Giveaway! + Style File 05.25.11

Memorial day is coming up and I was thinking the other day about all the “fashion rules” that surround holidays like Memorial day and Labor day. Boy, are they silly. Don’t you think? Then I started thinking about all the old school fashion rules and how out dated I think they are. I for one am a big fan of! I love wearing brown and black/navy together, I love mixing, I love wearing and my absolute favorite rule breaker is I LOVE MIXING PATTERNS!!
Have you been in a jcpenney lately? Well I hadn’t. To be honest, It’s not the first place I think of when I go shopping. However, the kind folks over there contacted me about working together and I thought sure I will give it a go. I thought of it as a challenge. Well. I was wrong. It was no challenge at all. I took in about 50 items with me to the dressing room and I loved them all. I totally forgot they carry the I Heart Ronson stuff which was awesome. They also have this great Mango section with adorable items. I had the hardest time narrowing it all down. Not to mention I am in love with the American Living kids clothing (more on that later!)

Ok, back to mixing patterns. Shoot I am writing too much here. I couldn’t help myself but pair this beautiful dress with a fun polka dot belt. I think it totally added to the dress. Now the fun part. A giveaway!!

jcpenney wants to give one lucky reader a $50 giftcard to create their own rule breaking outfit (or well on anything they would like!) yay! All you need to do to enter is leave a comment saying hi and letting us know your thoughts on “fashion rules.” Are they made to be broken or do like to play it safe and go by the book? Let us know!!!!

Giveaway open from now until Sunday night when winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email. Good Luck!

American Living Dress: c/o jcpenney (it’s polka dot sister!)
Belt: Thrifted
Loafers: forever 21
Bracelets: ModCloth + Forever 21

  1. Angie •

    I have been seeing so many items with vertical stripes. Think I may have to try it out! 🙂

  2. I love JC Penny for rule breaking, you can get some great simple pieces and mix and match. Totally a rule breaker…

  3. Fashion rules are definitely made to be broken! As time goes on we have to get innovative with the way we dress, otherwise we’d be stuck in a rut. I love dressing like a crazy woman sometimes (in the eyes of others) it makes me unique!

  4. I actually really love JC Penney. I have checked out the Mango stuff, but haven’t bought anything yet… maybe if I get the 50 dollar gift card!!

    As for fashion rules? I make my own up. So I guess I break the ones on the books. 😉

  5. You are absolutely adorable : ) I love this outfit!

  6. Steph •

    I think fashion rules are ridiculous, so keep on breaking them!

  7. Laura •

    I actually love jcpenny. And I love breaking fashion rules, although I still feel weird about wearing white shoes in the winter (ridiculous! )

  8. Lexie •

    The only fashion rule I believe in is this one: if if makes you feel confident, wear it! The other ones are just guidelines, not absolute laws!

  9. Bethanne •

    I think the fashion rules should definitely be broken! It’s so much fun to step outside the boundaries and come up with an outfit that looks great and interesting, and the most interesting outfits are often the ones that are pushing those “fashion rules.” That being said, there are times when I consistently wear outfits that are “safe” and don’t break any rules, like when I have a meeting with a client (I work in consulting). I definitely make sure I wear something that makes me feel confident and look good, but I think that situations like that are not when you want the person across the table thinking about your outfit. 🙂

  10. Oh, fashion rules. I really believe they are a thing of the past even when my brother reminds me that black and blue do NOT go together….ridiculous.

    For me, the biggest fashion rule I break is wearing horizontal stripes when I happen to be a little bit curvy….I’ve been told by fashion mags for years that this is a big no-no. Why? Because it makes you look bigger than you are. well, I disagree. If I want to wear a horizontal-striped tunic, I just pair that baby with a wonderfully vibrant belt and some Blowfish wedges. Not only am I adding height, but I’m showing that yes, I do have a waist haha. Take that, fashion rules!

  11. i was just joking with my husband about being able to bust out all my white stuff now that it’s almost memorial day (while, of course, i was already wearing white wedges, haha!). i actually had the same misconception about jc penney until recently–i went in as a last resort, thinking i would never find anything, and i ended up leaving with FOUR dresses that i absolutely could not live without. i could do a lot with $50 there! 🙂

  12. Kelly •

    Fashion rules are made to be BROKEN!!!!

  13. Fashion rules were totally made to be broken! I’m 5’3″ and was always told not to wear maxi dresses because I’m too short… I wear them all the time. And I rock them out. 🙂

  14. I actually like JCPenney. Growing up in a small town it was one of the few places to shop. Now I always seem to find something that I love there, at a great price, too!
    I try not to follow fashion rules….I wear what I like!

  15. Rules are definitely made to be broken. When I feel bored with my wardrobe, I try to find a new combination to push the envelope a bit and add some excitement back into my style. My only “rule” is that it needs to be flattering and (somewhat) modest.

  16. You look absolutely lovely!
    And yay for the give-away!
    I think fashion rules should be broken! How else would fashion move forward?


  17. Oh, I am all for breaking sartorial rules – it’s how I “rebel” against “the man”. But seriously, there is nothing I love than mixing a great stripe with a pretty floral, or a gingham check shirt with a polka dot skirt. Forget the rules and just have fun with your style – that is my only rule!!

  18. I agree the rules are so meant to be broken!! and I totally love your floral/polka dot combo! too cute!

  19. Danielle •

    Definitely meant to be broken. My rule is if it makes me feel good and happy to be out and about, then im set. I really think clothes you feel good in makes you such a happier person!

  20. Elizabeth •

    I break all the rules!

  21. adrienne •

    Definitely made to be broken!

  22. Hi! I think fashion rules are subjective to each individual. Wear what makes you happy, comfortable and confident. I for one love to mix patterns, colors, textures, whatever. Each day is a new opportunity to make it happen, and I love to start with what I put on in the morning!

