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I was honored when Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage asked me to do a guest post for her while she was on a fabulous vacation in Hong Kong. Since she was traveling, she thought it would be fun to have guest bloggers create their own travel post. I decided to write about one of my favorite trips.

When we moved home from Hawaii, we got our car shipped to Seattle. We drove North into Canada and headed East all the way into Ontario to surprise my family at my uncle’s cottage.

Canada is beautiful. Driving across is really nothing short of breath taking. It will always be one of my favorite trips. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip…


Have you ever taken a road trip? What are your must see places?

  1. Yay Canada! I’m up in Vancouver BC and I read your blog daily. You always get a squeal out of me when you mention the True North. These photos are so beautiful.

  2. Ooh, I love roadtrips! One of my favorites was driving cross country with my best friend when she was moving from Boston to LA. My husband and I also regularly drive from Boston to Charleston, SC (kind of a boring drive, but we still make it fun), and ultimately I want to go on a huge road trip visiting a bunch of National Parks out west in the US.

    Canada looks beautiful (I have spent very little time up there, which is sad since I’m not THAT far away), so it might have to get added to my list of potential road trips!

  3. YOU TOOK ALL OF THESE!? These are some really gorgeous pictures!!!!

  4. These photos are so beautiful, they almost look fake! Living in Iowa, I have driven across the U.S.–east and west–multiple times. We have such a beautiful country!

  5. You guys are adorable : ) I just took my first big road trip this summer and we went out west (starting in Pennsylvania). My favorite stop of the trip was in Jackson, Wyoming! Absolutely breathtaking.

  6. O Canada 🙂 what beautiful snapshots to remember your trip!

    Our craziest road trips were when our oldest was a tiny baby and we lived in Australia–we knew we were moving back to North America, so any chance we got, we’d pile into our car and head out for the weekend…

    on one trip from Armidale to Coffs Harbour, I was nursing the baby and a bush turkey came out of nowhere and eyed the baby rather hungrily. I ended up on top of a huge boulder (baby still feeding, unaware of the danger), praying that bird couldn’t fly!

  7. That’s a great trip!

    My two favorite trips: Florida to Maine (Maine in the summer… wow) but you already live up that way so you know that, plus the mountains of North Carolina on the way… gorgeous.
    And… Florida to Portland, Oregon. We went 1-10 to 1-5 to avoid the mountains (it was winter) which took us 5 days. Northern California was my most favorite spot.

    The photos are fabulous – have you got more trips planned with Rowan?

  8. Portugal, for sure! 🙂 You have beaches, mountains, cities, countryside, everything in just a two-hour drive.

    But also:

    I love travelling!

  9. is there a picture of lake louise in there? it looked a bit familiar. anyway, gorgeous photos! we don’t road trip very often and when we do, it’s to florida and all we want to do is get there as fast as possible and the scenery between here and there is pretty dreadful. one of these days i’d like to go on an epic road trip. i feel like it’s one of those things that every one needs to do at least once in their lives.

  10. Aw Yay Canada! I’m from Calgary but I’m going to school in Montreal! It’s always nice to see beautiful pictures of our wilderness :). Will you be voting from the States Jen? Remember, elections are May 2!!

  11. We do road trips at least once a year since it’s my preferred method of transportation. North and South Carolina, Arizona, Michigan, Ohio, Florida, Tennessee, the Carolinas. My family and I are driving down to Tennessee, South Caroline, and Kentucky this year. Your pictures inspire me to document the sights!

  12. Last night my boyfriend and I made a list of all the places we want to visit someday – it’s long, haha. I would love to drive cross country someday and stop and see all those silly tourist attractions, like the largest ball of twine or something. And a ghost town! I totally want to see a ghost town.

