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Happy Monday Everyone. Did you have a nice weekend? Isn’t it so nice that it is spring now? I am loving that I don’t have to wear my giant puffer coat anymore. I love wearing spring coats. Especially my denim jacket. It is perfect over cute spring dresses.

Do you have a denim jacket?

This floral dress came from the folks at Francesca’s Collections. I will be honest and say I had not heard of them before until they emailed me, but they are a fantastic online shop. They have a great variety of lovely items and I really like their website. I highly recommend checking it out!

Besides they are offering readers of jenloveskev a very generous discount!!
FROM: 4/18-4/30
AND RECEIVE: 30% off a single regular priced item online

Plus today they are offering free shipping. Now that is deal I can’t resist. I may be going to purchase this pretty red dress.


Peonies Dress: c/o Francesca’s Collections
Denim Jacket: Thrifted (Similar Jacket)
Regal Boots: c/o Wanted
Heart Necklace: gift from Suzi

  1. I wish I could wear that today (so cute!). Snow in Chicago. Thanks for the code!

  2. The dress is just gorgeous! The print is too TOO lovely! I love that you paired it with the denim jacket and the cognac boots!

  3. Love your outfit!! We have a Francesca’s in my area, I love they’re jewelry and the dresses are lovely

  4. Cute, cute dress and I love it with the denim jacket!!

  5. I did have a denim jacket that fit me great, but sadly I think I donated it. Now I want it back so badly!

    We have a Francesca’s in Des Moines, and I love it! It’s in the mall, but it’s a neat boutique and they get new stuff every single day. Plus, everything in the store is for sale (lamps, jewelry stands, picture frames, etc.).

  6. Ohhh, love the boots!

  7. I LOVE Francesca’s. They have such a great selection and good prices too.

  8. i wear my denim jacket with everything! by the time spring rolls around, i’m sick of cardigans, and it’s a great substitute for a sweater.

    you look adorable!

  9. I debated getting a denim jacket this weekend. I decided not to for now. I love the look but I am more of a cardigan person than a spring jacket person. Your outfit is great!

  10. Great outfit with the boots and the denim jacket!

  11. Love, love that gorgeous dress & it’s so lovely on you. I can’t wait to take a peek at their online store. And I too adore wearing my denim jacket with my dresses -SO cute!! xx veronika

  12. that shop has such cute dresses! thanks for telling us about them.

  13. I’ve said it too many times but I’ll say it again; you have the cutest dresses ever! print on this one is so cute!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  14. I am SO excited- I saw a sweater from Francesca on Kendi Everyday that I was dying for… and now I can get it with the 30%! You rock!

  15. So jealous! We got almost a foot of snow this weekend, so I’m still waiting for that spring weather. That dress is so cute!

  16. I am obsessed with my denim jacket! I swore I would not buy one because it reminded me of the 90’s but I crumbled in early March and my denim jacket it already a huge staple in my wardrobe.

    I’m actually wearing it today!

  17. I just used the discount! I’ve been looking for bandeau tops everywhere, and Francesca’s is the only place I’ve found them. I’m pretty excited about the free shipping, too!

  18. A denim jacket had been on my wishlist for a while now and I finally picked one up! I wanna wear it with everything…. definitely a necessary staple.

    And I love Franchesca’s. I’ve been to one once and everything was so cute.

  19. Oh my gosh. LOVE Francesca’s!!! Although their real stores have much more awesome stuff than online. But still, thanks for the code!

  20. Very sweet dress. You look very spring-like! I adore moving away from winter coats. I get so bored of feeling like I look the same whatever my outfit due to my coat over the top!

  21. I love the denim jacket with the pretty dress! Yes, I almost donated it because I haven’t worn it in years, but recently saved it. I’ve already worn it three or four times this spring. It is so perfect with super girly stuff.

  22. Heather •

    Definitely bought the Tea Garden Dress! Time to clear the closet and add some new pieces. Thanks for the discount, Jen!

  23. I love my jean jacket and I LOVE Francesca’s. You look adorable!

    I will definitely be using the discount! Thanks!

  24. We have a Francesca’s in our local mall – everything in there is ADORABLE! Plus, they have fun toys and books too 😀

    Bootnotes: style, music, and other things you won’t make money doing.

  25. Such a cute outfit! Thanks for the discount – ordered a great cardigan I am so excited for! I just had a baby last week, so I am working on adding fun layering pieces for spring until I can fit into pre-pregnancy clothes again!

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