  23. If you have a good eye for it and break them the right way, then definitely!

  24. I love taking things from the thrift store that might look frumpy, or old-ladyish and styling them to make them cute and wearable! My friends always tell me I wear things that would look horrible on other people, but work on me. And my mom always says she can’t wear certain things because she’s short (I’m very tall). I think that’s nonsense. Anyone can wear anything, if they want to and they love it!

  25. Sarah •

    I actually really love JC Penney… they have fabulous sales and I’ve bought several great dresses there over the years. And as for fashion rules…. break them! I think everyone can choose their own style!

  26. fashion rules are good guidelines if you want to look absolutely normal. but who wants no personality in their clothing? i’d like to think that everyone can see my personality through my clothes and for me that means breaking lots of rules!

  27. confession: i love mixing brown and black or brown and navy blue.

  28. They’re definitely made to be broken! As a plus size girl, I pretty much disregard a lot of them, such as big girls shouldn’t wear stripes, or white pants, or anything above the knee…one look at my blog and you can see I say PHOOEY to the rules!

  29. I had the same feelings about JCPenny too until I walked through one a few weeks ago to get to another store and stopped so many times. The Mango section was fabulous and the store I was in had a new Sephora counter/section too. I ended up forgetting where I was going and spent all my money there.

    My #1 fashion rule is this: There are no rules 🙂

  30. I totally wear white anytime I want and also love mixing brown with black. My favorite outfit I have is a black dress, wore with a tan lace shirt underneath, black/white knee high socks and brown boots- it looks like it shouldn’t go together at all but I always get the most compliments on it.

  31. I love when people break fashion rules. I’m kind of obsessed with it. But, myself? I’m pretty timid and classic when it comes down to it! I’m really trying to add some excitement into my outfits, but it’s pretty slow-going!!

  32. no no no,who cares about fashion rules? doing what you shouldn’t is half the fun 🙂 break awayyy.

  33. Hello! I probably break fashion rules on a regular basis. My only rule for myself is never wear white. It scares me too much!

  34. rules are meant for bending:)

  35. there should be no rules when it comes to dressing. one should wear whatever looks good and whatever one feels comfortable in. i am getting married this year on labor day weekend- and you bet your ass i am wearing white 🙂


  36. Not big on rules here. My favorite rule to break is mixing brown with black. I cancount the amount of black items I own on one hand, none of which are shoes. So whenever I wear a black piece I always wear a brown belt or other accent to tie in brown shoes.

  37. Lindsay •

    I say break all the rules! But, I don’t think I will ever be able to mix brown and black. It just never feels right to me. Maybe someday with the right inspiration!

  38. Rules on colors/patterns and times of the year are definitely made to be broken! The only rules I do abide by are really around looking appropriate for the occasion. So while mixing crazy patterns is totally fun, it may not be appropriate for a big meeting where you’re trying to impress corporate types in suits 🙂

  39. rebecca •

    i am loving the pattern mixing right now as well. i love your flower with poka dot mix!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmail dot com

  40. i LOVE the i heart ronson collection and even wore one of their dresses yesterday! my most common fashion breaking rule is definitely wearing rain (read:rubber) boots with anything. fancy dresses, leggings, shorts, jeans, tights…love it all! xo

  41. Jammy •

    I don’t know all the rules and I told myself I never would because isn’t breaking rules what makes personal style? In fact, I think we should all strive to break one fashion rules a day 🙂

  42. Dulce •

    I admire people who break fashion rules, but I prefer to stay classic and follow rules.

  43. Elizabeth •

    I’ve had fun starting to break the “fashion rules” the last couple of years. Winter white is elegant, black and tan or cognac is one of most beautiful color combos ever, and pattern mixing is adorable!!

  44. Margery •

    If it works it works, rules be damned. The most interesting outfits result from rule breaking.

  45. Rules were meant to be broken! I followed them all in high school (especially the no mixing of black and brown) and really wish I knew then what I know now!

  46. It seems there is a “fashion rule” for everything. I just tend to wear what I want and ignore them all :). My only rule is that I try to stay away from things that don’t flatter me, but really who doesn’t?

  47. Being from Arkansas, JCPenney’s is pretty much a staple in my fashion diet. As far as breaking fashion rules, i would break them all to follow the #1 rule of fashion: Wear what makes you feel good!

  48. I’ve never been to JCPenny….but I have been to JCPennEy…just saying.

  49. StacyC •

    Fashion rules can be broken…as long as you make it work!

  50. Hi! You look SO cute! I definitely think that fashion rules are stupid! I mean, fashion is supposed to be fun, why should there be any rules? It’s not like you are going to hurt somebody by wearing black and brown together lol.

  51. sarah •

    lots of fashion “rules” are from a different time when social constraints on women were tighter. today the most important rule for fashion is to wear what makes you feel beautiful inside and out. so fashion rules like “no white before memorial day or after labour day” are silly.

  52. I bought my dress there for my friends wedding based on your twit pic of this! I did not find this dress but i wish I did 🙁 My zipper totally broke on my dress and my friends had to sew me into it. Pretty unfortunate but when I go to return my dress I will look for this 🙂

  53. I quite like JC Penney, myself. As far as “rules” go, I used to follow a few of them as guidelines but have since disregarded them. As a bigger girl, I’ve always been told not to wear horizontal stripes, but I forgot about that a long time ago 🙂

  54. Mindy B. •

    Hi Jen!I love breaking all those rules you listed! One rule breaking style I am in love with right now is mixing all shades of one color, so fun!

  55. I think there are no fashion rules! One of my favorite ones to break as of recently is black with navy. It is actually a ridiculously chic combination!

  56. Rules!? what rules?…As long as you feel comfortable and fabulous in what your wearing throw the rulebook out the window!

  57. Fashion rules? What? I don’t believe in any such things.

  58. rules are meant to be broken!

  59. Minal •

    Yes love breaking rules.. makes me happy. Like wearing white in winter or mixing blue stripes with brown 😉

  60. Fashion rules are soooooo made to be broken!

  61. i used to think that black and brown is a no no/ but thanks to bloggers who’s awesomely breaking this rule and show just how beautiful this two color mixed together if done right.

