Le Mode Accessories Giveaway!


Want to win this adorable handbag/backpack? The “A Roaming She Is Backpack” in Cognac is so versatile for your day to day. Especially for a mom! Sometime’s you don’t have an extra hand to carry a diaper bag. This little backpack works so great for that and it’s cute to boot!

All you need to do to enter is…
1. Head over to Le Mode Accessories and check out there awesome selection.
2. Leave a comment here on Jenloveskev.
3. Sit at home and cross your fingers you are the lucky winner.

haha. Jk. You can do about your day as normal.
Good Luck Everyone!

  1. Mariana •

    What an awesome backpack, so pretty yet not childish =)
    I love your blog and of course your family and your sense of style, you’re awesome!



  2. StacyC •

    Love this bag! Its so cute 🙂

  3. Super cute backpack, I love all of their accessories!

  4. I have been searching for a backpack and this is adorable a great alternative to a my current diaper bag!

  5. Jamie Lenee •

    I love this bag! When I saw your style file earlier, it was my favorite part of your ensemble 🙂

  6. yes please 🙂

  7. Love it!

  8. In addition to this backpack, I love the ‘School Days Messenger’ in hot pink! What a fun way to spice up an outfit. 😀

  9. I hadn’t seen their site before, but there are some really lovely things! I love the deepest ocean blue necklace too.

  10. I’d love this bag – it’d be perfect for my upcoming trip!

  11. I love this bag! I love the color and the size– so helpful during the summer!

  12. Everything is adorable!

  13. Laura •

    love this !! 🙂 and everything available on le mode!

  14. Cute bag! Le Mode Accessories has some really cute stuff!

  15. I love how affordable everything is in that shop! I may have to get some of those necklaces 🙂

  16. Katie •

    This would be perfect when our baby gets here in October! Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  17. Stacy •

    Love this bag! The lacey escapades clutch is also super cute. Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. What pretty pretty things. I could get in trouble pretty fast on Le Mode’s website. I would luuuurv to win this! I think it would double as a great camera bag.

  19. ohh lovely! this necklace is too beautiful to be true/…. http://www.shoplemode.com/item_374/Deepest-Ocean-Blue-Necklace.htm


  20. Julia •

    This bag is perfect for cycling around town without sacrificing style 😀

  21. I love this! I was just looking at your photos from earlier and was thinking about how much it reminded me of Meg Ryan’s bag in French Kiss that I have always secretly loved. (hm. how nerdy of me to admit that publicly!)

  22. christine •

    yay! consider me in 🙂 i already own a few statement jewelery pieces from le mode; very versatile & afforadable.

  23. Cute bag! I also love Le Mode’s scarves…so pretty!

  24. Bethany Fullerton •

    Le Mode’s bags are amazing! I’d love to win this one!

  25. I’m so impressed with Le Mode’s selection…everything’s so versatile!

  26. Ooo, they do have some pretty things at Le Mode and I love the backpack!

  27. My bag collection has been missing a pursepack for some time. This little lovely would more than fit the bill!

  28. I love this! It reminds me of one of my favorite backpacks from back in the day, that I often kick myself for getting rid of. This would be a perfect replacement 🙂

  29. Chels •

    Oh my goodness! I’ve loved this backpack from the time I saw it last week on Le Mode…so cute.

  30. Jessica •

    How cute! It’s such a great size–not too big and bulky, but big enough for the essentials and a book!


  31. Pearlsa •

    Love the bag it is cute.

  32. Caitlin •

    that backpack is oh so cute! i would love to win it:)

  33. Oh my goodness I love this! It would be so perfect for my upcoming European travels. 🙂

  34. Sarah •

    There is so much cute stuff on their website! and i love this bag.

  35. My best friend has been looking for a bag like this for forever! I would love to win it for her.

  36. pemora •

    as a new mom, i could DEFINITELY use this bag!

  37. micaela •

    love this bag!

