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Whew! This weekend was kinda crazy. We left friday afternoon to head up to Rochester to pick up my sister and her boyfriend and then off to Ontario for my cousins wedding. We had a fabulous time. I love seeing all my family and well it’s no secret I LOVE Canada. I stocked up on all my favorite chocolate bars, had a shirley temple at Swiss Chalet and watched Hockey at my Grandparents. The wedding was in downtown Burlington, right on the water. The weather was perfect!!
I finally got to wear one of my most favorite dresses from ModCloth. I have been saving it for the perfect occasion and the wedding was it! Isn’t it just the most pretty thing you have ever seen? I am in love with the colors and pattern. Thanks to my lovely sister for taking these photos for me.

Haha and this is what happens when I start goofing off when I take outfit photos. I end up with pictures

Girly Bird Gets the Dress: c/o ModCloth
Blue Cardigan: Forever 21 (similar Cardigan)
Necklace: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21
Soda Bare Back Strappy Platforms: c/o Lulu’s

This is the last week for voting for Top 25 Moms with Style and then I promise not to bother you anymore. I keep slipping down and I need a huge boost. This whole blog is about trying to be a fashionable new mom, so please can you vote for me. I would reach out and hug you all thru the computer if I could. Thank you!

  1. oh my goodness a dress couldn’t yell JEN! louder than this dress – it’s just so you!! I love it!!

    So glad you got to have a good Canada recharge too!! so important 🙂

  2. very cute dress. love the reds and blues together

  3. I love the print of your dress! And those shoes are so fabulous!


  4. Jen… I can see why this dress is your favourite, it’s absolutely adorable. I’m loving that gorgeous print and I’m SO smitten with how you’ve styled it. Haha, love the outtake on flickr too… you look totally adorable. x veronika

  5. loving the fun pattern and nude shoes!!! You are so ADORABLEEEE as always! xo, Kim

  6. Jana •

    Oh fun! I live in Hamilton, just 15 minutes away from Burlington. What a small world. I’m glad you love Canada so much – were fans of you too! 🙂

  7. Love the dress! The colors are fabulous – you look so pretty 🙂

  8. Oh so it was wedding weekend in deed, my cousin got married too! Cutest print, you are the queen of cute dresses, lovely pictures!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  9. What a gorgeous dress!!!! I <3 it!!

  10. Amelia •

    I can’t believe you were in Burlington!! we live in Milton, but we were actually in Burlington this past weekend – we love the two malls they have. So cool you were here!

  11. That dress is so fun! The shoes are awesome as well, great outfit!

  12. woah, rochester?! that’s where i live! i didnt realize you were so close for some reason. i cant keep track of where all my favorite bloggers are from. oh well. glad you had a fun weekend, and you looked so cute doing so 🙂

  13. Camille •

    Hi Jen,
    I read your blog everyday. I wrote you a comment a couple days ago (the one about marriage). Anyways, I live in Hamilton 15 min. from Burlington. I took my kids to a birthday party in Burlington while you were at the wedding lol. The weather was very perfect. It rained all day on Sunday and it’s raining again today !

  14. that dress is pure perfection. WANT!
    p.s. voted 🙂

  15. That outfit is incredible! I love how the shoes (and all the accessories) don’t overpower the dress but instead perfectly compliment.

  16. I love, love, LOVE that you are not afraid to show off your legs. Work it, girl. Your gams are gorgeous!

  17. gah! i love your dress!! i want to make curtains or something out of that pattern so i can look at it all them time!

  18. So fun. I am particularly fond of the “goofing off” photo! xo

  19. superb dress!the pattern stole my heart!

  20. You look beautiful Jen! You’re so lucky you get sent all these gorgeous dresses! I guess that’s what you get when you have a top blog everyone is reading =)

  21. Best. Dress. Ever.

    What a perfect outfit for a spring wedding. Love it!

  22. Voted for you! You for sure deserve it. What a cute dress!

  23. I love that dress! The print is fabulous and fun! Great blog too, by the way!

  24. GREAT photos on the waterfront it looks so nice. The dress is indeed adorable, and I love those strappy shoes too.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  25. As a Canadian I have to know: what chocolate bars are you stocking up on? Because I do the same thing! Whenever I’m in the States I go to Walgreens and spend about a half an hour in the sweets aisle, choosing carefully all the new and exiting treats! I love the variety!

  26. I remember seeing that dress on the ModCloth site and falling in love with the kitschy print and the gorgeous color palette. It looks awesome on an actual person (you never can tell with those mannequins) and is SO you. Also loving the platforms.

  27. Just stumbled across your lovely blog. Can’t wait to read more! 🙂

  28. i LOOOOOOOOVE that print on that dress – it’s so fun and colorful and i’ve been loving bird prints lately!! awesomeness!

    caroline –

  29. The dress is awesome! The necklace looks really pretty too.
    Did you bring baby Rowan to the wedding? What did she wear?

  30. Now this is a dress I would travel and use a piggy bank for…wow! Precioso! HAPPY to have found you! Clau

  31. How funny — I’m wearing that precise pair of shoes from Lulu’s right now! They’re surprisingly easy to walk in, no?

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