Baba Sling Giveaway!!!

Kev and I are always on the go, so a good baby carrier is a must. We have a lot it seems like, but we are always on the look out for something better. Then we got the Baba Sling. We LOVE this sling! It is super simple to use, adjustable, and has the most comfy shoulder strap and padding around the edges. Rowan loves sitting in it and it comes in so many wonderful colors!!
The lovely people at Baba Slings would like to give away 1 sling to 2 lucky readers. That doubles your chances of winning!! You may not have a baby yourself, but chances are you know someone who has one. This would make the best present for a shower, a birthday, or even for mother’s day!

All you have to do is…
1. Visit Baba Slings and tell us what color you would chose from the standard slings in a comment below.
2. Bonus entry for visiting them on facebook and liking their page, then just leave a second comment letting us know you did so.

Trust me you will LOVE this awesome sling.

  1. My brother and wonderful sister-in-law just had a beautiful boy, and I would love to gift this to her for Mother’s Day! I really love the khaki color, and it fits the theme of his nursery.

  2. We are expecting our second baby this fall and the orange one is what i would choose 🙂

  3. NatalieW •

    I have a 4.5 month old baby boy that loves to be held and snuggled all the time. I’d love to have a comfy sling like that for him. I’d pick Khaki.

  4. I love the Jade color!

  5. I also “liked” them on facebook.

  6. Katrina •

    Orange! I really really hope I win this one for my 5 month old babe!!

  7. hannah •

    Ugh, our sling is so awful. . .I have been looking for a new one. I love the lime!

  8. I like the black sling! This would be perfect for baby #2!

  9. Our baby will be here in September and the teal sling would go just perfect with the rest of his/her nursery theme!

  10. like them on facebook

  11. My closest friends just started a little family 🙂 They plan on having more beautiful babies in the future, so I would pick the black one. Simple and easy to clean!

  12. I also liked them on Facebook! 🙂

  13. I love the red one. That way, daddy could also wear it, but mommy could have a fun pop of color (way better than a bland ol’ khaki one).

  14. Katrina •

    I liked them on facebook.

  15. i am loving the mocha! i am experiencing labor pains as we speak (not joking) so i would keep it for me! 🙂

  16. Leslie •

    We are having our second “only child” in November – 16 years from the first. Baby carriers have progressed a long way in 16 years. I’d choose the gold – I love the vibrant color!

  17. Mrs. K •

    I would def go with yellow !

  18. Stefanie •

    This sling looks great! I would choose black

  19. We’ve been looking for a good baby carrier. I’ve used the Moby Wrap, but it’s just so much work to actually wrap. This looks great! I would choose the gold sling.

  20. gillian •

    Oooh! I have been looking for a sling–I love the burnt orange color. Crossing my fingers!

  21. I also liked them on Facebook.

  22. I really like the gold sling! This would definitely come in handy in the future! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Stefanie •

    I liked them on facebook!

  24. My good friends Emily and Danny just had their first baby on Saturday, and I would love to gift them the bright red one! Adorable!

  25. omg! I almost cry. this pictures are so adorable!

    ps. I would like to invite you to the first giveaway on my blog.


  26. I like cream or navy, but I would chose probably black – universal colour….

  27. I would have to pick black (probably the only one my husband would carry) This carrier looks fantastic, my 6 month old is 19lbs!!

  28. Ashley •

    My fiance’s sister is due in May and the Turquoise sling would be perfect for her! I also liked them on Facebook 😀

  29. Liked them on Facebook too 🙂

  30. What a great sling! I have been looking for a good carrier. I like the khaki.

  31. Amelia •

    great giveaway!
    love your sunglasses in these pics 🙂 super cute.
    wow – so many colours to choose from! what a great surprise. I’ve narrowed it down to 3: navy, mocha, and purple. 3 colours I know my husband wouldn’t mind wearing 😉

  32. Meg Annan •

    I have a baby due in November & would LOVE the mocha-colored sling! Looks awesome!

  33. Loving the pics of Rowan in the sling, she is a cutie. Would love to tote my 7 mo old in the jade sling!

  34. kaitlyn •

    oh my! my sister recently had a baby and would love this! although I like the bright colors, I think my sister would like the black or brown ones 🙂 easy to match any outfit with!