  38. Jamie •

    that bag. I think I need it.

  39. What a great backpack! Love La mode accessories!

  40. Sonya •

    The website has amazing things but …I have to say this bag is ideal for me since it is just perfect to carry snacks and goodies for my kiddies still keeping a fashionable look. I am totally crossing my fingers for this one!!!!

  41. Great bag!! Love the color – So versatile and would go with everything … Thanks for the opp Jen and Le Mode!

  42. Erin McKay •

    Oh my gosh this bag is adorable! Great size, perfect for a bike ride or some beach time. LOVE IT!

  43. Sylvia •

    what an adorable bag! perfect for the summer when going for bike rides

  44. That bag is so perfect!!! Love!

  45. Laura •

    I saw the bag in your outfit post and immediately thought about buying it! I am looking for a purse that can double as a diaper bag.

  46. Love this! Le Mode has so many cute things!

  47. Sandra Godina •

    This backpack would be great for the next school year! I am crossing my fingers 🙂

  48. Hoping! Hoping! Hoping! And crossing my fingers!

  49. Oh, I just love the Zip To It Clutch by Urban Expressions!

  50. Erykah •

    Pick me pick me.. Wahooooo!

  51. love the color and the gold accents!

  52. Joanna •

    Such a great giveaway! This would be perfect to carry all my kids crap around!!

  53. Adorable bag – I’ve been looking for a cute backpack for a while now, perfect for biking around!

  54. Bethany •

    Oh my! I was so excited to see this giveaway, still am! I was specifically admiring it from your last post!

    A couple of other items I really like from shoplemode would be the Fanning Praise Necklace and the Riding Praise Messenger in Magenta. Ahh!

    I /will/ be crossing my fingers in my sleep tonight. 🙂

  55. They really do have some great accessories:) I love the backpack…perfect for when I babysit my baby niece!

  56. Been wanting a backpack for a diaper bag!

  57. Mindy •

    Ooh ooh ooh! So many to choose, but I have been looking for a backpack style!!

  58. Sarah •

    This backpack is adorable!! I want it! 🙂

  59. Meaghan •

    Wow I love this! Since buying an old beach cruiser bicycle I need a backpack to put my things in and this is certainly the cutest way to do it!

  60. Looove the backpack! It would come in super handy for my bicycle commute to work!

  61. I love Le Mode!! And this backpack is perfect for when my husband and I hang out in Boston. I’ll be crossing my fingers!

  62. They have great accessories, and that backpack is too cute! *crossing fingers*

  63. How cute! Perfect for a picnic 🙂 Fingers are crossed, thanks for the chance!

  64. Kaitlin •

    This is so cute. I love it!!!!

  65. I love this! I can’t believe how long it took me to discover that backpacks are way more convenient than diaper bags!

  66. Yes please, indeed! My backpack has just about died on me and survived a spray from my kitty… new bag would be welcome! AND OH LORD. Thank you for the link to the site as well. Summer shop itch ignited!

  67. justine b. •

    This would be wonderful to have.

  68. So cute! Annnd now I want one of everything in their shop;)

  69. yay that bag is so cute enter me in 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  70. I am REALLY into bracelets right now and Le Mode Accessories has the best ones! I love the A-bow-able Bracelet and the Bronze Braid Bracelet the most! Cute bag! Perfect for bike trips with my husband!

  71. Such a cute bag! Love it!

  72. Lindsey •

    Adorable! I’ve been thinking that I need a more stylish backpack instead of my standard Jansport. I love it!

  73. My fingers are crossed! Le Mode always stocks the cutest accessories!

  74. Kelli •

    Crossing and praying….crossing and praying….


  75. This would be a great bag to use during summer activities!!

  76. This bag is adorable! Practical AND stylish!!

  77. I would totally use this as a laptop bag! haha

  78. Eek! Super dee duper cute! 🙂

  79. i ve been looking for a cute backpack – so practical – but this has a very interesting colour as well!

