Marathons, Smoothies and LND*

*Last Nights Dinner

I thought about breaking this up into 2 posts, but we are just going to do one big ol’ post all together because I think they all go. First I want to say a BIG HUGE THANK YOU for all the emails, tweets and facebook messages this weekend cheering me on as we headed up to Ottawa for the marathon. Every message gave me a little more courage that I could actually run the race. Your mind starts to play some mean jokes on you the last few weeks before the race. You feel like there is no way on earth you will be able to finish even though you have been training for 5 months.
Second, another BIG HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that donated to Love 146. (it’s not to late). You made my heart full with every dollar you gave. It really means so much that you would donate to such a worthy cause for me.
Thirdly, I FINISHED THE RACE!!! YAY!!! Oh man was it freakin’ hard but the end always justifies the pure pain you feel during it. For me there is nothing (other than labor) that makes me feel so strong and accomplished. What a feeling to cross that finish line after you have giving everything you have to get there. It was a cool, cloudy day when the race started. It was nice running weather, but half way thru the rain started. I ran the last 13 miles in the rain. That I did not enjoy so much, but at 13 miles Kev jumped in. He ran the last half with me. He was my coach that pushed me thru. In my weakest moments he would tell me memories we have with Rowan. The things that she does to make us laugh. I could not have done it without him. He helped me stay focused but when I needed it most, he helped distract me. Our weekend together was so great. Sunday we laid in bed all day after the Marathon. We were both exhausted and unable to move. You definitely don’t feel great after a marathon but we had so much fun just having to do nothing.
Because this is sort of my last running post for a while, I wanted to share not so much a Last Nights Dinner post, but a recipe for a smoothie I love drinking after I am done running. It is also great for breakfast. It is quite a zinger!
1 granny smith apple cut into pieces
2 cups of kale cleaned and chopped from stalks (you could use spinach instead)
1 lime (juiced you can add flesh too)
1 small handful of cilantro
1/2 cup orange juice
2 teaspoons ginger

Add to food Processor and Blend, blend, blend away!
If you are new to green smoothies and a little scared you could add more orange Juice to “water” it down. I will warn you it is a smoothie with a lot of punch! Perfect for mornings!
* I found this recipe on Cookie + Kate

Keeping with the Green theme, here is Rowans last Nights Dinner Post…
Baby Greens 05.30.11
Green Beans

Directions: Add steamed veggies to food processor and puree. You can make it as smooth or chunky as you want. I like hers a little chunky. I think the texture is good for her. Then sprinkle with a little oregano. Super easy, but super delicious. Adding a little spice to baby food is a good way to introduce them to new flavors.

  1. BTW This girl seemed to forget to mention her amazing finishing time !!! I’m a runner too so I couldn’t resist finding out and looked it up. Hope that’s not too weird! I think I’m going to start mixing up some batches of this smoothie pronto!

  2. you are one amazing lady, so proud of you!

  3. Supermom! Honestly, how do you do it!? 🙂 Congrats.

  4. Congrats again….I have yet to run further than a 1/2 marathon.
    Can’t wait to try the smoothie AND the baby food recipe. I haven’t introduced spices yet 🙂

  5. Wow wow wow!! Congratulations on finishing a marathon!! Amazing! You are now officially a Super Momma!! Gives me so much motivation to start running again!! =)

  6. Congratulations on running that marathon! I would never be able to do something like that!

  7. Wow! You rock!

  8. Congrats Jen, SO happy for you & definitley inspired to get more fit. xx veronika

  9. Way to go! Such a great idea for a baby food combo, we are past that stage in our house but my youngest son loves whole green beans – never thought to do oregano on them!

  10. you go, girl! and i love how kev joined in for the last 13 miles. the two of you are just so sweet and supportive of one another. that’s really all you could ever want out of life!

  11. amazing! how empowering it must be to cross that finish line. i’m just back in to jogging myself and hope for a half marathon soon!

  12. Yay! Congrats! (And I can’t wait to try that smoothie recipe. Love me some green smoothies!)

  13. Congrats on finishing the marathon, Jen! And well done to Kev for being your chief motivator!

  14. amazing! well done on rocking the marathon! And that smoothie sounds delish, I love green smoothies but tend just to stick to my usual recipe so will have to try this one out

  15. Congratulations! What an accomplishment! And I teared up a little when I read about how Kev jumped in and ran with you for the last half … 🙂

  16. Congratulations Jen! I really admire your strength! I’m trying to get myself in better shape and your marathon posts are always great motivation! So sweet the Kev jumped in to help push you, how awesome!

