Afternoon Stroll

Last Saturday we decided to head out for a little stroll around our neighborhood. We live right by the Mohawk/Hudson River so there are lots of beautiful waterfalls and LOTS of old locks. Most don’t even have water thru them anymore and have become all overgrown but they are still really fun to explore…

This is by far Rowan’s favorite face to make…
I don’t know why she makes it but she does it all the time. It is accompanied by loud fast breathing. It makes us laugh every time.

*outfits c/o jcpenney

  1. Lovely photos.
    Lovely dresses.
    Silly baby face.
    It made me smile.

  2. Oh gosh! What a doll!


  3. andrea •


  4. That last photo kills me! 😀

  5. Jennifer •

    Omigosh my niece did the same face/breathing thing. Adorable!

  6. you guys are SO CUTE. all of you. & the picture of you holding up Rowan is so sweet and idyllic.

  7. So cute! (I knew that was a penney’s dress!!)

  8. so cute that face!haha

  9. Oh my goss! these photos are so cute. Memories to treasure forever 🙂 xo

  10. Breanna •

    these are wonderful! you seriously have the worlds most BEAUTIFUL baby! her faces are hilarious haha

  11. Adorable pictures! Love her funny face!!

  12. You have such a beautiful family, Jen! Little Rowan is just too cute.

  13. You all are so beautiful, and I love little Rowan’s facial expression – what a cutie!

  14. Your dresses are too cute! I’ve got to find a dress like Rowan’s for my babe! How sweet

  15. She is ADORABLE! love your dresses too. -e

  16. Your family is TOO cute! Seriously. Hot husband, adorable baby, and beautiful you. Better yet, you seem like real good people:)

  17. Alainna •

    What a fun adventure! No treasure found, but treasures of the heart most certainly created.

  18. Krystal •

    Jen!! These are my new favorite pics of Rowan!!! Love Love Love them:):):) she s so cute:):)

  19. Adorable outfits and photos. Your family is just so sweet!

  20. kathy •

    omg i just can’t stand how cute your baby is.

  21. Lol. Our little Avery does the same thing! I just love it. We call her a bulldog when she does it too.

  22. Your family is adorable!

  23. Such a pretty dress & gorgeous photos! :]

  24. love these photos, you guys are an adorable family!

  25. such a gorgeous fam!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  26. Jen, you look SO thin in these pictures – I guess it’s all your running! You seriously have the cutest family…you should all model together!

  27. Birta •

    Oh my word, your dress. I want it.

  28. You guys make such a great family!

  29. Beautiful family! What a treasure these photos are!

    Can I ask what kind of tripod you take with you on these off-road adventures? I can’t seem to find one the just-right one I’ve been searching for….thanks!


  30. I love this look! Definitely using this look as inspiration for my next shopping trip! & your baby is adorable!

    Follow me & I’ll follow you!

  31. Lol, what a cute face! The pictures of the three of you are so sweet! 🙂

  32. seriously too precious! heading up to your area as we speak (brother’s grad at rpi..woot!) and hoping the weather stays this beautiful.

  33. samantha •

    Lovely photos! Ha–that’s the face my kids and i make. when we do we’re pretending to be dogs with the fast breathing (like sniffing) it makes us all laugh! Has Rowan seen a dog lately?

  34. Love your dress! So vibrant, a perfect spring dress.

  35. These photos are just wonderful!! you guys look like a family out of a picture frame!! 🙂

  36. awwwww. this is cute! <3 I want to have some photos like these. anyway, check my website to make a virtual album. <3
    ps: the dress is so great. <3

  37. Look at that face! Haha, so cute! And the last photo of all 3 of you is SO GORGEOUS of you! So so pretty!

  38. My nephew does the same face AND the same loud/fast breathing while making the face! He’s almost 18 months and has been doing it for a while now. No one knows why he does it, or what he’s trying to express with it…but honestly, it kind of freaks me out.

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