  80. Brittany •

    Love that backpack!!!!

  81. I really love this backpack! Super cute!

  82. Heidi •

    love it! thanks for the giveaway! -heidi

  83. i’ve been looking for a backpack just like this for forever!! so cute 🙂 thanks!

  84. I have been drooling over this bag for weeks! crossing my little fingers & toes!

  85. Maegan •

    That bag is perfect! I also love the Snip Snip Necklace and the School Days Messenger in Camel! Crossing my fingers! 🙂

  86. Crystal •

    I’m now sitting and crossing my fingers… it’ll increase my odds of winning, right? 😉

  87. That is is SO cute… and just what I need/want!

  88. Jessie •

    Wow, this is just the type of backpack I’ve been looking for! Even if I don’t win, I just may have to buy it…

  89. Nicole •

    *fingers crossed!!*

  90. Emily •

    That bag is super cute, I just bought a purse that looks similar, so I’d probably get some new earrings from Le Mode if I won!

  91. oh what i would give to have that handbag….. i sooo love the color!

  92. That bag is very cute! I also like their rings, the ‘cute as a bow’ ring is very nice. Thanks for the introduction!

    cmbauerisu [at] gmail

  93. Lindsay E. •

    Love Le Mode! I so want that bag! 🙂

  94. Lindsay E. •

    Love Le Mode! I so want that bag! 🙂

  95. Molly E. Scott •

    Very cute bag. I love that the bag looks like something you have owned for ten years and loved so much. Can’t wait to love it for another ten years 🙂 .

  96. love this bag! so cute!

  97. Amanda •

    Wow. Such a cute bag. I love back-pack bags. So useful.

  98. weird!! JINX
    cute bag you got there!
    a great option in the brown vintage-style handbag/backback 🙂

  99. Angie •

    this bag does look super useful! I could see myself taking it to a concert, for sureeee 🙂 (crosses fingers)

  100. Great giveaway! That bag is adorable.

  101. So cute! Thanks for introducing me to this site!

    Ps, hope I win the bag, because it is adorable.

  102. this bag is super cute! I love how you paired it with this outfit. I have to admit, I thought your belt was a part of the back pack at first!

  103. Yes, pllllease!

  104. This is such a cute bag!

  105. I love Le Mode Accessories! This bag is perfect – and so is the Lacey Escapades Clutch!

  106. It’s so cute and it’s perfect a bag for summer exploring. 🙂

  107. Katie •

    Oh my!!! This would be the cutest backpack to tote my school books around in!

  108. marta •

    They have the cutest things! I love all their stud earrings and their flowery scarves are so lovely too!

  109. Charmaine •

    such a cute backpack! would be a REAL stylish way to carry my big heavy camera around on days out. love it!

  110. Cutest bag ever! <3

  111. Oooh, this bag is perfect!

  112. Pick me! (Please?) Been looking at a few backpack/handbags to wear on my scooter, this one would definitely fit the cute bill!

  113. consider my fingers crossed. which, when you think about it, makes typing this comment all the more meaningful, right? you could give me an “a” for effort. or the fabulous bag…i’d be okay with that, too.
    but seriously? all their stuff is amazing.
    http://adayinlifetoo.blogspot.com (my daily outfit blog; come on by if you’d like!)

  114. arielle •

    such a cute backpack!! it might just make summer school bearable haha

  115. I need that bag in my life.

  116. Agh!!! Cutest bag ever!!! And Le Mode Accessories is the best 🙂

  117. Yay for cute bags!

  118. I want it!!!

  119. Elizabeth •


  120. I neeeeeeed that backpack 😉 It is not a want…but a need….I need it 😀

  121. Wow it’s really cute!! Most of those seem to be for older women, but this one looks young AND practical!

  122. Oh gosh this is one I reallllly want. I am going to croatia for 3 weeks this summer to celebrate my graduation and am looking for exactly that sort of bag to carry around cameras etc. I would be ridiculously happy to have this.

