Blowfish Giveaway (CLOSED)!!

Are you ready to win some Casita Sandals?? Blowfish is giving away a pair (color and size of your choosing) to one lucky winner!!

1. All you need to do visit Blowfish take a look around, then is leave a comment below.
2. Bonus entry for following them on twitter (leave a second comment letting us know you do)

Giveaway open from now until Sunday night. Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email. Good Luck!

  1. So cute! If I don’t win, I think I’ll have to buy a pair of those Casita sandals anyway.

  2. amazing sandals!

  3. following on twitter. @1960shaircut

  4. heather •

    Love their shoes! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. Joanna •

    Eeeep! Such a great giveaway!! I just loveee their shoes!!

  6. love these. im short so a tiny bit of height on my sandals goes a long way.

  7. I love my garen platforms from blowfish, but these look ideal for the summer!!
    i’m studying abroad right now and left all my sandals back in england so I’m desperate for a cute pair of summer shoes. these would be perfect- i love the tan ones!!


  8. I featured those sandals on my blog a few months ago! Would love to wear them this summer.

  9. I follow Elise on Twitter, too!

  10. LOVING the black Casitas with that outfit!!

  11. LOVE these sandals…LOVE Blowfish:)

  12. I totally want all of their stuff, the sandals are great!


  13. I follow them (and you) on twitter:)

  14. Following them on twitter too @sweetersalt

  15. Marie •

    Yay, those sandals are so cute!!

  16. Emily •

    So cute! They have awesome flats too. Thanks for hosting this!

  17. I adore Blowfish and I’m super excited for their sandals! I love that with every season, they are growing in styles!

  18. I love their earthy tones and their chic but wearable look.

  19. Didn’t know they had a twitter (but I guess who doesn’t nowadays).
    Following now!

  20. I love the “Charotte” shoes – but I can’t help but think they’re supposed to be called ‘Charlotte’? As Tim Gunn might say – this worries me.

  21. I hope I win! They look comfortable enough to wear all day!

  22. Annnd I’m following on Twitter!

  23. But then again, Charotte is a cute name too. πŸ™‚

    Now following on Twitter.

  24. Love those sandals! SO cute! =)

  25. Sarah K •

    SO cute! I love these sandals in nude! And I like following Blowfish on twitter : )

  26. Love Blowfish!

  27. I love their sandals so much!

  28. I recently got their Garren heels and I love them. So fun to wear. Would love another pair from them!

  29. i love blowfish shoes & am so glad they are taking the internet world by storm! they deserve the cred for sure πŸ™‚ so comfy, no blisters, what could be better?

  30. So cute! I’d love a pair in black πŸ™‚

  31. also, i totally follow them on twitter, my twitter is: missteacups

  32. I love the Casita sandals! even if I don’t win – I think I’m going to pick up a pair. I love them in the Bark Stone Washed Canvas since I think that makes a great neutral (plus I own a ton of black sandals).

    And I’m following them on twitter!

  33. Lindsay E. •

    Looooove Blowfish shoes!

  34. Also following on Twitter @EKaty84

  35. these are great sandals!! ^,^

  36. Following on twitter!

  37. Lindsay E. •

    I follow @BlowfishElise on twitter!

  38. Lindsay E. •

    I follow @BlowfishElise on twitter!

  39. I love these wedges (and the rest of their shoes)! They are great sandals and the perfect height!

  40. rebecca •

    so cute! love them all!
    rwvanvoorhis at gmaild ot com

  41. Megan •

    I love blowfish shoes! Always have!


  42. Such cute shoes and vegan too. gotta love it. I’m following them too!

  43. So exciting!! πŸ™‚

  44. I would love to win a pair of these shoes!!

  45. I already follow Blowfish Shoes on twitter.

  46. So cute! I’d love to be able to win this for my sister.

  47. great giveaway! i love their shoes! xo

  48. I’ve had my eyes on so many pairs of Blowfish for a while now, and wouldn’t you know it… these are on my list! πŸ˜‰

  49. Also, I am following Elise on Twitter πŸ™‚ I was so excited when I saw she was following me too!

  50. Love the sandals, I think I found my new summer shoes!

  51. I would just love to own a pair of these beauties!
    You look fantastic in them by the way:)

  52. oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous. crossing everything as i never win anything but hope hope this is where it changes.

  53. I am also following on twitter!

  54. and now i’m following them on twitter too.

  55. Very cute! I love the minimal wedge. And vegan?!!? I wish they made men’s shoes too. I’d buy my vegan boyf a pair.

  56. I love the Casita wedges and the black Rescue wedges!

  57. Oooh, cute! I like their Roman wedges too, but these ones look like a much better heel height for me (a bit wobbly in heels…)

  58. I have a need for some blowfish in my shoe wardrobe. I have been lusting over their boots for a while.

  59. super cute, love the gun metal gray ones!

  60. Chelsey •


  61. Love these shoes! I almost bought them this morning, so would love to win.

  62. Chelsey •

    Following on Twitter @chelseyelaine. Comes in handy with all these contests!

  63. These are the cutest. I love Blowfish! I’ve been seeing these particular shoes everywhere – they are a must have for this summer.

  64. Carly •

    Love these so much! Will probably buy them anyway if i don’t win…

  65. Laura •

    These are so cute! I would love to win a pair to replace my rainbow flip-flops .

  66. Rachel •

    love these! I’m looking for a way to step out of my summer footwear rut and these will be just the thing. Thanks Jen and Blowfish!

  67. Love this giveaway!

  68. I love these sandals, especially in the Bark Stone canvas… so cute!

  69. Caitlin •

    Love how versatile the Casita sandals look. Just enough wedge for a little height, without being overdone! Would love a pair to wear throughout the summer.

  70. I love the look of these sandals! I would love to win a pair for summer!

  71. The sandbox shoes are so cute in red/white stripes!

  72. Following them on Twitter now, too. @gennyalexander

  73. Rachel •

    Love these! But they’re by blowfish, so of course I would.

  74. Love Blowfish! I’m always eyeing their shoes!

  75. beene31 •

    So cute! And I just a bought a new skirt that would look perfect with these sandals.

