Brimfield, Swaps & Friends…

It’s funny how life changes over the years, the people you meet, the turns you take. This past weekend we got to hang out with our friends at Brimfield and at the clothing Swap in Worcester. I love this gang. I use to refer to them as my blogging friends, but they really are more than that to me. I got asked a little while ago how Punky, Julie and I all met and the whole story is really funny to me because for 3 girls that have so much in common, it really started way back with Kev and Adam in High School. Here it goes…
Kev + Adam= Best friends since High School (also in an awesome Pop Punk band called Dexter). I meet Kev in College. We all know that story. I then, meet Adam in College because of Kev. Adam meets Punky. Adam tells me I need to meet his friend Punky because she is awesome and she also has a blog. Punky and I start emailing. We decide the first time we should meet is at a train station in CT on the way to NYC to stay together for the weekend. We instantly hit it off. The next month I meet Julie in Albany because she is an admissions counselor for an art college that has a table at a portfolio day review that I am bringing my students to. We also hit it off. Julie then meets Punky and as time goes by we all, significant others included (Chris we love you too!) have formed this group of friends.
I love these girls. They relate to me in a way most people can’t. When your blog becomes so much a part of your life as mine has for me, it is hard to have someone fully understand that part of your life who doesn’t blog. We have bonded over many things over these past 2 year and I hope that we can stay close friends for many more to come. Blogging is a crazy thing. It opens doors to a community that at times can be harsh but for the most part surronds you with people who truly can become your best friends.

ok, all the mushiness is over now. Enjoy some pictures from Brimfield…

p.s. on a side note I got harassed twice for having a baby there. It was like 75 and sort of sunny. Not 105 with full sun. Rowan was wearing sunscreen and a hat and still people kept giving snide comments like “I hope that baby is wearing sunscreen.” ugh! I hate peoples stupid opinions like that. Kev and I decided to just say “nope, she isn’t. We think if she gets a tan, it will make her look slimmer.” haha we are jerks but why do people assume you are a bad parent?

p.p.s. I am thinking there needs to be some sort of blogger meet up next Brimfield (most awesome antique fair ever!) Road Trip ladies!!

  1. Hahahaha I love your response to the remarks about Rowan. Honestly… people are so ridiculous. I don’t even have a child but I’ve heard it first hand from friends and have seen people say things when it’s not at all their position to do so. But 75, partially sunny, AND she’s at least obviously wearing a hat? Hope her tan worked out well πŸ˜‰ Haha

  2. hahahaha can’t stop laughing. that is the most hilarious response to rude baby comments. ever. LOVE it. Go girl.

  3. Ooooh AJ and I have been talking about going to this. Maybe the one in July? I really loved seeing your photos and hearing the story of your and your girlfriends! So sweet! xo

  4. Oh and p.s. thanks for the Warby Parker link. AJ has been wearing the silliest harry potter wire frames for so long since he hasn’t been able to wear contacts lately! He’s been looking for some cool glasses at a non-crazy price… they seem perfect!!! Thanks Jen!!

  5. I don’t understand why people seem to love to give unsolicited advice about child rearing to complete strangers these days.

    I would LOVE for there to be a Brimfield meetup, as I have been dying to go (and actually used to work in Sturbridge in high school) but never have been able to. I think this July I’m actually going to take a day off from work to go.

    I’m looking forward to the BR event tonight, and love that I’ll get to meet you in real life after following your blog for about a year!

  6. Wait … what??! You’re not supposed to take your kids outside when it’s sunny? No, a MUCH better option would be to keep them inside and watch TV all day … Rude baby/kid comments are the worst.

  7. This is so cute!

  8. People are so rude. You’re both great parents! It always seems to be the ones that aren’t – either they’ve never had kids or their kids never turned out great because they were terrible at it – that have something to say. I loved my mom for the way she handled us growing up, and handling people who had something to say about the way my parents took care of us. Your baby & hubs know you’re doing a great job and that’s all that matters! πŸ˜‰

  9. Great post, Rowan is so adorable! And I live in Texas and we took our baby to a similar antique fair this past weekend and there were babies (some younger than ours) EVERYWHERE. In Texas. In May. Just saying, I am sure little Rowan was fine. Totally hate that judgy thing!

  10. You should have some sort of a meetup 4th of July weekend. We’re driving from Wisconsin to Maine Friday and Saturday, so I’ll be driving right past all you guys! I’d have to convince my husband to stop…but that’s beside the point.

  11. This is SUCH a cute story– I love it and I think it’s so great how you are all so close!! The blogger meet up sounds amazing! I’ve never been to Brimfield, and funny enough I go to school near by πŸ™ Btw, you’re an awesome mom and I don’t get why people say such insensitive things.

  12. Hahaha I love how people feel the need to share their stupid opinions all the time – your response is the best, throw it right back in their faces. People should mind their own business! You and Kev are great parents:)

  13. she is such a chunky baby! how adorable. also adorable is your little love story with julie and punky. i’ve seen that kind of blog love and it’s what made me want to start blogging in the first place.

  14. This post makes me smile. I love that !

  15. It’s nice that complete strangers will give you advice, isn’t it? Especially when you don’t ask for it. Next time, carry around suncreen as Rowen and ask people what you should do with it. Maybe they’ll help you put it on her, because obviously you and Kev have no idea what to do with a baby and sun screen! πŸ™‚

    Rowen is totally adorable in these photos πŸ™‚ I bet she loved the sun!

