Boon Giveaway


Want to win your very own Boon High Chair? One lucky reader will win a Flair High Chair in the color of their choice. How exciting right? I LOVE this chair!!

Even if you don’t have a little one on the way or at home, think about how awesome it would be to give this to a sister or friend who had kids. You would be the best Aunt/friend ever!!!

There are 4 chances to enter…

1. Visit Boon and let us know in a comment what color you would choose if you won!!

2. Like Boon on Facebook! (leave a comment letting us know)

3. Follow Boon on Twitter! (leave another comment letting us know)

4. Follow jenloveskev on Twitter and Retweet about contest:
“Win a Boon Flair Highchair via @jenloveskev!”
(leave a comment to let me know)

Contest open to U.S Residents Only.
The contest goes from now until Sunday (7/3). Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email on Monday Morning.

Good Luck Everyone!

  1. Erykah •

    I would…. I mean baby would LOVE a green one 🙂

  2. Erykah •

    I “liked”

  3. Katie •

    I would go for kiwi for sure! Due in October so this is perfect timing!

  4. I would love to win the aqua one! This would be just in time for our little one.

  5. I would go for the super bright and fun KIWI color!

  6. Liked them on FB

  7. The green. For sure. As a constant babysitter I’ve seen a lot of high chairs, this is by far one of the most aesthetically pleasing.

  8. following Boon on Twitter

  9. Jessica •

    Oooohhh..torn between the orange and the green….have had a thing for orange (and probably better for us as my 6 1/2 mos old LOVES carrots & sweet potatoes:)

  10. I already was following you on Twitter but I did tweet about your giveaway! @andreamaurine

  11. Jacqueline •

    So cool! I think I would go for the white and orange, since we don’t know yet what Baby #2 is going to be!

  12. Jacqueline •

    I “like” Boon on facebook!

  13. Heidi •

    gosh, this is incredible! i have a couple friends who are expecting and would love to surprise them with this! i love the white & blue chair and am sure it would fit into any of my friends’ decor! thanks for the giveaway!

  14. I’d go with cherry – my 6-month-old little girl just loves anything red!

  15. Definitely the Kiwi. 😉

  16. Jessica •

    I would love the coconut seat + Blue raspberry pad. It would look great in my kitchen!!

  17. Kaelah Bee •

    I think I might go for the red!

  18. Kaelah Bee •

    Liked on Facebook!

  19. Kaelah Bee •

    Followed on twitter!

  20. I followed Boon on twitter

  21. Jessica •

    following them on twitter and re-tweeted 😉 I really want to win this one hahaha

  22. I would buy the coconut blue raspberry one!! I love the futuristic vibe of them:) And if I win it’d be gift for a good friend of mine who’s due in August:)

  23. And I follow you on Twitter and retweeted this giveaway!!

  24. I love the kiwi seat with coconut pad! Such a bright color! Great giveaway!

  25. hannah j •

    I love the kiwi/coconut one. . . so cool!

  26. Sarahc •

    most definitely the “coconut with blue raspberry.” i have a high chair right now for my 14 month old and after every feeding i want to throw it out the window because it collects every crumb! love the design!

  27. I “liked” Boon on facebook!!

  28. I retweeted about this amazing contest!

  29. I am now following @booninc on Twitter!

  30. I love this highchairs. If I were to win then I’d choose the blue one. 😀

  31. I liked Book on Facebook.

  32. I follow Boon on Twitter. @jessicadiamond

  33. I retweeted your link on twitter! Thanks for giving us 4 chances to enter! 🙂

  34. Anne H. •

    I think the white/orange one is my favorite.

  35. I love the green one!

  36. I liked Boon on Facebook

  37. I followed Boon on Tiwtter

  38. 1. i love the coconut one with the chocolate seat!

  39. 2. i liked ’em on facebook.

  40. 3. and followed ’em on twitter.

  41. 4. i already followed you, and i’ve tweeted about the contest!

  42. This chair is so wonderful!!! I absolutely love the one in kiwi and coconut!

  43. Cherry seat with coconut pad!

  44. i would choose the white and blue!

  45. i follow boon on twitter 🙂


  46. I love the green one its sooo cute and i know it would be awesome for my god child!!!

  47. And I also followed on facebook (Caity Hoyle)

  48. i follow you on twitter and tweeted about the giveaway 🙂


  49. I just tweeted about your giveaway and follow you on twitter!~

  50. I like them on facebook!

  51. Following Boon on Twitter @gennyalexander

  52. Angie •

    I love the Cherry color high chair! So bright and cheery!

  53. I’d have to go with the coconut/blue raspberry!

  54. I liked Boon on Facebook!

  55. Angie •

    Liked Boon on facebook!

  56. Already follow you and am retweeting right now!!

  57. I’m following Boon on Twitter!

  58. Carly •

    I like boon on Facebook. But I really do like boon and the chair! My 9 month old hates her current chair 😉

  59. Loving the Kiwi with Coconut Pad!!!!

  60. I liked Boon on FB:)

  61. Also Twitted:)

  62. Cherry + Coconut 🙂 We are starting solids in 3 weeks!!! ahh!!! 🙂

  63. I would go for the white and blue!

  64. Mallory •

    I would love the White and orange one!
    yay! so excited!

  65. I love the coconut seat with the blue raspberry pad! What a great design!

  66. I tweeted the giveaway :o)

  67. I also liked Boon on Facebook.

  68. Mallory •

    i like boon on facebook!

  69. And I followed Boon on Twitter!

  70. I would love a red one! How awesome!

  71. i would absolutely love the kiwi one…and so would our new little one who’s making her grand arrival on Thursday (June 30th).

  72. Mallory •

    i follow Boon on twitter!

  73. Love the kiwi and coconut one!

  74. Mallory •

    i follow you on twitter (and have for a long time!) and i tweeted your giveaway!

  75. I like boon on Facebook! Mcbcarlisle at gmail dot com for my Facebook email. 🙂

  76. I follow boon on twitter! @huddyma

  77. Lisset •

    kiwi please 🙂 i’ve been drooling over one of these for ages. to own one would be a dream!

  78. I “liked” them on FB – Cherry + Coconut 🙂 We are starting solids in 3 weeks!!! ahh!!! 🙂

  79. I follow you on twitter and tweeted! @huddyma

  80. Lisset •

    i’m a facebook fan! crossing fingers!

  81. Missy •

    I am definitely going with kiwi!!

  82. love the kiwi + coconut!