  76. And I follow on twitter! @ninarucker

  77. Caroline •

    Love these sandals!

  78. Kerry K •

    Following them on twitter! @ pink kerry lea

  79. Ann M. •

    OH MY, I need these. πŸ™‚ I looked around the site and loved all their sandals. Especially the ones with a little bling.

  80. Kerry K •

    Love blowfish’s natural aesthetic. Their flats are great city walking shoes while not giving up style!

  81. Love these, but love the Sandbox and Nice flats as well!

  82. Jordana •

    These look perfect for the summer, so cute!

  83. Yay! Great giveaway!!! Love these!

  84. I love blowfish shoes! I have a few pairs of flats and they are cute and comfortable {my favorite things}. Would love a pair of these adorable wedges too πŸ™‚

  85. Also following on twitter!

  86. Laura •

    Love the sandals for summer, and the Nice flats would be adorable for work!

  87. These sandals look so comfy and I could wear them to work! Blowfish has a lot of other cute shoes as well!

  88. … and I follow them on Twitter.


  89. Love these! I really love the Gilt shoes in nude as well… going on my to-buy list! I’m now following them on twitter (my username is @writesnrights).

  90. Clair •

    I love the stonewashed canvas ones! I love light colored sandals in the summer. You can wear them with anything.

  91. Felicia •

    I wouldn’t know what to choose! All three colors are really cute. Great giveaway!

  92. After seeing your post, I went directly to the Blowfish site and found a pair of sandals that I love. I’m a huge fan of blowfish shoes! Partly, it’s because of the style and party because they make shoes for my mammoth size feet!

  93. cute! i love them in khaki stone.

  94. following on twitter – vika_x

  95. oh and i’m following @blowfishshoes on twitter πŸ™‚

  96. beautiful shoes! and im following @blowfishshoes on twitter!

  97. julie •

    love the sandals!

  98. Really cute sandals. Perfect summer day-trip attire. I wouldn’t know which colour to choose! They all look lovely.

  99. following on twitter! @redlipsandbardot.

  100. Jacqueline •

    LOVE these sandals! Perfect for summer!

  101. Teddie •

    What a great beginning for my summer wardrobe!

  102. helene •

    These shoes are lovely, they look like they have the right amount of heels. I may have to order them!

  103. Teddie •

    Following on Twitter @trezziki.

  104. Love these sandals!

  105. Such cute sandals! Love them.

  106. I just bought the Garren heels about 2 months ago, and the Champ heels earlier this week – needless to say, i’m addicted. I love these as well! Even if I don’t win, I’m probably going to spend my own money, but it sure would be nice to get a free pair!

  107. GAH! I LOVE Blowfish. I was going to buy these sandals but I bought two pairs of their other shoes instead recently and was going to hold off until summer fully kicked in. Would love to win them!!

  108. also I am really glad to hear they have a twitter so I am definitely following them!

  109. I heart Blowfish! Perfect summer sandals that won’t fly off your feet… Love.

  110. casey •

    Lovely… want! their new sandals look amazing!

  111. Tina Z •

    Great summer sandals!!

  112. …And I do follow Elise @BlowfishShoes!

  113. Casita Sandals all the way! I can’t for the life of me wear heels

  114. Kirsten •

    So cute – love the black crackle color!

  115. I have been looking for a pair, JUST LIKE THESE! Please tell me this contest is open to Canadian readers?

  116. Wow! Thanks for turning me on to an awesome shoe brand I didn’t know about. I love the Casita sandals in whiskey.

  117. I love Blowfish shoes! Those sandals are awesome.

  118. As soon as I saw these on your post, I have been trying to decide what color I would get!! How great that I have a chance to win them πŸ™‚ like you said, I need to graduate from flip flops for sure.


  119. Also following on Twitter.

  120. I also follow them on twitter!


  121. Kathi Sophiea •

    Oh my god! There are so many great shoes!!

  122. Oh good, I was just admiring those in your last outfit post! πŸ˜‰

  123. Love Blowfish!! Please pick me! πŸ™‚

  124. cutee!

  125. i have been swooning over a pair of blowfish shoes for a while now. i love the ones you are wearing, jen! thanks so much for the giveaway!

  126. Oh my, I love Blowfish! Those sandals are perfect!

  127. Amanda S. •

    I love Blowfish!!!! There shoes fit so well and are very comfy! I like the Toffee Strike color of these sandals!!!

  128. Oh my.. I don’t wear heels often but these are cute enough for me to rock. LOVE them in black!!

  129. following on twitter! @lalalahana

  130. Those sandals are so cute! There are a ton of great sandals on their website, so thanks for introducing me to a new company!

  131. Stephanie •

    Ooh! I like it in Khaki. (Also, random aside, I live in Boston and am SO SO sad I won’t get to meet you at BR this week, especially since that’s the BR I frequent all the time! So sad.)

  132. Marni •

    Woo to the hoo! Love these sandles πŸ™‚

  133. Marie •

    These sandals are so so cute πŸ˜‰ LOVE

  134. the black crackle metallic are fantastic!! and they come in my size too.

    thanks for the try!

  135. i love their website! very stylish!…i definitely have my eyes on their flowery “nice” flats…


  136. Those are exactly what I’ve been looking for. I’ve also been looking for like three other things I found on the blowfish website.

  137. Olivia •

    Love them! So excited! Thanks for doing this!

  138. Olivia •

    Following on twitter too!

  139. Yeah! I love these shoes!

  140. omg this giveaway is awesome! I love Blowfish shoes, and I was needing some new sandals for this summer!!! I absolutely LOVE the khaki stonewashed canvas.


  141. Megan •

    love blowfish, and even totally loving these sandals! they were my favorite part of your last outfit, and now that there is a give away? get out!

  142. Molly •

    Love the little wedge heel on these sandals. So cute:)

  143. Cassie •

    Oh, I want these bad. Probably in whiskey. And black. And khaki. Darnit.