  35. Looks like a comfy sling! I like the Orange one!

  36. I love the mocha one! It looks so comfy! Our sling we have now stinks.

  37. I liked them on facebook too!

  38. Also liked on fb!

  39. Awesome! We don’t have children yet, but would love love love to win it for the future. 🙂 I would choose the black sling.

  40. I also liked them on facebook. 🙂

  41. Shelley J •

    ohhhhhhhhhh LOVE!! I like the brown one best.

  42. Jessica •

    The Baba Slings site isn’t working, otherwise I’d let you know what color I like…but for now I liked them on FB!

  43. how adorable!

    i’ve been WANTING one of those bad boys… 🙂

    thanks so much and i hope i win! (i’d have to go with the army green… my hubby would rock that color well…)


  44. I love how they have SO MANY COLORS! I think I’d have to go with the red =]

  45. Andandand I liked them on facebook!

  46. I love it and am due in September. I would choose black.

  47. I would love the mustard yellow, BUT I don’t think my hubby would…. or maybe he would… hm? It would be a hard decision between that one and the army green.
    I think I am leaning more towards the army green!

    Wish me luck!

  48. Also liked on fb!

  49. Claire J •

    Going for gold! I’m due to September and would love this sling. -c

  50. ooh! i would love to give this as a gift! the brown one is my favorite!

  51. I’d choose black, or maybe khaki! Both are so cute!!!

  52. Wonderful giveaway! I would probably go for the black or khaki!

  53. I liked them on Facebook as well through my personal page, Desiree Contin :fingers crossed: I’m due in October and having one of these would be AWESOME!

  54. Black or cream. 🙂

  55. Liked them on Facebook too!

  56. Oh my gosh! Great pictures, love the sling. My friend Chris and his wife Lauren are having a baby in about a month and I would love to give them the dark blue sling — it would match their son Jude’s sailing-themed nursery so well!

  57. Caitlin •

    Navy blue!!

  58. zzipper •

    These looks so comfy.. definately one in black.. and I might have to get a second in orange..

  59. Such a cute carrier! I like the black one

  60. one of my good friends is having a baby, and i would love to give her a lovely sling as a shower gift.

    i think the teal one would suit her just fine.

  61. zzipper •

    I “liked” them on FB!

  62. Brooke •

    We’re cooking up our first baby now and I’ve been on the lookout for a good carrier. I’d go with the black one. Thanks!

  63. sophie •

    I LOVE the orange one! This would be wonderful for our upcoming second!

  64. The jade green one is awesome and would look great on my soon-to-be a mommy friend!

  65. So tough to choose….I’d probably go with the cream!

  66. Elisabet •

    I’d love the one in black, would be perect for my 3 month old.-)

  67. Turquoise! yay

  68. Rachael •

    I love the first yellow one…it will match my Jen-knitted tunnel scarf! Our first baby is about 11 weeks in the oven!

  69. Love the mustard!

  70. Elisabet •

    ..and i “liked” them on facebook too:-)

  71. I have a three month old and would love the orange embroidered one for her!

  72. Mary Beth •

    My good friend is due in June, and I would love to surprise her with the Navy/lime 2-tone version! BTW-Your blog is great!

  73. Kelly green!

  74. Teresa •

    What a great way to tote my 2 month old around while chasing after her big brother! I would choose the orange . . . or the khaki . . . or the maroon.

  75. Awesome! I love the mocha color.

  76. Bonnie •

    I really like the khaki…. my hubby and I would both look great sling’n our babes around!

  77. Bonnie •

    I also ‘liked’ them on FB! Woo Hoo!

  78. I would go with khaki since I don’t know if I’m having a boy or a girl!

  79. Natasha •

    I love the Lime! So bright and colorful.

  80. Heather from the bar •

    The gold! My husband and I would both rock that while walking around with our little boy Declan!

  81. I liked them on Facebook!

  82. Kimberly •

    I’d love to have the brown sling. I have another sling, but it’s super girly so my husband won’t use it. He’d have no excuse with this!

  83. Christine •

    I would go for the red!

