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Yay! It’s friday again! This weekend I plan on going to ikea, running 12 miles (yay a shorter long run!), making easter eggs and easter cards, sleeping as much as I can (with a baby is that even possible?) and kissing Kev and Rowan lots. I just wanted dot share a few random photos with ya. 1. I miss being an art teacher and getting to make cool examples of the projects. Every easter season in my ceramic class we would make egg rattles. These are a few that I’ve made over the years of teaching the project. So fun glazing ceramic pieces. 2. Like my leopard nails? I am in LOVE with the Sally Hansen Nail art decals. So easy and pretty legit. So far they have stayed on for 3 days. They are chipping just a little bit but still look pretty good. Definitely add a good top coat to help make them last. 3. This is Gully she is 1 of our 2 cats. She amuses Rowan to no end. When Rowan sees her, she gets so excited that little squeaks come out of her because she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Here are some favorites from around the interwebs and from sponsors this week…
1. Have you seen ModCloth’s new Stylebook? A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!! I have looked at it everyday this week!

2. OMGosh! I have to get these little Saddle Shoe’s for Rowan. Can you imagine how cute they would look with a little skirt!

3. How perfect would this Yellow dress be for Easter and/or Spring. Lulu’s has such a pretty dress selection!

4. I am a Kale fanatic, so I was super excited to see this yummy and healthy snack on Sometimes Sweet.

5. This girl is so cute! I don’t know her but I would like to be friends please.

6. Barley and Birch is more than just cute kids clothes. They really are making a difference in the world. I LOVE them!!

7. I love thinking about how I would style this lovely lace skirt.

8. I started making some easter cards for friends and family and I seriously love colored pencils. Over the years I have collect hundreds of Prismacolor Colored Pencils Ahhh I love them so much.

9. Would you please send a vote our way. We slip down if I don’t keep sending votes that way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

10. How good does strawberry, white balsamic and black pepper jam sound? MMMMmmm!

  1. Voted for ya!

    I have been seeing these Sally Hansen decals all over… I might have to buy some! I love the leopard print.

  2. Oh wow…I didn’t realize you were an art teacher! That is so cool and makes lots of sense considering the amazing art you feature here on occasion. You have a great, whimsical sense of style and I really enjoy your blog, Jen:)

  3. SWEET rattles. As a substitute, I have to say that some of my favorite days (other than subbing for music, which is my actual emphasis) are acting as an art teacher. Making the examples is the best! Sometimes I like to make 3-4 examples, just to make sure they reeeeeally get the idea. : P

    I’m glad you recommended kale here. I just picked some up, a result of many many recommendations, and it just does not look like a very yummy food (like lettuce, but already wilted). I hope my taste buds agree with yours and I end up liking it! : P

  4. oh no why did you show me those saddle shoes? They are tooooo adorable… i want some for my little girl now

  5. Awww thank you so much for the mention!! I adore your blog and I am a tad jealous you got to hang out with the fab Kim from eatsleepwear…love her too!

  6. This Friday’s list is full of so many darling things. I love the egg rattle project. What do you put inside them to make them shake? I use Prismacolors, too. Nothing comes close to that brand. I keep them in a jar and they look like straws.

  7. I can’t imagine my life without teaching art. The eggs are adorable! My Art 2 class just finished making whistles. FUN!

  8. Just voted…love your site!!! =)

  9. obsessed with those nails! i must try 🙂

  10. LOVE those nails girls. Totally had to repost!

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