  62. I love that outfit Jen! You look great!

    I am a rule breaker that is for sure. Like you I am all about the winter whites and mixing black/brown and mixing metals…. mixing patterns scares me though! I love it when I see other people to it (like you!) but I am not that brave yet I guess 🙂


  63. I’m all for breaking fashion rules!

  64. I love breaking the rules too! Mixing patterns is my new spring favorite!

  65. Hi! The rules are meant to be broken. Wear what you want, when you want and whatever makes you feel how you want!

  66. Ingrid •

    When you break the rules, you look great! Me??? Sometimes not so much… I do LOVE the dress you’re wearing and the polka dot belt!! LOVE it!

  67. Sarah Q •


  68. Jamie •

    I always feel like I don’t know enough about fashion to break the rules… but I suppose that means I break rules more often than I know!

  69. I think fashion rules are made to be broken! Fashion moves forward when you push the boundaries a bit (or a lot)!

  70. beene31 •

    I think fashion rules are meant to be broken…especially when it comes to white clothes! I think white can be worn in any season.

  71. I like to break the rules. Mostly because I don’t know what they are…and don’t really care to!!

  72. fashion rules are silly. i feel like fashion is too free and open to stay within the lines. i didn’t always feel this way…of course when you’re younger and still trying to ‘impress’ people to fit in, i felt i definitely stayed inside the lines more…but as you get older and develop your own style, it’s easier to not care what other people think and to push those boundaries!! fashion is so fun. i love the mixed pattern look and as much as i’d like to say that i do it often, i definitely don’t. patterns are something i’d like to try and buy/play with more for sure as i don’t have many prints and patterns in my current wardrobe.

  73. I really really love that dress!!! I used to stick to fashion rules… I tried not to wear navy with black or black with brown or mix silver and gold. These days I feel like fashion rules don’t matter anymore… you can wear whatever you want (well within reason) and get away with it… plus are the fashion police really going to get you in trouble?

  74. I don’t know how terribly original this is, but I love pairing casual and fancy items. T-shirts with dress pants, pearls with jean shorts. I haven’t shopped at a department store for ages, but it looks like JC Penny has got it going on!

  75. Rules are made to be broken! I don’t have any rules, other than to never wear anything I don’t feel comfortable in once dressed. If something is too small/big/flashy, I can’t relax and enjoy myself!

  76. Break all the rules! One of my least favorite rules is the “no brown and black” together! I love brown and back together – completely adds depth and adds a neutral feeling to an otherwise dark outfit!

  77. Kerry •

    The only rule I really follow is white shoes after Memorial Day. In general I don’t like white shoes – but sandals are cute but only in the summer in my book. The rest – who cares?

  78. Super cute! I agree about the rules – boo to them! Wear what makes you feel adorable…


  79. Just watch the hemlines and cleavage, that is all! Haha

  80. Such a cute dress! And rules are there to be broken! 🙂

  81. Oh I love JC Penny, I say nay on the rules though. Like they say “Some rules are meant to be borken!” 😉

  82. white after labor day!
    blue shoes with blue pants!
    love that jc penney has a large variety of sizes…

  83. That dress is so pretty and fun!

  84. They’re definitely made to be broken! How boring would that be if we all matched? Anywho, I love how you matched the floral with the polka dots – rockin’ girl!

  85. Fashion rules are totally meant to be broken! I personally love to wear brown and black together.

  86. i LOVE breaking fashion rules! it makes for interesting outfits that can turn into conversation pieces and inspiration for others! 🙂 what a cool concept for a contest, and i actually HAVE noticed recently that jc penney is stepping up their game… good for them!

  87. Fashion rules were made to be broken! I think it’s really funny to see how a lot of people that actually do follow them look ALL the same, it’s as if they all went in groups to the same store and bought themselves the same items, it is just boring. Being yourself and having your own style is so much better, originality is the key. “Fashions fade, style is eternal”

  88. gillian •

    I love mixing colors and patterns that don’t necessarily go together. Yay!

  89. Tina Z •

    I hate fashion rules, especially no white after Labor Day. I love winter whites!!! And will wear what makes me happy, rules be damned!

  90. Haha what a great post! I remember the day I realized that my black t-shirt looked good with my brown belt and that wearing it meant I could wear my brown boots, too! It’s funny because the majority of fashion seems to stem from bending and stretching the rules.

    Great giveaway!


  91. Evelyn •

    JCP is totally my secret spot. They always have a plethora of fun dresses and inexpensive accessories. Zero guilt!

  92. Michelle •

    i always find that breaking the rules can be great to a limit. I mean even canadien tuxedos if done correctly can be amazing.

  93. Brenna •

    Rules should be broken! ( as long as it looks good) I love wearing a striped skirt with a floral print top. Just look at the color blocking trend going on right now; who would have thought that a hot pink skirt would look good with an orange top? but it looks amazing! Mixing patterns and colors, if done the right way can look very chic. Love you Jen!

  94. Jenna •

    MOST are made to be broken!!

    Your outfit is super cute!

  95. Fashion rules have always seemed pretty silly to me. My purse never matches my shoes and I frequently mix polka dots, stripes, and florals. Why not?!

  96. shaine •

    break em! pattern mixing forever

  97. Hi! =) I used to be a rule follower but lately I’ve decided that mixing metals isn’t all that bad, brown & black can go together, and white should be worn whenever you feel like it! If you like it you should wear it!

  98. I love to mix black and brown! I like to see how others mix patterns, but I generally don’t do it myself.

  99. Absolutely.. ALL rules are meant to be broken at one point or another!!

  100. adnana •

    honestly, i go by the rules. For me it works soo much better than trying something new and looking weird. oh well, i guess i am old fashioned.
    THanks for this amazing opportunity,

  101. Lindsay •

    Made to be broken! Rules are a good place to start but sometimes they need to be challenged 🙂

  102. Rules are made to be broken!
    I am trying my hand more and more about mixing different colors. I am still unsure pattern wise, but I am easing into it….

