Style File 04.27.11

Dear Weather: When I said I wanted it to be spring I did not mean I wanted you to skip spring and go right into summer. I love summer but I also love spring. Please give me both.

Yesterday was so freakin’ hot. I forgot how little you have to wear in the summer. I kept thinking I was forgetting something when I left the house. There was no coat, sweater or layers of anykind. Rowan and I packed up and spent a good 4 hours outside yesterday. We walked and walked, took some pictures and then laid out on a blanket and played in the warm sun. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

It felt so good to wear just a lovely little sundress and sandals. One of my favorite color combos is red and teal/turquoise. I was so excited to pair this pretty red dress and teal wedges together. Remember that if you use code JENLOVES when you check out on Francesca’s you will receive 30% off!! Code only good until this weekend.

Subtly Striped Dress: c/o Francesca’s
Wedges: c/o Ruche
Straw Hat: Thrifted
In good Time Watch: c/o Francesca’s

and if you would, could you please head over to Top 25 Mom’s with Style and give me a vote. I could really use the help. You can vote once every day. Thanks.

  1. Sharing this discount with my friend! We were in the store last week and she wanted a watch that they have available online! Thanks Jen!

  2. At least you have amazingly cute shoes to survive the heat with….we have for sure skipped spring in South Texas…we are experiencing July heat with no rain! It has been miserable and will make the summer even more miserable…but I will attempt to look as good as you do and see if that helps!

  3. Holy smokes! Those shoes and that watch! In love with both of them (Seriously, $28 for the watch? Craziness! So cute!) & I voted for you, darlin’! Good luck!

  4. Love the wedges! I don’t think I’d be able to walk in them for 4 hours though! hehe

  5. Today I won’t comment anything about how lovely your dress is, this time I’ll say I love the hat, but deep inside you know I’m a dress lover of yours!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  6. Sounds like you just had the best day with your little munchkin! I love your dress too! But I agree that spring has been a little weird this year… in being that is was more like winter at the beginning and more like summer now.

  7. ugh FL is the same way right now- hot hot hot and the humidity is rising. I’m on the lookout for colorful heels like your turq wedges to spice up my scant summer outfits. Accessorizing with color is so much easier in the cooler months though isnt it?!
    Loving that boater hat and your color palette. It’s so sweet that you and Rowan get to spend afternoons in the sun together

  8. perfect simple outfit….consider yourself lucky your not in cold and rainy oregon, i’m so ready for summer!

  9. I am so with you on the heat issue. I much more enjoy the spring breeze than the summer heat. But you did a great job dressing for the weather! This is an adorable dress.

  10. your hat is so cute! welcome to my world, theres no spring in fla!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  11. So, my outfit post today was titled, “Skip Spring, Hello Summer” – it’s BOILING (ok, slight exaggeration) over here in Philly. Days like yesterday, I want to wear nothing, but that’s really inappropriate, LOL. I was thanking myself for buying your maternity jean skirt – it’s been VERY handy and necessary on my work-from-home days!

    You look super cute, I wouldn’t even know it was super hot. I really love your hat too! Wish I could wear hats – my hair is too big 🙁

  12. love the red and turquoise. getting ready to re-do my kitchen table and chairs in that color scheme and i can’t wait! 🙂

  13. Love the shoes but you walked in them for for hours? If this is true you are a domestic goddess! ha

  14. Oooh, love those minty shoes!

  15. voted! and i love that dress!

  16. Such a perfect basic dress for summer…love those killer wedges!

  17. Cute dress! Looks comfortable and keeps you cool! And those wedges are awesome!

  18. That is such a perfect color combo. I need to try it now! Those wedges are lovely. I agree about the weather.. It’s been the same in NH.. Snow on Saturday & hot & muggy today! So confusing.

  19. Loving the combination of colors!
    Do you mind me asking what size the dress that you are wearing is? I’m about the same height as you and am very weary of buying dresses online for fear of their length.

  20. oh i love the color of your dress!

  21. Great outfit you are deff ready for summer. I hear ya about the weather same issue in Ohio.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  22. love the red dress and your shoes are adorable! fab style


  23. I know! Where did Spring go? We went straight to hot and sweaty. What happened to blazers and white jeans? AH.

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