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When I was pregnant I fought the idea of having to stick to a strict schedule for a baby. I didn’t want my life to be dictated by naps. haha. Well, you sure learn a lot after you have your first baby, but there was a part of that mentality that still stuck with me. I think it is really easy for parents to fall into this idea that your baby will not survive if they do not follow their daily schedule. I have found myself even thinking it is just easier to stay in every day because I know it will be for the most part predictable. I know what to expect. Going out is the unknow of how they will act. Then I started getting bored. I missed living life a little. Why couldn’t I have a little of both I thought. Now I am no expert but this is how we have managed and what works best for our family.
Some days we do just stay home and on those days we do stick to a schedule. I know that when Rowan wakes up she will be up for 2.5 hours and then will take a nap. She will wake up and then 2.5 hours later take another nap. Sometimes though things come up like outings, lunch dates, errands, etc… Trying to fit everything in to that 2.5 hour stretch is crazy to me. Everything takes way longer with a baby. On those days we do our best but the schedule usually goes out the window. I honestly think it is good for her. Some may disagree and that is ok. To each their own, but for us I think it has made her a more adaptable baby. This works so good for traveling.
We left for Canada on Friday. It was a long car ride of her being stuck in the carseat. She slept, played and watched a little Baby Einstein on youtube on our iphones. We got in really late. She ended up getting to bed around 1:30am. We had to wake her up at 7:30am to get ready for the wedding. I was so nervous she was going to be miserable all day. But she wasn’t. She only had about a 20 min nap in my arms in the back of the reception as well. Rowan was just loving everything. She was so happy all day. I can only assume that this was because she has gotten use to a little inconsistency in her daily routine.
I guess the point of this is just to encourage you to not feel like you can’t do things once baby is here. Yes. Things do change with a baby. And yes a baby’s needs need to be met first but don’t get caught up in the logic that taking them with you on trips, or keeping them out late, is more hassle than its worth. Embrace those things and share them with your baby. Why not right? Things wont always be smooth I am sure but for us it works. We like bringing Rowan to our soccer games even when they are at 10:30pm (we just give her a later nap), We like traveling with her whether by car or plane, we just like bringing her on new adventures with us.

That’s just who we are.

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  1. I definitely agree. I have a very regular schedule for my kids that I’d classify as “the normal day” – I stick to it on quiet days when we’re at home, but I don’t stress if we don’t meet it for some reason. It’s more important for kids to be socialized, and for you to get out the house than for them to have a strict schedule. Having said that, I think its good to have a base idea in mind so they always know what to expect.
    You are doing a great job momma!

  2. I agree! I felt like a prisoner to my house while on maternity leave. Now that Emeline has been in daycare and her days vary I have realized she will survive if we mix things up occasionally and life is so much more fun that way! 🙂

  3. love it! i wish i had been more flexible when i just had my first born. it took having a second child for me to learn such flexibility. we also love to travel with the kids and somehow, the sleep usually works out and when it doesn’t, it doesn’t kill me like it used to. thanks for posting, it is a breath of fresh air amongst loads of blogs touting rigidity and control of babies.

  4. Jannira •

    I completely agree with you. We were the same way when our son was little. We aren’t early to bed early to rise people. So when he was smaller, his bed time at 7:30 was hard! He just went adapting. Also he was an easy transfer baby. LIke if he fell asleep in the car cause we went past his nap time, he would easily transfer to the crib and not wake up and take a full nap. Now that was a blessing! 🙂 I do believe baby’s should have a schedule, but I don’t think it’s written in stone.

  5. Amen! I think it’s important to be flexible with your schedule. I have had family members and friends not attend my children’s birthday parties due to it falling around the time their child naps! I always HATED that lame excuse–the party fell during MY childs nap too, but they survived and had fun! Schedules are great when you are home and need to get things done, but it’s also important that a child learns to adapt when that schedule gets broken, it makes them an easier baby, it really does! Glad you realize that, and that little girl is adorable! 🙂

  6. Megan •

    First of all… totally agree with you!
    But what I’m really commenting for is to find out where Rowans adorable dress is from! Please please let me know

  7. I totally agree that babies and kids need to learn flexibility as well as having their needs met! I don’t have my own babies yet, but I was a nanny for 5 years (2 different families)! Sounds like Rowan is an awesome little girl!

  8. I wish I could have read this a long time ago. Thanks for the encouragement though! I totally agree that having a baby doesn’t mean you have to change your whole lifestyle. Good for you!

  9. I’m an Ontario girl 🙂 hope you had fun!!
    I agree My little Liv and I have never stuck to a strict schedule – it works better for all of us and she is one heckuva traveler because of it! Live your little family pics cute cute cute
    Hope you had fun

  10. I found myself getting too caught up in keeping to Lyla’s schedule! Lately I have been getting out more and not worrying so much about it and found that 1) Lyla didn’t burst into tears from a change of pace, staying up a little extra between naps or taking a shorter nap and 2) I feel more relaxed!

    Great post!