  13. Wow! Those are some gorgeous photos!!! <3

  14. Love this post. Makes me (even more) excited about summer and travel. 🙂

  15. my favorite road trip by far is goin up and down the west coast of N. America. The PCH (Pacific Coast Hwy) is gorgeous and cruising up the coast of BC in Canada is just amazing. This is easily on our Top 5 road trips…well, I’ve done it, but my German husband has never been ‘out West’, so it’s going to have to happen soon! =)

  16. Betsy Ontario2 •

    Thanks for posting these wonderful pictures. You might be personally responsible for a surge in tourism in Canada in the coming months!!
    I have a much anticipated Royal road trip coming very soon. My daughter and I are going to London to soak in the atmosphere on wedding week, then join the crowds outside Westminster Abbey on April 29. We’ll be hoisting a big Canadian flag above our heads now and again….so watch for us!!

  17. OMG! those photos are A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!! Really great pictures. I need to get some of your skills. You should really put up some photos like this in every post, or maybe once a week, just a post on photography!!Love them all!


  18. I love these photo’s. Your blog is the first I read everyday and this post makes my travelling feet itch. My boyfriend and I did a similar trip about a year ago. We spent 6 months living at the Silver Star mountain resort in BC and then did an 8 week road trip up through the Rockies (loved Jasper) and down through the States stopping at as many National Parks as possible. I loved it, and hope that we humans can take a step back and realise what are consumerism and quest for world domination is doing and slow down for natures sake.

    xx Poppy

  19. I’ve stood at that BC sign, too! Resident from Toronto and I have to say, my favourite Canadian destination was Lake Louise. Sad we don’t always appreciate our surroundings until we leave though. Happy to hear you’re still patriotic for the red and white. Cheers!

  20. these pictures literally brought tears to my eyes. breathtaking.

  21. Thanks for sharing these photos, Jen! As a fellow Canadian, I would love to take a road trip across the country someday…

  22. your skin is a dream!

  23. Road trips are the best! My boyfriend and I drove from NYC to Oregon last summer and took over a month doing it. Such an amazing trip. I agree with you, one of the best trips ever.

  24. Heather •

    Oh that last picture makes me miss my cottage (it was in Ontario too).
    Honestly I think I would be okay with never travelling again as long as I could spend every summer on a lake in southern Ontario.

  25. Allira •

    Oh my goodness, where is that third photograph taken!? It looks like heaven!
    I’ve never been to Canada but please let me know where that is because I think I might need to make the trip xx

  26. I took a road trip across the US from LA to Washington DC. I was 13 at the time though so I was mostly being a bratty teenager that didn’t appreciate it. Looking back though I had a lot of fun going through all the different climates. What I’d really love to do is take a drive from LA to Vancouver up the pacific coast! That’s my dream road trip.

  27. Jen those pictures are gorgeous… yay Canada! When my husband and I went on our honeymoon we thought “we could go so far and not see things as amazing as what we have right here” and so we took a road trip through the Gaspésie peninsula and although I have been lucky in my life to travel and live abroad, it was my most memorable trip for sure! Canadian nature is SO pretty.

  28. Gorgeous pictures, I’d love to visit Canada someday (soon hopefully). Roadtrips are the best, but not so much fun on my own, I hope to find a boyfriend who loves them as much as I do.
    Best roadtrip I’ve ever taken was through France and would have extended into Spain if my tonsils didn’t get infected – had to turn round and drive straight back home to Belgium. But a memorable trip none the less 🙂 Another fun one was in Germany, driving down the Romantische Strasse: cute little villages in Bavaria, ending up at the Neuschwanstein castle.

  29. Love this Jen! I adore that your a Canadian girl + lovey that picture of you and Kev standing in front of the BC sign, SO cute! I live in Vancouver, BC so it hits close to home. As for road trips? I really enjoy traveling to all the different islands around here. I’m an absolute sucker for nature & ocean, it’s my idea of the perfect getaway. Hope your having a lovely week. xx veronika

  30. Cute post, eh?! (haha)

  31. How did I ever miss this post? You got some great pics of BC, I live in Vancouver and love seeing these pics. The 3rd pic looks like it’s on the way to Whistler, but I could be way off. Anyways, super random of me to comment on such an old post LOL hope you’re having a great week xo

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