Barley & Birch Giveaway!!

Have you guys checked out Barley & Birch lately? Rowan LOVES her tee shirts and onesies from there (she is wearing the Poppies tee in these pictures). She also loves making this silly face all the time now. We don’t know why she does it but it sure makes us laugh.
One of the reasons we love Barley & Birch is because they do so much to help 1. our earth and 2. other people. They are such a great retailer. The lovely folks at Barley and Birch would like to give away 2 $50 Gift Card. Yep 2 $50 Gift Cards!! Yay!! More chances to win!

To enter just…
1. Leave a comment below telling what your favorites are from the site.
2. Bonus enter for following them on twitter and then leaving a second comment letting us know.
3. Subscribing to their awesome blog! Then let us know in one more comment. (I will be doing a guest post later this week over there.)

The winners will be randomly chosen and notified by email.
Contest open from now until Friday evening.

Good Luck!

  1. I LOVE Barley & Birch, plan on getting some onesies for Naja there. I really like their Garlic onesie, the Jellies onsie and the Oak onsie – the latter really is BEAUTIFUL!

  2. I’m also following them on Twitter now 🙂 – I’m @mowitafro

  3. Tiffany •

    I would get the gift set with a LOVED onesie and teether toy for my baby due in August! I also like the monkey’s onesie either in long or short sleeve. Such cute stuff!

  4. Love the purple poppies onesie, super cute!

  5. Cami •

    I love the pig tee!! So cute!

  6. Cami •

    I’m following barley and birch on twitter

  7. StacyC •

    love the acrons tee! everything is adorable!

  8. I like the feathers one piece.

  9. Ann M. •

    Oh my, how do you choose? I love the hibiscus for my little girl. I love the hippo, the acorns, and the elk for my little guy. So fun. Thanks for this opportunity.

  10. I looove the Hug Me one piece. What a great shop!

  11. I’m following on twitter now!

  12. Such a cute blog! I’m subscribed!

  13. Jenna •

    Cute!!!!! I love the chameleons tee and the feathers onesie. It’s all adorable!

  14. Nicole •

    The Haiti tee for sure. We have relationships with some kids down there and we think of them often. I also like the Triceratops tee too! 🙂

  15. I’m dying over the octi tee! It’s way my favorite to far. I didn’t know this website existed, but I love it! Thank you!

    And Rowan looks so grown up all the sudden! Cute faces =] Love it

  16. I really like the elk ts…all of them. The long sleeved one is especially great because it’s more of a cream colour…and that’s better than white for babies! Oh, and I just love elks. I’d like one in my size too!

  17. also I’ve subscribed to their awesome blog! Which is awesome too, btw; because there is an article about making a mason jar terrarium. And I need to do that. 😉

  18. haha that face is priceless!

  19. i love the peace sign tee!

  20. Jenny •

    I love the luna tee. That blue/green color is great! Thanks!

  21. Oh, I love their Bridge Tee!

    ps Rowan’s expression is hilarious : )

  22. LOVE the acorns (and everything on the site!)

  23. Love the Triceratops Tee

  24. The fishies onepiece is so cute! Carolina Guy’s new little niece would look adorable in it!

  25. Oh my… I love their chameleons tee and the bluefeet tee!

  26. Following @Barleyandbirch now on twitter!! =-) I am @spazmaticme

  27. estie •

    for my sweet li’l niece, i’m in love with the “special edition LOVED piece + teether toy gift set.” thanks!!

  28. estie •

    following @barleyandbirch on twitter! 🙂

  29. i love the jellies onepiece and the little alouette heart teether toy!

  30. i already follow them on twitter!

  31. I love the panda tee and the chameleon onsie! So cute!

  32. so awesome. the cactus and the garlic onesies are my fave.

  33. Jessi •

    so cute! i would love to win a shirt for the little godson in my life… 🙂

    the bunny and carrot shirt is adorable!

    thanks so much (hope i win!)


  34. I would love the little Oak Tee for my boys!

  35. I follow Barley @ Birch on twitter! @huddyma

    I retweeted your giveaway tweet. 🙂

  36. I subscribed to their blog via google reader! huddyma at gmail dot com

  37. Lindsay •

    I love the elk print!

  38. I adore the campanula tee!

  39. I am also now a twitter follower @angpetro

  40. I love the short sleeve Carrots One piece!

  41. victoria •

    I love the Hippo Longsleeve Onesie. So cute!!