  84. While it would be fun to have a bright pink or tourquoise one, the khaki would probably be the more realistic choice. 🙂

  85. i think the khaki would be great!

  86. I like the maroon one!

  87. OMG I’ve been wanting one for a while for my 6mth old. Leave the frontpack to daddy! I would kill for the Jade colour.

  88. My friend just had the sweetest baby boy and i would love to give her one…i personally like the mustard one but i think the turquoise one is more practical for her 🙂 thanks jen!

  89. Looks awesome!! I love the khaki color!!

  90. Also a fan on Facebook!

  91. Navy. Is that boring? Oh, well…this sling looks awesome!

  92. Stephanie L. •

    I like the jade or the gold. They are too cute!

  93. NatalieW •

    I Liked them on facebook.

  94. CarisaC •

    My friend is having a baby ANY day now. I would love to give her the Baba Sling in navy for her little guy!

  95. Love the plain black, the army green or the gray embroidered one for a girl! Awesome giveaway:)

  96. Tarynn •

    I fancy the navy one 🙂

  97. I’d love the plain black one! Perfect for using with little Jacob and any future siblings!

    (ps: that first picture of you ladies is fantastic!!)

  98. I love the khaki and the navy. What cute and practical baby slings!

  99. Love the khaki color!!

  100. Erykah •

    I really like the color you have! The stripes are cute!

  101. These are adorable and look so comfy for you and the baby! I would choose the turquoise or red 🙂

  102. Hannah •

    We are waiting to adopt a baby & I’m beginning to gather things for when the baby arrives. I’d love an orange or purple sling.

  103. Hannah •

    (p.s, I “liked” then on Facebook as well 🙂 )

  104. Sarah Rogers •

    I love the maroon, navy, and cream. It’s such a hard choice!! I think I’d have to go with the maroon though!

  105. Pregnant with my first, would love the orange one, how fun!!

  106. oooo…great giveaway! i’m due in august. 🙂
    i’d probably choose navy.

    thanks for the chance, jen!

  107. allison •

    fun! i love the gold sling!! and love love love you blog! thanks!

  108. Really like the striped one… dark blue!

  109. I like the mustard yellow sling. That would be print and I think it is a good color on me! Wish me luck!

  110. Really like the navy one, our wee man would love to be carried more often but he’s getting weighty so a sling is definitely needed!

  111. Love love love the khaki one, looks gorgeous!

  112. Navy Blue all the way 🙂

  113. It looks so comfy! I love the gold one.

  114. Jacqueline •

    Ooh, I really like the jade sling! With baby #2 on the way, I could use something to help keep my hands free when the new little one arrives!

  115. I’m loving the orange one…so cute!

  116. Liked them on facebook.

  117. What cute little family! those are really pretty moments!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  118. i am loving anything green, so i would go with the olive green color. what a cute sling!

  119. oh! and i also ‘liked’ this on facebook.

  120. i love them all! i especially love the khaki one!

  121. Natasha •

    I just had my first baby girl and love this sling…the cream one would go with everything!

  122. i love the jade one!

  123. Natasha •

    And I “liked” them on facebook!

  124. I love the embroidery ones but for the standard one I like the plain old black.

  125. and now I like them on facebook!

  126. I can’t believe how much things have changed in just five years since my last baby. I’m having my third and am due in August. If I had to choose, I’d pick Jade. Love the jewel tones!

  127. EverydaychicNY •

    I love the navy sling!! So great!!

  128. EverydaychicNY •

    I liked them on fb under my personal acct- Melanie Lawley!!

  129. hahaha, love the photo of you at the end! Hilarious!

    I’d love the Lilac one! Or the Lime one! Oh I can’t decide!

    We just found out we are having a baby girl last week 😀 Stoked!!


  130. Yay, and now I like them on Facebook too! 🙂

  131. Rachel •

    I love the khaki one- my brother and his wife are expecting in July and I think this would be a great gift for them, especially from the soon-to-be Best Aunt Ever (okay I’m going to be the only aunt, but still…) 🙂 thanks!

  132. Michelle •

    I like the black one. Nice and classic! Perfect shower gift for a new nephew or niece on the way!

