Giveaway Style File 04.13.11

Have you been to the Kissing Tree Vintage site yet? Umm they have The. Most. Amazing. Dresses!!!! I love the selection they have. This blue little number came from there and GUESS WHAT?? You can win this fabulous dress!!! There would be so many awesome ways to style this dress. I love the striped top and the super cute collar. You could add a skirt over top and have a whole new outfit!

To win this crazy awesome dress all you have to do is…
1. Visit Kissing Tree Vintage, take a look around and then leave a comment here.
2. Bonus entry for “Liking” on facebook and leaving an extra comment
2. Extra bonus entry for following them on twitter and leaving another comment telling us that.

That is 3 chances to enter!!

Just so you know as far as length of skirt- I am 5’9″. The dress has an elastic waist so it could fit any one from a small to a large.

Good Luck Everyone! Contest will run until Sunday Night. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email on Monday morning.

  1. Oh man! So much good stuff on there! Fingers crossed. xo

  2. This is so cute. Love it!

  3. I love the dress and they have some adorable stuff!

  4. i love it! they have such great stuff–all drool-worthy.

  5. LOVE that green sailboat dress but unfortunately for me, it’s too expensive! I am crossing my fingers for this dress though. I love stripes!!

  6. I liked them on facebook. Great way to keep updated on their shop!

  7. I also followed them on twitter!

  8. what a great site! i would love to win that cute dress 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  9. So many cute ones!

  10. Followed on twitter!

  11. And liked on facebook 🙂
    Sorry for so many consecutive posts

  12. Okay… there goes my spending hiatus. Srsly. Love their clothes (and especially the dress you have on- oh, the ways it could be styled…!).

  13. I like them on Facebook!

  14. And I’m totes following them on The Twitter. I’m @BrightEyesCals

  15. ! love the collar on this. They have a wrap-around sailboat skirt on there that I really love. So many nice clothes. I’ve never really used ebay to shop like this but its a great idea.

  16. I also liked them on facebook

  17. and followed on twitter

    also love the green sailboat dress, I have a nautical problem!

  18. oh this is the great store!!

    this is my face but its hard to narrow it down!
    Vtg 70s Nude Beige Hippie Boho Tie Mini Dress XL

  19. and liked on fb!

  20. I LIKE on FB.

  21. I follow on Twitter.

  22. What an amazing shop!!! I love all their summer dreses, esp the peach lace trim one. Adorable. Please enter me for the giveaway.

  23. Liked on FB!

  24. … and following on Twitter. 😉

  25. I love the kissing tree vintage store! The stuff she finds is amazing! Lovely dress!

  26. Awesome stuff. I love the chevron dress on there!

  27. I also like them on facebook!

  28. And I follow their twitter. (michal_NCG)

  29. Chelsey •

    I’m commenting on here, Facebook and Twitter. I think my bases are covered.

  30. They have such cute items!!

  31. I’m following them on FB.

  32. I’m following them now on Twitter too!

  33. ooh. Yay, love this dress & their ebay store! I’m especially crushing on the Vtg 80s Blk Red Paisley Floral Print. Fingers crossed! xx veronika

  34. And my bonus entry. I’ve “liked” them on facebook too. x v

  35. Erykah •

    Yay for Jessica!!!!!!!

  36. Now I want too many things from this store! So many great things!
    Love the 80s stuff 🙂

  37. If only I could afford clothes right now, sigh.

  38. I like them on facebook!

  39. Autumn •

    This dress is supercute! Love the little white collar.

  40. following on twitter! done

  41. They have a lot of great vintage pieces.

  42. so many cute dresses, and i love their name!

  43. i like kissing tree on fb!

  44. aaand im following on twitter!

  45. Oh my gosh! So many cute dresses! – Leah

  46. I “liked” them on facebook, too! – Leah

  47. LOVE teh vintage 50s Yellow Floral Peter Pan Full Party Dress

  48. Beene31 •

    I love this dress and the fact that it is elastic waste. Which is perfect for m growing belly (and baby).

  49. Heather •

    So cute! I love their stuff 🙂

  50. Sarah Rogers •

    I love their shirt dresses! And their mini shorts and high waisted mini-skirts! I can’t wait for summer!

  51. I am addicted to Kissing Tree Vintage! A fabulous shop!
    Great dress, BTW, hope I win!

  52. Great dress! They have a lot of cute stuff, I like the Teal Floral Print Space Age Mini Dress =)

  53. This dress is so cute on you! It’s so windy here in Toronto (I live by the water) always, so I’m always afraid when I wear a full skirt like that it’ll blow up on me!

  54. Christine •

    The dresses are adorable!

  55. Super cute! I live in dresses 24/7 this would be a great little number to add to my collection

  56. Kaitlyn •

    I love the Vtg 60s 70s Floral Embroidered Mexican Mini Dress! I love all the embroidery detail. It would look so great with just a simple belt and flats. Thank you so much for sharing the link — I am definitely going to be doing some shopping!

