7 Months Old


I tired to narrow down these pictures but I just couldn’t. I am a proud momma and these pictures are too cute for words. Can you believe that Rowan is already 7 months old? Crazy! I know I say this all the time but holy cow time goes by fast.


Rowan is the sweetest little baby. She is always so happy. She is also becoming quite independent. She rolls and scoots herself all over this apartment, entertaining herself forever. She is our little explorer and very, very determined. What is it with babies knowing exactly where everything is that they are not supposed to have? With in minutes of putting her on the floor, Rowan finds every cable, remote, magazine and book that we thought we put out of site.


Rowan is also talking a lot. Lots of babble of course but lots of “ma, ma, ma” and “ba,ba” and her favorite word haha “ma ba” we know its not real words but it is so cute to watch her learn and try to form her mouth to say things. We like to make up what we think she is saying. Kev is convinced that she says “dada I love you” and “kitty cat” what she sees our cats. She has also started smacking her lips and clicking her tongue a lot.


We were having a lot of trouble with sleeping but we seem to have passed that stage for now. I am sure as she grows up we will come across it again but she is back sleeping thru the night and we are enjoying minute of sleep we are getting. One thing we have not had trouble with is eating. This girl LOVES to eat. She really loves everything we give her and because of it I LOVE making her food. I love trying new combos of fruits and veggies for her. The Beaba Babycook is really the best baby product we own. I LOVE that thing.


Our building just opened an indoor pool and hot tub and Rowan loves to go swimming. It has been so fun going down there for a swim with her. I cannot wait to go to Florida in 3 weeks so she can go swimming in the warm weather. Little babies in bathing suits are too cute. We bought a Jogging Stroller the other day and it works great! We have been going on family runs together and I love every minute of them. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air all together and exercise.


My mom saved a bunch of cute Polly Flinders dresses from when my sisters and I were little and I snagged a few of them for Rowan to wear. This pretty pink one is one of those dresses. I love when she can wear something special like that. haha and I made this ridiculously large headband for her. It is so big!

  1. I cannot believe how amazingly cute she is. I mean, really, she’s freakin’ adorable.

  2. How adorable! And I love babies in bathing suits too!

  3. She is too cute! I don’t know how you keep from munching on her cheeks all day!

  4. She is so beautiful and what a special dress!! You are such an amazing mommy! I’ve really enjoyed all your insight and beautiful photos throughout Rowan’s life! I loved the video you did in your closet and that she appears with you, your bond is truly special and it shows!!

  5. Ohmygoodness that third photo is just too presh! She is the cutest. Happy 7 months, Rowan!



  6. Too cute! My mom saved some Polly Flinders too, she actually wore one in a four generations picture that I wore in my four generations picture. That headband is adorbs…. was actually going to ask where you got it! LOL

  7. Rowan is a big cute pie! Love all of these photos…love her polka dot nursery!!

  8. i was wondering where you got the dress as i read the whole post because it looked so much like dresses my sisters and i used to wear. your mother kept it in perfect condition, looks so sweet on rowan. and that headband is amazing, i love how big it is, so cute! i hope you sell those:D

  9. Shannon •

    Her thighs are glorious!! I love them! What a sweet little girl.

  10. The headband is brilliant! You could sell these type of headbands on your Etsy, I’m sure they’ll be a hit.

  11. I love that headband! What a cutie she is.

  12. She has some serious cuteness going on!

  13. Jen,
    I love, love, love that head band you put on her!!! That is so stinking cute with the big button in the middle of the flower. She is just beautiful model for it too 🙂


  14. I love the baby updates and the headband is so very cute. Mine is five months old and it also feels like it is flying by all too fast.

  15. Beautiful baby 🙂 Ma Ba may not be a real word but it’s still cute. mommy and daddy put together.

  16. omigosh, she is so gorgeous! and that dress is adorable. i love when you post pictures of her, those are my favorite.

  17. haha yeah i can tell she loves to eat. i hope it doesnt turn into a problem

  18. Cutest. Baby. Ever. No, really. You’re not just biased because she’s yours. She really is the cutest baby ever.

  19. Yay! 7 months! Love the outfit. Sweetest photos.

  20. She is so precious…love the outfit!!

  21. She is so precious. Time goes by so quickly – it seems like yesterday mine was that small. He’ll be three in two months! Enjoy it while it lasts.

  22. She is delicious! And looking very pretty in her outift, just like mommy.

  23. she’s so adorable! too cute for words 🙂 Thanks for sharing, you brightened my otherwise dull day!

  24. Rowan looks so adorable in the vintage dress & oversized headband! So sweet!

  25. Where did you get that headband?? It’s soo adorable!!!! I’m thinking about getting a beaba! My 8 month old is SUCH a picky eater, so I want to try different combos for her.. plus, fresh produce season is coming up here in MI.

  26. How is she so big already?! I swear, those cheeks just get cuter every week. And how special that she’s wearing your dresses!

  27. Rowan is so cute – you guys are so lucky!!! PS – thanks for the cookbook suggestion. I already have a juicer and can use the new recipe suggestions!

  28. These pictures are darling! What did you make the headband out of? I want to make my niece a big headband like that for my wedding this July. Too cute!

  29. Is there some sort of record for cutest baby?

  30. I LOVE her little headband! You should do a tutorial on how you made it, then I can make a grown up sized version. 🙂

  31. OMG, she is the cutest, chubby-cheeked little thing! Came across your blog from the top baby blog site. (:

  32. SUCH a sweetie! You could honestly never post too many pictures, she’s so adorable.

  33. She’s a doll! What great photos you’ll have of her when she’s older. I’m inspired to snap more of my little guy. Time just goes by way too fast.

  34. She’s so presh! Can you do a flower headband tutorial, pretty please? 🙂

  35. Is it just me, or does Rowan look a lot like Kev? Adorable photos!

  36. Your little gal is an absolutely beautiful little sweetheart! SO photogenic, and utterly adorable!

  37. More adorable everyday. Her little dress is amazing!

  38. oh my goodness – she is too cute for words!!! love her headband!!! could you do a tutorial so I could make one for Cadence?

  39. These pics are sooooo cute!

  40. Krystal •

    Love LOVE LOVE these pics an this post!!! You know how much reading about your angel makes my day:) she really is a GORGEOUS baby girl!!!!!

    Oh oh I see a sneak peak of her crib!!!! Can you do a nursery post?!?! I’d love to see since I am still decorating our girl’s nursery…. :):):)

  41. Krystal •

    Oh and I too love the headbands!!! I’d buy them:) or maybe you can share how you make them???

    Hugs! Have a beautiful day:)

  42. She is the cutest! Love those chubby cheeks and thighs!

    Why in the world would anyone comment, “I can tell she loves to eat…hope it doesn’t turn into a problem?!!!” Babies her age are chubby, and it’s so cute and NORMAL. All my babies were chubs and grew into beanpoles.

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