  133. Cream goes with everything and it’s the same color as spit-up.

  134. One of my best friends from college is having a baby in less than a month! She just had her baby shower and I would love to get her the red one! Her husband played football for the Houston Cougars and I’d love to get them a little Cougar red one.

  135. Extra entry for liking on facebook!

  136. I LOVE the Red sling…so great! I just had my third baby one week ago today!! His name is Wyatt Frank and we are sooooo in love…that new sling would really come in handy! I “liked” them on Facebook…what a great site! 🙂 P.S. Good luck on the Marathon this year! I can’t wait to start running again…it feels like ages since I have exercised!

  137. Chelsea M •

    I love the mustard colour!! My sister is expecting her first in June so this would be a no brainer gift!! It looks so comfy to carry!

  138. I need this! Matteo is too chunky to fit in my carrier anymore.

  139. Eeep! I have been debating getting a new baby carrier but there are so many out there I just couldn’t decide which would work best with a growing baby. This one seems great! My daughter is about the same age as Rowan.
    There are so many great colors! I love the Gold and the Maroon.

  140. We’re expecting our first baby in August and looking for the perfect baby sling!
    I love the turquoise one.

  141. And I liked them on facebook! 🙂

  142. alexis •

    gold pleaaaseee! so cute

  143. love this giveaway!! i’d go for the jade color!

  144. Lauren •

    I love the yellow one!

  145. Jessica •

    Guess the site wasn’t working on just my work computer! Works at home – I like the lime colored sling!

  146. Love your blog and your adorable Rowan! Thanks for the chance to win. I absolutely love the mocha color… neutral but still has “personality”.

  147. I also went and “liked” their facebook page! 🙂 Thanks again!

  148. Love the orange one!

  149. Lisa P. •

    The jade is so very pretty, and would go with so many baby outfits!

  150. What an awesome giveaway!
    We love the brown color!

  151. We also liked baba slings on facebook! Thanks for the chance to win!

  152. Crystal •

    I love the Khaki one… my 3 month old would very much appreciate this sling! 🙂

  153. Shannon •

    Love the lime! It’s so fun and cheery!

  154. Kendal •

    My hubby and I are expecting our first on Canada Day!! Would love the sling in gold 🙂

  155. Oooooh! I LOVE the navy one! Adorable!!

  156. Tina Z •

    Great sling! I like the turquoise color.

  157. Tina Z •

    I also liked them on facebook, thanks!

  158. I love the chocolatey brown one!!

  159. navy would be so nice for spring! thanks!

  160. Jackie •

    This is just what I need with the baby coming soon. I like the maroon sling. Thanks!!!!

  161. Looks like a great sling! I like the khaki one.

  162. Like ’em on Facebook!

  163. We have a soft-structured carrier but no sling, so thanks for the recommendation! I’d choose the orange, the khaki, or maybe the navy!

  164. Jenielle •

    i love the red-orange one! i’m also loving your blue striped one!

  165. Jenielle •

    i also liked them on facebook!

  166. I would love the mocha. It would match everything.

  167. Hello! I would like the lime green.

  168. Oh, fun! I like the navy, and I’m pretty sure my son would like it too! Thanks Jen!

  169. Count me in! I liked them on Facebook as well.

  170. Knowing me I’d probably get the Hot Pink sling lol!

  171. I liked them on facebook as well! 🙂

  172. Black Mexican Embroidered. I am expecting my first baby in November and love these slings!

  173. We like the red one!

  174. Okay, so I do not follow directions well… standard black.

  175. Amanda B. •

    I love the orange sling! We have another sling that has no padding on the shoulders and I just can’t quite get it to fit comfortably. I’ve been looking for a sling that both my husband and I could trade off wearing…this looks like a winning sling! 🙂

  176. Amanda B. •

    “liked” them on facebook, too!

  177. rebekah •


  178. Merry Monday!! I’d take black. It’s always so chic, and well, easy to clean. hahaha

  179. I love the orange one! Rowan looks so cozy and happy! I must have this for my baby girl!

  180. I also liked them on facebook! And there are some hip mommies and daddies on their facebook page too!

  181. Love the navy.

  182. Michelle H •

    The lime one is my fav!