  57. Kaitlyn •

    I liked it on facebook

  58. Kaitlyn •

    and am following on twitter!

  59. Oh wow! I love this! It’s getting warmer here in Québec, it would be the perfect dress for spring!

  60. Tarynn •

    Cute stuff! Thank you for introducing me to Kissing Tree Vintage 🙂

  61. Oh my gosh! Their prices are SO GREAT! Cute dresses, cute rompers, cute skirt. Awesome find! Thank you!!

  62. Aaaaand I did the facebook thang

  63. Aaaaaaand I did the twitter thang!

  64. So, so cute! I’d love to win it, haha!

  65. justine b. •

    the ebay site is super cute. i like the range of swim suits they have!

  66. justine b. •

    i liked them on facebook as well!

  67. gah! that dress is so darn cute! i hope i win, i hope i win, i hope i win 😉

  68. and you betcha i’m a-likin’ on facebook!

  69. and on twitter too! oh yeah!

  70. Great giveaway, this dress is absolutely adorable 🙂 THANKS! Love your blog…..

  71. So cute!!! Love it!

  72. Michelle •

    They have such cute stuff! Love the dress!

  73. I love the dress and the shop! Awesome giveaway!

  74. Caitlin •

    Awesome shop! I especially like the bathing suits

  75. Caitlin •

    Also liked on Facebook!

  76. Shannon S. •

    Just what I need, another blue dress 😉

  77. Joanna •

    Such cute stuff!

  78. amanda •

    that is so cute on you!!! and it looks so comfortable, too! 🙂

  79. I love The Kissing Tree Vintage! I ordered a blue skirt from there a couple of week ago and I love it! I check the site a couple times a week for new additions.

  80. I like The Kissing Tree Vintage of Facebook!

  81. I follow them on twitter as well!

  82. StacyC •

    everything is so cute!

  83. This dress is super cute!

    Liked on Facebook! 🙂

  84. Also followed on twitter!

  85. Lana Hean •

    They have so many cute mini dresses! And I love the one you’re wearing!

  86. SUCH a cute dress!

  87. following on fb

  88. && following on twitter

  89. Nicole •

    You are looking so good! Must be all that running.

    And yes The Kissing Tree is wonderful. I always check out their goodies when I get the chance!

  90. Nicole •

    Also, I liked them on facebook!

  91. such an awesome ebay store! Thanks for sharing<3 I already have my eye on a couple dresses!

  92. Liked on facebook!

  93. Followed on twitter! (nickname @previouslyowned)

    <3 Thanks for this giveaway!


  94. Kristy •

    Love this dress! The collar makes it so unique! Thank you 🙂

  95. Kristy •

    Now followed on fb!

  96. Kristy •

    & twitter! Haha thanks

  97. Ooh, I’m really loving this dress, as well as the Vtg 80s Grey Chevron Striped Puff Slv Mini Dress.


  98. Following the shop on twitter @ohmydarlingblog

  99. Sophie •

    woooooooooo, I want this dress!

  100. Sophie •

    and I liked them on facebook

  101. Great selection!

  102. So many cute dresses!


  104. Oh my, what cuteness! I love the sunny yellow dress!

  105. I’m now following them on twitter! 🙂

  106. I liked them on facebook.

  107. Teddie •

    I really like the Pink Floral Print Hawaiian Mini Sun Dress! Pink is my new favorite color.

  108. Teddie •

    I liked them on Facebook

  109. Teddie •

    I’m following them on Twitter.

  110. Suzanne •

    So many cute things!

  111. Lindsay S. •

    l love this dress!!!

  112. her store is amazing! I instantly fell in love with “Vtg 60s 70s Green Square Print Pleat Full Mini Skirt S”

  113. Sarah Gleason •

    I love this!! It’d be so cute on the boat this summer! Ah, so adorable.

  114. jesica kahng •

    love love love love love 😀

  115. They have a vintage floral blouse from the 70s that’s gorgeous!!!

    The dress looks great too 🙂

  116. I liked them on Facebook 🙂 and lol Facebook is in the Google Chrome dictionary, it told me it was spelled wrong when uncapitalized.

  117. They have amazing vintage collection, what a great collection. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  118. So cute! I love their stuff.

  119. I also ‘Like’ the kissing tree vintage on Facebook! 🙂

  120. Kelly S. •

    I browsed, and awesome selection, you are right!

  121. This store is bad news, too much great stuff, Instead of just waiting to see if I possibly won this giveaway, I just bought a green shirtdress that is adorable!

  122. Christine •

    I love this dress, and a lot of the others from their site!

  123. That dress is adorrrrable!

  124. Wow they have so much great stuff!

  125. And I follow them on twitter! 🙂

  126. Love it! Mainly because you’re rocking moccasins. I practically live in moccasins. I hope they never, ever go out of style!

  127. Britttney •

    such a magical collection of dresses!! LOVE!

  128. Britttney •

    I also liked on Facebook! Fingers crossed!!

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