  83. I am obsessed with this highchair. I would choose the Coconut seat with blue raspberry pad for my little four month old lady!

  84. i liked boon on fb!

  85. i’m following boon on twitter now

  86. Danielle •

    Oh I would totally go with the orange!! Love!!

  87. Danielle •

    Like them on Facebook!

  88. i’m following jen loves kev on twitter now- and i retweeted the giveaway!! *fingers crossed*

  89. Danielle •

    Following Boon on twitter!

  90. I love the white and orange chair!

  91. Amelia •

    We would love a white one.

  92. I liked boon on facebook!

  93. Jenna •

    oooooo I think I would have to pick the white and orange! Adorable!!

  94. annnnnnd I followed Boon on twitter!

  95. I tweeted about the Boon giveaway! What an AWESOME giveaway!

  96. I love them all, but I think I’d go with the white/orange. Love!

  97. I think I like the white/orange one. They are all really neat though.

  98. nooooo! to U.S citizens only 🙁 im in australia and would have loved to spread the word and entered for a chance to win this awesome high chair!

  99. I just liked on Facebook!

  100. OOOhhhh the kiwi green! I’d plan a kitchen around that green…

  101. Allira •

    I have been in love with the highchair since I first saw it!
    COCONUT & BLUE would be PERFECT for our little family.

  102. Oh I love the coconut seat and blue raspberry pad!!! The blue and white would fit in perfectly!

  103. Following on Twitter

  104. And now following Jenloveskev and RTed the contest! Yay – my little guy is going to love his new chair!

  105. Terri •

    most definitely kiwi! 🙂

  106. Krystal •

    I’m so torn! The colors are all wonderful, but I think I’d go with the white and orange. What a great seat! Thank you!

  107. Claudia •

    I would love the Coconut seat + Blue Raspberry Pad for my first niece!

  108. Claudia •

    I liked Boon on fb.

  109. Kamila •

    My best friend is expecting her first baby this fall and this would be the perfect gift! I would go with the cherry red one. Such a great giveaway! Thanks Jen 🙂

  110. liked boon on facebook

  111. This is the most precious high chair I’ve ever seen! I love that kiwi color! I don’t have a wee one yet, but hopefully it won’t be too long before the hubs and I start our own little family. This chair would be perfect!

  112. Mallory •

    Orange….I would be ALL over that! LOVE!

  113. i think rowan has good taste…i like the cherry and coconut chair!

  114. tweeted (lorysuzanna)

  115. following boon on twitter

  116. liked boon on facebook

  117. Katie •

    I love the white and blue one!

  118. Katie •

    I also tweeted! @RefreshDesign

  119. following boon on twitter

  120. and just re-tweeted. why am I still awake!?!

  121. Mallory •

    Officially a facebook liker!

  122. Mallory H. •

    And now a twitter follower!

  123. The Kiwi would match with our kitchen!

  124. Amanda •

    I love the coconut and blue raspberry one.

  125. Mallory H. •

    Tweeted about your giveaway!

  126. holy moly, i have been wanting this highchair! i want the coconut seat w/blue raspberry pad.

  127. i liked on fb!

  128. ashley •

    my nephew (and his mom) would love the kiwi!

  129. I adore the Kiwi colour, so cute!

  130. Liked them on facebook.

  131. Following them on twitter 🙂

  132. I like Boon on fb!

  133. I’m following boon on twitter!

  134. I’m following jenloveskev on twitter and I tweeted the giveaway!

  135. The kiwi seat with the coconut pad is my favorite!!

  136. I like the kiwi seat and the coconut pad! Very cute!

  137. Emily •

    Ooh! I love love love the Kiwi color! Sooo cute!

  138. Love it! Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I love the coconut/blue raspberry one (and of course now I’m craving that flavor combo mmm)

  139. Love Boon and Love this chair! My boys are too big for it but I would love to be the awesome friend who gave this away (I have several expecting friends at present). The Kiwi is by far my favorite.

  140. Hi! I would like the “Coconut Seat with Blue Raspberry Cover” color. :o)

  141. I liked “Boon” on facebook. I would do twitter too, but I don’t have an account :o/

  142. I love, love, love, the red one!!!

  143. I “liked” Boon on facebook!!! Love the red chair!!

  144. Molly •

    I would LOVE to give this to my sister who is pregnant with her first! My fav color is the white/orange…

  145. Molly •

    following on Twitter, as well!

  146. My daughter Olive would cover that kiwi chair in food but at least she would do it in style!

  147. I “like” boon on facebook

  148. Following on twitter.

  149. Hmm I’m stuck between the blue and white one and the orange and white, I’d probably end up going with the orange and white though. 🙂

  150. I liked boon on facebook!

  151. Following boon on twitter!

  152. I’m following your twitter account!

  153. And last but not least I posted about it on twitter here:!/petitmonstree/status/85574671134760960

  154. Natalie •

    I love the white & orange one!

  155. I would love to be able to get this for my sister who needs needs needs a new highchair for her 7-month old (any many more to come). Thanks, Jen!

  156. i’d love it in green!

  157. i like the white and orange one!

  158. i like boon on fb!

  159. Kiwi all the way!! <3

  160. Claire •

    Would love love the red one if I won. xc

  161. the lime one, for sure!

  162. oh, and i posted about this on twitter

  163. Elizabeth L. •

    Orange…yep. Orange! Love it.

  164. I would love the red one! I don’t have kiddos yet… but we are thinking very soon we might start trying. I could stash it away for future use. 😉

  165. I liked them on facebook…

  166. …and followed them on twitter!

  167. Tildy •

    Green would be great! So cool!

  168. We have a little girl on the way this September and I would love the Coconut + Blue Raspberry combo for her! So precious!

  169. I’m loving the white with blue for my 9 month old!

  170. Tweeted! (@BabyAs_Beat)

  171. Liked them on FB 🙂

  172. And following them on Twitter…now here’s hoping I win! Thanks for this giveaway Jen!

  173. Even though green is my favorite color, I think I’d go with cherry. I think my baby girl would love it!

  174. Sarah •

    I would love the white one with blue liner! Great stuff on the site! Thanks for a chance to win.

  175. Sarah •

    I liked it on Facebook

  176. Sarah •

    And finally – just followed them on twitter 🙂 thanks! p.s Love ur

  177. Catalina •


    What an exciting giveaway. My husband and I are expecting our 1st child this October. It’s a baby boy we will name Nathaniel! 🙂 This chair would help us soo soo much. We’ve been budgeting our money every month to buy some necessities for the baby but we have yet to buy a high chair. This would be just phenomenal. I am definitely keeping my fingers crossed!!!