  183. Michelle H •

    I liked them on Facebook 🙂

  184. one of my BF’s is due in a week! and we are all so excited to meet the baby! I’d choose a nice, neutral Navy colored sling for her, so it could match all of her lovely outfits!

  185. I’d love the brown one!

  186. staceys •

    I like the brown one too- although some of the patterned ones are really quite nice too! We have a baby coming beginning of August I’ve been researching slings, I’m glad you introduced one that we should be considering. Thanks!

  187. staceys •

    Liked on FB 🙂

  188. Heather T •

    Gold is the color for my first grandbaby due in 11weeks.

  189. StacyC •


  190. KristenZ •

    I love the navy one!

  191. The turquoise one is so bright an pretty! Thanks for the opportunity!

  192. Liked on FB!

  193. I would choose the black!

  194. I liked them on facebook

  195. Oooh! The maroon is so pretty!

  196. I am all over this contest – I need a sling for Naja! I would get the sling in maroon.

  197. I also ‘liked’ them on FB – a true rareity for me! 🙂

    PS – you and Rowan are so adorable, you can tell you’re a proud mom!

  198. I love the grey!

  199. Wait…that’s khaki- either way, I like it!

  200. Love the brown! Looks so cozy!

  201. i would choose the brown so my husband could wear it and feel manly…plus i look good in brown 😉

  202. Crystal •

    Khaki, or Navy… either would be great for my little man.

  203. Hillary •

    The purple one would be the perfect gift for my friend who’s expecting her first baby this summer!

  204. i will say that it is SO hard to find the perfect sling. i would love to try this one out… i like the greenish “khaki” color.

  205. Vivian •

    Mocha!! Definitely Mocha!

  206. Vivian •

    Liked their facebook page already!

  207. I think I’d have to say turquoise… we don’t know what we are having yet!

  208. Leslie N •

    My first baby (Levi) is 5 months old, and this sling would be so great! I love the khaki color (which actually looks olive green)

  209. Leslie N •

    I liked Baba Slings on facebook

  210. liked on facebook.
    i LOVE the tan/nude colored one.

  211. Awesome giveaway! I love the teal colored sling!

  212. My sister is having a baby in June, so I’d love to give her the orange one! 🙂

  213. I liked them on facebook too! )

  214. Nicole •

    What a wonderful giveaway! I love the Khaki!

  215. “Liked” on Facebook 🙂 thanks again!

  216. Love the navy or the orange! Such cute pics of your family 🙂

  217. Def the Khaki Green!

  218. I’m due in September so I like the idea of a mustardy yellow one. Good giveaway!

  219. I would absolutely love one in brown for my little ladybug! She only likes to be held when we’re out and about.

  220. P.S

    I also liked there page on fb and the post of you on fb.

    Thank you Jen =)

  221. I like the Khaki! My baby would love this.

  222. Breanne •

    Lime green for sure!!

  223. So many great colors! I love the dark green though (called khaki on the site?) Great giveaway!

  224. Annnndddd liked on FB. Thanks Jen!

  225. Baby Adelle (2 months today) and I would love to rock the orange one. Thanks!!

  226. I am pregnant with my first and due early june. I’m in love with the rusty orange colored one. We are expecting a boy and have based all of our baby things around orange. Hope I win!

  227. I also just liked on facebook. Thanks!

  228. love love love the gold one!!!!

  229. also – liked them on facebook!!!

  230. Kamila •

    My best friend is pregnant with her first baby and this would make the perfect gift! I love the cream with stripes or the one you have. Rowan looks so cute in hers 🙂 What a great giveaway!

  231. The light purple one is pretty rad. It looks like an awesome lighter alternative to the Moby wrap, which is my go-to baby carrier, but it’s getting so damn warm.

  232. so cute! the embroidered one is especially adorable 🙂

  233. Oh please, please let me win this one! My back would greatly appreciate it! I LOVE the red one, although the mustard one is a close second!

  234. i’ve been looking for a better sling. mine kills my back. i like the black one

  235. i also liked them on fb

  236. brown would be my personal pick.

  237. just liked their page 😉

  238. Ooo I really like the Red one.

  239. I also liked their Facebook page! Great giveaway Jen!

  240. I would choose Jade from the standard slings! Great giveaway 🙂

  241. Amanda •

    I like the Brown!