    Also, thanks for the green smoothie recipe. I’ve been having them for breakfast, combining kale, spinach, apple, pear, and a banana… but I’m excited to try this recipe with ginger! yum!

  17. Yay! You did it! Way to go. Do you think you’ll do another one anytime soon?

  18. Yay! Congrats to you for your crazy awesome accomplishment!!!


  19. Mm that smoothie you made looks good! and easy to make..awesome!

    Miss Neira

  20. Mary Beth •

    Congratulations! Your second marathon, how awesome! It is truly amazing to cross that finish line and know that you did it all by yourself, even though you had a super sweet motivator, YOU kept your feet moving and made it happen! I ran my first marathon last fall, your posts have me thinking about training again! Take this week to do lots of nice things for yourself, you deserve it!!!

  21. Jannira •

    That is such an awesome accomplishment!! Congratulations!! And you and Kev are SUCH an awesome team! What a sweet husband.. 🙂 <3

  22. Awesome! I really admire you for doing all the training for this race! With a baby it home it must have been even more challenging. Your husband is amazing for jumping in and helping you through the last 13 miles. What an awesome way to support you.

    I’m getting back into running after an injury and I recently ran my first 5K. I felt so proud of myself after, I can only imagine how you feel after a marathon. Rock on!

  23. I just cried reading this post – not sure that was the reaction I was suppose to have but the way your husband jumped in just melted my heart. You simply are amazing good work girl!!

  24. Way to go! Love your blog and the awesome up-beat attitude you have-it’s catching! 🙂

  25. that is just so sweet that kev jumped in and encouraged you the whole way to the end. i got tears in my eyes when i read that. good for you doing it! all the training was put to good use 🙂 good for you girl.

  26. Bethany •

    what a nice post! i love the little mix of it all. good job on completing the marathon. keep up the running, you look great!

  27. Congrats Jen! Marathons are so hard and painful, but totally worth it. You go Girl!

  28. What a amazing man your husband is, the part of him joining you to distract you and tell you stories of your little one made me tear up a bit. He sounds a lot like my husband, there is nothing better then having a thoughtful, caring and loving significant other! Congrats on the race, well done!!

  29. Congratulations on such a huge accomplishment! Running a marathon is unlike anything else, especially when you can do it for charity. I ran Boston in April for charity and had an absolute ball. Relish the runner’s high for the next few days!

  30. Congrat!! You should be very proud of yourself!

  31. Congrats on finishing! You’re definitely and inspiration!!

  32. Congratulations, Jen! I’m so glad to be a part of this with you and I really enjoyed following your running posts. Xo

  33. Congratulations Jen! I really admire you.

  34. Way to go! Finishing the Portland Marathon last year was one of my proudest moments – not only is finishing the race a great accomplishment, but so is sticking with months of training. At least you only had rain for half the race – it rained the whole time during the Portland Marathon. Ugh!

  35. yayyy congrats! I’m so impressed. I can’t even run to the bus stop.

    also, your “last night’s dinner posts” are what I use as my cook book now! haha and I love that you make your own baby food.

  36. Yay for your marathon!! Finishing is such an amazing feeling. My husband and I ran the Flying Pig a month ago and I don’t know if I could have finished without him. I totally understand where you were coming from. Thinking about our baby helped get me through too. Oh, and I wore this super cheesy sign on my back but it was actually fun because lots of other mom’s talked to me during the race about their babies. I love seeing so many baby mama’s running!

  37. glad to hear you finished the race! Can’t wait to read more about your experience. I’m training for a 10K right now and I’m needing some motivation!

  38. Congrats on your race, that takes a lot of courage girl! The smoothie looks great, I love the idea of adding orange juice to dumb it down a little (I could use a break from straight green drinks). -^_^-

  39. Brianne •

    Congrats on finishing the race!!! You are a HUGE inspiration!!!

  40. So glad you came out well!! congrats. And it sure feels good to be DONE too, huh? 🙂 Proud of ya!

  41. Congrats on finishing! That’s a great accomplishment!

  42. Jenni •

    I’m so proud of you!! I really wish we could have been there to run it together. I know we don’t talk much, but know how often I think of you and loved the time we spent together here in Hawaii!!
    Love ya, Jenni

  43. Lindsay •

    I teared up reading about how Kev ran the last half and told you stories of Rowan. I can only hope to have what you two have one day. Congrats on the marathon!!

  44. Congrats !! The smoothie looks really amazing. I’m going to start drinking it in the mornings too

  45. Congrats ! The smoothie looks amazing. Can’t wait to try it

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