    Like you, I would love the Cherry Seat with the Coconut Pad! I just love that color!!!

  178. Catalina •

    I have liked them on FACEBOOK! 🙂

  179. Catalina •

    And … also following them on Twitter 🙂

  180. Catalina •

    Tagged you and followed you on Twitter and Re-tweeted your Tweet!

  181. Would love one in Kiwi!

  182. Gillian •

    Ooh! Yes please! I like the white and orange one.

  183. Gillian •

    I liked boon in Facebook!

  184. Steph •

    I am in love with the green one!

  185. Jessica •

    Hello Jen!

    I love love love the cherry boon highchair. Very awesome that 10% of their sales go back to children’s charities, I love that!

  186. Jessica •

    I “like” Boon on facebook now too 🙂

  187. I liked Boon on Facebook!

  188. Great giveaway! I like the white and orange one. 🙂

  189. LOVE this high chair! Would love it in kiwi!

  190. Love the Coconut + Blue Raspberry one! I have never heard of Boon before this and am loving everything they make! It all looks to be so easily cleaned!!

  191. I followed @BoonInc and liked them on Facebook! And I would get the Coconut Seat with the Blue Raspberry pad!

  192. I tweeted!

  193. gotta say i love the red one just like little rowan has 😉 so exciting!

  194. I’d love the red one! Look for a boon giveaway on my site next week!

  195. Following @BoonInc on Twitter!

  196. Jackie •

    I liked Boone on Facebook. I love the red with the coconut base!!! This chair is adorable!

  197. Lauren •

    Liked on FB, Followed both Jen<3Kev and Boon on Twitter, and I'm obsessed with the orange and white high chair. (!) As it turns out I already have some Boon products that I adore: the countertop grass drying rack and one of the circular sippy cups. Love great design for kids and babies!

  198. Laura A. •

    What a great giveaway! I love the Kiwi one!

  199. OH MY GOSH. Are you kidding me? This giveaway is AMAZIIING!

    I am all about boon stuff. Their grass drying rack is my favorite ever. Baby stuff that doesn’t scream ‘baby!’ Woo!

    Okay. So my favorite is the kiwi. We have a 10-month-old boy, so it’s gender neutral in case he gets little siblings someday. 🙂

  200. Lauren •

    I guess I should spread these out. 😀 Followed Jen<3Kev on Twitter.

  201. I love the Coconut with Blue Raspberry pad!

  202. oh my gosh. these are amazing. KIWI!!!

  203. Lauren •

    Followed Boon on Twitter.

  204. And now I liked them on Facebook.

    (Thanks for hosting this giveaway! Super awesome.)

  205. Followed @boon on Twitter!

  206. Oh, I love Boon products! I think I would have to go with the white/orange. Love these highchairs! Would be perfect for our little boy and future babies.

  207. I like Boon on FB!

  208. I follow Boon on Twitter!!

  209. Lauren •

    AND I liked Boon on Facebook.

    I’ve been lurking on this blog for a long time, but had to comment when I saw these high chairs for giveaway. Rowan is adorbs.

  210. I already follow you and I tweeted about the contest! @fractionsoflove

  211. Love this seat! I would pick coconut w/ blue raspberry.

  212. I love the white and orange!!

  213. Following boon on Facebook.

  214. Just pressed the LIKE button on FB!

  215. Kbmurray •

    I always enter these for my boyfriend’s sister who just had a baby. I love the green, but probably would let her pick the color 🙂

  216. Jessica •

    Kiwi green is my FAVORITE color, so I’d have to choose the kiwi one! 🙂

  217. I like the red one! I also liked Boon on FB. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  218. Meredith •

    I would love, love, LOVE the coconut seat + blue raspberry pad!
    Love Boon’s products!

  219. Meredith •

    Just ‘liked’ Boon on facebook!

  220. The red one is my fav . . . it could be perfect for a baby boy or girl which is handy as the friend I have it in mind for is going to be surprised!

  221. I liked on Facebook

  222. Megan •

    Wow, boon has some cool things! I would love to win the green highchair!

  223. I followed on Twitter

  224. I tweeted about the contest (@BEEingNE)

  225. How awesome!! I love the one in the Coconut/Blue Raspberry color combo. In checking out Boon’s site, I realized I have a whole bunch of their products already on my baby registry!!! Love it 🙂

  226. Debbie •

    Hey there! I visited their site and would love the white chair, it will make our kitchen look clean…and, I’ve liked on both FB and Twitter. Thanks!

  227. Green, green, green….all the way!!

  228. I would love to have the Green high chair!

  229. I Liked Boon on FB!

  230. Jaime •

    Yes please! The white and orange would look so great!

  231. Following Boon on Twitter!

  232. Jaime •

    Liked on fb

  233. I am following @jenloveskev on Twitter and tweeted about the giveaway (@beccabsh)

  234. I have the perfect friend who would love the white chair!

  235. I have just the friend in mind for the cherry red one!

  236. Liked Boon on facebook!

  237. Following Boon on Twitter!

  238. Retweeted the giveaway!!

  239. Ashley G •

    Definitely loving the white and blue!

  240. i love this high chair – obviously we dont have any kids yet – but that is in the cards at some point… and i do know several people with little ones!!! but this is just the coolest high chair ive ever seen! and i just peeked at the website – i want one of everything they have!

    i love the green chair – the color is awesome!

    i also “liked” them on the FB – i dont have twitter so i cant go that route – but what a great giveaway!


  241. Annie •

    Kiwi seat with the coconut pad!! ahhhh

  242. saumya •

    my daughter is 7 mnths old and its the perfect time to buy a high chair. if i win i would select the red chair.

  243. Janny Manasse •

    I love, love, love Boon! I would pick the cherry red.

  244. such a great chair!

  245. Stephanie Collins •

    I love this chair! I have been stalking it online trying to get it on sale. I would love, love, love the kiwi color. <3 Tweeted this mornin'

  246. ooopps i was supposed to say that i “liked” in a separate comment! xox!

  247. Casey •

    I would LOVE the coconut seat with blue raspberry pad! So cute!

  248. Marie •

    I love the kiwi color, so bright!!

  249. Lindsay •

    Love the green!!! This would be so wonderful for us and something I don’t think we could afford on our own. Thanks!