  42. Kelly •

    I love the poppies print,too! Rowan is adorable.

  43. meghan •

    I love the Poppies and otter tees.

  44. the chainlink tee is so cute.

  45. supermom •

    I love the hippo print, the way my daughter says it is so cute.

  46. I LOVE the Bridge one piece, as I’m from San Francisco! I also love all the tops with peace signs. Toooo cute!

  47. Just signed up for the newsletter!

  48. Kelly F •

    Ooh, loving the bridge onesie. I was born in San Fran!

  49. The barn one piece is so adorable!

  50. I love the Campanula Onepiece! I am due with a little girl in August who would love it!

  51. Rowan is so photogenic! I love when you post her pictures 🙂

  52. Amanda C. •

    Ohh–love the cactus onesies! So cute!!

  53. Lara •

    I am loving the “Loved” special edition Longsleeve Onepiece. :o)

  54. I’m in love with the carrot and hippo t’s, completely adorable.

  55. love the garlic onesie- we are a garlic loving family…i also super love love the pig onesie, our newborn son sounds like he’s snorting when he’s getting comfy.

  56. i follow b&b on twitter now.

  57. Love the Haiti tee and am now following them on twitter!!

  58. I love the tanks, the monkey tank is precious! I also love the special edition Love line!!!

  59. Elisabet •

    I love the Elk Longsleeve Onepiece! Sooo cute!

  60. Erykah •

    I love their selection of tees! And since we know we are having a boy, I was excited to see cute stuff 🙂

  61. Oh my goodness, this is so cute! I love the pink Chainlink tee and would totally buy this for my niece if I won. I also love the little Bluefeet and Acorns onesies for my cousin’s baby boy!!!

  62. I love the onesie with the garlic on it. Not sure why, but it definitely makes me smile.

  63. Catherine •

    Love the triceratops onepiece!

  64. Caitlin •

    Oh man, it is hard to choose. Everything is so cute! However I love this otter shirt:

  65. Caitlin •

    Followed on twitter!

  66. The garlic is great! Not your typical baby tee!!

  67. amanda •

    What cute stuff! My best friend’s son is turning one next month, and she would just love these style clothes for him! The monkey tee is adorable, and the garlic ones are too cute.

  68. For my son I would get the Monkey Lapneck Tee and for my daughter I would get the Chainlink Lapneck Tee!

    Thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to a great company!


  69. Lisa •

    I love the Oak onepiece, the Luna onepiece, the Bridge onepiece…I could go on and on!

  70. I would love to get the horse tee for my nephews!

  71. Laura L. •

    the luna tee is super cute!

  72. Rachael •

    Love the garlic onsie!!!!! My November baby would look pretty awesome in it.

  73. Rachael •

    folllowing on twitter, now that we’ve announced our pregnancy to the world!

  74. Love the pig tee!

  75. follow them on twitter @huffychic

  76. subscribe to their blog in google reader

  77. oh, great site… my picks would be the cactus onepiece, the pig tee or the gift teether & love shirt. thanks for the giveway.

  78. Clair •

    I love the loved Ts and onsies!

  79. Shannon •

    I love the barn onesies, for sure!

  80. Tarynn •

    I like the Luna, Octi, and Hippo designs!

  81. LOVE the jellies onesie!

  82. Oh my goodness LOVE the Hug me shirt- so vibrant!! Love them ALL actually!!

  83. I already follow barley and birch on twitter! darls10

  84. I love so many of them! Especially the hippo and the feathers onesies!

  85. megan •

    The bridge tee is awesome – my husband loves the Giants, so the kiddo should be decked out!

  86. megan •

    Also just subscribed to the blog!

  87. Amanda S •

    I love the “waves” onsie shortsleeved!!!!!! Super Summery!!!!

  88. oh! I have a 3 year old daughter, Rowan, and she’d look precious in the sushi & bear tee. I also like the pink chainlink fence tee. The golden gate bridge tee is really pretty too. Very striking design.

  89. I’m following Barley & Birch now on Twitter. @missanomaly

  90. I just subscribed to their blog on Google Reader too.

  91. I love the “LOVED” onesie! So cute and so very true 🙂 I’m also following them on Twitter @rawyammy

  92. Oops…can’t follow directions…2nd post t make up for the earlier twitter comment…

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