  123. Rachel •

    i love le mode. they have some killer necklaces!


  124. Laura A. •

    This bag would be great…I also love the Blushing in Love belt 🙂

  125. I LOVE Le Mode Accessories… and this bag is to die for! My fingers are going to get sore… I’ve got those puppies crossed hard!!

  126. So cute! Perfect for galavanting around the city.

  127. Ashley P •

    I love this bag! It’s super cute.

  128. Ellen •

    been looking for a non-dorky backpack, love it!

  129. This bag is adorable! I just had a baby and could use a cool new bag:)

  130. Shannon H •

    Beautiful bag! Great bag for stashing away your goodies while roaming the town.

  131. Cute update to a backpack!

  132. Oh man. This bag is lovely. So is the shop! I really like their rings! So pretty. 🙂

  133. Yes! I’m always looking for cute bags that can easily be worn while riding my bike. Great giveaway!

  134. Amelia •

    great giveaway – i’m in love with this bag 🙂
    fingers triple crossed!!!
    Le Mode has amazing accessories – i love their jewellery. And bonus, it’s so affordable! I have my eye on some really cute earrings!!!

  135. lauren •

    super cute site. and super cute bag! fingers crossed. 🙂

  136. Sandi •

    Thanks so much for this great giveaway. The backpack is adorable!

  137. Chelsey •

    Ooo pick me! Pick me!

  138. That backpack is so cute! I love my Le Mode purse and would love to have this bag, too!

  139. Kacey •

    Ok, love everything about Le Mode and LOVE this giveaway! All of my fingers and toes are crossed.

  140. Sarah •

    Really love this bag.. the color, the functionality, what a great giveaway!

  141. Terri •

    Great backpack – saw several purses to add to my wish list!

  142. Ashley •

    Oh my word what a great little backpack! Hope I win!!

  143. Crossing my fingers!


  144. Lindsay •

    Oh so fun! Hope its me! 🙂

  145. ashleigh •

    This is perfect! It would be great to have for zoo trips with the kids or just to complete an outfit! I love it!!

  146. Mary Beth •

    Super cute bags, that are pretty affordable! Thanks for the giveaway and a new site to drool over!

  147. Pretty, Pretty, pretty! I adore this bag… I do! 🙂

  148. Love this bag! Would be prefect for summer bike riding.. my fingers are definitely crossed!

  149. love this! I will be traveling a lot in the fall and this would be the perfect bag to tote along!

  150. This is the most perfect giveaway for me because I was just thinking about how I really need a cute backpack purse for doing running around the city on Saturday mornings. 🙂

  151. lovely website!

  152. That is such a cute backpack! I don’t think I have owned one since middle school but it would definitely come in handy when running errands. Navigating tights spaces in stores in NYC can be a pain while juggling a handbag (I always bump into things)!

  153. Say goodbye to the ole’ diaper bag, and HELLO to this pack that is practically perfect in every way!!! Thanks for setting this up!


  154. Love this backpack! it would stylishly fit all of my things I lug around on a daily basis. And match most of my wardrobe choices…

    love it..

  155. Goodbye ugly ole’ diaper bag and HELLO to this gorgeous backpack that is practically perfect in every way!!! Thanks for setting this up and sharing their site to oogle over!

  156. Teddie •

    I really like the items on Le Mode. And the prices are so affordable! I think I’ll go back there to shop for accessories.

  157. Lovee the back pack! I’ve been looking for something like that, and my fingers are def. crossed. Also, love the candy dot earrings from the shop. Might have to buy those just because they are so very pretty 🙂

  158. That bad would be perfect for carrying around summer picnic goodies! and it looks so soft too! Beautiful!

  159. Kitty Smitty •

    That bag is awesome!