  250. Lindsay •

    I liked Boon on facebook too!

  251. Cherry seat, coconut pad!

  252. like Boon on facebook

  253. follow Boon on twitter

  254. I would say the green or red. I love the white but I just can’t see myself using it.

  255. Oooh! I just love the red one!

  256. beene31 •

    I would love the white/orange one. I’m due in November and I know my little guy would love this!

  257. Stephanie K. •

    The white and orange would match great with my kitchen colors!

  258. Now following BoonInc on Twitter!!

  259. Following JenLovesKev on Twitter, too! I hope three entries does the trick! Baby Emma would look great in that red highchair 😉

  260. I loooove these! I have been drooling over them on everyone else’s blogs. The orange one would be perfect for our little babe due on HALLOWEEN! 🙂

  261. I liked Boon!

  262. I followed on Twitter 🙂

  263. Stephanie L. •

    I love the cherry.

  264. Well, no kiddos now but some day in the future there will be… so why not enter?? 😉 Taking a wild guess as what I’d want as a mama, I’ll go for the white & orange.


  265. Love all the colors but would probably go with the cherry…maybe because your little girl looked so cute in it!

  266. Tyler •

    I love the cherry!

  267. Tyler •

    I like Boon on Facebook 🙂

  268. Dotty dot dot •

    I was so, so excited reading this post and going through the ways to win… until I saw this: “Open to US Residents Only.”

    Now I’m sad 🙁

    Go Canada?

  269. Tiffany •

    I would get the kiwi color one!

  270. Tiffany •

    I like Boon on Facebook 🙂

  271. Tiffany •

    Following Boon on Twitter

  272. Heather •

    Orange! I like them all.

  273. rebecca •

    i love the cherry red!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot ocm

  274. The Kiwi color is awesome!

  275. Liked on Facebook!

  276. Following Boon on Twitter!

  277. I follow you on Twitter! Anddd I tweeted about your giveaway!

  278. Visited boon. I would definitely choose the cherry seat + coconut pad!

  279. I like Boon on Facebook!

  280. I follow Boon on Twitter!

  281. Oooo Orange and White for me please! This is AWEsome (with a capital AWE)!

  282. Shannon •

    Visited boon, I would choose coconut seat with raspberry pad! I also follow boon on twitter and facebook 🙂

  283. I follow Jenloveskev on twitter and tweeted about the contest!

  284. I like Boon in real life and on Facebook!

  285. Canda •

    I absolutely love the red and white one.

  286. Canda •

    oh and I liked them on facebook.

  287. Cassie •

    I would pick the white and orange highchair…these are so cute!

  288. Diana •

    I liked them on facebook, not part of twitter or I’d do it there too!

  289. Diana •

    Oh I love the coconut with the blue raspberry pad. I especially love that they have way more creative color names for their products rather than white and blue!! Great giveaway, love all of their products!!

  290. This is a adorable chair! Baby on the way, due in November! I would love this chair in white or red!

  291. Kelsey •

    I would love the white and orange one!

  292. Kelsey •

    Liked Boon on facebook!

  293. I just LIKED Boon on Facebook!!

  294. Kelsey •

    Following on Twitter!

  295. Shannon •

    Following Boon on Facebook… was already doing so before this post 🙂

  296. Red! We would love the red one!

  297. Kelsey •

    Following you on Twitter and reposted contest!

  298. Following you on twitter!

  299. Liked boon on facebook!

  300. Followed boon on twitter!

  301. Shannon •

    Following on Twitter… really hope I win this one! I never win anything, haha!

  302. Michelle •

    Ooooohhhh, great giveaway!! White and orange, please.

  303. Shannon •

    Retweeted on Twitter (sgibson67) 🙂

  304. Autumn •

    I would pick the kiwi seat and coconut pad – I love the design!

  305. I would definitely have to go with the Kiwi seat and Coconut pad! I absolutely love this high chair!!!

  306. chrissy •

    I love the kiwi/coconut color combo, it definately would be my pick!

  307. coconut + blue raspberry!

  308. chrissy •

    Liked on Facebook

  309. Heather •

    I liked the coconut with the blue rasberry!

  310. Heather •

    Liked them on FB!

  311. Megan •

    Definitely cherry!

  312. Danielle •

    LOVE the coconut blue raspberry one!

  313. Tina Z •

    I love the coconut and blue one!

  314. Tina Z •

    I liked Boon on Facebook.

  315. Tina Z •

    Following Boon on Twitter now!

  316. Megan •

    I also liked Boon on FB.

  317. I “like” Boon on Facebook.

  318. I “follow” Boon on Twitter.

  319. Rachel •

    I like hte look of the coconut/blue raspberry one for my brother and his wife, ah i would be the best aunt ever if I won! Thanks Jen and Boon

  320. I’d like to win the lime green/white one – thanks for letting us know abt cool kid stuff Jen!

  321. Laura •

    blue and white for me. What a giveaway. Rowan looks so big in that pic.

  322. Laura •

    Liked them on fb too, to bad i dont have twitter.

  323. Woot Woot I have been following you on Twitter for quite a while now. You are hands down one of my favorite bloggers and I have had the best time watching you flourish on your journey through motherhood (ignore all the haters, they don’t know what they are talking about and they are just jealous!). xoxo

  324. Jackie •

    I’d go for the coconut seat + blue raspberry pad!

  325. I would love to win the red one!

  326. Even though I have a girl, I really like the coconut seat with the blue.

  327. I’d go with the coconut seat and blue pad – for sure! Liked on Facebook too! Yippee!

  328. I already like Boon on FB!

  329. I love the kiwi + coconut version!

  330. Erin Mullarkey •

    I think the coconut w/ blue is the cutest!!

  331. Erin Mullarkey •

    Liked on Facebook!

  332. Erin Mullarkey •

    Following Boon on Twitter!

  333. Erin Mullarkey •

    Following @jenloveskev and retweeted!

  334. I think Baby J would look adorable in a white/orange Flair 🙂

  335. Jessica •

    I think my daughter would look adorable in a Coconut Seat + Blue Raspberry Pad 🙂

  336. Jessica •

    I liked boon on facebook!

  337. Absolutely adore the Cherry Seat/Coconut Pad!

  338. Following on Twitter 🙂

  339. “LIKE” on Facebook 🙂

  340. Retweeted 🙂

  341. Meghan B •

    I’m liking the Kiwi Seat/Coconut Pad for our little one (due Nov. 24). Thanks for the super awesome give-away!