  144. Ooohhh la la. Who doesn’t love free shoes?!

  145. Also following on twitter @askmystudents

  146. Cute sandals and great giveaway! I followed on twitter @Bellitude5. πŸ™‚

  147. I’ve been eyeing those sandals for awhile now! I love them!!!

  148. So cute!! I would love love these sandals!!

  149. I also follow them on twitter (@schelleysturdi1)

  150. Melissa •

    Oh my, those sandals are PERFECT. I would love to own a pair! Blowfish has such great stuff!

  151. I love the Lowbow sandals!! They look like starfish!!

  152. Melissa •

    I also am following them on twitter! πŸ™‚

  153. love love these shoes! perfect for summer πŸ™‚ thanks jen.

  154. So cute! I’m in dire need of a new pair of sandals πŸ™‚

  155. Love these! Adorable! Hope I win πŸ™‚

  156. Lyndsey •

    Everything on the website is so cute!

  157. I cannot look at their site, because every time I do, I risk spending my paycheque there.

  158. Blowfish sandals! yes please!

  159. I already follow them on Twitter @preheatyouroven

  160. These shoes look super comfortable! By the way, your skirt in the picture above is ADORABLE!

  161. i absolutely love those sandals!

  162. Charity •

    I love those shoes! Great for summer!

  163. following them on twitter! @yooneroos

  164. Great looking shoes! They look very comfortable too!

  165. omg, those are amazing sandals! I love these shoes too! they have such great stuff!

  166. I also follow on twitter @caloynd <3 <3 <3

  167. amber •

    i really need some cute/casual sandals! i fear i may fall into flip flops too often unless i get a cute pair of sandals for the summer.

  168. Angie •

    Pretty pretty please πŸ™‚

  169. love blowfish!

  170. ohh! i love blowfish! i have a cute pair of flat boots from them – so comfy! i love these sandals!

  171. Laura •

    wish i had twitter now… but those whiskey ones are pretty. love these pics of you btw, cool background.

  172. I love Blowfish! Those sandals are perfect for summer!

  173. Ooh, I love Blowfish Shoes! The Roman wedges are my faves. πŸ™‚

  174. I’m following Blowfish on Twitter!


  175. Blowfish shoes are all sorts of cute and comfy – count me IN!

  176. I follow ’em on Twitter, yes I do!

  177. carrie •

    i’d love them in grey!

    am following on twitter @carriemurph

  178. I got some great boots from Blowfish, and I’ve been wanting to get some sandals! Following them on Twitter from @LordKnowsBlog as well!


    – Mel

  179. Adorable and great for summer!

  180. Cayla •

    Such cute sandals! I Love the little wedge!

  181. I’d love another pair of blowfish shoes for my collection. I have a couple of pairs of ballet flats already and I love them. I need a pair of sandals!

  182. and @kvtknits already follows them on twitter

  183. I love them in khaki stone washed canvas, super cute!


  184. and I follow them on twitter πŸ™‚ my handle is @kendallcrow

  185. Absolutely adore these shoes! Super cute!

  186. And I am following them on Twitter (I am @kateolmstead)! Woot woot!

  187. Jenna •

    so cute! Perfect for summer!

  188. Jenna •

    following on twitter as well! @jennaswan

  189. Jennifer •

    Oh, I have some of their flats from a year ago! So comfortable. I love the sandals in the grey(?)-ish color! I can’t wait for summer to get here!

  190. Kitty Smith •

    Holy cow, those Casitas are adorable!

  191. Awesome shoes! I love the Casita in whiskey strike.

  192. Loving those sandals!! Bring on the sun πŸ™‚

  193. denise •

    so incredibly cute! and it just so happens i’m in need of a new pair of summer sandals!

  194. Adrienne •

    Love these!

  195. those casitas are so darn cute – if i win this little pair – i have no doubt i’ll have to get used to the compliments aplenty that will be comin’ my way! πŸ™‚

  196. oh. and i am most happily followin’ all things blowfish on twitter too! πŸ™‚

  197. emily •

    Dang! This is one sweet giveaway! I’m lovin’ their candy-striped “Sandbox” flats! So cute!

  198. christine •

    Dear Jen,
    Pretty please, enter me! I could instantly see these uber cute sandals becoming a staple in my closet this summer.

    After browsing the Blowfish site, me thinks me might be hooked! Cute shoes & very affordable prices—how can you got wrong?! Thank you for this giveaway!

  199. kathy •

    Very cute! They go great with your outfit.

  200. adnana •

    Oh My,
    I love the grey ones:)
    Jen, i honestly love your blog, and the dedication you put in it everyday is felt by the readers:)
    Pleease pick me;)

  201. I like the khaki stonewashed! Super cute, and I like the wedge!

  202. Lorena •

    Love Blowfish and these sandals! So perfect for this summer. Really nice giveaway!

  203. Erin T. •

    Oooh fingers (and toes) crossed!! Thank you!

  204. These are so cute! you get a wedge and a flat, can’t beat that!!

  205. Adorable shoes! I would love to win a pair!

  206. I’ve been looking fora pair of new sandals. These would be perfect!

  207. Cutie! I’d love to win!

  208. Kelly Jade •

    So very cute. Perfect for summer. Thanks!

  209. & I follow blowfish on twitter! (@kaaatemclean)

  210. Amanda C. •

    Ohh–these are so cute!!

  211. LOVE these! i have been looking for something just like these for the summer!

  212. Gillian •

    So cute. So perfect! Love them.

  213. Oh man! All the colors are so great; I might have trouble choosing!

  214. Following BlowfishShoes on Twitter!

  215. Nikki •

    love these! seriously want them. blowfish is awesome! they always have a good selection and good customer service.

  216. Hooray! Such a good giveaway. I only have one pair of blowfish (love them), so I would love to add to my closet. πŸ™‚

  217. Erykah •

    I am LOVING their stuff these days!!! I would LOVE to win πŸ™‚

  218. so cute! I have been dying to find some sandals for summer

  219. following on twitter!

  220. Oh my god! Great giveaway- I’ve been a fan of Blowfish since I saw these (or something very similar) a few summers back and I am so excited that you’re giving a pair away!!!! I think I would go for the Whikey color just to mix up my shoe collection a bit. They’re all so cute!