  160. I love the Reptulous Clutch as well, but how cute and functional is this backpack?! Thanks for the great give-away!

  161. Nice bag, and Le Mode has the cutest jewelry!

  162. Aimee •

    Love this bag!!!!!

  163. Love the website and love the bag! I have been searching all over for a (stylish) backpack, this mama definitely needs one:) Great giveaway.

  164. Jen P •

    LOVE this bag!! and now i have a new site i can check out for cute stuff!

  165. Awesome! I love their stuff!

  166. Jacqueline •

    Such a cute bag!

  167. Love love love this bag! Fingers crossed!

  168. love the necklaces!

  169. Very pretty backpack! I also love their Blushing In Love Belt, how gorgeous!

  170. I’ve been looking for a chic backpack when I start school again in September and this bag is perfect! Crossing my fingers…

  171. Great bag, especially for summer travels! Their “snip, snip” necklace is also SO cute 🙂

  172. tanya jaimes •

    what a cute bag, perfect for the summer!

  173. Love this bag; I’ve been following it hoping to one day buy it! And I really love your dress too. Fingers crossed!

  174. Oh my, I have to say I am quite smitten with this bag!! Fingers crossed for sure!!

  175. Really great bag! It’s so versatile! I’d definitely use it for class next semester.

  176. Swooooon. What a handy/gorgeous bag and in my favorite color for purses… I think it’s fate. 🙂 If I don’t win, I may just have to buy it… Haha.

  177. I love this bag!! I am always on the hunt for the perfect school bag and this would be perfect!

  178. charity •

    This bag is great and I need something new! Thanks.

  179. Sarah •

    This bag is beautiful and functional! Two things I love. Love your blog as well!

  180. Becky •

    Love it! I’ve been on the lookout for something like this. Their accessories are really cute too.

  181. *fingers crossed*

  182. Felicia •

    I remember when I saw this post, I thought “cute bag!” and then I didn’t even bother to check where it was from. Le Mode Accessories has some cute things going on at their show right now, but I have to say that the Hello Robot Necklace still remains one of my favorites!

  183. Danielle V •

    How great! Le Mode has such great accessories! Love the Luck Be a Lady Studs in Yellow! So summery and cute!

  184. Amber •

    Ooooh. I love it. I’ve been bag shopping and this is what I’m looking for!

  185. Deborah •

    love this bag!

  186. Ann M. •

    I was seriously just thinking I needed a backpack type thing instead of a purse for exactly the same thing. Hands free. I like this one. It would be perfect. Hope it works out! 🙂

  187. Christine •

    What an adorable bag! It looks like the perfect summer bag.

  188. Elizabeth •

    So cute. It would be perfect for my trip to Rome this summer.

  189. Monica •

    It’ll be the perfect bag to my college ;P

  190. crossing my fingers!

  191. i love this color! it’s so versatile! fingers, legs, eyes crossed. 😉

  192. Sadie •

    How cute! I’ve been looking for a great backpack style bag that doesn’t remind me of high school!

  193. Caitlin •

    Sooooo cute!

  194. Love that bag….love Le Mode Accessories!

  195. What great products and such a cute bag for summer!

  196. Naomi •

    love it! gimme gimme 🙂

  197. Crystal •

    *Crosses Fingers* that is SUPER cute!

  198. Sidra •

    Such a cute bag..perfect summer accessory!

  199. Lauren •

    I adore that bag……adorable!

  200. super cute bag. It would be perfect for my summer road trip to Portland 🙂

  201. Amanda •

    oh so cute. this will be perfect for roaming around campus next year 🙂

  202. Jessica Selmser •

    That bag is so cute! Perfect for a trip I am planning to New Orleans!

  203. Lilly Garcia •

    Please please please please pick me!

  204. I love that bag! It got style, cuteness, and a touch of vintage charm.

  205. Fingers are crossed. I would love to win this bag! I haven’t carried a purse since my beautiful son was born three months ago but this would so work for us. 🙂

  206. Ashley T •

    Love the bag! And their accessories are totally affordable, thanks for sharing!

