Easter Weekend

Did you have a great weekend? I hope it was spent with loved ones and you got time to relax and reflect. We really had a wonderful weekend. Friday Night Kev and I got the night to ourselves as Rowan had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Saturday night we got to hang out with friends, watched a movie and eat candy and then Sunday was Easter. We didn’t see any family yesterday but we got to enjoy the day as our own little family unit. We went to church, I had an easter egg hunt set up for Kev and Rowan, we took some family photos, went swimming and then ordered Chinese for dinner. Having Chinese food on Easter is a tradition in our family.

Do you have any funny Easter Traditions?

Isn’t Rowan so cute? She is wearing another little dress from when my sisters and I were little.

  1. My family’s Easter tradition = Indian food!
    my husband thinks we’re weird. 🙂

  2. Rowan isn’t cute…she’s flippin’ ADORABLE. I just want to squeeze those cheeks! What a cool space you guys took your pictures in. Great light.

  3. i love how in the picture of you and kev kissing shes looking right into the camera. shes perfection! and those legs! i want to eat them. xox happy easter to you and your beautiful family!

  4. Look at Rowan’s little knees!!! Ahh. Too cute. And I love that she’s wearing a special family dress!

  5. Those kneeeeees! *swoon*

    So sweet. 🙂

  6. She is super cute!! nice family pics btw. 😀

  7. I absolutely love these photos! You are the most adorable family ever!

  8. These photos are just lovely! Your daughter is beautiful!!


  9. she is soooo cute! i love the kissy picture with her in it!

    <3 steffy

  10. My Italian family has lamb on Easter, which I have recently found to be a little disturbing…we eat lamb on the day the “Lamb” was resurrected from the dead…hmm I dunno about that one haha! And, my mom also buys us kites for Easter, even though we’re all past the age of 16!

  11. Fiorella •

    beautiful family pics – beautiful headband Rowan – you got style!!

  12. are you kidding me with those chubby legs?! i always wanted a chubby baby to nibble one…i’m hoping my boy fills out…he was the biggest baby i’ve ever had…i can only hope for legs and nibbilishious as rowan’s.

  13. These photos are gorgeous. Rowan is quite the little fashionista!

  14. bah! Her chubby little legs are so stinkin’ cute! And her standing, oh man! She is one cute kid.

  15. Aw i love that pic of Rowan showing her little teeth. So cute!
    I also love how you paired that dress with the blazer, really gorgeous!


  16. Between her knee rolls and those teeth I could eat her up, beautiful family!

  17. stephanie •

    Her little legs are SO cute!

  18. aww great pictures of your family. I love that you dress her in what you wore when you were little

  19. She really looks like Kev, but with your nose – adorable 🙂
    No Easter traditions in my family since my brother and I’ve outgrown the egg hunting somewhere during the 90s (I’d still love to do that though, but remember my mom really hated hiding them!). My dad always bought tons of chocolate eggs anyway, but this year was the first year there wasn’t a single one in their house… he’s on a diet!
    I actually asked some of my coworkers if they had any Easter traditions last week, and with the exception of one guy (lamb family dinner) none of us had.

  20. such wonderful family pictures!! Love those rolly polly baby legs!! : )
    Glad you all had a happy Easter!

  21. You guys are SO cute! I love that Rowan has been wearing yours and your sister’s dresses, that’s so precious.

    The Bélanger Easter family tradition is to have fajitas on the Sunday, I make the Robert Rodriguez recipe and I can’t wait to have a mini Bélanger to be part of the tradition!

    Have a lovely Monday Jen, Rowan & Kev 🙂


  22. Monica •

    I don’t know how to properly say this but…

    I want to steal your baby. She is just TOO cute.

  23. aw cutest family easter pics!

  24. loving rowan’s chubby little legs. LOL

  25. Lovely! Picture of the three of you looking at her is adorable! Glad you had a good one!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  26. Those lil’ chubby baby thighs are so stinkin’ cute!

  27. Her legs make me want to squeal out loud! So Cute!

  28. Oh man, those knees! Cutest baby ever!

  29. such a beautiful family! like father like daughter, huh? such a resemblance

  30. The family photos are PRICELESS. You all looks so cute or dapper as the case may be and Rowan is one of the cutest babies in the world. Very nice, so glad you had a wonderful holiday with your darling family.

    Kel @ ser·en·dip·i·ty

  31. Her little tooth-y grin is so cute! Is her headband from Princess Lasertron? Such an adorable family!

  32. Tina B •

    Can’t get enough of those chubby legs! So cute!

  33. you’re a beautiful family! my favorite part of these photos? those adorable chubby knees!!!!

  34. These pics are so sweet but that last one is the best! Baby poker faces kill me!

  35. OMG. Her bottom teeth are soooo cute. I stir-fried some chicken fried rice for our Easter dinner. Not really our normal tradition, but it was yummy!

  36. She is SUCH a cutie!! Look at her little face! You three make such a cute family. Glad to hear your weekend was so lovely.


  37. Found your blog via circle of mom’s.
    Your family photos are so cute. The baby is adorable and what a pretty dress.

    I am a SAHM of two.


  38. Jannira •

    She is definitely adorable! And I love giant bows and flowers on babies! 🙂 You guys are a cute family.

  39. Rowan’s chubby little knees are the cutest thing ever!

  40. Jen, that baby of yours keeps getting cuter, I can’t even handle it! Those knees! Those teeth! gahhh!

    Glad you guys had a nice easter, my mom came for brunch and we went hiking, which I think will be a new easter tradition of ours. Chris made me an Easter basket too.


  41. Sounds like a perfect Easter to me- sometimes it’s better to have the smaller unit to yourself for a holiday. My husband is Greek, so Easter is usually a banner day full of roasted lamb and lots of ouzuo. I am still recovering….

  42. Your daughter is so freakin cute!! I love that she’s wearing a dress from when you were younger. My mother kept a bunch of my little dresses too, hopefully I’ll have a little girl to wear them one day!

  43. Ha! Her legs! I wish chubby legs were cute when you’re a grown up.

  44. These pictures are stunning! Rowan is totally the star of this post, haha. Her little teeth! And little legs!

  45. Rowan’s knees are too much! She is beyond adorable!

  46. Oh my goodness your family is just the sweetest!

  47. I think I had that EXACT same little dress too!

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