to Montmartre a few times (and had my portrait drawn there when I was 13, took hours) but never to those famous steps – I don’t know their name but I’ll find them next time!.

  27. Jen, I love this post. Montmartre looks gorgeous, and I love the dress. So perfect for that occasion. I love that you were so purposeful with your style in Paris. It’d be so easy to have the excuse that, since you’re traveling, it’d be easier to just wear jeans and a tee. But what better place is there than Paris to express your personal style! Well done, sister!

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