  342. Kelly •

    I love the white chair with the orange seat.

  343. Kelly •

    I liked Boon on Facebook.

  344. Meghan B •

    ‘Followed’ on Twitter : )

  345. I liked Boon on Facebook.

  346. i think i’d go for the red one, it’s so fun and bright!

  347. michelle •

    loving the cherry boon! so cute!

  348. michelle •

    i liked boon on facebook!!

  349. michelle •

    i follow them on twitter!

  350. Tweeted about the giveaway 🙂

  351. Jennifer •

    Love it in white with the blue pad.

  352. Following @BoonInc via Twitter

  353. Stacey •

    I would pick the white/orange chair.

  354. Amanda C. •

    LOVE the white/orange!!

  355. Natalie •


  356. I’m really struggling with our highchair option right now. It’s one that hooks onto our table. I love its small footprint but cleaning it is a nightmare. This one seems great and would look so lovely in our home. I really like the red one, but am leaning towards the white and orange combo for our space.

  357. I’d go for Cherry I think.

  358. We’d love the orange one for our little girl!

  359. I’m now following you on Twitter and RT about the contest!

  360. And I’m now following Boon on Twitter!

  361. Conni Young •

    I am a sucker for that lime green, although this would be a gift to a very lucky friend!

  362. OMG! I have lusted after this highchair since I knew it existed!! I would definitely choose the white and orange one.

  363. Liked Boon on Facebook!

  364. Following Boon on Twitter!

  365. Cassidy •

    I’d go with the aqua for my baby boy. He’s only 9 weeks and so handsome in blue. Hard to believe we’ll be sitting in a high chair before long!

  366. Ingrid •

    Coconut with blue raspberry… Would love to give it to my expectant niece!

  367. Rachel •

    I love the green one!! Sooo cute.

  368. Rachel •

    I liked them on facebook!

  369. I would love the Flair in coconut with blue raspberry for my little girl- she’s one month old today!

    I also like Boon on FB. 🙂

  370. I’d go for the cherry seat and coconut pad – perfect with my red themed kitchen!

  371. Following Boon of Twitter!

  372. I totally tweeted!

  373. Rachel •

    I’m following Boon on Twitter!

  374. Rachel •

    AND I re-tweeted! Thanks, Jen!

  375. Awesome high chairs! I would go with the white and orange one… Our little one’s coming in October!

  376. I would love to get the Coconut Seat with Blue Raspberry Pad color! My friend just had a baby and this would be a perfect gift for her!! 🙂

  377. Maria •

    I need this chair! I would totally pick the white and orange one.
    My bun in the oven is due in January!!!!

  378. Kim_F •

    Cherry. I think. But maybe Kiwi. No. Cherry! 😀

  379. Maria •

    Oh and I “like” boon on facebook!

    I don’t twitter!!!! : (

  380. Kim_F •

    …and I “liked” them on FB….

  381. Kim_F •

    …and followed them on Twitter….

  382. Kim_F •

    …And finally… I’ve tweeted about the contest!/akseabird/status/85758169929891841

    Love that chair!

  383. this would be perfect for my niece when she starts eating! the kiwi color is fantastic!

  384. and i just liked boon on facebook!

  385. Clair •

    Ooooh. I’ll take Cherry please!!!!!

  386. Meg A. •

    Ahhh, I’ve been looking for a modern high chair for our little one due in November! I visited the Boon website and love the white & orange color combo!

  387. Dorice •

    Would love the white/orange one!

  388. Meg A. •

    Liked on facebook!

  389. Meg A. •

    Following on Twitter!

  390. I would chose the white chair with orange. Thank you!

  391. Meg A. •

    Re-tweeted about the giveaway! @crazymegtay

  392. Natalie •

    I love, love, love the white highchair with the orange back! What a wonderful giveaway!

  393. I love the green high chair!

  394. I also “liked” on facebook!

  395. Krystle •

    The white/turquoise would go great with our decor!!!!!

  396. Krystle •

    I like boon on facebook

  397. Krystle •

    Following on twitter!

  398. Loved the cherry!!

  399. Krystle •

    I tweeted about your giveaway!

  400. Chrissy •

    liked em on facebook and followed on twitter. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win this!! Adopted three babies last year (one ironically named Rowan) and just got rid of the baby stuff ….only to find out Im pregnant!! AHHHH

  401. I love the Kiwi one! It’s so awesome!

  402. Also “Liked” on Facebook!

  403. I would go for coconut with blue raspberry!

  404. …and I like Boon on Facebook.

  405. Kris T •

    I’ll take the green one! We have been going back and forth on high chairs and currently using a travel clip on one….but this is the only one we agreed on that we like!

  406. Coconut and Blue raspberry, please.

    Also, I don’t know if you mean leave a comment on facebook and twitter to let you know, or leave it here… so I’m going to do it all!

  407. facebook liked!

  408. twitter followed!

  409. Kris T •

    I liked them on facebook also!

  410. Sarah •

    I love the green one!!! But, no children for me yet, so I would give it to my friend who just recently had a little one!

  411. Toni Ross •

    oh man, there’s a lot of comments. But if I some how manage be the lucky one, the green one would match my dining room; coinsidence? I think not…

    Toni Ross

  412. Rhonda C •

    I really like the cherry flair. My sister in law is having a girl so that would be perfect!

  413. Rhonda C •

    I liked Boon Inc. on Facebook

  414. i don’t even have a baby yet, but i’d love to win the coconut/raspberry one and save it for when the day comes 🙂

  415. Rhonda C •

    I followed Boon Inc on Twitter

  416. Monica •

    it’s so cute but i can’t decide between the coconut/cheery one. Wait the coconut seems better I want that one :p

  417. Rhonda C •

    I tweeted about the giveaway 🙂

  418. Monica •

    following them on twitter 😛

  419. Monica •

    ok I twitted for people to join this contest

  420. Monica •

    and last but not least liked them on facebook

  421. Lisa A •

    i love this highchair!!!! the coconut one with the blue raspberry pad!!! LOVEEEEEEEE!!!

  422. Lisa A •

    I liked them on FACEBOOOOOKKKKKKK!!!! So excited!

  423. Visited Boon’s site. Love it in the color KIWI

  424. Following BOON on Twitter.

  425. Tweeted this lovely giveaway on Twitter – 🙂

  426. I’ve been eyeing the coconut/blue combo for a while now! Great giveaway!

  427. The coconut/blue combo or the kiwi green would be awesome!!! 🙂

  428. ooooh i love the cherry seat!!