  103. i’m a fat girl who loves to wear horizontal stripes. rules are made to be broken.

  104. Hm, I have a hard time following ANY rules, haha… but yeah, fashion rules are silly. Wear what you want! Today I have on a lace cami under a bright turquoise sweater, and Converse sneakers. Oh, and pants too. ;o)

  105. Jenny •

    I try to be daring and break rules, but I’m pretty much a wuss. I’ve been working on mixing patterns, and you’re a great inspiration! Thanks for the chance!

  106. Dayany •

    I love JC Penney and I love breaking rules!

  107. I love JCP! They have awesome styles in the most wonderful colors. Clothes are meant to be fun so out with fashion rules!=)

  108. Kristen •

    I love me some horizontal stripes, mixing black and camel brown, and I currently am wearing white jeans….

  109. Black and Brown can totally go together. It’s a fashion rule I break all the time. It’s super cute. What a Fun Giveaway!

  110. carrie •

    i say follow some rules and break some. i would never, for instance, wear open-toed shoes with tights, but some people love that look. print mixing and mixing brown and black are dos in my book, however.

  111. heather •

    I think it’s best to wear what makes you look and feel your best, no matter what it is! Thanks for the giveaway!

  112. I’m really interested in getting some classic pieces that I can wear for a while, but love to have a splash of rule breakers in my closet at all times!

  113. I think that the worst rule ever is that you should wear whatever everyone else thinks is acceptable. As long as you don’t look trashy, why not wear what you love? 🙂

    Love this dress!! 🙂

  114. I think fashion rules are more like “guide lines”…love to bend them a little at a time! Fun!

  115. Maria •

    Great giveaway!!!
    I for one am a brown/black wearer. A friend not too long ago made a snide comment on someone’s outfit cause she was wearing black pants with brown boots. I loved the look and made it clear that is a look I love. So next time we got together I made sure I was wearing black/brown. And not too soon after she was too!

    I must confess, I thought the white rule only applied to shoes. I always wear white in winter. Just not white shoes ; )

    As for the pattern mixing, I am not there yet, I love the look on other people but I feel like an idiot. Maybe I just need to invest in better choices, which is where the $50 at JC penny would come in extremley handy!


  116. Meant to be broken of course! My favorite is mixing black and navy or black and brown. Mix it up for sure!

  117. I used to care a lot about fashion rules until I remembered how fun it was as a child to pick out whatever I wanted from my closet & wear it with pride. Fashion rules are for the uninspired, the boring, and the followers. I’ll wear what makes me happy – broken rules and all!

  118. “to each his own”- that’s what i say about fashion and any rules that may be applied. i love clean, classic outfits but i’m certainly not opposed to mixing prints or adding an unexpected pop of color 🙂


  119. Kaitlin •

    Love jcpenney! Fashion rules are made to be broken. Except socks and sandals.

    Kaitlinwilson1 at gmail dot com

  120. Amanda B. •

    I definitely wear whatever works for me and my body type disregarding so-called rules. I frequently wear blacks/browns together and mix patterns when it works for me. I’m still trying to find what works for my new “mom’ body and trying to run off some of the mom curves, so a $50 gift card would help me get some new pieces!

  121. I think that, on the whole, fashion rules are there to guide, more than restrain us. So break away!

  122. I agree that “fashion rules” are overrated and I love mixed prints, but I’ve only started wearing black and brown together in recent months. It’s so funny the way something like that really gets in your head! The first time I wore black and brown together, I literally had to force myself to leave the house! It’s much easier now, how silly that it made me that squeamish! LOL!

    Circadian Rhythm

  123. Some rules I totally break – like redheads shouldn’t wear red … but the white shoes before Labor Day I still follow. I think that it was so pounded into me over time that I truly cannot put on a pair of white shoes before the end of May.

  124. Megan •

    I break the rules all the time. I get a few weird looks for doing such but I don’t care!


  125. That dress looks amazing on you! I remember when you tweeted about it, too…love the floral.

    What I have learned since starting my style blog is that THERE ARE NO RULES. Period.

  126. Amanda S. •

    I gave up the fashion rules in college.. especially when Easter fell super early some years… I bascially start wearing white shoes/pants after easter.. and in the North Eastern part of the US we have seasons so… when it’s warm I breakout the white!!!

  127. This is a wonderful giveaway Jen! And I’m loving how you’ve styled the dress. As for fashion rules? Definitely meant to be broken. I LOVE mixing my patterns. xx veronika

  128. I try to break my fashion rules.. They are what inhibited me from having fun with fashion in the first place!

  129. I think “fashion rules” are made to be broken. People take clothing too seriously sometimes. Have fun with it!

  130. I think some fashion rules are more valuable than others and should be generally followed, but they all should be broken at some point or other.

  131. Rules, blah, blah, blah!!! I only keep fashion rules for myself not everyone else! JCPenney is a fabulous place to shop, and even better their headquarters is based in my neck of the woods….Go TX!!!!

    Thank you for doing giveaways, so sweet!!!

  132. Heather •

    I always break fashion rules! I love black and brown together and mixing patterns is so much fun. I love thinking outside of the box and trying new things!

  133. Amanda C. •

    I’m kinda in the middle. I like to place it safe with a little crazy! 🙂

  134. Rules shmules, I wear what I’m feeling into at the moment! And I’m a big I Heart Ronson fan as well, and the JcP clearance racks are hott!

  135. I think I love all the prints and colors from this season!! as well as the rumpers!!!

  136. Felicia •

    The one fashion rule that I always hear is ” no white after labor day!”
    It has always confused me because I’ve always thought, “how long does this rule last after labor day? A few days? A month? Who knows?”. I’ve finally come to the conclusion: who cares? These rules are definitely meant to be broken. It’s up to us fashion gals to prove these “rule-makers” wrong.

