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This might be my most favorite thing I have ever gotten from the thrift store. It’s not vintage or anything special but this oxford shirt dress is just perfect. I am totally in love with it. The fuller skirt on the bottom is what puts it over the top for me. Don’t you love items that make you feel great even when they are so simple?


haha. When I first put this dress on, I had some white chucks on. Then Kev called me a nurse and I decided maybe white shoes weren’t the right choice. Some sweet little loafers did the trick though. I have been trying really hard to wear more lipstick lately. I have never been a lipstick girl. I’m still not, but I am becoming hooked on lipstains. Especially the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain. It is so light and airy and not heavy on your lips. I don’t even know it is there. The color I have on is called Flame. I seriously have like 4 of these lipstains in different colors. Love them!

Liz Claiborne Oxford Shirt Dress: Thrifted (Similar Dress)
Belt: Swapped
Bag: Target (Similar Bag)
Loafers: Forever 21 (Similar Shoe)
Trench: Old Navy (Similar Coat)

  1. i love this shirtdress on you and what a great thrifting find! i’ve also been curious about the Revlon lipstains but have yet to try them. thanks for recommending them!

    cute & little

  2. That dress is suuuuuch an amazing thrift store find! I love the way you styled it, red lips and all!

  3. You look so happy in these photos Jen – love it! Also the backdrop and picture of you leeping totally remind me of Kendi – you two could be sisters πŸ™‚

  4. ahh I love how happy you look! also we have eerily similar settings today (my photos will be up later), we were both inspired by bright colored doors. Love this outfit

  5. Such a fantastic find Jen & I love how you’ve styled it up, the loafers + belt + glasses -SO cute. I’ve been hearing so many good things about these lip stains will have to give them a try. xx veronika

  6. that dress is SO sweet. great find. and I think it would have looked cute with white chucks too!

  7. Love the energy in these photos jen! The outfit is awesome too, it really is the perfect shirt dress!

  8. I absolutely love your dress. It’s so perfect on you! Sometimes the simplest outfits are the best ones. And an added bonus because you thrifted it!

  9. Jen you look so amazingly healthy and happy in these photos! I love the shirtdress (great find!) and your jacket and shoes.. so everything really! Im also sort of in love with the lip stains as well! So easy to apply! Just a recommendation; dont bother trying the covergirl ones, theyre not half as good xx

  10. shirtdresses are my favorite! you look so fun in your pictures : )

  11. This dress really is fantastic. I’ve got a similar shirt dress, that I’ve been trying to figure out how to wear, yours looks really nice.

  12. it is so adorable, i love how it buttons all the way up! and the jacket looks perfect with it!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  13. LOVE IT!! my favorite outfits are always the simple and comfortable one. there is nothing prettier than a girl who is confident and comfortable in what she’s wearing. you look gorgeous πŸ™‚ and i love the background, how fun!

  14. I can tell by your smile that you’re so happy in this dress!

  15. love the look + the lipstick!!!!!


  16. I love this entire look! The dress with the glasses and red lips, fantastic!

  17. Ingrid •

    In the new issue of Real Simple magazine is an article on finding the right shirt dress for your body type, and they needed you for a model! That dress is perfect for you! (And thrifted! Wow!)

  18. That dress is perfection. I love simple clothes, they are so much more fun to style and you can wear them in so many ways.
    If this is how the lipstains look on, I am going to have to try them. I like the look of lipstick but not the sticky feeling. A stain sounds like the perfect balance. πŸ™‚

  19. This whole look is SPOT ON. Love the dress, trench, shoes, glasses… it’s all working. I love lip stains, but haven’t tried this one yet.. looks like i might have to now!

  20. Such a great find, and I love how you buttoned it to the top.

  21. oh this is perfection! i love everything about this, you’re so cute. the outfit is perfect and i love the background too. and you look incredibly happy! πŸ™‚

  22. Jessica •

    I am in love with this look! You kind of have a sexy librarian thing going on! :o)

  23. You’re having an awesome hair day! I must have this lip stain. It looks so great on you!

    Have a lovely day!


  24. you look adorable in this outfit, and so happy!
    this dress is perfect.

  25. So cute! The door is amazing. I’m obsessed with Revlon lip everything. Their glosses are great too, and I’ve been dying to try the stains. Off to CVS I go…

  26. The Just Bitten lipstain is my fave, too! Best part is that you can still smooch yummy baby cheeks w/o leaving marks πŸ™‚

  27. I have been searching for a dress like this for a while now! I love it and how you styled it so simply! Lovely!

    I have a new addiction to lipstains too! I’d never even heard of them before my friend mentioned them the other week whilst out shopping. The maxfactor ones are really nice and they taste like raspberry jam! Yummy haha!

