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All week last week I thought yesterday was supposed to be Father’s Day. Haha. When I found out it actually was not Father’s Day, I had already planned the whole day out for Kev, Rowan and I. Whoops. We decided to celebrate anyway because we will be flying home from France on the 19th. We spent the day at an indoor waterpark! It was super fun! Rowan loves being in the water. She is such a little fish.

You know what my favorite fabric for summer is? Linen! It’s cool and airy. This little Linen dress from the I heart Ronson collection at jcpenney is just perfect. I love the crisscross back detail. It was the perfect dress for our Saturday afternoon adventures this weekend.

I Heart Ronson Dress: c/o jcpenney
Belt: Thrifted
Dolce Vita Wedges: c/o Lucky + Bing
Bullet Cat: gift from Punky
A Roaming She is Backpack: c/o Le Mode Accessories

  1. Oops! Hope you had a blast! I love the dress! What a pretty back detail!

  2. That dress! And those *shoes!* They look so gorgeous! I wish you there was an indoor waterpark around here– much needed with all this heat and everybody making plans to go to the beach!

  3. Oh my goodness I love the detail on the back of this dress! So gorgeous! And you matched it perfectly with the detailed on the shoes too!

  4. Yay for linen! Is so easy breezy, cute kitten pendant!

    Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

  5. I just bought like 4 linen dresses for summer, although they are all dark colours. Love your dress, super cute

  6. Verrrrrrrrrry prettty!

  7. Hey, would you be willing to come share an opinion again? I’m trying to make another decision – this time about outdoor rugs. See here:


  8. Haha I did the same thing. I made plans for us to go on a wine tasting tour of Harvard square. We still went and it was fantastic! Oh and p.s I love your dress 🙂

  9. Ahh this dress is lovely! The print and fabric looks amazing!

  10. I saw your dress at JCP over the weekend (from the front) and never realized it had those amazing criss-cross straps! You look lovely as usual and I like your brown accessories.

  11. Such a cute outfit! I love the wedges! I’m a new follower 🙂

    Fashion Fractions

  12. I love the colors in that dress, subtle but pretty! I love linen so much too, it’s just so airy and light while still feeling like quality fabric. Check out the linen dress that I wore in my most recent blog post if you have a chance! -^_^- Your early Father’s day sounds like so much fun!

  13. perfect summer dress. i agree with you on linen, i spent a summer traveling Europe during a heatwave and a pair of striped linen pants saved my sanity!

  14. tracey •

    beautiful, as always! Do you use a self tanner on your legs or are they naturally tan?? They look terrific!

  15. The back of that dress is sooo pretty! I love the criss-cross detail! And i had it in my head that yesterday was supposed to be father’s day, too! I figured the lack of Father’s Day cakes at DQ was a solid indicator that it wasn’t.

  16. LOL I always get confused about when Fathers Day is too! Glad to know I’m not the only one!!!

  17. Wow, I love that dress! Aaaand….the length makes me happy! I try to be as modest as possible, haha.

  18. cute dress! I love the cut and the stripes.

  19. This is such a lovely dress on you. I agree, linen is just lovely for the summer. It is that perfect mix of relaxed but put together

  20. Lovin’ the hair, of course ;). I had a similar holiday goof-up this year. Last year my mother-in-law was devastated that we forgot Grandparents day (in September). Well just before Spring Break, my kids preschool class was having a bring-your-grandparents day which I interpreted to be the NATIONAL grandparents day (I’d never heard of it before kids). I made a sweet video of the kids and plastered Happy Grandparents Day all over it and handed it to her with a proud smile. She wasn’t smiling so much. “A” for effort, right?

  21. Tina B •

    Love the back of that dress!

  22. That dress looks great on you! I love the back of it and the cool striped print.

  23. I seriously almost bought this dress on Sunday! But I left the store with an I Heart Ronson tunic instead. 🙂

  24. Hey Jen! I just bought this dress for $15 (and I look nowhere near as awesome as you in it) but was wondering if you had any tricks up your sleeve for other ways to wear it?

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