  137. I loooooooove that dress! And I mix patterns ALL THE TIME. My mom once asked me how I always pick the ugliest thing on the hanger and somehow make it cute. It was the best back-handed compliment ever. 🙂

  138. Brooke •

    Love this outfit 🙂 And JCPenney has really stepped up their game! I was pleasantly surprised on a visit last year w/ my mom 😉 And I always seem to forget about it, thanks for the reminder!

    As for rules…they’re meant to be broken…touche! I wear white whenever/wherever! And love to mix patterns & genres…why not!?! Otherwise it just gets boring/old! Gotta mix up the closet every now and then!

  139. Kelly •

    I usually like to abide by fashion rules, but I love breaking the when you can wear white rule! I love winter white!

  140. It’s safe to say: Fashion “rules” have gone completely out the window, thank goodness… thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  141. Break all the rules! This dress is beautiful!

  142. Clair •

    I think the fashion rules mean well. I mean, I was always told not to wear black and brown, for instance. Of course you can mix these colors and look great. But it can also be done and look really bad. I generally don’t follow the fashion rules ( I went to Catholic school and was always getting in trouble with taking liberties with my uniform.) However, sometimes my job requires me to dress in business attire and I do try to stick to those rules as I know there are people who find the rules important.

  143. I am constantly mixing black and brown. I love the way they look together. Same with gold and silver jewelry. I like to layer multiple chains and pendants of diffferent metals to step up a plain outfit.
    And I love this dress!

  144. Becka •

    I kinda like fashion rules, to be honest. JCPenny is great!

  145. I love a nice pair of winter white boots with winter white pants – so sleek!!!! Or even pairing the white pants with a black top – sort of like the reverse of everything we’ve ever been told about wearing dark on the bottom so it makes you look skinnier (or I’ve been told that :)!)

  146. I have been on a total pattern mixing kick. My favorite discovery thus far is a mix of black/white houndstooth high wasted shorts and a vintage navy swiss dot blouse. It was a grab the first thing and put it on because its sunny and beautiful outside discovery, and I’ve already worn it twice again.

  147. Rebecca •

    I LOVE breaking fashion rules! Today I am breaking the same one as you. I’m wearing a striped sweater with an exaggerated plaid skirt, and I think it looks great!
    Breaking fashion rules makes me feel fun, different, and makes my day just a little more exciting!

  148. helene •

    Broken of course.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. Rachel •

    This is a funny question for me, I think…. I went to private school my entire life before going to college, and a part of me still really gravitates towards that prepped out, basic, matchy matchy style… but not always- I’m a lot more eclectic now than i was permitted to be then! I feel like my style is rule-breaking in that I definitely dress differently than most of the people in my office, who have a uniform for themselves- cable knit sweater, flared jeans, brown flats….zzz… I’m definitely a rule breaker at heart! Thanks Jen and JC Penney!

  150. Caitlin •

    My favorite outfits tend to be the result of breaking the rules!!

  151. Liberty •

    I think rules are meant to be bent all the time and broken some of the time. I really depends on where you are going to be breaking the rules. Work is more a “bend ’em” sort of place. Date nights? ALL about having fun and being sassy, etc. 🙂 Love the floral and polka dots.

  152. Emmilee •

    Fashion rules are a tricky business. I think they are generally applicable, but once you know the rules well enough, you can learn that in certain instances they don’t apply. But, if you can pull off a violation of a fashion rule, your outfit will likely make a statement, and hopefully one that is aesthetically pleasing.

    Personally, I don’t think I have an eye for the right time to break a fashion rule, though I do see a lot of people (fashion bloggers) who know just how to pull it off.


  153. LOVE this outfit, jen!! i love you mixing patterns – i still feel like i can’t pull it off. you are an inspiration, tho!

    i love jcpenney, and since i’m a budget fashion blogger, i love their clearance racks. with a $50 giftcard tho? the possibilities are endless.

  154. since I started my blog, I’ve come to love mixing brown and black. They’re neutrals! Plus it expands your wardrobe. I am also very against that “dressing for your body type” sort of rule. I say, as long as you feel comfortable, make it work. (designers!) If you’re comfortable and happy, you’ll feel sexy too 😉

  155. I have to frequently break fashion rules because I’m kinda short… pretty sure I’m not supposed to wear cropped anything, and long pants (paired with heels) is supposed to be more flattering… but I like my ankle-length skinny jeans and flats!

  156. i used to play it pretty safe, but i love mixing patterns now. i usually try to mix a bold print with a smaller pattern that maybe looks solid from far away. i love mixing metals, too! and i wear black with brown all the time. i’m still not a huge fan of navy and black, but i have been known to mix my black polka dot tights with my navy dress and i don’t really think of it as breaking any rules. i think if you look good and feel good, rules don’t matter much.

  157. I haven’t figured out all the “rules” yet but there are some definite no-nos for myself that look great on other people. Jen had a good idea taking 50 things into the dressing room. Experiment!

  158. I sometimes break the fashion rules but I’m more of a play it safe kinda person! But maybe I should try to break those “rules” more often!!

  159. marissa c •

    I think fashion rules are definitely made to be broken…. but I still cringe at the brown/black/navy combo… can’t quite seem to master that one! 🙂

  160. Meghan Schott •

    Wow! I didn’t know JCP carried such cute stuff!

  161. Woo hoo! Fashion rules are made to be broken! That’s what generates individuality and creativity! <3

  162. Really enjoyed this post! I love your example of “winter whites”– I think that’s so pretty and delicate looking. I haven’t done too much drastic pattern mixing but I remember thinking about how many more outfits I now had in my closet when I realized pattern mixing was actually an option, and a really cute option too!

  163. You might want to spell your sponsor’s name right. It’s Penney, not Penny.

  164. hiya! i believe fashion rules are meant to be broken … probably why i feel like my middle name shoulda been ‘rule breaker.’ my favorite to break currently? print-on-print and pattern-on-pattern!