  242. Amanda •

    And I liked them on FB!

  243. Rachel •

    i think the navy would be the most versatile!

    – rachel

  244. Stephanie •

    I would go with the navy sling! Hope I get to try it out for my little one!

  245. I love the Mocha one! And it looks so comfy!

  246. Jennie •

    This sling looks awesome! I like the brown, the khaki and the gold! It would take some real thought to decide which one to actually get! haha! Awesome colors!

  247. Ashley G •

    I (predictably) love the navy color!

  248. OH my goodness! Those are amazing! I’m drooling over the black embroidered Mexican-style sling!! I guess I couldn’t share that one with the hubby, but who cares?! SO pretty!!! (I’m having my baby in October and have been actually looking for a cool sling – thanks for the linkage!)


  249. I would pick the Turquoise!

  250. I liked on facebook!

  251. Jessica Gross •

    Hello…. This would be perfect for my bestie who is a new Mommy as of last Thursday 🙂

    The navy would be perfect!!

  252. Jessica Gross •

    I also “liked” on Facebook! ~crossing my fingers~

  253. I would chose mocha!!

  254. Lindsay •

    Oh, Jade most definitely!

  255. Lindsay •

    Oh and I liked Baba Sling on Facebook!

  256. orange! yeah!

  257. Hayley •

    Jade or Gold!

  258. Oh, wow, such beautiful colors. It is so hard to choose, but I would want my husband to feel comfortable carrying our 4-month-old in it … so Khaki is my choice!

  259. AND I just liked Baba Slings on Facebook 🙂

  260. I liked them on fb too, couldn’t get on the site to look at the choices though.

  261. I liked them on Facebook!

  262. Stephanie •

    We are expecting our first bambino in July…so exciting, I love these slings, especially the mocha colour!!

  263. Stephanie •

    I liked them on Facebook, loved the pictures!

  264. Joanna •

    I would probably pick the black so my hubby and I could both use it. Btw- Rowan is such a cute little lady! Those cheeks are amazing!!

  265. SusannaN •

    I like babaslings on facebook!

  266. SusannaN •

    Would love the black! great giveaway!

  267. Lisa Abernathy •

    I love this! I have a 6 month old and it would be perfect! Also I love your blog, lovin your style too. I love the khaki one and I also went on facebook and liked them!!! this is an amazing giveaway!

  268. I like the Khaki color!

  269. Lisa Abernathy •

    just realized I was supposed to elave a second comment if I liked them on fb instead of all in the same comment…so there it is. I LIKE BABA SLINGS on facebook!

  270. i would choose cream! i have a black moby wrap but need something cooler for the summer!

  271. i liked on facebook!

  272. I LOVE the Cream/Mexican Embroidery, it would be perfect for the baby I just found out I’m having!!! 🙂

  273. Amanda S. •

    I love the Mocha… I think it’s neutral and looks like it would hide stains well!!! Thanks so much!!!! Fingers crossed!

  274. The Mocha sling is beautiful! What a great way to carry my lil 4 month birdie around.

  275. katiep •

    i actually really love yours! i love stripes so much but the cream one would be great too as it would go with lots of things!

  276. I liked their page on facebook! 🙂

  277. i think the khaki coloured sling would be a nice neutral to compliment to most outfits!

  278. What an awesome giveaway! I’d definitely pick the mustard color… that’s hot.

  279. I liked them on Facebook. 🙂

  280. marissa •

    So cute! I’d stick with mocha.

  281. Yours is so nice, I love the stripes!

    I like the orange one!

  282. ummmm….I would either go with the navy or the brown. Both would go with most outfits 🙂 Thanks for hosting this giveaway!! And thanks for the giveaway, Baba Slings!

  283. Margaret •

    Love the brown one. I have three friends due in October, so one of these would make a great gift!

  284. Lizette •

    I have a 2 1/2 week old newborn boy who has reflux and is gassy and needs to be held upright. This carrier seems easier to use than the wrap ones….

    Rowan is adorable! I like your black and white sling…… I want the NAVY standard one for our baby boy.

  285. I would love navy!

    Rowan is adorbs!

