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It’s that season again. Watery itchy eyes, scratchy throat. Ugh! I hate spring allergies. The first day my eyes starting itching I thought “if I am going to have to wear my glasses all month, then I need some new glasses!” Have you heard of Warby Parker before? I am sure you have, but if you haven’t they are AWESOME! $95 dollars for lenses and frames. You can’t beat that. Plus they have this awesome home try on thing. You get to pick 5 glasses and they send you them to try on for 5 days, best part… FOR FREE. Umm I am hooked. This is not a sponsored post- I just really like Warby Parker (and playing dress up with glasses!)

I decided to try the Tenley, Huxley, Winston, Fillamore, Sinclair

What ones are your favorites???

Want to know which ones are my favorites???? The winner is…
Now I just need to go get my eyes check so I have a prescription.

  1. bekah •

    i like the first two on you.
    oh, and that company also donates glasses to impoverished people for every one you buy. it’s like tom’s shoes.

  2. WINSTON!!!! The square shape fits your face best (to me!!!) Plus the coloring looks amazing!!! πŸ™‚

  3. I have those Huxley’s and LOVE them. But, I like the Sinclair’s best on you!

  4. I just got a pair of the Sinclairs and am IN LOVE with them, so I might be a little biased, but I think the Sinclairs are super super cute on you!!!

  5. Winston!! you look adorable!!

  6. Laura •

    I just placed an order with them yesterday. Love the Finely on you!

    Just make sure when you get your eyes checked that they measure the distance between your eyes (it’ll be in mm). Most eye prescriptions don’t include that, but WP uses it so your eyes don’t strain as much.

  7. oh…they have a home try on option???? i am in love! thank you for this tip.

  8. i love your pics! i just had my 5 pairs and think i’m going with the miles. lately, i feel like a spokesperson for Warby Parker. they are such an amazing company! their business model is so innovative and i love that they donate a pair of glasses for every pair you buy.

  9. Loving the Fillmores on you. Perfect!

  10. I really love the Winston’s on you but I like them all. Plus, the ones you chose are pretty similar. I should totally try this πŸ™‚ I’ve really been needing some new glasses lately.

  11. Huxley or Sinclair…so cute! I hubby tried some a few months back, it’s much fun! <3

  12. Amanda •

    Thank you for this post! I have been lusting over super expensive glasses (and desperately need a new pair), this is the perfect solution! I like the Sinclairs and Winstons on you.

  13. Elly •

    For sure the Finely.

  14. Finley for sure. They really suit you! (Excellent choice.)

  15. Sinclairs – hands down! You look adorable. πŸ™‚

  16. The Finely are my fave! They’re all so cute!

  17. Alainna •

    Um, Winston and then Fillmore. The pictures just make me smile. Isn’t it so nice to be a 4 eyes for a while?

  18. I think Sinclairs look so good on you!

  19. Jenn •

    Yay! The Finely’s are SOOOO fun! I’m getting them too! πŸ™‚ I loooove their try-home kit, it’s so easy & fun to use!

  20. Toni Ross •


  21. tasty •

    the sinclair are nice. the finley look a little too big for your face, not as flattering as the other options.

  22. I really love the Winstons! However, they are all very classy and super cute. Any would be cute on you.

  23. LOVE Warby Parker plan on ordering from them very soon, I love the Sinclair best on you, but really they’re all adorable!!

  24. I vote for Winstons. Have you heard of Zenni Optical? Complete set of glasses (with prescription lenses) for as low as 8.95. No joke. I have about 7 pairs.

  25. You look cute in all of them,but my favorite is SINCLAIRE!

  26. hey jen! i was asked to be a boston ambassador for warby parker a while back and i have a 5% discount code that i will gladly share with you if you would like it? send me an email!


  27. Sinclairs are the best πŸ™‚ sending love from Boxborough, Ma.

  28. Great choice! I may have to check them out – though I wear contacts 99% of the time – even through allergy season.

  29. You are adorable in those Finely’s! Fun stuff.

  30. Marie •

    I actually like the Winstons on you! I couldn’t find the Finelys on the Warby Parker website, do you mean the Tenleys??

  31. HUXLEY! They look fabulous on you!!!

  32. Amelia •

    that would have been my pick too!!
    ps. love your hair in this post! how did you do it?

  33. Fun post! Look cute with those glasses, and your hair is so cool in this post!! XO Raspberry & Rouge

  34. So rad! They’re just unbelievable, oh and you forgot to mention that for every pair purchased, they give a pair to someone in need (much like Toms shoes)!!! All such cute options!

  35. Melanie •

    Winston! Love it!

  36. Finely and Sinclaire are my faves!

  37. Huxley, Winston and Filmore!
    I LOVE the Tennessee Whisky! I have the Elbridge in Tennessee Whiskey.
    I get lots of weird looks, which means they are SUPER cool! πŸ˜‰
    Actually on second thought..get them ALL! They all look really great on you..;)

  38. amanda •

    Sinclair and Fillmore look the best on you I think!

  39. Tarynn •


  40. I vote Winston!!!! Does my vote count as 2 as I live in Canada? um.. that made no sense but you get the sentiment.

  41. i am having trouble deciding between the ‘winston’ and the ‘sinclair’. you rock both so elegantly!


  42. Andrea •

    Winston or Sinclair!

  43. Mary •

    I think you look great in the Winston. The at-home tron option is awesome!

  44. I like the Winston pair best, but they all look fabulous on you!

  45. I did a home try-on but didn’t end up buying. I was wondering about the quality. I wear glasses EVERY day and need them to hold up. I’d love to hear your review after you’ve had them a while!

  46. Oh Winstons hands down at least in my opinion. Wish we had that place but no such luck. Really they ALL look great on you.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  47. Lisa •

    Sinclair! I really like those on you πŸ™‚

  48. gina •

    Er… I can’t really tell the difference! I like the first ones…. suit your face very well!

  49. the tenleys were my favorite! good choice.

  50. Winston for sure! They pop on you!

  51. I’m a fan of Winston. Super cute.

  52. I love Warby Parker (even visited their showroom in NYC) – but they have like one pair of glasses that fits my big head. So sad.

  53. I love Huxley and Sinclair. Going to check which you picked . . . NOW

  54. i love alllll of warby’s glasses! i ended up picking the miles, but there are so many fun pairs!


  55. You are too adorable! I’m loving them all, but I think the Winstons are my favorite!

    P.S. You are making me hate my new bangs less, because you look so stinkin’ cute with them! I think I need a Jen-esque nose job too hahaha!

  56. Winstons. for sure. love your blog! happy to be following now. <3

  57. I just did a post on Warby Parker a couple of days ago! I ended up ordering the Tenley’s Can’t wait to get them in the mail!


  58. Melina •

    love love those tenleys! also, the name tenley…hmmm….my next baby??? πŸ˜‰

  59. Get the Sinclairs! They’re freakin’ adorable on you. πŸ™‚

  60. sinclair and huxley! super cute!

  61. so nice all of them! If I would have to choose I would choose huxley 😎

  62. Sinclair!!

  63. Winston, good luck with the decision.

  64. the Sinclair once are amazing!

  65. I have spring allergies too that prevent me from wearing contacts. It sucks but after about 2 months of wearing glasses everyday, I like them a whole lot better. It just brings back my 5th grade glasses are for nerds complex . πŸ™‚

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