  221. And now I am also following Blowfish on Twitter πŸ™‚

  222. I SOOOO want those sandals!!! They are so cute! And blowfish shoes are tooo comfy! πŸ™‚

  223. Sarah Rogers •

    love them!

  224. Miss Zombi •

    I love Blowfish shoes… the Segment flats are my favorite!! 8)

  225. Miss Zombi •

    Also following on Twitter!

  226. These are really cute! Now that I looked at the site I want everything!!

  227. Following on twitter……

  228. Caroline •

    So cute! I’ve been looking for a pair like that

  229. Carlee •

    I love the grey!! SO CUTE!

  230. Jen B •

    So cute! Perfect to wear for chasing my little one around πŸ™‚

  231. Shannon •

    Oh, I love blowfish! All their shoes are to die for.

  232. stacey •

    I checked out their website after I saw your first post with the sandals. They are so cute!

  233. So cute! I checked out their website. Thanks for the giveaway.

  234. I think my faves are the ones you’re wearing!

  235. Sneha •

    My favorite are the Black Crackle Casita wedges! Perfect for summer!

  236. I love how you styled these sandals jen! Especially love your hat!

    Emma x

  237. Sneha •

    Now following on twitter!

  238. Count me in! I love blowfish shoes and these sandals are so cute! Perfect for summer!

  239. Lauren •

    Love! So nice to see such a minimal wedge amidst a season of sky high heights!

  240. Loving their flats! Thanks for the opp Jen (and Blowfish!) πŸ™‚

  241. Mindy B. •

    Yummy give away! I love blowfish shoes! The tan ones would make a great addition to my wardrobe!

  242. Blowfish has so many cute styles!

  243. follow Blowfish on twitter @huffychic

  244. Amanda •

    These are so cute! I was always afraid to try the gladiator style sandal (I love them on other people, but I thought my feet would like big in them) until i tried some recently. I love them. I can’t stop wearing them.

  245. Sonya •

    These are so adorable…what a fun giveaway!

  246. Kelly •

    Super Cute! And they look comfy too!

  247. Amanda •

    Oh, and I follow on twitter πŸ™‚

  248. Maria •

    blowfish rocks!!!! I want them so badly!!!!!

  249. Jessica T. •

    Oh I love blowfish! Me and my bridesmaids all wore the most adorable slip on green floral flats at my wedding… πŸ™‚ Of course I love blowfish.

  250. these shoes are thee BEST! πŸ™‚

  251. Alanna •

    The shoes are so cute!

  252. Alanna •

    I follow them on Twitter.

  253. I love love love these shoes!

  254. Adorable, so cute with a skirt, shorts or jeans. I want them for sure.

  255. Emily •

    Adorable sandals! I would love to own a pair.

  256. Liked them on twitter!

  257. ohh so wonderful!! i love those shoes!!!

  258. April •

    really awesome site, love the sandals!

  259. Blowfish always has such cute shoes!

  260. shahleena •

    I LOVE Blowfish shoes! The “Naked” flat is adorbs! Great giveaway. πŸ™‚

  261. Misty Goodwin •

    I LOVE BLOWFISH !!! THE STYLE IS TO DIE FOR!!!!! I can not live without!!!!!!

  262. Ahh! I recently got their Garrens and I love them! The Gimmicks are gorgeous too. πŸ™‚

  263. Elisha •

    dont know how I came upon these sites but sure glad I did, these shoes are beautiful…. one day i’ll get a pair

  264. Emily •

    Decided to up my chances and I’m now following Blowfish shoes on twitter.

  265. Ohhh Pick ME!!!! What a great time for some new stylish sandals. There is a pair of wedges on Blowfish that I just can’t live without!!! πŸ™‚

  266. And I’m already following them on twitter. @knightinn

  267. gosh those are wonderful!

  268. Brenda •

    I think these would feel so good on my feet cause i am a diabetic and i can’t just wear any thing hope i win

  269. Heather •

    The hardest part about entering this giveaway is picking a color, I love them all!

  270. Wow, I love those sandals and how you styled them. Blowfish has some great summer shoes!

  271. Heather •

    I also follow on twitter! πŸ™‚

  272. Follow on twitter also. @ladyk1979

  273. Alysha smith •

    Love blowfish shoes. i have already bought 3 pairs! I need some more!

  274. Very cute sandals! They would be a perfect for my upcoming Costa Rica vaca!

  275. I follow in Twitter

  276. Jenny •

    cute shoes!

  277. Laura A. •

    These sandals are so cute and look comfortable! I like the Khaki color for summer. I’m also loving the Hannah flats!

  278. Emily •

    Those look so good on you! I hope I win and they look cute on me too!


  279. Emily •

    And Twitter follower….

  280. deb reed •

    Love this shoes

  281. Blowfish has such funky shoes! So many cute shoes!!

  282. Jessie •

    I adore the wedge selections. The rescue ones are my fave.


  284. Krista •

    been shopping for some sandals, love these, hope i win! followed you on twitter @HeavenlySakura πŸ™‚

  285. I love Blowfish shoes! I’ve been wanting a pair forever and these are perfect for summer =D

  286. i love the blowfish site

  287. Love the boho chic look. Win them or not I am sure I will have at least 3 pairs in my closet this summer!

    –Following on twitter!!! Come check out my fun happy blog!

  288. Serena K •

    Would love to win the sandals!!

  289. deb reed •

    Follow on Twitter

  290. Christina •

    I Love BlowÆ’ish!

  291. Love these shoes! Too Cute!

  292. Jessica T •

    I love that Blowfish has such a wide range of stylish shoes! I’d love to win these sandals!

  293. superlicious with a cherry on top

  294. Jessica T •

    I follow Blowfish Shoes on Twitter!

  295. i’m following @blowfishshoes

  296. I will take one in Black for sure! πŸ™‚

    Γ’β„’Β‘ from ©

  297. I am a follwer on twitter too!

  298. love these sandals!

