My Mom, Style Icon Giveaway!

You may see this cute book popping up around the internet. It is on a little blog tour this week. I was honored when I was asked if I would partake. My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss is beyond adorable. The moment I sat down to look thru it, I was glued to the couch for like an hour. In the book Piper has a collection of photos of stylish moms, with stories and sections like “Hair Story,” “Going to the Chapel,” and “Mom’s Gone Wild.” This Book really is a little treasure and perfect for your own book collection or perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift.

In the spirit of Reflection today, I wanted to share some pictures of my own Mom. I love her to death. I always enjoy looking back at pictures of her when she was my age.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment below. Simple, Simple. Giveaway will go from now until this weekend. Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Be sure to check out Piper’s Blog and watch the Trailer for this book!
Now Go Enter (and maybe call your mom and tell her how much you love her!)

  1. I have been seeing that book online lately :). I would like to enter to win a copy, please. Thank you.

  2. Very cool! Would love to have a copy.

  3. i so want this! love those stylish mamas of ours.

  4. This book looks adorable. I love looking back at my mom’s old photos.

  5. I love reminders that our moms used to be hot young things! I always love seeing pictures of my parents when they were younger. This book seems really neat.

  6. I love looking at old pictures. So fun!

  7. Rachel •

    Would love to page through this with my mom on mother’s day!

    – rachel

  8. The “”My Mom the Style Icon segment in Lucky magazine is my favorite! I would love to own a copy of this book 🙂

  9. I would love a copy of this book!

  10. Your mom seems lovely! I would love a copy of the book too!

  11. I would love this book!!

  12. DiP-tea •

    Awe, what a great gift idea! My mom will love this.


  13. Samantha •

    Aw, I’d love a copy of this book! My mom is totally my style icon. I used to pore over her old yearbooks picking out all her great outfits 🙂

  14. Parker •

    Lovely book! I’d love a copy.

  15. I’m so excited about this book! And the photos of you and your mom are ADORABLE!!

  16. your pics are so cute!
    Great giveaway!

  17. This sounds like such an amazing book! I would love to win it, my mom had the coolest outfits growing up!

  18. The books looks so fun. I love looking at pictures of my Mom & her friends – wishing I had their clothes & I always ask my Mom how they got their hair to stay up in those funky beehives!

  19. Wow. That book sounds so magical! I would love to own a copy and study it cover to cover 😀

  20. So cute! I’ve seen this featured in a magazine and have wanted it ever since 🙂

  21. Would love a copy to share with my oh-so-stylish mom! Thanks for the give-away, Jen!

  22. Jen,
    I think this book is the ultimate Mother’s Day gift idea. I think I may have to purchase one asap!

    Fingers crossed on winning a copy I can keep for myself.

  23. What a great book!

  24. I would love this, and my Mom would love this!!

  25. I love moms, aren’t they the best? Your mom is a doll! I can way see the resemblance =]

  26. This is the perfect gift for my mom! She really is my style icon.

  27. what a cute book!

  28. aww, perfect for mother’s day! …and what beautiful photos you shared!


  29. What an a great giveaway. And a great gift for my mom!

  30. This is awesome! Id love to win!

  31. Those pictures are so sweet!

  32. Natalie •

    I would so love to win this for my awesome mom! She’s been going through a rough time, but looking stylish the whole time. I would simply LOVE to give this to her!

  33. Looks like a great book!

  34. i’m lucky enough to say that i’m living with my mom (again) right now and to see her through my older, wiser-ish, more adult-ly eyes, makes me enjoy ever little nuance that makes her … her … tees and matching cardis and all … even more 🙂

  35. What a cute book! It would make a great mother’s day gift for sure!

  36. what a great idea for a book!

  37. this book looks like such a treasure!

  38. Nadia Williams •

    This book was suggested to me on Amazon…I think it is so cute. I hope I’m a winner 🙂

  39. Ashley •

    Adorable book!

  40. Caitlin •

    Awesome book! Would be a great gift for my pregnant sister

  41. Such a cute book – love it for my Mom’s Mother’s Day gift!

  42. My mom was and still is a style icon!

  43. This book looks really neat. Awesome giveaway!

  44. I love reading Piper’s blog and would love to win the book!

  45. What a cute book!

  46. I love the haircut of the woman in the black and white stripes. Would love to win, so I can go get the same cut!

  47. Jannira •

    Its funny because my mom and I have different styles, but everything I wear she says “I used to wear that when I was your age.” So really we have the same style, just a few decades apart. 🙂

  48. That book looks amazing! I totally find myself dressing like one of my best friends mom’s. I’m a 90’s kid and I still love the fashion.

    And this couldn’t have been posted on a better day, it’s my mom’s birthday!

  49. Lori Aretz •

    Ah, memories!

  50. Love books like this 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway Jen!

  51. Megan CK •

    This looks incredible! Fingers crossed!

  52. What a great book! I can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!! Thanks for sharing the pictures of your adorable mother! She is so pretty.

  53. Monica •

    This looks like a great book for Mother’s Day!

  54. I was already going to buy this book for all of my moms (mine, my fiance’s mom and his stepmom) but it would be wonderful to win a copy for myself too! thanks,

  55. That’s funny–MY mom was a style icon! She was a model in NYC in the 60s…What a great Mother’s Day gift idea! I’d love to win a copy for her!