  28. You look so happy! I love your new dress. You should wear your hair like this more often! It’s so flattering. I agree, the lipstain is great! I like to layer mine with a lip balm so my lips don’t get to dry looking from the stain.

  29. The dress is sublime. Might I also ask where the glasses are from? I am on the hunt for a new pair and I love the shape.

  30. what a lovely dress! it’s perfect the way you styled it!!
    & the lip stain looks good on you!
    happy tuesday!

  31. i love a good shirt dress, and this one is perfect! What an awesome thrift find.

    The lip color looks awesome on you. I agree, those lip stains are amazing. I always feel strange when I wear a bright lip, but I’ve been trying to step out of my lip color comfort zone as well.

  32. I love your outfit! That dress in awesome. Very classic!

  33. Love the dress! Great find!

  34. i adore shirt dresses, so feminine and flirty but still such clean lines and a classic menswear feel. awesomeness.

  35. I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect shirt dress! It’s hard to find something that fits well in all the right places though, but this one looks great on you πŸ™‚

    P.S. Don’t forget to check out my blog for a special treat from, it’s a special offer that only lasts until Thursday so you won’t want to miss it!

  36. I love this! Love the simple outfits on you!

  37. You are too adorable! This outfit is simple, but so incredible at the same time. Its pulled together and you can tell you love wearing it. Love!

  38. The dress is beautiful! What a great find.

  39. ahhhh…so envious! great great find.

  40. you look so pretty with your hair like that! love the trench too πŸ™‚

  41. I love that you shop old navy, target, forever21, gap, etc. not to mention thrifting/swapping. you live so stylishly on the cheap and I can actually identify with the clothes you are wearing compared to so many blogs, I even own some of the same things!

    love these photos and gotta love that dress!

  42. Oooh I keep putting the Maxfactor Lipstain on in Superdrug every time I go in there but haven’t tipped over the edge to picking a shade & buying it yet. That will be my next payday’s task. Love that shirt dress.

  43. that dress is PERFECT! it’s funny because i feel like awhile back your bestie julie (orchid grey) remixed a similar one quite a bit! great minds think (and dress!) alike πŸ™‚

  44. I know exactly what you mean about finding the perfect, simple item, especially when it’s thrifted! I can spend a whole month being excited over an amazing thrift store find. These shoes are adorable with the dress, really cute, simple look!

  45. You are just precious. Jumping, loafers, glasses!

  46. this look is perfection! i’ve been on the hunt for a similar chambray shirt dress. can you share the source of your frames? they are theee best! here’s hoping you got them online.

  47. Simplicity can be so lovely sometimes! And girl…lipstains are my THANG. Seriously – Just Bitten has been my favorite so far. I’m a trombone player, so I don’t get to wear fun lip colors because they all wear off. But that Revlon stuff will stay through two rehearsals and a concert, and still look fabulous for dinner afterwards!

    Bootnotes: style, music, and other things you won’t make money doing.

  48. I have to start shopping online for shoes on Forever 21’s website. I keep seeing girls wear all these cute shoes from there.

  49. Meredith •

    I love everything about this look! Your hair, the lips, the dress, trench, belt, shoes – everything. Plus, your legs are looking super-toned from all the running. Way to go!

  50. Oh the cuteness! Also? How great is that Employees only sign on the door?! Cute typography ftw!

  51. I love this look! You look lovely as usual! Also, red lips are brilliant! I just did a make-up tutorial on my blog about the ‘Cat Eye’ which pairs very nicely with red lips.

  52. Hey, Jen! It’s been a while since I’ve stopped by your blog (my life only gets busier by the minute, I swear), but it’s really a pleasure to be back! You are such a style inspiration, and a great mother and writer to boot!

    This look is so timeless. That dress really is something else, too–it fits you PERFECTLY! Super-flattering.

    And I love me some lip stain too. I should try that Revlon one; all I ever use is BeneTint, so it wouldn’t hurt to mix up my color repertoire a bit. Lipstick just feels funny!


  53. you look adorable in these photos! love the outfit & your hair and makeup. i have the same lipstain and i agree it’s so nice and light and really lasts!

  54. i totally know what you mean about how excited you can get over something so simple. πŸ™‚ i love your glasses! are they prescription?

  55. i love those simple shirt dresses, they always make we feel great. I have on in black but that pale blue is such a classic. Perfectly styled with the brown belt and loafers.
    …..chucks would have been nice too!

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  57. This dress is amazing, I wish it wasn’t thrift so I could buy one! Love how you’ve styled the outfit and your hair looks cute like that. x

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