  299. kerry •

    love love love the wedges ” georgia” sooooo cute

  300. I love blowfish shoes! Those sandals are so cute!

  301. I also follow Blowfish on twitter.

  302. Kaitlyn •

    I love those sandals! They look professional enough to wear when I’m teaching summer school in Mississippi this summer, but still cool and comfortable enough to enjoy the summer in.

  303. Kaitlyn •

    I’m now following on twitter, too!

  304. So cute!

  305. And I now follow them on twitter πŸ™‚

  306. robert •

    my wife would love these

  307. I love blowfish shoes~ I’m so glad they’re getting bigger and bigger!

  308. I already follow them on Twitter πŸ™‚ xcat_says

  309. laura •

    i need a new pair for the summer!! so cute!

  310. This is really perfect for Patricia my service user who loves sandals every summer…let me win so I can give this to her in her birthday this June….

  311. Cindy Tilley Johnson •

    I LOVE Blowfish shoes. I’ve been staring some down for the past few days! Thanks for the opportunity to win a pair!

  312. Sammi •

    Wow! They grey ones are lovely!

  313. Cute sandals! Swoon*

  314. I LOVE blowfish shoes! And these sandals are super cute!

  315. Cindy Tilley Johnson •

    I just clicked over now follow Blowfish shoes on Twitter. BTW The Casita sandals are the so saweet!

  316. And I already follow blowfish on twitter! @colekbl

  317. Susan •

    I love blowfish, cute and stylish!

  318. Oo I need a pair of sandals! These are lovely. I’m such a fan of Blowfish shoes.

  319. Also, I follow on twitter! (michal_NCG)

  320. those are so cute!

  321. Veronica Richards •

    Great looking sandals….Would love some…

  322. What adorable, comfortable looking sandals! I love them in the Toffee Strike color!

  323. Flor Venegas •

    oh god, gorgeous shoes!! The flats are lovely!

  324. Flor Venegas •

    already following on twitter!!!

  325. great sandals!

  326. Amanda •

    These Casitas shoes will be my go-to this summer (whether or not I win them here or not, hehe).

  327. Those are so cute!!

  328. I love blowfish! And these shoes!

  329. Cherri •

    Love the Makai in the lovely turquoise in a size 8 these are to neat and if I don’t win I will definetly buy a pair

  330. soo cute! fingers crossed : )

  331. Marissa •

    Love these sandals! I’m due for a new pair for the summer!

  332. becca •

    love these sandals & blowfish soooo much! πŸ™‚

  333. I also follow bfs on twitter!

  334. So cute! I love Blowfish shoes! Thanks for the giveaway! <3

  335. andrea •

    I definitely need a sandal this summer! =D

  336. Looovely little shoes!

  337. I follow them on twitter : )

  338. Cute sandals that’s aren’t sky high are hard to find. These look totally doable for someone (me) who isn’t good with heels, but would like to be.

  339. Debbie Beeston •

    Would love to start my Blowfish collection with these!!

  340. Love their shoes! I don’t have twitter but I “liked” them on fb. πŸ™‚ Great giveaway!

  341. Great giveaway!
    those shoes look like they would be so easy to wear with so many things!

  342. I love Blowfish, I have a great pair of shoes from them!

  343. Also following on twitter with the name LaBohemeFille.

  344. LOVE those shoes and this giveaway!

  345. cute! i want a pair!

  346. Tiffany •

    These sandals are pretty cute! The grey is my fav. Hope I win a pair <3 you Blowfish!!
    Also following on Twitter @RedAutumnLeaves

  347. Jessica •

    Lovely sandals, especially in black!

  348. So cute! Love them!

  349. Brenna •

    I love their shoes! so cute and comfortable too!

  350. Amanda N. •

    Perfect summertime sandals!! Hopefully I win this fabulous prize!

  351. What cute sandals! They would go with everything!

  352. I followed Blowfish on Twitter!

  353. Hilary •

    These are perfect! I’ve been looking for a cute sandal for the summer and these fit the bill!

  354. Sarah •

    Love these sandals and so many of the other shoes on their site!

  355. You guys make buying gifts for my wife very easy. She loves your shoes

  356. Oh! I just love those shoes. Would look perfect for the summer coming up. Hope I win those great sandals, would love them.

  357. Great giveaway! Those sandals are super cute and would look great with a pretty spring skirt.

  358. Blowfish makes some of my favorite shoes – so perfect for Mom’s who still want to be hip AND comfy! These are gorgeous sandals that I could totally chase my monsters in!

  359. Monica •

    The’re perfect for the summer >_< ..It would be a dream come true if i won them

  360. Monica •

    following them on Twitter :p (artsyfartsymoni):P

  361. marissa c •

    so cute! perfect summer staple!

  362. jacqueline v •

    omg i love these!! i love the GILT too.

  363. jacqueline v •

    i follow blowfish shoes on twitter @jmmccarr

  364. jamie •

    blowfish shoes are cute and creative and make you want to change your wardrobe to suit their shoes.
    always looking forward to the videos, too!

  365. Never owned a pair of Blowfish shoe, but I love this design, hope I win.

  366. would love to win the Black Stone Casita sandals πŸ˜‰

  367. following on twitter @azhezha

  368. Following Blowfish on Twitter too! =)

  369. Oh, so cute! I adore that tan color especially.

  370. Diane Mason •

    Frankly, I don’t normally wear sandals. But I love the way “Casita” comes up high around the ankle. I would wear these, for sure. These are something I would want to own in each and every available color, since I like them that much. Um, size 9, please. LOL

  371. Lauren •

    Those are adorbs! I hope I win a pair, and if I don’t I might have to buy some anyway! xoxo

  372. Jessica •

    I love blowfish and these shoes!

  373. Diane Mason •

    I follow on Twitter @dmason48

  374. i would love to have a pair of blowfish sandals!

  375. & i follow them on twitter! πŸ™‚

  376. ooh, I would LOVE to a win a pair. I adore their shoes. Yay!! xx veronika

  377. Black stone washed canvas in 7.5, please! These might be the answer to my summer sandal search.

  378. Rina Red •

    I love all of blowfish shoes! They might now have a wide range but every pair is lovely and looks comfy! I just wish they can ship worldwide πŸ™ Can you tell your friends at blowfish to enable shipping to Asia? Pretty please..I love their shoes and the price tags are reasonable. To name a few my favorite picks are Charotte, Champ, Roman, Butter & Rescue!