  429. Red! It’s beautiful and would already match what we have going on in the kitchen/dining nook 🙂

  430. I just liked Boon on FB

  431. I like the boon in green (which is my favorite color, but also would work for our decor).

  432. Just followed Boon on twitter

  433. Just retweeted!

  434. Mallory •

    I would definitely choose cherry- so cute!

  435. Mallory •

    I liked boon on facebook

  436. I follow you on twitter (@angpetros) and retweeted about the contest

  437. I follow boon on twitter

  438. I love the white high chair with the blue seat. It would be my first choice for sure!

  439. Last but not least, I like Boon on facebook. Can you tell I really want this high chair?! My first babe is due in January and this would be soooo much better than one of the high chairs at Target.

  440. The kiwi with coconut pad would be gorgeous in my kitchen/dining room!

  441. I also Liked Boon on Facebook.

  442. Megan •

    I liked your facebook page 🙂

  443. Megan •

    I followed you on Twitter 🙂

  444. I love the kiwi one and I know my daughter would too!

  445. Megan •

    If I win this, I would choose Blue 🙂

  446. Ashley Belle •

    Love your blog. I would choose the cherry boon. Love!

  447. Megan •

    I followed Boon on twitter 🙂

  448. Megan •

    I already commented saying I followed you on twitter but I meant to say I retweeted as well 🙂

  449. Brooke •

    I would love to have the coconut seat + blue raspberry pad combo! Crossing my fingers!!

  450. Brooke •

    And I follow Boon on twitter!

  451. I LOVE the bright apple green high chair! I would LOVE to win this for my 8-month old little boy! We are using a hand-me-down now and this would be SO awesome!

  452. I followed them on Twitter!

  453. I follow you on twitter already but I retweeted the contest!! So excited!!

  454. I love these high chairs. I seriously can’t stop looking at them. I love the cherry one best, but if we won my husband would rather we chose coconut with the blue raspberry pad =]

  455. I follow Boon on facebook! =] they have so many products…my pregnant voice in my head says i need them all…

  456. I follow Boon on twitter now! Some of their tweets have cracked me up already.

  457. Ann M. •

    Would totally choose red. Hide the spaghetti sauce. 🙂

  458. Ann M. •

    following boon on twitter, thanks!

  459. Mel A •

    love these! I’d go for orange and white.

  460. Mel A •

    Liked them on facebook too 🙂

  461. Misspinkkate •

    I like the red one! So cute!

  462. Kimberly •

    I would love to get the cherry seat and coconut pad for our new baby girl, but since we want to have (many?) more babies, I think I’d pick the coconut seat with blue raspberry pad to make it more versatile.

  463. Kimberly •

    I follow Boon on twitter @Aerated.

  464. Kimberly •

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted. Thank you!

  465. susan •

    Would love the White with blue. I have heard good things about this high chair. I can picture our baby boy eating his food seated in this high chair.

  466. Red! 🙂 I have retweeted your tweet, followed boon on Facebook and Twitter and I’m off to leave a comment on the Boon site (although I’m not totall sure that is what I need to do.) Thx Jen! -e

  467. Becka •

    I love that lime green color!

  468. Becka •

    Like on fb.

  469. Becka •

    Following on twitter.

  470. Becka •

    Retweeted! Today is my daughters first birthday and I would love to win this sweet high chair!!!

  471. Kelly F •

    I looooove the cherry. It would look so cute in my red kitchen. (Baby is on the way!)

  472. Heather •

    I love the blue and white one!!!

  473. carly •

    i love the white with the orange seat! too cute!!

  474. If I won, I would get it in the Coconut/Blue Raspberry color

  475. I like Boon on Facebook (Danielle Knapp)

  476. I follow Boon on Twitter @Danielle_Knapp

  477. I think I’d choose white with blue. Or maybe white with orange. It would be a tough choice!! Awesome giveaway!!

  478. Jen, this is an amazing giveaway!!! I would love for my future children to sit in the white/orange one! 🙂

  479. I tweeted about the giveaway!

  480. I like Boon on Facebook!

  481. I follow Boon on Twitter!

  482. I would Love the Orange one!! and I have a little bird coming in August, so this would be awesome to win!

  483. I am sooo in love with this high chair! I only wish it were in a Dental Student’s family budget! The Cherry & Coconut one would be MINE!! Feeding my baby girl in her Bumbo seat, just doesn’t cut it!

  484. I liked Boon on FB!!!

  485. I follow Boon on Twitter!!

  486. karin •

    love these! kiwi and coco is my fave!

  487. And….I follow JenLovesKev on Twitter annnnd retweeted about the giveaway!!
    I’m legit in this entry business…

  488. Liked on Facebook!

  489. Love this highchair! The white with orange would probably be my choice, although the red is stunning.

  490. Shannon •

    I love the aqua one!

  491. I like Boon on Facebook!

  492. Following Boon on Twitter!

  493. Following you on Twitter and tweeted!

  494. Corrie •

    Coconut & Blue Raspberry sounds yummy! 😉

  495. Such a fantastic giveaway! I would choose the kiwi/coconut for sure! Thanks so much for this opportunity!

  496. Rachel C •

    What a terrific chair! Big fan of the blue raspberry pad!!

  497. Rachel C •

    Now following on Twitter!!

  498. I just checked Boon’s website and would choose red if I were to win the high chair for my baby boy!

  499. I just liked Boon on Facebook!

  500. I am now following Boon on Twitter!

  501. Rachel C •

    Now following Boon on twitter!!

  502. I just tweeted about the contest on twitter! Pretty please can I win!?!!?!??! I LOVE this high chair!

    Win a Boon Flair Highchair via @jenloveskev!

  503. I mean, I would choose “Cherry with the coconut pad” 🙂

  504. Jules •

    The white chair w/ blue pad is my fave!! All Boon products are so awesome and easy to use.

  505. I’m following Boon on Twitter!! Thanks Jen!

  506. Rosie •

    The white & orange one is lovely!

  507. Ellen •

    I’d love to win a white or red one for my brother, then when I’m ready to have kids I could steal it back!

  508. So cute! I would love the Coconut with Blue Raspberry pad!

  509. wow i love them all!! however, i would have to go with white/blue since blue is my favorite color. 😉

  510. Patty •

    White and orange, please.