  165. I wore a white blazer today – a WHOLE WEEK EARLY!!! 🙂

  166. Jen, I looove the flower patterns with the polka dots, and i def agree that some rules are made to be broken, esp when it comes to fashion 🙂

  167. I still can’t wear white shoes before Memorial Day- but winter white is a-ok in my book. I’m getting into mixing bright colors for colorblocking, but still not 100% confident to mix patterns….yet!

  168. stripes and polka dots… is that breaking the rules, i do love those two together? well i can hardly contain myself for mixing patterns everyday!! yay!

  169. Erykah •

    I don’t think fashion should have rules. It’s a form of expression and creativity and should be done so in how we see comfortable!

  170. JennyJean •

    Hi! I love mixing and matching as well. The “rule” I break most frequently is wearing brown and black together. My husband is from Europe and they do that all the time over there and it always looks so chic!

  171. Rachel •

    i definitely break fashion rules! wearing a dress with a skirt to mix it up today!

    – rachel

  172. Penny •

    The biggest rule that needs to be broken is spelling things correctly! why spell correctly when you can do it your own quirky way! wooo

  173. Lauren •

    I like JCPenny, just bought my first post-grad school “job interview blazer” from there (Door Buster Deal, half-off)! I don’t really think about fashion rules, I just wear what I think looks nice on me and what makes me happy.

  174. The only rule I follow is to make sure everything “goes.” Not matches, just goes.

  175. My rules seem to involve feeling good in it – just liking as much as I can the reflection in the mirror!!

  176. I don’t really have any fashion rules! The only rule I have is the clothes must fit properly! I love your dress! I will definitely be heading to JC Penny this weekend to find it! I don’t think my local JC Penny’s carries any of the Mango collection. I went searching for it a few weeks ago and couldn’t find it. Boo!

  177. Hi 🙂

    I used to follow them, but now I’m realizing so many more interesting things happen when they are broken!

  178. Hi. I like a lot of stuff at JCPenney after a friend and fellow blogger reintroduced me to a lot of their stuff. I used to work there, too, in college for a summer.

  179. kelly •

    LOVING this outfit! The belt looks great with the dress! I used to work at JC P back in high school and I still stop in from time to time to check out whats instore. My favorite thing is classic shapes in crazy colors or patterns.
    Have a great holiday!

  180. hi! i do tend to follow fashion “rules”- but i need a little inspiration to get out of my rut! your outfit is so cute!!

  181. fashion rules are definitely meant to be broken! recently i was reading an article about the age cut offs for certain fashions. for example, the cut off for a bathing suit was 60-something. umm, no!!! i plan to be breaking rules and wearing bathing suits well into retirement 😉

  182. Corrie •

    I enjoy mixing patterns…black w/brown…white after Labor Day and before Memorial Day…fun color combinations. But there’s also a place for the rules. And let’s face it: people are going so nuts with the whole rule-breaking thing, that sometimes it’s fun to be all matchy-matchy…just to stand out a little! 🙂

  183. Jenny •

    I was raised by women who keep spare earrings (gold AND silver pairs) in their cars lest they commit the terrible sin of letting the world see their bare earlobes. Much to their chagrin I do tend to flout the rules, but I think they are coming around. 😀

  184. Kelsey •

    I think in fashion, rules can be great guidelines to start with as you are developing a style of your own. However, fashion is an artform and meant to be a means of expressing yourself, so I believe you should feel free to do whatever. (Just please wear clothes: I don’t want to see you naked.)

  185. Bethany Fullerton •

    I love black and brown together, and also mixing patterns especially flowers with polka dots/stripes. All I say is that if you are breaking a rule: “Own it!” and nobody will know.

  186. Shannon •

    I say fashion rules are meant to be broken! You don’t want to be too matchy-matchy; you’ll just end up looking like a Barbie doll. My favorite mixer is pairing floral with stripes!


  187. Deanna G. •

    I never follow fashion rules! They’re meant to be broken, for sure.

  188. Motherozion •

    What we wear speaks volumes about who we are, whether we want it to or not. So, always be mindful of that. If you want to fit in, blend in, keep with the status quo, not ruffle any feathers … then keep it simple. Go matchy-matchy and stay away from the pattern mixing. That doesn’t make it bad or mean that you are fashionless. It just means you most likely have one of those personalities where you don’t really want a lot of attention and you don’t really want to stand out in a crowd, and that is perfectly fine. You’re probably a very classy lady (or a complete nerd). Either way, you’re beautiful 🙂 If you’re the type who likes attention and bright colors and breaking style rules, that’s equally fine. You’re probably a fierce and confident diva. That’s cool too. Style is different for each person. I, for one, love JCP and would probably go for a pretty floral frock like you’re wearing.

  189. Hi there! I definitely think it’s nice to have some rules for those less adventurous, however I like to live life on the edge.. when it comes to clothes that is. 🙂 Why not be fun and daring?! It’s good to stand out

  190. I think fashion rules need to be challenged. What the fun if everyone dresses the same every season.

  191. Fashion rules are totally meant to be broken. I wore mixed patterns yesterday and white jeans a few weeks ago. Fashion is about self-expression and you can’t put rules on that 🙂

  192. Jessica •

    I wear white in the winter too. I’m a bit too scared usually to mix patterns though. I need to get bolder!

  193. Sara Nichols •

    That dress looks great on you! I, too, am surprised by the JC Penny offerings! I’ve never really liked matching, and especially when it comes to things like purses and belts – you can forget about it!

  194. Fashion rules are silly- I also love mixing brown/ black/ navy/ gray!

  195. I am a rule breaker all the way!! I love mixing patterns and combining bold colors.

  196. i absolutely love this dress and your stylish mix of patterns! i think the only rule to follow is to wear clothes that keep you comfortable and make you happy!


