Style File 06.23.11

A lot of the the time in the summer, I cave and just wear jean shorts and tshirts. Every now and then I like to dress it up, even for some errands. Why not right? I think the key is to wear something that looks fancy but really is just as comfortable as your trusty ol’ cut offs. Today it was this super cute dress from Threadcase. It is stretchy and soft and so easy to wear. It was perfect.

I wore my petticoat skirt from ModCloth underneath to give the bottom half a little more volume. I love adding this skirt under dresses. It makes me want to twirl around.


Cute all Over Dress: c/o Threadcase
Petticoat Skirt: c/o ModCloth
Gimmik Heels: c/o Blowfish
Studded Bracelet: Target

  1. that collar and the buttons are amazingly cute on this dress. Love!

  2. You totally look like a cute little 50s girl with that dress, your cute hair, and a pop of lovely red lipstick. I don’t know if that is even what you were going for, but you kinda nailed it!

  3. The petticoat is a great idea! Especially for us tall gals….you look lovely.


  4. I’m such a sucker for striped dresses, I love the lapel-look with the buttons and the addition of the petticoat. I wish I had a petticoat to fill out some of my skirts!

  5. I totally need a versatile petticoat like this one! I love the way it looks with your dress.

  6. Honestly Jen you are such a beautiful woman, inside and out! I’ve been reading your blog everyday for a year now and i want to thank you for sharing your life with us.

  7. so cute! The petticoat is genius – I definitely need one of those, I always feel like most of my dresses are way to short for the summer w/o tights – but that petticoat would make them a lot more wearable 🙂

  8. Jen – Loving this look, especially how you lengthened the dress by adding the skirt underneath. Adorable! – Katy

  9. Ooh this dress is lovely! I love the collar detail on it.

  10. Wow I’ve never thought of using a petticoat. Great idea. It’s so flattering to have a fuller skirt and I love the cute detail of the white peeking out underneath.

  11. That hair style looks great on you. 1940s inspired? Love it.

  12. Haha, yes …jean shorts & t-shirts sounds all too familiar. But so great to be able to dress up and I love the subtle retro/glam vibe you’ve given this look with your hair + red lips -SO pretty! Hope your week is a fab one. xx veronika

  13. I love what adding the petticoat does to the skirt. I need to find a good petticoat!

  14. Definitely a twirl-worthy outfit!

  15. Tina B •

    you look absolutely stunning!

  16. Lovely dress! You look gorgeous!

  17. Birta •

    I’ve been craving a pair those shoes so much that I actually had a dream the other night that I was wearing a pair and thinking “Jen WAS right, these shoes are really comfortable!”.
    Gorgeous dress by the way!

  18. Love this dress, and the idea of a petticoat! I haven’t worn one since I was a little kid, but I may just have to look into buying one now!

  19. This outfit looks so…. Parisian! So cute.

  20. i love this! it’s perfect on you. and what a grand idea to wear a skirt underneath dresses!

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