Style File: 06.21.11

This outfit was supposed to be posted last week when we were away. Whoops. I just never got around to getting it up there. So, here it is now. More color.

I am working on some Paris recaps. Kev took so many beautiful, long exposure night time shots. I can’t wait to share them. That will probably be tomorrow though.

I am kind of head over heels in love with this combo of the necklace and the bright pink shirt. I feel like I might be wearing it a lot this summer. It’s so fun, bright and fresh feeling to me. I love when you are wearing an outfit & you realize it was almost all scored at a thrift store. I feel like giving myself a high five. Yay! Air five to myself.
Pink Shirt: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Highlight-her Necklace: c/o Modcloth
Belt: came with an old shirt
Wedges: Thrifted

  1. Jen – Loving the bold colors with the black accents! I think I need to add more bold colors to my wardrobe. Your outfit looks so fresh and summery. Hope you had a good time on vacation. – Katy

  2. The wedges really make the outfit!


  3. I am in love with those wedges, I never find anything (at least in the form of shoes) at thrift shops

  4. aDORable sandals! do you wear heels when you’re out with Rowan? My little man is way too fast to get hold of when wearing heels! I feel like I’ve cut them out of my wardrobe without knowing it!

  5. this outfit is everything I’m loving this summer: bright blouses, colorful pencil skirts, chunky statement necklaces, wedges… so obviously I ADORE this look.

  6. Well done with the awesome color-blocking!! I am still struggling with this trend … you are good inspiration!

  7. I LOVE that colour combo and it looks fantastic on you. Summery and chic at the same time which can be so hard to do.

  8. Love this outfit top to bottom! The necklace is amazing…and great thrift find with the sandals, I NEVER find good shoes at thrift stores!

  9. Those wedges are adorable! Nice find. Also, you and Kendi are style sisters because she thrifted a very similar top!

  10. Gah, I have been eyeing that necklace for a while now, but unfortunately it would cost as much to ship it to Canada as the actual price of the necklace, so I haven’t justified it yet. But it’s SO FUN and looks amazing with the hot pink top! Love this outfit on you, so bright & cheery!

  11. I love that necklace !!! Can’t wait to read your next post about Paris!

  12. I dig the color block theme! That necklace is top notch.

  13. Awesome color blocking! That necklace is so cute!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  14. Wow! That necklace looks amazing against the pink, I’m really loving your “colour-blocking” Jen!

    Emma x

  15. Yay! Air five right back at ya!! I love the way you’ve been mixing all of these gorgeous colours lately AND I too love when my outfit is almost all thrifted, it really is a fabulous feeling. Hope your Tuesday is an awesome one. xx veronika

  16. Love it! Just like a watermelon! :)Awesome combo and great on you!

  17. Ingrid •

    I love your colors together. That takes an artist’s talent. Beauty and talent…a winning combo… You’ve got it, Girl!

  18. Ah! love, love those shoes they’re very sexy!

  19. Such GREAT thrifted finds!!! Love the green of that skirt!

  20. I am so loving this color combo on you! I think that yellow in the necklace was such a great touch. Loving the shoes, i have the same pair but rarely wear them, but i think you just made me rethink the possibilities of them! Just found your blog recently and I LOVE.


  21. very , very pretty! xoooooooo

  22. Wow, great thrifting skills, the yellow and pink are pretty together! 🙂

  23. I just love this. The colours are lovely and the shape is so chic. You are a very stylish lady!

  24. I love the pink/green combo. I agree, the necklace against the pink blouse is really pretty. I don’t want to believe that your skirt is thrifted because I’d really like one of my own. This outfit is full of great thrift finds.

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