  286. I’m about to have twin girls- it would be awesome to be hands free! I like the brown and pink one 🙂 thanks jen!

  287. I’d choose navy for my friend Kelly who’s expecting a baby boy in September. Your striped one is cute. And so is your sweet Rowan. Thanks for the chance to win! xo.

  288. the khaki is my favorite because i think my husband would wear it too! khaki or the gold. oh boy – i love them all

  289. I like the navy one! But I loveeeee yours!! I’ve seen that one on amazon and adore it!

  290. I like them all! I think I’ll pick orange though.

  291. Wow, so many colours to choose from. I’ve tried out a few slings that I don’t really like, but this one looks great. My colour pick would be Gold. Here in Dublin there’s a really amazing organisation that has a Sling Library so you can try before you buy.

  292. Bethany Fullerton •

    My sister is having a baby in a few weeks and I think Jade would be perfect for her and their new little girl!

  293. Bethany Fullerton •

    I like them on facebook!

  294. Heather •

    I need a good sling for my 4 month baby boy! I liked the khaki! Thanks for the giveaway.

  295. Kelly S. •

    This is such a great giveaway, a mom can never have enough slings — I’m babywearing with my Maya wrap right now.

    I’d choose the purple.

  296. Kelly S. •

    Just “liked” them on facebook for an extra entry 🙂

  297. I love the red sling!

  298. i liked them on facebook as well

  299. I would love to win the mocha one for my lil girl. She was born 10.16.10. I love seeing rowan grow! Isn’t mommyhood awesome?

  300. I love the gray!

  301. We recently found out that we’re having a boy and would love to have one of these. I really like the Gold color

  302. Love it! I like the Turquoise best – but what a great selection of colors!

  303. Jessica T. •

    Love the khaki. Thanks for showing photos with Kev too. Nice to know it is versatile. 🙂

  304. These are so adorable! We are expecting our first in August and we just love love love slings! I really love the Jade colored one and it would be so perfect to carry my little baby bird around, while we go on little adventures!

    I love your blog and reading about your life with kev and rowan! Thanks for the amazing give-away!


  305. liked them on fb!

  306. Meg B. •

    I would love the Mocha color…Although we are not expecting yet we do have our ‘plan’ on when we are going to start trying! fingers crossed 🙂


  307. Love the maroon sling! I’d love to gift this to one of my good friends!

  308. Liked them on FB too!

  309. TURQUOISE!!! TURQUOISE!!! This looks perfect for our camping plans with our little one at Cape Cod and New Hampshire this summer when he is 5 – 7 months old!!! Yippee!!! 🙂

  310. Barbara •

    Hard to choose. Brown or Mocha would go well with most of my wardrobe – so I guess either of those. We have a friend in London who just received one of these and talks it up – hopefully our Eleanor would like it, as well.

  311. rebecca •

    We are expecting our first (YEAH!!) little one in September and LOVE the navy sling!

  312. i love the turquoise & i think my sister would loove it for my brand new little niece <3

  313. The lime green is so fun! Good for a boy or girl!

  314. Cape Landon is due July 30th!! Would love to carry him around with me everywhere in the royal blue…and hopefully have adorable photos like these to post on MY blog 🙂
    Clicked ‘like’ on Facebook…and now I’m just left crossing my fingers!

  315. Laura L. •

    I really like the khaki one!

  316. Those are really nice! I’m loving the turquoise one.

  317. Christine •

    I’m a first time expecting mom and I am sadly very very young to have a child but i have always strongly believed that children are a gift from god and should be cherished no mater what. These slings are definitely something i would like to have for my baby in Mocha . Keep up the great work

  318. I like the maroon color the best.

  319. Christine •

    Liked them on FB too!

  320. I love the JADE color 🙂

  321. Liked on Facebook

  322. I like the orange!

  323. Also liked on facebook 🙂

  324. I’d probably go with mocha 🙂

  325. Love the mocha color. We have a 6 month old baby girl and I wear her in a wrap throughout the day but hate using it while out. It’s so long and I don’t like that it gangs on the ground while getting it tied on. I sling would be much nicer.