  207. Heather •

    They have so many cute things!! I could do serious damage on that website 🙂

  208. i am fast becoming a bonafide bag lady … and this one would most certainly prove to be quite the lovely little addition …

    bex/bargainbex at yahoo dot com

  209. Josie •

    This backpack is so great! I’m living in Ukraine right now and this would be perfect bag for my language lessons 🙂

  210. Charlotte •

    I loove the bag!It’s soo cute 🙂

  211. I love this bag! It’s the perfect bag to take on trips and vacations 🙂

  212. Love it!

  213. Kate Lag •

    very cute backpack!

  214. DeLinda •

    This is a great bag! Please let it be me!!

  215. Sophie •

    love it! perfect not only for a mom, but also for a student, carrying heavy books each day 😀

  216. Jessica T. •

    the website has lots of cute things!

  217. Great bag. Current colour!

  218. what an adorable backpack!!
    my fingers are crossed…

  219. oh my gosh, that is sooo cute and practical! i love it and could use it to carry all my stuff and my kids!

  220. Love this bag!! Perfect for summer concerts!!

  221. i need a backpack so i can have my hands free to chase my toddler! 🙂

  222. swoon! love the pack!

  223. You have the awesomest contests!

  224. Angie •

    Awesome selections. One of each please! 🙂

  225. Lindsay •

    They have some great bags- This one is fantastic!

  226. Alissa •

    Love that bag. Awesome website. I love it all!!

  227. Becca •

    this is perfect!

  228. this bag would be PERFECT for roaming around Stockholm at the end of the end of the month!! LOVE it. And it looks so versatile!

  229. Amanda •

    Love this outfit and the bag! So cute(:

  230. Man I would love this bag! Its adorable

  231. Everything about this bag screams ‘summer!’ The bright, tangy pop of color, the gleam of gold in the chain, the woven texture…it’s perfect!

  232. Trulie •

    It’s such a nice bag but it looks like it needs an adventure!! Like going to the mountains and on a hike or to a farmers market or to the beach!!

  233. I love Le Mode! This bag is super awesome!

  234. sarah •

    So cute! Love the bag!

  235. fingers & toes crossed!

  236. ive seen this bag quite a few times, and keep falling more & more in love with it, BUT unfortunately, can not fit the price in my budget. but oh, how i would love it. <3

  237. Melissa •

    such a perfect backpack! would be great to carry things to and from class 🙂 i love it!

  238. Lindsay •

    i think i neeeeed this pack this summer! so super cute

  239. Ladytink_534 •

    Love their Buena Vente Clutch by Urban Expressions

  240. I love the color and shape!

  241. Andrea •

    I agree with comment #1, it’s pretty and feminine yet not childish; a perfect balance. It’d be perfect for those days when I don’t need to bring my laptop or a bunch of binders to class. It’s always difficult to find a good-priced backpack that’s delicate, this’d go great with girly or casual outfits! Love the color too!!

  242. That is so cute, I was checking out their website and also love the Info the City Satchel in Beige and the School Days Messenger in Hot Pink. Adorable!

  243. That is one cute backpack to have while out and about. Awesome giveaway and love your blog!

    Adin B

  244. Jammy •

    Ah! I love Le Mode. I already bought one of their handbags because of you Jen 🙂 I loved it on you and just had to have it. You know the little studded one that you have in camel/lbrown but I bought it in gray. LOVE!!

  245. Sarah •

    I love Le Mode Accessories, I have so much of their jewelry but no purses yet! Sign me up.

  246. I love this backpack. So grown-up looking, but perfect for sightseeing or bike riding.

  247. I love this backpack. So grown-up looking, but perfect for sightseeing or bike riding.

  248. emily •

    so cute and perfect size!

  249. Emily Gonzalez •

    Oh my gosh, I love it! All their accessories are adorable!

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