  379. LOVE the sandals in black! what a great giveaway. πŸ™‚

  380. Rina Red •

    I am already following Blowfish πŸ™‚

  381. Cristi •

    These sandals are so cool! Blowfish always look so comfy!!

  382. Adore the Casitas! Also loving the striped Sandbox flat espadrilles. I have a pair of Blowfish boots that are beyond comfy and have worn them to death. Great brand!

  383. Shelby •

    I want some!

  384. Sandals are wonderful & would love a pair.— but all the shoes are so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  385. Following them on Twitter!

  386. Kaitlin •

    I LOVE THEM! !!!!!!!!

  387. Tiffany W. •

    These are absolutely amazing! They must be mine! =)

  388. Sarah •

    I love Blowfish! And these sandals are so cute! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  389. Tiffany W. •

    Followed the on twitter too. =) Good luck everyone.

  390. Love these sandals. This is an awesome giveaway!

  391. Also follow them on twitter!

  392. so cute! i was actually thinking of purchasing these today anyway. guess i’ll hold off for a day or two. =)

  393. I would love to get a new pair of shoes!

  394. also following them on twitter!


  395. marlene •

    Love the Garren sandals! Thanks for the giveaway!

  396. I’ve been eyeing those sandals! Would love to rock those this summer πŸ™‚

  397. And I follow them on twitter.

  398. I loooooove blowfish shoes! The casitas are too cute! Thanks for yet another great giveaway!

  399. those are so cute!

  400. Marie •

    Love their shoes! All of their wedges especially!

  401. Lauren •

    I love the casita in whiskey strike (tan)

  402. oh my! who could resist the chance at a new pair of shoes! love the toffee and whiskey colored ones!

  403. Lauren •

    and i am following on twitter (laulena)

  404. Eek! The bark or toffee shade are the perfect nude sandals I’ve been looking for! πŸ™‚

  405. Ah ah ah these sandals are AMAZING! Love that they have a tiny wedge- makes them so easy to dress up. Blowfish, you blow my mind πŸ™‚

  406. I love em!!

  407. Great giveaway! Love their shoes!

  408. Ah! Thanks for the giveaway πŸ˜€

  409. Sabrina •

    Love Blowfish shoes! Always so comfortable and cute!! Best of both worlds!

  410. Kalie •

    Cute! I might have to go back for those Gilt wedges after payday!

  411. Holly •

    Oh boy, I would so love some new sandals. I live on the Oregon coast and very rarely does it get warm enough to wear sandals so this would be a real treat…especially for our vacation to CA this summer.

  412. Sabrina •

    I also follow Elise on Twitter!!

  413. They are so cute! I love all the ways you’ve styled them.

  414. I’m following blowfishshoes on twitter!

  415. alexis zanias •

    ohh i’m so glad to know they have a website now!

  416. Emily Murphy •

    these are so cute! the black ones are my fav πŸ™‚

  417. Angie •

    Loving the shoes!! The Wrens are very cute!

  418. Oh these are so so cute and perfect for summer!

  419. Nicole •

    Such cute sandals! There are so many colors to choose from too.. a little overwhelming, but nothing I can’t handle! πŸ˜‰

  420. Jamie •

    ahhh pretty!!! I want them!

  421. Chris •

    Blowfish feet are HAPPY feet!! Love the sandals for summer!!!

  422. cute sandals! If I don’t win I will be purchasing this style or the Roman sandals!

  423. Jessica •

    I love love love blowfish shoes!

  424. I now follow them on twitter!

  425. Loooove these! Definitely need a pair (or two) for summer!

  426. Liberty •

    I just love the Makai sandals! I have last year’s version in yellow. πŸ™‚

  427. The Casita sandals are so cute! Blowfish has such a great selection of shoes!

  428. I also followed them on twitter!

  429. Nancy Ashburn •

    Hi Jen, I love all the cool shoes on blowfish website. I really like the new sandals.I live in Fl. sandals are the only shoe for the summer.

  430. Lana Hean •

    The website is so easy to use and has some great shoes! And I love those Casita sandals!

  431. Megan •

    Holy Moley! Their sandals are adorable! Thanks for the giveaway!

  432. Cutest sandals ever!!

  433. Jenielle •

    I LOVE these sandals!

  434. I Looooovvvveeeeeee these shoessssss!!!!!!!! this is great!

  435. Caity •

    i totally love the Garren shoes and i love the calistas too! Love blowfish and your blog too! πŸ™‚

  436. I adore blowfish shoes!

  437. Follow on twitter πŸ™‚

  438. These sandals rock Γ’β„’Β₯

  439. I follow on twitter!

  440. I think the Casita shoes would even look good on my wide feet.

  441. So cute! Love the slight wedge. I have a pair of Blowfish boots that I love, I would love some sandals too!



  442. Already follow on Twitter!



  443. kristy naylor •

    awwwww, would love to win these!!!!! super cute!


  444. kristy naylor •

    follow them on twitter now too πŸ™‚

  445. ashley •

    love the sandals!

  446. Mmm, I have not had a new pair of shoes in AGES! Would love these!

  447. Jennifer •

    Took a look and these sandals stood out the most!

  448. these sandals are awesome – i love the slight height added in the back, but not too much for a mama with babies!

  449. Breanna •

    love love LOVE the sandals!! perfect for soo many outfits!

  450. Love, love, love! Oh, the Butter sandals are to die for!

  451. justine b. •

    they look great on you!

  452. Oh my gosh – the shiloh is adorable!

  453. Also – @meganmacdon is officially following on Twitter πŸ™‚

  454. Annette •

    Such beautiful shoes! I also really love the Garren wedges.
    God Bless! xxx

  455. Love them!

  456. LOVE those sandals!

  457. Those sandbox flats are ridiculously cute! You’re so right about flip flops – but they are handy for camping or showering in hostels!!