  326. Liked 🙂

  327. Love love the turquoise! This carrier looks SO much better than the used Baby Bjorn we have (I hate it)! Our little guy weighs 20 lb at 5.5 months- I need something that can hold a CHUNKY baby 🙂

  328. crystal •

    i love the one in the photos! so comfortable looking!

  329. crystal •

    liked on facebook, too!

  330. “liked” as well 🙂

  331. secondhand sarah •

    orange would suit me since it’s my favorite color….and we are hopefully expecting *cross fingers*

  332. secondhand sarah •

    “liked” as well….great photos on the fb page 🙂

  333. I would love to have the khaki Baba sling fr my 11 week old, Jones!

  334. I liked Bab Slings on Facebook!

  335. I love the navy or orange!

  336. justine b. •

    I’d choose the black one!

  337. Chelsea •

    I’d choose the nautical like you have……soooooooo cute! I heart blue & white stripes. I have a 10 week old so this would be perfect!

  338. Chelsea •

    also like on fb 🙂

  339. Amanda •

    I got a baby ktan and it didn’t work ……i really need a sling!

  340. I would LOVE the turquiose one! OUr little girl would look so cute in it this summer and if we have any other little ones they would look great in it too!!!

  341. Jannira •

    I am not sure if this is still open, but… I would love this sling for our next baby! I love the orange one. I am attracted to “not in the norm” colors, so I love that orange, plus it could be for boy or girl. 🙂

  342. Pink, pink, pink!

  343. I love the khaki sling! My new little niece/nephew is due next month and it would make the perfect present…

  344. love the red! i think hubby and i would both feel comfy in that color and it’s good for a boy or a girl. only 14 weeks so we’re not sure yet what we’re having 🙂

  345. I’ll take mine in Mocha please! I have a 4mo. old and I’ve been looking for a good sling! Great giveaway, hope I win:))

  346. I would choose turquoise! 🙂

  347. i love the red one!! 🙂

  348. Annnd, I just liked them on Facebook! Thanks, I’ve been looking for a different sling from the others we’ve been shown! Heading into third trimester, discovered your blog before I was pregnant and love it even more now!

    (i’m chose red, again)

  349. Kelsey •

    I love the turquoise!

  350. the navy blue is awesome! my baby girl would love it!

  351. So many good colors! I’d go with turquoise, personally.

  352. grey!

  353. Hi! I hope it’s not too late for me. My internet has been terrible so I’ve had some trouble getting on. I would love this sling in Maroon for my sister in law. They just found out they are having a little girl and I would love to win this and give it to them as a gift since I cannot afford to give them a lot right now (my husband and I are volunterring in South America for a total of 6 mo. and not working). Thanks!

  354. keeley •

    love the maroon and purple for my boyfriend’s sister & new niece!

  355. Aw dang – I love yours the most! Those stripes are adorable. But, since that one isn’t an option, I’d probably choose either the khaki or turquoise – those colors are both super fun!

  356. My best friend just had a baby, I would choose the Khaki colour 🙂

  357. Lindsey Trueman •

    So many pretty colors to choose from – I’m debating between the orange and mocha…I think I would pick mocha! 🙂 Looks like the perfect sling for my soon-to-be-here little nephew!

  358. Tanuja •

    I would love to have the mocha sling!

  359. Tanuja •

    Liked on facebook, as well….

  360. I’d choose the brown one. Thanks for the giveaway!

  361. i would definitely dig the gold one haha.. i am always on the search for the perfect sling as well. thanks!! those look so comfy!

  362. i also liked them on facebook!

  363. oh i love the raspberry and navy blue ones!

  364. and I ‘liked’ them too 🙂

  365. I thought I already commented, but now I don’t see it. Forgive me if I end up double-posting! 🙂

    My sister is having a baby in a couple months. They’d love to have the orange one, I’m sure!

  366. liked them on facebook too!

  367. Oooo! I want this for sure! I love the maroon color!

  368. Oh yes please! In brown

  369. liked on fb!

  370. i love the gold and the lilac as well. a girl from my class just had a baby girl and i bet she would love this!

  371. GOLD please!! I would LOVE one of these.

  372. I love the royal blue! I just had my first boy last week and I am learning to embrace the blue after having two girls!

  373. I liked on facebook!

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