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On Wednesday I headed into nyc for the day to meet up with the lovely Kim from eat.sleep.wear. I love that girl. She is a ray of sunshine on any day of the week. The first part of the day I shopped around a little bit by myself. Had lunch at one of my favorite spots in nyc and then headed over to the Conde Nast building in Time Sq. for a little meeting I had at Lucky. I got to meet the ever dashing John Jannuzzi and I wont lie it was pretty fun to behind the doors at the magazine. This just shows you how big of a nerd I am- before I went into the building I switched my flats to my wedges to try to seem a little bit more put together and all I could think about was how Devil Wears Prada I felt doing that. I am so not high fashion.

Anyway, that is where Kim and I finally met up and then we headed out for the evening. We took outfit photos together and then headed to the LOFT fall preview and then over to the launch party for Lucky Kids. Have you checked out that magazine yet? so cute!!! I will have more pictures from the events next week. Here is what I wore yesterday though.

I wanted to push my colors a little bit yesterday and step outside my comfort level. I went with Bright Orange, pale/nude pink and burnt orange tights. It’s a combo I have never worn before, but honestly I kind of really loved it. These pictures came out great, except for the fact that I look like I slept in these clothes for a week and then decided to talk some photos. Ugh! I guess that is what you get when you sit on the train for 2 hours and then walk around the cold damp city for the day.
Buttons up Blouse: Gap ( Similar Top)
Linen Skirt: J.Crew
Tights: H&M (Similar Rust TIghts)
Wedges: Dolce Vita
Necklaces: NY&Co.
Bubble Umbrella: Totes (via Amazon)

All photos taken by Kim

  1. i need those sandals, are they as comfortable as they are cute?

  2. darling you look adorable I love your skirt…great post!

    have a great weekend!


  3. Looks like a fun event. Can I just jump in and say that is the cutest umbrella ever??!! Because it is!!!

  4. I loove this look soo much Jen. the colours are just so wonderful together!

  5. I have that wrinkle problem all the time. Why can’t I look as good as I do in the morning, all day long?!

    Love the color combo – you’re instincts were right!

  6. @Jesse- The wedges are extremely comfortable. Like I wore them all around the city for the whole night. I think you should totally get them!

  7. I really like the combo you decided on to highlight the orange skirt. I also tried an interesting orange/pink outfit a few weeks ago – photos are on my blog! 🙂


  8. The colors are gorgeous on you! I really love the tights/shoes combo. The wedges are extremely cute, and I just love how they look with everything. Plus it sounds like you had a great time! :]

  9. THE DORRIE SKIRT! Madly jealous! It looks awesome on you, thanks for styling it in more of a cool weather way. I wasn’t able to justify a $75 skirt just for sunny days (that I don’t get many of!) but this makes me think she may be worth it 🙂

  10. Those necklaces look great…the perfect finishing touch to your cute outfit!

  11. I love this outfit!!! The colors have a great gradient kind of effect. I have that Gap shirt too… it is pretty much forever wrinkled! but I love the color.

  12. amanda •

    Orange looks great on you!!! I still cannot believe you have a baby…you are so tiny and fit looking!

  13. Gorgeous combo Jen! Love it. the colors are stunning on you.

  14. What a fun day! I’ve been eying that skirt, and similar wedges, for spring! Thanks for making me want them even more 🙂

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