  197. Heidi •

    i totally agree with you, there should be no rules in fashion except to HAVE FUN and i love how much fun you look like you’re having in these photos! what a beautiful dress! thanks for the giveaway! – heidi (

  198. Sarah •

    What an awesome dress!

    So I used to think that some of the rules were the way to go (no black and brown together)…but the more I’ve been reading style blogs such as yours, Orchid Grey and so many others, I’ve come to realize that it’s totally fine to throw the rules out! So I’m gonna say I’m a rule breaker, even though I’m taking baby steps in implementing it in my life! Thanks for the inspiration!

  199. Turophile •

    Made to be broken – within reason. Fashion rules can give you something to think about , but in the end think for yourself!

  200. Sheena D. •

    In November (winter time), I totally rocked a pretty white maternity dress with a teal shawl to attend the symphony with my husband at 35 weeks. Little did I know that all the other attendee’s would be wearing dark and black… If you feel like wearing bright colors, we should be able to wear bright colors, whenever the season!

  201. Katie •

    I love JCPenney and always find great deals there! I think fashion rules are meant to be broken! I just like it when I see others do it first! : )

  202. Ellen •

    Made to be broken! I found a great blue and white striped t-shirt dress at Walmart once.

  203. Monika •

    I’m just learning how to break through all of the ‘rules’ that have been imposed on my style, either by myself or other people! My current obsession is belts, with everything! I never thought I could wear them, due to my curvaceousness, but I have discovered otherwise. Plus they make me feel instantly pulled together! 🙂 Yay, for JCPenny!

  204. Marya •

    fashion rules are definitely made to be broken! especially with regard to age.

  205. loooove this dress and belt combo. it seems like these days pattern mixing is the new way to give your wardrobe new life. i love it. and i love penny’s, people always forget about penny’s, they have amahzing sales too.

  206. Hi 🙂 Wow! What a fun dress! Fashion rules? I am TERRIBLE at knowing what goes with what, so I rely on my hubbs 🙂 He grew up with 2 awesome older sisters who taught him well!!!! I love shopping with him!!! 🙂

  207. Sarah O •

    Made to be broken! Who wants to be the bland person who follows the rules exactly all the time?/

  208. Hi! I think that fashion is defined by taking risks, and how can you take risks if you play by the rules? Fashion rules are definitely meant to be broken if the look works!


  209. i usually play it safe…but i like to throw in random/weird vintage pieces to mix it up! 🙂

  210. Elizabeth •

    What fashion rules? Those rules are one ‘old school’ thing that do not need to be revived!

  211. Jennifer •

    I don’t really follow any fashion rules, but I do need to start thinking outside the box. Lately I just keep going back to the same silhouettes and colors. And for some weird reason I am afraid of wearing dresses and skirts even though I love them!

  212. I don’t know who made the brown and black rule, as they clearly had not seen camel and black together. This combination is among my FAVORITES in the color rule. (Then again, I honestly didn’t even know that was breaking rules until I was in college. Yes, my fashion sense borne of ignorance.) I would love to go rule breaking with a gift card! Woo hoo!

    P.S. Jen, this is maybe my favorite of any dress/skirt I’ve EVER seen you in.

  213. Rule breaker here 😉

  214. I think most fashion rules are meant to be broken! The white before labor day thing is so ridiculous, and black and navy can look really great together. I believe its all about learning through trial and error what works for you and then making your own personal guidelines (not rules).
    ps. I hate the whole match your shoes, bag & belt thing (ex. all brown or all black) – how boring!

  215. Joanne •

    The black/brown combination is one of my favorites! I don’t care what they say. Thanks!

  216. Chelsea •

    Like they always say, rules are made to be broken. Style is what you make it and if it works, it works. I say be adventurous.

  217. Laine •

    I actually LOVE JCP, but people always think it’s strange when I say that… And, they always have TONS of on sale!

  218. Maegan •

    Rules are meant to be broken! Sometimes there are reasons for them of course, but whatever you think looks good, I think go for it! 🙂

  219. Joanna •

    I definitely think the rules are made to be broken when it comes to fashion. And your style? AMAZING. Just love your blog! =)

  220. Fashion rules are definitely made to be broken! That is what makes getting dressed so much fun. You have to experiment. Though I will admit there was a time in my life when I was APPALLED to see someone mixing browns and blacks. Oh how things have changed…

  221. kathy •

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that dress! It’s such a great print and is so very flattering on you. I need to get me some of that loveliness.

    I’m new to the fashion scene (getting back into it after too many years of raising kids) so I’m just now starting to actually break some rules, and it’s fun. I think the one rule I’ve been breaking is sticking with a certain color scheme. I’m definitely more into mixing various shades of different colors.

  222. I love breaking the rules, especially mixing patterns and colors that don’t “go” together. bravo, jen!

  223. Rules are meant to be broken and if this weren’t true, we wouldn’t have the fashion we have today! I don’t like to play by the rules! Love this giveaway and your blog! 🙂

  224. Kelly •

    I love to wear stripes with floral patterns. I am crazy like that. That dress looks so cute on you!

  225. Rules are meant to be broken!

  226. Crystaleen Noemi •

    Every time I think about mixing metals, I can hear my mother’s voice telling me not to!!! But I agree RULES ARE FOR BREAKING!

  227. Christine •

    I’m rebellious by nature anyways, especially when it comes to getting dressed! I purposely break fashion ‘rules’ all the time and I think it’s silly that they even exist. Life’s way too short to wear boring clothes!

  228. Totally meant to be broken! Personal style changes every day and should never have rules. Love this dress; super fun belt pairing!

  229. Jessica T. •

    I haven’t been to JC Penny’s for a while… but I’d be willing to! Cute dress, Jen.

  230. Ann M. •

    It’s hard to have any sense of fashion or fashion rules as a mommy of two babies but what I do love is white. It was hard when I lived in MI to wear any type of white during winter or spring but it seems like any color goes great on top of white. Yes, rules are made to be broken but in the end, I have been a rule follower all my life. 🙂 These pictures are great by the way.