  56. Nicole •

    I love my mom’s style!! I bet she’d love this book.

    If I don’t win I’ll probably just have to buy it for her!! 🙂

  57. love that blog! i’ve been looking forward to this book.

  58. aw, how cute. I think my own mom would really enjoy this one!

  59. Homg, I love looking at these pics on the site!

  60. Molly E. Scott •

    isn’t amazing to look back at photos you don’t even recognize the women you know now. I find it amazing my mother every wore make-up since i have never seen her wear a stitch since I have been around. yet , at one time she was that person in photo wearing make-up … she is amazing make-up or not or bad eighties perm or not.

  61. Love it!

  62. I’ve seen this book on a number of sites now and I want it more each time I see it.

  63. Ohhhhh my goodness, this looks like the best coffee table book EVER… I need it!

  64. This book looks fantastic, I was just checking it out on Kendi’s site yesterday 🙂

  65. I love this book! It is definitely for my mom who happens to be the best mom in the whole world! When you look up the word style icon in the dictionary you will find my momther’s picture!

  66. Sometimes i get jealous of people who think of great ideas like this!!! My mom and I have often argued (in fun) about why she didnt think to save all her totally cool clothes from the 50s and 60s! She had some freaky awesome stuff!!! Thanks for brining my attention to this book. I’ll be ordering it even if I dont win it. Love it!

  67. Shannon H •

    Wonderful book idea! My mom would love this!

  68. beene31 •

    Cutest book ever, I must have it!

  69. I’m obsessed with style through the ages like this, and what better way to showcase that than through our own mothers!

  70. Lindsay •

    Oh how fun! I would love to have this!

  71. Ashley •

    What a cool book! I love old photos, its almost like going back through time. Hope I win!

  72. Kelsey •

    Love it!!

  73. what a great book! I see my mom everyday and talk to her often. I love her.

    You look JUST like your mom!!!!!!!

  74. I love looking through my mom’s old photos. If only she had kept some of her clothes from back then! This book looks amazing, hope I win!

  75. i would love to give this to my mom or grandma! i think they would both love it.

  76. what a sweet idea. my mom is my best friend :o)

  77. Trulie •

    Cute book, I like looking through pictures of my mom too.

  78. Would love to receive this book and the pictures of ur mom ur age looks so good.. Thanks for sharing..

  79. Laura Elizabeth •

    What a perfect, perfect gift for my mom! 🙂 She doesnt ever feel stylish or pretty, and constantly talks about how she has the “mom fluff,” but I dont think there is anyone more beautiful! 🙂 This book showcases pretty mamas and I LOVE that idea!

  80. How adorable! Thanks for sharing.

  81. I want to share this great book with my mom. We only just started getting along and bonding over the last two years, and now all of those ‘Your mom is your best friend’ cliches are coming true.
    We have a photo taken shortly after I was born, with me in a powder pink romper, and Mom rocking some insane early 90s hair and an acid wash denim jacket. We were quite the pair.

  82. This is adorable — I love seeing this feature in Lucky Magazine. Fingers crossed! 🙂

  83. I’ve been seeing this book around alot lately and would love it in my library.
    I always look at photos of my mom and think about how beautiful and stylish she was and I miss her everyday.

    xx Poppy

  84. I’ve been thinking about getting this for my mom, I will whether I win it or not. She has definitely always been my style icon… especially when she used to wake me up for school and ask if I wanted to be called out to go shopping instead… best… mom… ever!

  85. I love the idea behind this book! Thanks for offering this giveaway! =)

  86. My mom and I love sharing your blog and always comment how beautiful how you and your family are 🙂 What a wonderful giveaway!! I am interested in this book since seeing a similar feature in Lucky magazine! Thank you so for also sharing the photos of you and your mother! So special <33

  87. Jenny Day •

    Hope I win : )

  88. Michela •

    Just as history has important lessons to teach us, so do our mothers! I would love a copy of this book! Thank you thank you thank you : )

  89. Vickie •

    I would love a copy of this book.

  90. what a super cool idea. love it!

  91. simply perfect!

  92. i love this! i remember back when livejournal fashion communities were active, i posted some of my favourite pictures of my mom’s style on mother’s day and asked others to do the same. it is so nice to celebrate our moms in all the little ways.

  93. Breanne •

    I have some great photos of my mom in cute clothes from the 70s . . . so in right now!

  94. Love this book (& blog) !!! Don’t need to be in the giveaway, but so excited that so many people are excited about it. My mom’s in Chapter 3, “Moms Gone Wild” – I’ll never be able to top this year’s mother’s day gift 🙂

  95. scarlet •

    Yes, I definitely can’t wait to get my hands on a copy of this book. Loving all the stylish moms!

  96. this is so charming! i love it and so would my mom! 🙂

  97. justine b. •

    great giveaway!

  98. is it too late to enter?! the book looks awwwwwesome. i love my mom so much, too…she really is the best and i tell her all the time!

  99. Love her blog & would love to win this book! I was actually just looking at it in Barnes & Noble yesterday…

  100. Such a great way to show appreciation for our lovely stylish moms 😉

  101. balabalaba.i love it……M.

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