  511. Patty •

    Facebook “like” completed.

  512. Scott Womer •

    Following Boon on Twitter and retweeted your contest! 🙂

  513. I would choose the cherry and coconut! It would match with our decor and Lulu is desperately in need of a new highchair to replace the old hand-me-down we have now 🙂

  514. Like on fb!

  515. Love the White on Orange. So Mod!

  516. Also followed Boon on Twitter.

  517. following you on twitter and retweeted!

  518. following boon on twitter!

  519. they are all so beautiful but i would choose the cherry red color!

  520. christel •

    kiwi + coconut. Rowan is SO cute in her high chair. Love it!

  521. I absolutely adore the blue raspberry color!! So cute, and stylish, and a fabulous modern flare!

  522. Love these. Definitely the white and orange for my little guy!

  523. Sarah •

    Wow, what an awesome give away! I would love the white with orange pad for my little one :)….so cute.


  524. Michelle C •

    I would choose the white and orange for my little guy due in July!

  525. Michelle C •

    “liked” on facebook!

  526. Chelsea •

    Wow…..the lime green is to DIE FOR!!! LOVE!!!

  527. Chelsea •

    also “liked” Book on Facebook…

  528. Rachael •

    The red high chair would look AWESOME with my 1950’s style kitchen–red vinyl chairs with a marbled formica table!

  529. My favorite has always been the coconut seat with the blue raspberry pad.

  530. Tarynn •

    I like the coconut seat with either the orange or blue pad. I guess I’d make my husband decide that part of it!

  531. I like coconut seat with the blue raspberry pad!

  532. I also like Boon on FB!

  533. Narineh •

    I would love the Boon Flair with the Coconut Seat and Blue Raspberry Pad for my seven month old!

  534. And follow them on twitter (@schelleysturdi1)

  535. Jennifer P. •

    I would definitely get the orange one! <3

  536. Tweeted it!

  537. lime green for sure, way too cool.

  538. Rachel •

    Holy moly. Me nd baby Alice have been wanting one of these for months!!!

  539. I LOVE the kiwi, but would choose the white w/ aqua for color scheme purposes…

  540. karin •

    i like boon on fb… such cool products!

  541. definitely red!

  542. I have the white and orange one for my son Jack and LOVE it… his baby brother coming in November needs one too! the white and blue one!!

  543. Hannah •

    Probably the kiwi seat! I love it!

    hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

  544. Hannah •

    I have liked Boon on Facebook. My facebook name is: Hannah Avery

    hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

  545. Hannah •

    I am following Boon on Twitter. My twitter name is: @hannahgavery

    hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

  546. Hannah •

    I am following Jen Loves Kev on Twitter, and I tweeted about the giveaway.!/hannahgavery/status/86079867388559360

    My twitter name is: @hannahgavery

    hannahavery85 at yahoo dot com

  547. Nicole •

    I love these high chairs! I would choose the white and aqua.

  548. Rebecca H. •

    Love the lime!!

  549. Rebecca H. •

    I am following them on Twitter.

  550. Rebecca H. •

    I like Boon on Facebook!!

  551. I love the green one.

  552. Rachel •

    LOVE the white & orange one. will work with our surprise that is due early 2012!!!

  553. I would choose the Red one!

  554. Liked on Facebook

  555. Michelle •

    The red!

  556. I love the coconut + blue!

  557. Great giveaway! I love the cherry + coconut seat. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  558. I like Boon Inc on FB! Thanks again.

  559. And I follow them on Twitter now. xo.

  560. I’m following Boon on Twitter.

  561. I “liked” Boon on Facebook.

  562. I love the green!

  563. I “like” Boon on Facebook!

  564. Love the kiwi!

  565. Rachael •

    I liked Boon on Facebook!

  566. Rachael •

    And now I am following them on twitter!

  567. Rachael •

    Totally following you already, but I retweeted @rachaelski

  568. I am 20 weeks pregnant, and I would LOVE the white and orange chair! I still don’t know what I am having (we find out in 2 weeks) and I think that would be the perfect gender neutral chair!

    Love them!

  569. I would definitely purchase the green color!!! LOVE IT.

  570. staceys •

    the blue and white one! for sure.
    Boon products are just so fun! I want to pick up the frog pod and the green grass drying rack too- super cute!

  571. staceys •

    I like Boon on FB!

  572. marissa c •

    love the kiwi one – so cute!

  573. Marissa •

    I would choose green!

  574. Marissa •

    I’m following you on twitter!

  575. Marissa •

    I’m following boon and I just noticed the person before me has my name too!

  576. Jaclyn •

    They are all so cute, but I like the lime green one best!

  577. Jaclyn •

    Oh, and I also liked on facebook:)

  578. i love the white and blue!

  579. I’m going to be an Aunt for the first time in September! My tiny little future nephew will look so cute in the blue and white one!

  580. followed you on twitter.

  581. retweeted the post!

  582. followed boon on twitterrrrr.

  583. I love the kiwi seat with the coconut pad!

  584. I liked Boon on facebook!

  585. Kelly •

    White with blue insert, please!

  586. We think Celia would love the chair in cherry/coconut!

  587. I’m following Boon Inc. on Twitter.

  588. I’ve “Liked” Boon Inc. on FB for quite a while now :).

  589. I’ve always been torn between the Kiwi & Cherry, but our dining & kitchen are painted bright green so I think I would want Cherry the most.

  590. I (@tdalber) follow @jenloveskev on Twitter & I tweeted about this contest.

  591. I follow @booninc on Twitter.

  592. I like Boon on Facebook.

  593. I can’t believe this giveaway! I just took back our baby bear’s high chair because I hated it and can’t figure out what to replace it with! The white and blue would be prefect for our kitchen!

  594. I also liked Boon on facebook. We have their drying rack and love it!

  595. Ashlie Todd •

    Coconut seat with blue raspberry pad! Totally in love with this! As my self feeding one year old gets more and more messy, I realize how terrible the cracks and crevices really are in the ‘other’ high chairs.

  596. Ashlie Todd •

    I “liked” boon on Facebook.

  597. Ashlie Todd •

    I’m following Boon on twitter.

  598. Ashlie Todd •

    I’m following Jenloveskev on twitter.

  599. Terri •

    Would love this – hate our sticky highchair!!

  600. coconut and blue raspberry!!

