Styleathon: Round 1

I have sat down to write this essay a handful of times now, but it’s been hard to think about how becoming a mother has influenced my style without thinking about how it has affected every other aspect of my life. Maybe that’s me over thinking this simple essay, but it’s hard not to when I think of the impact motherhood has had on me.

I knew I always wanted a family, but I never considered being a stay at home mom as a life goal. I couldn’t see myself as a mom, let alone refer to myself as “a woman”. In my eyes I was still a girl. When I was pregnant, my mind battled with this idea of what a mom had to be. What does a mom wear? How does a mom act? Did I have to change who I was to fit in to this role?

It seems so silly now. Rowan came, and in an instant, I become a mom. There are ups and downs for sure, but each day that passes I am left a stronger, more confident, more compassionate woman. I am proud of who I am and what it took to grow and give birth to her. My heart is full.

This new understanding of myself has left me loving fashion even more. I know what I like and I know what makes me feel good. I am more confident in taking fun risks here and there. When my days are super busy, it is a quick and easy way to feel creative. There is definitely less time to take for myself these days, but that aspect has made fashion more fun. I can’t over think it. Rowan has brought out the best in me and I am having more fun than ever. She makes me glow even when I’m simply wearing a t-shirt and jeans.

Outfit Details:
Split Placket Tank in Cantaloupe: c/o Lilla P
The Happy Bunch Skirt: c/o Modcloth
Platform Wedges: c/o Lulu’s
Bullet Cat Necklace: gift
Bracelets: Forever 21
3/4 Sleeve Cropped Peacoat: c/o Lilla P
Simple Linen Baby Sling in Plum: c/o Sakura Bloom

  1. Jen – you are so cute, and you can tell that the mom role comes to you naturally. You and Rowan both look great (per usual) :).


  2. Amelia •

    you look amazing! so happy, healthy and pretty 🙂 Rowan is the perfect accessorie!!

  3. You are glowing 🙂 my mom dressed very well when I was a toddler too (and actually, she still does. She diverted to jeans/workwear because of her job for years but now that she changed jobs again after 50 she’s as dressed up as ever) and as a result I have gorgeous pictures of my family when I was a baby. Rowan will have so many of those as well!

  4. Such a pretty dress! I also love your shoes 🙂 Your baby is so adorable!

  5. Wait, I thought it was a dress…but I see it is a shirt and skirt, I love the skirt, the floral print is very pretty!

  6. I love your outfit. Just a friendly edit: it should be “woman,” not “women.”

  7. You look gorgeous and Rowan is the cutest accessory. Or is it she’s gorgeous and you are her cutest accessory? 🙂 Either way it’s been nice to see you embrace motherhood and maintain a stylish look!

  8. I bet you couldn’t wait to scoop her up when you got home!!! 🙂

  9. Beautiful look and photos Jen. I’m loving that gorgeous pendant too, so pretty. And Rowan (as always) SO freakin adorable. Hope your week ahead is a fabulous one. xx veronika

  10. Thanks for sharing some of those fears about what a ‘mom’ should be like…


  11. One of my favorite outfits I’ve EVER seen you wear!!! So gorgeous, girl!

  12. Sweet words! I have always pictures myself as a mom, but think is completely normal to question when having a new role, seems like motherhood is so natural for you, Rowan is lucy she has such a loving and stylish mommy!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  13. You and Rowan look just darling! What a pretty sling as well!

  14. i love what you have said here as i feel the exact same way. i felt that i was all of a sudden “old” now that i became a mom when in actuality, i just started living in a sense.

    love your sense of style!

  15. I love the essay and totally agree with you. Motherhood is the most fulfilling role I’ve ever played and that fulfillment makes me better at everything, even getting dressed. 🙂
    That precious little angel you are wearing is the. best. accessory. ever! Beautiful, both of you.

  16. aww this is such a touching post. you and baby rowan look beautiful. i love the outfit too!


  17. Jen I love this post so much!!! Not only do I love this outfit – but you and Rowan together – you look so glowing and happy. You’re such a great momma hun! xoxo

  18. What a beautiful baby and stylish mama!

  19. I love how stylish you can be while being a mom! I see so many moms who wear sweats all the time. It’s refreshing to see a new mom, who’s busier than most moms, who takes the time to put together an outfit!

  20. Jen your mom style is so lovely. Most new moms I know, myself included, fall too easily into jeans, flats, tank, and cardigan. It is the new sweats- it can get dirty and it is comfy. Every day I look at your blog and think, if she can wear a short skirt or dress, so can I. Thank for keeping me inspired!

  21. I love everything about this post! Beautiful outfit and beautiful insight into being a mommy 🙂

  22. You are adorable!! xoxo

  23. You must be one of the sweetest mothers ever! And one of the prettiest, too.

  24. Adorable outfit! I know you always post homemade recipes for Rowan. Here’s our homemade babyfood recipe today:

  25. Oh my goodness! I LOVE the color of your baby sling!

  26. Krystal •

    Jen I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first pic:)
    I also love that you said Rowan makes you glow:):):)
    🙂 you are a beautiful person! 🙂

  27. So beautiful!! She is the best accessory ever!!

  28. Cute little bunchkin!

  29. You look so cute and these pictures are super happy!

  30. You look so cute and happy! And so at ease in front of the camera. The last shot of you and the babe is beautiful. So happy to have found you through the Styleathon:)

  31. Breathtaking. I feel the same way about becoming a mom. You are darling.


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