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Hi my lovely reader!
Hope you all had a great weekend. It is Sunday night and we are finally home (*didnt post this till this morning). We have been away for 12 days and it feels nice to be in our own space again. The baby is asleep, Kev is writing a design article, I have my feet up & I am catching up on what I missed around the internet last week while we were away.

The last few days have been mostly like this…
Rowan is teething. Her top two little teeth are making their way thru and she is not a happy camper, which makes me not a happy camper either. The days are long but we are making it thru trying to keep her busy.

Here are some must share links from sponsors and around the interwebs!

1. Holy Cow! Have you seen Ruche’s new lookbook? It is probably the most beautiful thing ever. You have to go take a look!!

2. How sweet is this little envelope idea for a loved one. I might just copy this idea…

3. Doesn’t this dress just scream summer picnic? So perfect for a day eating watermelon and waving sparklers.

4. I love nothing more than watching a beautiful letterpress machine in motion. Check out this cute video!

5. Oh! Hello black wedges that must get in my closet!

6. I.CAN.NOT.WAIT. to do arts and crafts with Rowan. These little painted pots over on Dear Baby are just too cute!

7. This beautiful lady can seriously do no wrong. What a style inspiration!!! Love Her!!

8. Totally head over heels for our new Jogging Stroller. It works like a charm and makes my runs even more enjoyable with Rowan by my side.

9. I just added this very pretty Honolulu Holiday Dress to my shopping cart. Check out time!

10. Who doesn’t love a good sale? 75% off select spring items over at Francesca’s Collections

  1. that ruche lookbook is stunning. and i love that envelope idea. also, the baby craft project is so cute. that’s all 🙂

  2. Love these! I love seeing what’s inspiring other mamas… Those envelopes are toooo cute. Wish I’d found out about them before mother’s day! Oh well! Next year!
    Thanks Jen <3

  3. poor little thing! my mom used to tie a bagel on a piece of yarn around my neck for me to gnaw on! maybe try that!


  4. My best friend has a baby that is nearly the same age as your adorable baby.
    She swears by this fruit teether:
    Good luck!

  5. Jen.. thanks so much for featuring me in this link list.. I am so flattered and glad you like my turban!

    Oh.. love that we are both doing the Banana event.. me in Orange County.. you in Boston. Have fun!

  6. Awww poor little Rowan! Hope those painful little teeth do their thing and get in quickly for her!

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