  11. Great family pictures 🙂

  12. Sara •

    I think y’all are just the cutest little family and I enjoy being allowed to follow your lives in fashion, decor and family-hood 🙂

  13. love this post… your little family is so adorable! love your dress and rowan’s dress 🙂

  14. How wonderful that Rowan is adaptable and can go with the flow. I think different babies are born with different temperaments, and my baby is NOT flexible. We can’t stray from our schedule without fussy, painful consequences, and to me, it’s not worth trying. Unless we can arrange to have someone stay home with the baby, we don’t do much of anything outside our home anymore (handily, we moved to a tiiiiiny town where there’s nothing to do anyway). I don’t love this style of living, and sometimes it’s hard to see a bright side when she’s still fussy and won’t nap when we stick to the schedule, but I also know we’re saving money that we would use going out, which is important because MAN does baby stuff cost a lot of dollars!

  15. i keep voting for you! and thanks so much for sharing. this is something i wonder about a lot. you make me want to have a baby! ha. 🙂

  16. I could not agree more! I love your attitude about parenting 🙂

  17. This post gives me hope! I’m having a baby boy in August, and have seen so many friends and family members struggle with the demands of a schedule. And while I know babies need structure, I’m hoping that I can be flexible with that from time to time. Because I know that babies also pick up from our attitudes and stress levels–I want my son to be easy-going and know that he makes his mom and dad very happy.

  18. I agree with you. It helps to have a little game plan in your head of how the day will go, but being rigid doesn’t work for me or my baby. We just have too much to do and too much to see. I always find he’s great when we’re out of the house, even if he was a devil in the morning. Babies get bored of being in the same ole place day after day too!

  19. Thanks for this post! As a new mom I am already struggling with how to “squeeze” in the things that need to happen or that I want to do. And, I have definitely opted to staying in many times. I guess that’s normal with a newborn, though. I do want to get over my fear of taking her out in public especially because I would love for her to be an adjustable social baby and person.

    Slowly but surely!

  20. We’re starting to get to the point of flexibility in our days, too. At first it was really hard because she is such a hyperactive baby that she. will. not. sleep. on. her. own. It was really frustrating that first month because I was under the impression that babies would sleep when they were tired. Ha! But now that I know how to get her to nap consistently I can do this regardless of where we are. She will sleep in my arms or wrap or her car seat if we are out, so it works out perfectly. I agree wholeheartedly that you can’t stop living life to accommodate a baby’s schedule. Babies need to see/learn new things, too!

  21. She is so cute!

    This is my first time on your blog and I have to say, your family is adorable 🙂 Also it’s so great to read about parenthood before it happens to me, so I really appreciate your insight. You seem like a wonderful mother!

  22. I 100% agree with you, and did the same thing with my son when he was a baby. Babies enter our lives, but they don’t have to take over and dictate our every move. My son had a loose schedule but if we couldn’t stick to it, then he adjusted. And I think that has a lot to do with the fact that he is a pretty flexible and adaptable 5 year old now.

  23. I agree. It is nice to have quiet days at home on a loose schedule, but you can’t stop living your life. Babies need stimulation and as long as they are napping and getting a nice balance of sleep and play all will be well.

  24. Jen, thank you thank you thank you SO much for this post! Our baby is due on 3rd Sept as well as little Rowan was, I’m freaking out (a little) thinking my husband will be going to be going out and having all the fun and i’m going to be stuck at home 24/7.

    This has made me feel much more positive and encouraged! Thank you!!

  25. My kiddo is almost 3 and is very adaptable. I think this is because although we did indeed have a schedule and stick to it the best we could, we also adapted where necessary. Some days are scheduled outings and on those days naps are different, but this means that if we get spontaneous he is ready to roll. 🙂 Good for you for finding what works for you.

  26. Lori •

    I think that the best advice I ever got before becoming a parent is to trust my own instincts. That has always served me well. Having a “schedule” doesn’t need to preclude being flexible when needed. As with others who have commented, being flexible generally comes easier with subsequent babies, and now that I’m expecting my third, I’ve realized that this baby will become a part of our family, not take it over. Ultimately, I think that if mommy is happy, baby will be happier too.

  27. I’m a very proud Mom and Grammy. Jen, you and Kevin were awesome with Rowan on the weekend, so easy going and Rowan was so good!! All I saw her do for 2 days straight was smile at everyone and everything. It was wonderful to have her at the wedding (plus I got to show her off) She stole the heart of everyone she met! What a sweet little doll xoxo

  28. There is so much truth in this post! Getting used to following a schedule was SO hard for me after my baby was born. But the days that we DON’T follow a schedule sometimes turn out to be the best 🙂

  29. I 100% agree with you! I have been going through something similar with my son Tanis who is 9 months old. When we’re at home I try to stick a schedule and it goes pretty smoothly. Sometimes I need to run errands in the mornings before work and it disrupts things a little. I also think that taking him out and seeing new things helps him to socialize and he just loves going out especially to a store. I wanted to make sure that he still had some structure but that I could be flexible when needed to be. Thanks so much for your post, it really made a difference!

  30. What an adorable and inspiring family you make!

  31. adorable pictures! 🙂

    i’m from ontario. gotta represent for canada! 😉 do you mind if i ask where you took those pictures? such a pretty backdrop!

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