Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I had a really, really awesome art teacher when I was in high school. It made me want to be an art teacher myself. Anyway, we always did the coolest things. She taught us how to make paper, handmade journals, screen print, transfer images and then around easter she taught use about Ukrainian Eggs. It is a technique that is called Pysanky. Eggs are decorated using a wax-resist (or batik) method. There are very specific Ukrainian Folk Designs that are used to decorate these eggs. They really are beautiful. I still have my little tool and chunk of beeswax from high school that I use to make eggs every year.

1. Hollow out some eggs (hard boiled would work too they just gross me out, so I blow all the yolks out), get some food coloring and get yourself some beeswax and your Little Dipper Pen
2. The tool has a metal funnel to scrape wax and allow you to write with it after it is melted
3. Fill some glasses with hot water and vingear and get all your dyes ready to go
4. You will need a candle to melt the wax
5. Scrape wax into funnel
6. Heat in flame to melt the wax
7. Start to draw on your egg where you want white to stay. I decided to write Rowans name and make some little white polka dots.
8. Once you are finished drawing where you want to stay white. Dip in the first color. You will have to think thru your drawing as far as colors because you will be layering as you go. You wouldn’t be able to dip in blue first and then think you will get yellow down the line. I started in Yellow first. Dried it off after and then drew again with melted wax where I wanted the yellow to stay. Then I dipped in Red. Then drew again where I wanted the red to stay. Then finally dipped in Blue to make a purple color.
9. Anything nice about my nails is now over after sticking them in dye all afternoon. I felt like an art teacher again. Haha. my hands were always a mess when I was teaching.
10. When you are done dipping your eggs will look dull and dingy with all the wax on them. Here comes the fun part…
11. Hold your egg near the flame to melt the wax.
12. As wax melts wipe wax away revealing the vibrant colors below. Work your way around the egg until the whole egg is clean.
13. Make as many eggs are you want!
14. Your finished product will wow everyone as they wonder how you decorate such awesome eggs!!! It does take a while to make them, so be patient. I made two yesterday and then needed a break. I am going to try for a few more today.

Tools can be found at Dick Blick.

  1. my late aunt used to make these, we actually still have some of the ones she hollowed out first, beautiful! can’t wait to see you thursday!

  2. You know that the quality alone of your images makes me want to go home “sick” and sneak to the arts and crafts store to get me some Ukrainian-style easter eggs? Beautiful post. Inspire us some more!

  3. ooh la la those are some fancy eggs! we would do something similar when we were little but we used a crayon instead… every egg i made said tina on it. I was quite the creative child.

  4. Jen, you are amazing. This is great and so inspiring!

    Happy Easter <3

  5. So cute!

  6. that’s soooo cool!! Without sounding dumb – do you think this would work with wax crayon? (i don’t trust myself with melted wax!)

  7. Jen! Those are the most beautiful eggs I have ever seen. Rowan is so lucky 🙂

  8. these are amazing! LOVE, love, LOVE! pinning immediately! Thanks for sharing =)

  9. awesome, would love to do that if I had kids. x

  10. these are really wonderful!!! i love them! <3

  11. Wow. I’m TOTALLY and COMPLETELY loving this… I may have to try!

  12. wow, these look so cool!! what a great project for Easter!

    cute & little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  13. ooh, these look so great, I totally want to try this!

  14. That looks so messy…I love it!

  15. Our school supports a Ukranian orphanage…I am going to show some of the teachers who over there your post! I think they will love it!! Thanks for stopping by my site!

  16. omg they look amazing! i loved my art teachers through the years too 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  17. I actually go to a Ukrainian Catholic church and we make those every year for Easter. They are called Pysanky in Ukrainian and the “little dipper pen” is called a Kistka. I always have to be careful not to burn the egg when I take the wax off! I do every time! 😛 Yours look so good! Congrats!

  18. That is so cool! I have never seen that done before. Thanks for sharing.

  19. These are great, thank you for the tutorial. Our family blows eggs each year and decorate them with layers of tissue paper, sequins and glitter but I really want to try this!

  20. These are great. This is a tradition with my dad and I, and I’m actually driving to Philly this week to see him and keep it going. We have been doing it since I was a child, blasting tunes all night on Good Friday and dying about 2 dozen eggs. We do the hard-boiled because we give them away to friends and family after. We usually use a crayon but we have melted wax before and used all sorts of methods for our eggs, including squirting dye from one of my diabetic brother’s syringes!

    I think I might use this bunting design on an egg this weekend, its too cute!

  21. These look amazing! Great tutorial, I definately think I need to try it out! 🙂

  22. My art teacher hands are a constant disaster…but kind of the nicest disaster ever.

  23. Those are pretty Easter eggs!

  24. I used to do this pisanki as a kid!

  25. Wow! The end result is so pretty! I’d never thought about using wax like that. What a clever idea 🙂

  26. We do this in Hungary, traditionally with beeswax and paint it with the outer layer of the onion. When they are done remove the wax and polish the eggs with some fatty bacon.

  27. These are incredible. I’m Russian, and some relatives of mine make eggs that look very similar, I think they’re probably using the same method. Beautiful

  28. wow, these are amazing! so, so, so pretty.

  29. It sounds like a lot of work, but the eggs look really cool!

  30. These are so wonderful. Great step by step. Never knew to use wax before… shoes how much i know about painting eggs 🙂

  31. Tryston •

    Love them!!

  32. The eggs are very cool but your nails OMG I love them. How did you do it?????????


  33. You’re so creative, these look great!!

  34. These are so pretty! Love the bunting.



  35. You’ve inspired me to dig out a pysanky kit that hasn’t been used in years. Hopefully mine turn out half as lovely as yours.

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  38. Those are so neat! The colors all go along so well and are really awesome looking!

  39. OMG, I LOVE how they turned out!!! I just might need to make a “grwon up” batch of Easter Eggs! Thank you for the tutorial.

  40. Very cute eggs, we did a version of this when I was growing up but used clear or white crayon instead of melted wax. Love your designs! -^_^-

  41. I love the little banner egg. I just hopped over from the Ladies Home Journal article. We both used the traditional equipment to make Ukranian Easter eggs, but you put a more modern twist on the designs than I did. I love that.

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