  16. LOVE the story of how you all met and came to be friends. i consider you all blogging powerhouses- you go girls πŸ™‚


  17. Very cool. I always wondered, but never knew. So you and Punky already had blogs when you met…did Julie, too? It was so great to meet Amy and you in Texas…hope we can hang out again sometime!!!

    P.S. I absolutely LOVE what you said: “When your blog becomes so much a part of your life as mine has for me, it is hard to have someone fully understand that part of your life who doesnÒ€ℒt blog.” When I left for Texas, one of my friends asked me to not forget about her. I thought this was crazy at the time, and then I went to Texas and made so many friends who just GET me that much more…and now I miss everyone so much! πŸ™‚

    AND, Rowan is adorable. (Duh.)

  18. HAHA! I love your response to whether or not Rowan was wearing sunscreen. People should mind their own business!

  19. Best. Comeback. Ever. Filing that one away for later!

  20. Complete randoms gave you their opinions on your baby? weird! Love that you’re all friends. Your blogs are awesome πŸ™‚

  21. If you have a baby, shouldn’t you live in a temperature controlled bubble? Just asking…
    Thanks for the ‘how we met’ story… I’ve been wondering. It’s so true about blogging and friendship, it is the weirdest thing for me to explain to friends who don’t blog, so I just don’t talk about it much…. which feels like I am leaving out a big part of my life.

  22. i loved hearing this story! i have met so many amazing people through blogging as well, and cant wait to keep meeting more!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  23. Ohhh maybe my favorite post ever! Mostly because it show my brother with a baby carrier πŸ™‚ And Rowan is just the cutest thing! Sorry we missed you guys this weekend! Hope to see you soon.

  24. Donna •

    Jen and Kev ~
    Love all the pictures, especially the ones of MY baby and Amy! Rowan is a beautiful girl ~ cute as can be!
    I am glad to be a part of the Adam and Kev history and their reunion….. Happy that I have met Kev’s beautiful wife and Julie and Chris! I would love to have a blog – any ideas, girls?

  25. love the snarky comment from you to them… you should totally do it. everyone else always knows how to raise your kids better than you do.. ya’ll are doing a great job with rowan and just keep on doing your thing!

  26. Kelly C •

    I live in sunny Florida, where temps often reach 100 and the sun is very bright. Am I never supposed to take my kids outside???? WTH What is wrong with people? I love your comeback!

  27. Laura •

    I wish I could have been there for that. I woulda told those people off. A little sun is good for some vitamin d right? Good for you for taking her with you, she’s going to be the most well adjusted baby every.

  28. Jen I will always be there for you to sic Kev on mean old crotchety men and meddling strangers! Loved this post and love YOU!

    ps- that photo of Chris is too funny!

  29. Birta •

    I love that picture of you girls and Rowan all frowny. She looks like she planning world domination.

  30. I hate those types of comments too! How come people feel the need to comment its puzzling! We were asked if Tallulah might need some socks its cold you know….I’m like its 28 degrees (Australia!) and she is a warm babe!

    anyways rowans hat is sooooo cute!

  31. I literally just started laughing SO hard when you wrote about telling people off, “…we think it will make her look slimmer.” I’m still chuckling. I worked in daycare and as a pre-k teacher for a few years and the stupid things people would say blew my mind. ABOUT OTHER PEOPLE’S KIDS! TO THEIR TEACHER/CARETAKER!? Something about procreation makes other peoples minds melt into some weird judgment goo. The best was when I was babysitting and someone asked if I was a little young to have a child that age (kid, 3ish me, 20). I just said it was my 3rd in three years. πŸ˜‰

  32. love your comeback, ha ha!

    btw- Rowan has the best baby chubbies ever. Honestly, I love chubby babies and she is all sorts of adorable!!

  33. boston fan •

    Hazy sun CAN be scary…not that people should tell you what to do, but just because the sun is hidden doesn’t mean we don’t need to protect!! Again, your baby, you get to take care of her, but it’s an okay message deep down.

    -someone who has had skin cancer play a nasty role in her life.

  34. “if you cant tone it, tan it!” haha!

    i love the pictures of the four girls – rowan’s face is perfection. xox

  35. I am drooling over that table of vintage glasses frames!

  36. I can’t believe people said something to you about taking Rowan outside. Actually, I can because people do it to my baby all the time. He love’s being outside and in the sun. Protected of course, obviously. My neighbor thinks I’m insane because “babies are allergic to sun”. But she also throws water on the neighborhood cats, so I’m not sure I’ll trust her opinion on that one. Here in Ireland we have to supplement our babies with vitamin D drops because moms and babies aren’t getting enough sunlight, so I say take Rowan out and have a blast. That’s your job as her mommy!

  37. Alainna •

    Making memories. That’s what you’ll have when Rowan is all grown up and moved out. These are the things you’ll remember so take her every where and HAVE FUN πŸ™‚ Perhaps those rude ppl are just jealous that Rowan is the cutest lil peanut.

  38. A blogger meetup at Brimfield would be WONDERFUL!

  39. people are so annoying!! i’m due with my first (a girl!) in october and we live in florida. if i didn’t take her out in weather over 75 we’ll never leave the house!!! people need to get a grip sometimes.

  40. Sarah T. •

    Grrrr! I got those kind of comments from my own family over Memorial Day weekend! We bought our baby a little whale pool for her to kick around in (since she loves to do that in the tub) and EVERYONE told us, “Be sure you don’t leave her alone in the pool!”

    She’s barely 5 months. OF COURSE I am not going to leave her alone in the pool. She can’t even sit up without someone holding her! Bah.

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