  458. I love blowfish! I’ve heard from a lot of people that their shoes are insanely couple – I need to try out a pair!

  459. I’m following them on twitter!

  460. Paula •

    super cute in black

  461. I’ve been obsessed with their Garren shoes for quite awhile!


  462. Follow Blowfish on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

  463. B. Dukes •

    I love Blowfish! They always have the most amazing flats, and those Casita Sandals are too cute. I’d love to rock them in the Black Crackle this summer.

  464. Jennifer W •

    Wow, love their shoes! I’m seriously considering ordering a pair of Romans for my upcoming engagement session pictures!

  465. Blowfish has such cute stuff! I love these sandals!

    I would choose Whiskey in a size 10.


  466. Heather •

    Aw SNAP! I love these shoes/sandals.
    I’m desperately needing to replace my beat up birks…


  467. Love their shoes πŸ™‚ The ones you have on are so cute!

  468. I absolutely love blowfish! These sandals are adorable πŸ™‚

  469. BethP •

    These are so cute! love blowfish.

  470. These are so dang cute!

  471. I want to win Blowfish shoes are so cute! I love the casita shoe for summer! I’m also digging the seasalt shoe!

  472. I am now following Blowfish on Twitter too!

  473. Holly •

    O my goodness, I already have a pair picked out!! They’re great!

  474. So many cute shoes! How can I possibly pick just one pair?!

  475. Lindsay •

    I NEED these sandals! πŸ™‚

  476. SO CUTE! i love blowfish!

  477. Becka •

    Cute sandals! I like the gray ones.

  478. Robin •

    I love them! They are so cute and look comfortable too!

  479. Becka •

    Followed on Twitter.

  480. ShelleyK •

    Adorable! The black metallic ones are lovely. Thanks for all your great fashion ideas and giveaways Jen!

  481. Amelia •

    Amazing give away! i’m so lovin’ these shoes and have every part of my body crossed in hopes of winning πŸ™‚
    I’m also in love with many of the shoes from “blowfish” – espcially the sandbox flats (super cute in the red stripes) and the hannah mary jane flats! And they’re affordable – double win!

  482. SUPER CUTE SHOES!!!!!

  483. cute, cute, cute! I am loving your outfit and those sandals.

  484. I now follow them on Twitter, Cheers.

  485. these are fantastic! I’m right there with you.. flip flops are just too low key for me, so these are such a fabulous alternative! thanks jen!

  486. I’m loving the cork soles on all the wedges and heels and even sandals. Super comfy and cute! Thanks Jen!

  487. Shannon H •

    I love so many of their shoes!

  488. Kimberly R •

    Love them!!!

  489. Those are some pretty cute sandals, I like the little heel on them.

  490. I’m super happy to have discovered Blowfish! These sandals are great πŸ™‚

  491. I follow Blowfish on Twitter too (@VirginiesCinema).

  492. LOVE!!!

  493. Meghan Schott •

    I could really use a new pair of summer sandals! Love Blowfish! Love shoes!

  494. Oh YUM – I love their sandals!

  495. think i need that beacher in my life stat!

  496. Melissa H. •

    I love these sandals!!!

  497. Sophie •

    wow, love them!
    it’s really difficult to get them over here (I’m European, Austrian to be exact), so I’d be happy to win them!

  498. Super cute shoes!

  499. I’m following in Twitter!

  500. those are fantasic and would cover just enough of my feet to feel comfortable. (I hate my feet! eccks)

  501. Allison •

    I LOVE these! They’re shoes are always SO comfortable..and the bonus is they come in Size 11! Thanks Jen!

  502. These are so cute and look very comfortable. Thanks for this giveaway!

  503. Bethany Fullerton •

    Love the Whiskey Color! Great giveaway! Thanks!

  504. Hi again! I now follow Blowfish on twitter, vie @alexmarie_b. My fingers are crossed πŸ™‚

  505. Katie •

    Love the sandals! Totally a must have for summer πŸ™‚ P.S I think you are adorable

  506. Courtney •

    These are so cute! I’ve been looking for some sandals recently and I’m loving the updated gladiator look. Great giveaway!

  507. Caitlin •

    Super cute shoes!

  508. Amanda •

    I love the black Casita wedges you’re wearing. So cute.

  509. Amanda •

    Following Blowfish via Twitter (@ airplaneski)

  510. Becca •

    love it

  511. Becca •

    following on twitter

  512. Tarynn •

    Man, they have the greatest shoes on Blowfish. It’s a dangerous site to visit!

  513. I love this shoe in bark. Thanks for the chance to win. xo.

  514. I follow Blowfish on Twitter. Thanks again. xo.

  515. Wow, I’ve never heard of them, but they have such cute stuff!!

  516. Love blowfish shoes!

  517. LynnZee •

    I need a little warmer weather to wear these beautiful sandals!

  518. Ooo! Such fun shoes! I have never heard of Blowfish, but may now know what I want to ask for as a birthday present. Yumm! Yes, please!

  519. Becky •

    such cute sandals! how nice of them πŸ™‚

  520. Sheree C. •

    SO so cute!! May have to save up for these…

  521. Wow, they have so many fun styles! Thanks for the link, and for the chance to win!

  522. Crystal •

    If I win, can I pick a different shoe? They don’t have my size in the Casita. πŸ™

  523. nicole •

    i love these sandals!

  524. nicole •

    i also followed blowfish on twitter! nicoleisinept

  525. I adore these shoes! and I adore Blowfish. Such great styles and colors.

  526. Evealyn •

    Love them! The heel height looks perfect

  527. Christine •

    shoes are so cute!

  528. Jessica Selmser •

    Those shoes are really adorable. Perfect for the hot summers here in Texas!

  529. Catherine •

    these sandals are the perfect mix of a flat and small wedge! love them!

  530. StacyC •

    love these sandals! so cute πŸ™‚

  531. Shannon S. •

    Amazing shoes!

  532. Monika •

    So cute, I can’t stand flip flops and the Casita is a fabulous alternative!

  533. oh yes please!!

