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Well, we are going with another shorts post. There are always days in the week that are jammed packed with errands and jean shorts just seem to do the trick. I am running around like a crazy person getting items for Rowan for our parents, going to the bank to get euros, going to AT&T to add international calling to our plan, etc… crazy days call for easy going outfits for sure. They also call for short posts. See you tomorrow friends!

Army Jacket: Old Navy
Pink Blouse: Gap
Jean Shorts: Banana Republic
Necklace: NY&Co.
Flats: Target

haha. I hit the Gap trifecta in this post. Banana Republic, Gap and Old Navy. Whoops.

  1. Looove this outfit, perfect for the everyday momma!!

  2. aww lovely photos, so summery!


  3. I totally love this outfit! I need to get a pair of trusty jean shorts. Your hair looks extra awesome, too!

  4. I love the buttoned-up collar with the chunky necklace layered over it, and the contrast between the lady-like effect is has with the camo jacket. Lovely. Also, when my husband and I went to Europe we were able to use our debit card in most places, so we didnt have to worry about converting the money and having random change. Hope you two have a magical time.

  5. When I worked at Old Navy, we had that jacket. I always wondered how it can be worn to make it look more stylish and you did it with this outfit. 🙂 Have fun in Paris!

  6. I go to Europe yearly (I’m from Spain). Do not get Euros in an American bank! The exchange rate is awful! When you get off in Paris, go to a local bank (get like $100 exchanged in the airport for cab/food, etc. in one of those exchange places) but then just go to any bank! Americans always go to their bank and it puzzles me that they don’t bother to look at exchange rates before hand. You lose a LOT of money that way!

    But, have fun in Paris and I will await some picture!!

  7. Holly •

    If only your shoes were from Piperlime!!! I like the camo with the rhinestone necklace.

  8. Jen! Your hair looks awesome that length. Have fun in Paris!!

  9. aw love this outfit! And to put it over the top with Gap brands you should add something from Piperlime 🙂 haha that would be pretty funny. Have SO much fun in Paris! I can’t wait to hear all about it!!

  10. I can’t believe that you made camoflouge look good to me…..I normally hate it! 🙂

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