  231. Cute outfit! I love breaking rules. Black and brown together is one of my favorite color combos and like you, I love pattern mixing. I really push it on that one sometimes… like two diferent florals together. I dress for me and do what I like no matter what the “rules” are! 🙂

  232. Oh, how fun! Fashion rules are definitely meant to be broken — the whole fun of fashion is trying out new looks and taking risks.

  233. I don’t know if I break the rules, since I don’t pay attention to them in the first place! I wear whatever I want, and sometimes I know people like it because I get compliments, other times, they just look at me strangely. And that’s okay too!

  234. Fashion rules, smashion rules! The whole point of dressing is to feel confident and comfortable, right? As long as YOU love what you have on, you’re going to look great, and that’s all that really matters.

  235. ashley •

    penney’s is my go-to store for work basics, and i like to try their more “fun” pieces on occasion as well. I wish I was more of a fashion rule-breaker, but I tend to trust and abide a bit too much.

  236. boon1211 •

    i love black and brown together!

  237. I feel like I’m always so boring with my dressing but I love how it looks when you mix and match patterns. Inspiring!!

  238. Keds. People make fun of me because I wear Keds, which are generally an item for the 65 year old woman.

  239. I think fashion rules were definitely made to be broken, but not everyone can pull it off well. You definitely push the edges with grace and fabulosity!

  240. most of the time I believe fashion rules should be broken with wreckless abandon. Try stuff out and see what looks good!

    (the one fashion rule i think might need to be followed more than it is though is this: leggings are not pants!)

  241. Mary K •

    They are definitely dated! I love pattern mixing these days.

  242. Some rules were meant to be broken – you can’t wear white before Memorial Day without getting at least one comment!!

  243. Ooh that is a cute dress!

    I completely ignore fashion rules. The only thing I care about is what looks good on me. It’s hard enough to find stuff that fits! I don’t wear much white any time of year because I have such pale skin. Though I have a long white skirt I love.

  244. i love your dress/belt combo. i definitely like to break the rules…you have to feel great about how you dress and i love to dress to fit my mood.

  245. Chelsea •

    I think the rules are silly. In fact the other day on my blog I showed a picture of me wearing stripes and a tribal pattern. It was so much fun to pair these two odd balls together.

  246. Michelle •

    I think that most fashion rules are meant to be broken! Fashion should be fun!

  247. Tarynn •

    Some days I follow “the rules” and other days I break them all! It just depends on my mood…

  248. I’d love to win this Giveaway! I would say I would love to start breaking the fashion rules I have for myself like only having fitted or not extremely baggy shirts – I should branch out and find something that’s more flowing and loose.

  249. I would rather risk looking silly than always play it safe – break those rules!

  250. Margaret •

    I wonder when “fashion rules” ever even became rules. My theory is, if it looks great, then wear it! LOVE the dress w/ polka dot belt on you. 🙂

  251. Fashion rules are boring! I love the dress, by the way.

  252. the only fashion rule that isn’t meant to be broken is that things should flatter you… other than that – bend them, break them, smash them!! 🙂

  253. kateg •

    gotta break the rules! white looks great all year long 😉

  254. Shantay •

    i think fashion rules are made to be’s alot more fun that way! 🙂

  255. ewhatley •

    Fashion rules should be whatever feels good to you. If you love it, wear it with joy!

  256. amanda •

    Ahhh hell, rules were made to be broken and I lovelovelove this look on you! I may have to borrow it sometime!

  257. Wear what you love, even if it means breaking the “rules”!

  258. Deborah •

    Rules are meant to be broken right? And I usually don’t like florals (chalk it up to be forced to wear copious amounts as child) but this dress is lovely!

  259. Lori Aretz •

    Hi! I’m a rule follower, but I wish I could break em!

  260. I don’t follow too many fashion rules. I’m quite a fan of print mixing, but don’t do it all that often. I don’t really think about the rules all that much. Your outfit is absolutely adorable. I love the polka dot belt with your floral dress. So pretty!

  261. chelsea •

    an old high school friend and i were discussing her possible move from boston back to california, and she mentioned something i’d never thought of before. she said she was looking forward to “dressing how she wanted to dress when she’s back in LA,” because in boston she always felt like she was “trying to hard.” not ever having lived on the east coast myself, i dunno if that’s actually A Thing, but i count my blessings that where i am — geographically and life-wise — i can wear what i damn well please! …also, now that i’ve “matured” and grown into a certain curvy body-type (yikes), i’m only sticking to one rule: it had better be physically flattering. :p

  262. I love the dots and floral! Mixing patterns is definitely my favorite rule to break!

  263. marta •

    I’m definitely a rule breaker! I love mixing patterns and getting crazy with color combos! I once had a student tell me that I wear a lot of colors, but he had to agree with me that all looked good together! 😉

  264. Fashion is about expressing yourself, so if you’re a rule breaker by nature GO FOR IT! For me personally, some are meant to be broken, some are in place for good reason (visible panty lines…never cool).

  265. Jackie •

    Love the dress and the pattern mixing! Thanks for hosting!

  266. They are definitely meant to be broken! aren’t all rules? hehe. but, one of my faves is mixing black&brown!

    p.s that dress looks so GOOD on you! you are a beautiful mama!

  267. I tend to not break the rules that often. Except with black and brown. I will wear them together just because I love both colors.

  268. bianca •

    This outfit is fabulous. And you should absolutely break the rules!!! Fashion is meant to be fun and breaking the rules can be fun 🙂

  269. Sarah •

    I love that dress-the floral pattern is gorgeous and it makes you look thin! I occasionally follow fashion rules…but I usually prefer to break them! 🙂

  270. Molly •

    I know this is a long shot, but I searched forever to find your dress and I can’t find it ANYWHERE!!! Do you know where I could find it online? I feel like I need it. You make it look so good!

    (Also – love your multi colored manicure! So perfect!)

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