  534. Candice Johnson •

    Love the shoes and following on twitter @candjoh

  535. Chelsea •

    they make the most comfortable shoes that are still totally stylish. my kind of shoe.

  536. Grace •

    I am in love with the Saleri and Segment in the any colour. They look so comfy and neat.

  537. Those sandals are gorgeous!

  538. Sylvia •

    those are so cute and super versatile!

  539. Allison •

    How have I never heard of this site before?! I was just getting ready to buy some sandals too. Deff adding to my favorites. I followed on twitter too!

  540. Kylie •

    Yep. I’m definately still in love with the baku. I must start saving for a purchase.

  541. Laura Lou •

    LOVE!!! The tan would be perfect with my summer wardrobe!!!

  542. Chispa •

    Love blowfish! It seems like every time I’m in a store or online and find cute shoes, they’re blowfish brand. I really don’t like most heels and am fairly picky about my shoes, and I really like nearly every shoe. Didn’t know they had a blog, though. Great music and pictures, glad I checked it out!

  543. Crystaleen Noemi •

    Loving those sandals!

  544. Maggie V •

    Loveeee those cute sandals! GReat for Miami weather!! πŸ™‚

  545. Love them! They’d be perfect for taking to the beach for inland strolls πŸ™‚

  546. I LOVE blowfish shoes! And I’m following them on twitter as well.
    Thanks Jen!

  547. Sign me up! I’m thankful to have learned about this company.

  548. What cute shoes! Perfect for the summer!

  549. Such a great selection! I’d love to try out a pair!

  550. Senlly •

    I live Blowfish shoes they are my fav! Im following on twitter @SenLLy

  551. very cute!

  552. Faythe •

    love these sandals and love the denim look of the grey ones!

  553. melanie •

    i have actually been eyeing these sandals for quite a while now, but have been trying to curtail my spending of late… would LOVE to win them!

  554. Alainna •

    What awesome shoes! Casita is perfect for summers and the Blyth boot would be amazing here in the winter (hello Minnesota)!

  555. Love all of them:)

  556. Kate Lag •

    These are my fave blowfish shoes!

  557. Pefect for everything! πŸ™‚ Thanks <3 your blog with all my heart

  558. Trang •

    These sandals look so comfortable!

  559. Monique •

    I love all the sandals they have to offer, but the Casita ones are by far the best! I’d love to own them!

  560. Rachel •

    I love the Garren sandals!

  561. Christine •

    My favorite pair of black sandals were recently chewed up by my dog, so it would be perfect to win a new pair! They are adorable btw.

  562. Heather •

    The blacks are my fave fo sho!

  563. Ooh, cute shoes! I might have to pick up the Gimmik sandals from the shop. πŸ™‚

  564. Sam M. •

    They are so cute! I have some Blowfish shoes and love them.

  565. Sam M. •

    I’m following them on Twitter!

  566. hello (: thanks for hosting the giveaway. the shoes are lovely.

  567. Cute shoes! Love the sandals.

  568. Emily •

    Blowfish always has the best shoes and they do awesome giveaways, which is always appreciated. πŸ™‚

  569. Emily •

    I follow Blowfish on Twitter.

  570. Sunny •


  571. Katie •

    I love their shoes and would be so excited to win! : ) Thanks for the giveaway!

  572. jackie •

    You styled the Casita so nicely! Thanks for hosting.

  573. brenda •

    If I donÒ€ℒt win, I think IÒ€ℒll have to buy a pair of those Casita sandals anyway.

  574. LOVE these shoes! I will have to buy a pair if I don’t get lucky!

  575. chelle •

    Such cute shoes. I really like the Casita sandals. I also like the red and white Sandbox, Garren, Roman, and Max Out sandals, too. Blowfish has great giveaways!

  576. I’ve been eyeing these for weeks. So cute and the low heel is perfect!

  577. Grace B. •

    I adore these sandals! Even if I don’t win, I think I’m going to have to buy me a pair!

  578. Grace B. •

    I followed them on twitter~ thanks for the chance to win!

  579. Jessica •

    I tried those on at Famous Footwear the other day and they are adorable! Not to mention beyond comfortable. πŸ™‚

  580. Kinda love (and need in more than just a love way!) these sandals!

  581. kathy •

    cute sandals. love the roman style (in grey).

  582. Love the heel height on those ones you showed!

  583. I follow on Twitter (sofaa)

  584. Shannon •

    How super cool would it be to win these awesome shoes!!! I live in Blowfish flats, because they are the only shoe comfy enough to make it through a day of teaching! Rock on!

  585. Shannon •

    I am now following Blowfish on Twitter @mrsmightyboog

  586. Adriana •

    Loove these sandals!

    Also following on Twitter @azavala2 πŸ™‚

  587. i love blowfish! but they won’t ship to canada πŸ™ awesome giveaway.

  588. Elizabeth S. •

    I’ve purchased two pairs of Blowfish shoes in the last two months. I definitely wouldn’t mind owning a third pair. πŸ™‚

  589. Sandi •

    I love these sandals! The black ones would go with anything. Thanks for having this giveaway and I love your blog!

  590. Ellen R •

    those are super adorable!

  591. beautiful sandals!

  592. also following on twitter @ashcart

  593. Sigh. I love these sandals. They would be perfect for riding my little scooter around Seattle this summer.

  594. Jenny •

    I love the khaki ones! I could use some sandals with a bit of a heel. Good giveaway!

  595. Kristin •

    So cute! They’re perfect, especially with the height of the heel. They look super comfy..

  596. So many cute shoes!! I hope I get lucky and win. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

  597. Hannah •

    I love all that blowfish has to offer- especially the turquoise sandals they have right now. I’ve been looking for some that color for forever! πŸ™‚

  598. Hannah •

    Oh, and I started following Blowfish on twitter.

  599. Love these shoes, they’re perfect for spring and summer!

  600. boon1211 •

    so cute!

  601. those sandals are adorable! I also love their ‘La Curva’ sandals.


  602. Love, love, love!!!

  603. a pair of black strike in size 9 would be a miracle… next to the world not ending yesterday!

  604. Hey! I was curious..who won this great p[air of shoes? Thanks!

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