  601. Ohh…love the coconut & raspberry one! Even the name is too cute!

  602. I love the cherry seat and coconut pad!

  603. Jen, this is an amazing give-away! Thank you, Jen and Boon!
    If i won, i’d love to have the White w/ Orange

    And i’m following Boon on Twitter and Facebook, and following you on Twitter, Jen!

    *fingers crossed!*

  604. I would choose the green chair. Such great colors!

  605. I liked on FB!

  606. Abbie •

    Love the kiwi!

  607. kaylea •

    i looove the kiwi! i’m due early nov and this would be the best gift ever!

  608. kaylea •

    i’m also following them on twitter. i reallly want this high chair!

  609. I like the white and blue! I know brycen would love it 🙂

  610. i LOVE the white/blue. LOVVVEEE

  611. Megan •

    I would DEF go for a kiwi green seat 🙂

  612. Megan •

    Liked Boon on FB!!

  613. Megan •

    & followed Boon on Twitter!

  614. Megan •

    & following you and retweeted! 🙂

  615. This is an awesome giveaway! I would love the red one! Thanks a bunch 🙂

  616. I like boon on Facebook!

  617. I like the kiwi one!

  618. I love the kiwi seat + coconut pad. Thanks.

  619. Robin S •

    Coconut with tangerine pad please!

  620. I looove the green!

  621. I follow you on twitter!

  622. I follow Boon on twitter

  623. liked Boon on fb!

  624. I tweeted!

  625. Meaghan •

    I would love the coconut and tangerine for my little boy due in October!

  626. Jenny •

    I love the BOON with the coconut and blue raspberry seat! 🙂

  627. Stephanie A •

    I like the coconut with the blue seat!

  628. Stephanie A •

    And I like on Facebook!

  629. Kendra •

    I would choose the coconut+tangerine chair. Thanks for the chance!

  630. Kendra •

    I like Boon on FB ~ Kendra Mason

  631. Kendra •

    I follow Boon on twitter @akritical

  632. Kendra •

    I follow you on twitter @akritical and tweeted!/akritical/status/86649780696125440

  633. COCONUT AND CHOCOLATE! So cute and so yummy sounding. 🙂

  634. Kristyn F. •

    I love the Red Boon High Chair!

  635. Kristyn F. •

    I LIKE Boon on Facebook!

  636. Kristyn F. •

    I am following Boon on Twitter!

  637. Kristyn F. •

    I have retweeted about the contest. I am @K_FeAtHeR

  638. I ‘liked’ Boon on Facebook

  639. I am following Boon on Twitter 🙂

  640. And…I love the Tangerine and Coconut Boon Highchair because of its bright yet gender neutral colors 🙂

  641. Carly •

    I “like” Boon on Facebook!

  642. Carly •

    I follow Boon on Twitter.

  643. Carly •

    I think I would pick the coconut and blue raspberry color!

  644. Heather S •

    I would choose the kiwi/coconut one!

  645. Heather S •

    I Like Boon on Facebook!

  646. Heather S •

    I Follow Boon on Twitter!

  647. carrie •

    coconut and blue raspberry for sure!

  648. carrie •

    I follow Boon on Twitter!

  649. carrie •

    I retweeted! (@owch!)

  650. What an awesome giveaway…especially since my boy is in need of a new highchair! I would choose the white/blue one.

  651. I liked Boon on Facebook!

  652. Heather •

    I love the green color!! This is my favorite highchair ever!

  653. Raven •

    I love the orange/white combo!

  654. boon1211 •

    cherry is the most fun!!

  655. Rachael •

    Would <3 LOVE to win. Would be happy with any color, though I would pick Coconut seat with blue raspberry pad!

  656. This is great! I think I would have to go for the while and aqua one.

  657. LOVE the green one! So much cool stuff on their site!

  658. Follow Boon on FB

  659. And on Twitter.

  660. AAAAAAANNNNNNDDDDDD retweeted. (P.S. I’m not pregnant. Just know lots who are!)

  661. I love the kiwi/coconut version

  662. My best friend from college is about to have her baby- this would be perfect for her! oh, and the green one, of course!

  663. Jensine Martinez •

    I would love the red for my little peanut! Followed Boon and jenloveskev on Twitter and retweeted the comment!

  664. Heidi jo •

    Oh my! I’d love the red! Definitely!

  665. Heidi jo •

    I liked Boon on FB.

  666. Green! LOVE!

  667. Would love the coconut with blue raspberry. It would be perfect for our breakfast nook!

  668. Liked Boon on Facebook

  669. Followed Boon on Twitter

  670. Already follow you and I also retweeted.

  671. Tiffany •

    The red one for sure! Those chairs are absolutely adorable. Love their other products too!

  672. Jessica •

    I would love the coconut/blue raspberry Flair!

  673. Jessica •

    I like Boon on facebook (Jessica Miller)

  674. Jessica •

    I follow Boon on twitter (@jjak2003)

  675. Jessica •

    I follow through twitter and tweeted

  676. Oh that bright bright red! But the white is so clean and pretty too!

  677. I would definitely go with the coconut chair with the tangerine pad. So cute.

  678. I Like Boon on FB!

  679. I follow Boon on Twitter!

  680. Emily •

    Just followed you on twitter. I too love the kiwi color!

  681. following Boon on twitter

  682. Meaghan •

    I liked on Facebook. Tangerine please!

  683. I follow boon on twitter!

  684. I LOVE the red one! This giveaway is absolutely wonderful! Thanks so much

  685. I like boon on Facebook 🙂

  686. I follow boon on twitter

  687. denise •

    I would love the one in kiwi for my daughter!!

  688. I like kiwi!!

  689. I like Boon on facebook

  690. kristy •

    found out 2 days ago I’m expecting :). I’d love to win the green highchair for my baby boy.

  691. kristy •

    facebook follow

  692. kristy •

    twitter follow 🙂

  693. kristy •

    aand twitter post.

    thank you!

  694. Just started following you on Twitter, and I retweeted the giveaway!

  695. Love the Kiwi and Coconut, these look like such great high chairs!

  696. I like the Cocoanut Seat and Blue Raspberry Pad High Chair

  697. I like Boon on Facebook as Mandi Navarre Eschenbach

  698. I follow Boon on Twitter as @stblessings

  699. Andrea •

    I would choose the Coconut and Tangerine color!

  700. Andrea •

    I follow Boon on Twitter! (@ampaetka)

  701. Andrea •

    I follow you on twitter and tweeted!!/ampaetka/status/100039939013615617

  702. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful post. Thank you for providing
    this information.

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