Style File 04.05.11

My Mom and Sister came out on the weekend to visit, but also to give us a much needed little date day. We started with a walk around our neighborhood. There are lots of old factory buildings around where we live and it’s fun to explore. They really are beautiful. I love in the summer when the ivy covers the tall sides of the buildings.

For our little walk about I wore this super cute jumper from ModCloth. I have had this skirt for a while now and have been dying to make an outfit with it but never got a chance to till now. Sunday was the perfect day for it!

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy (Similar Shirt)
Jumper: c/o ModCloth
Tights: Forever 21
Oxfords: Bass/Thrifted (Similar Shoe)
Trench: Old Navy
HandBag: c/o Lulu’s

  1. i’m in LOVE with this jumper!! you always look so dang cute!! xoxo

  2. Love this look Jen! I’m glad you guys got to have the date time you wanted 🙂

    I’ve bee meaning to tell you what an inspiration you are to me as a fellow blogger, young wife and one day future mommy (… and Canadian)! I was upset for you when I heard about the recent negativity coming from the internet. I love your blog and have much respect for you as a person. I thought: if bullies feel free to express themselves so should we when we have positive things to say, right?!

    Hope you have a lovely day,


  3. I like this look! I imagine this is what a really sophisticated farmer would wear. The bow on the jumper is such a cute detail and gingham shirts are my favorite! Hope you had a great time with your family!

  4. what an ultra cute skirt and how ideal it is for a sunny walk 🙂

  5. The jumper is super, super cute…and as I blogged recently, I love a date night!!

  6. omg. favorite outfit by you ever, hands down. i love that jumper, and i love how you styled it with that shirt! you look cute as can be!!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  7. That is such a cute jumper! I’m glad you were able to have a date day with Kev 🙂

  8. Glad you guys got to have a date! I love the jumper =)

  9. You are so lucky I live miles and miles away from you cause I’d love to steal all your dresses you have the cutest ever! so girly and unique, once more I love the dress, big bows are love!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  10. Are you kidding with me that jumper?! It’s so flipping adorable! I’m glad you got some couple time – that can be invaluable!

  11. Della •

    I adore your blog – and style – but I can’t help but comment on the shortness of Modcloth stuff. The romper is absolutely cute as hell, but my god it’s just so very, very short. As a recent new mum, I just know there’s no way I would feel comfortable in it. If you do, power to you! Do you you ever have problems with this?

  12. That jumper paired with that shirt is too precious. Sounds like a perfect day with your family on a great sunny day 🙂

  13. Love how you layer the plaid under that jumper instead of just a plain color like my first instinct would be.

  14. This outfit makes me think of summer picnics; I love the pairing of cheery gingham with a sweet little jumper. And some of my best days are spent hanging out with my mom and sister, so I hope you guys had a wonderful date. 🙂

  15. Jen, you always look so cute! I could never pull this look off.
    Must be nice to have family around, it sure helps….

  16. Wow it looks so lovely where you are. Could you send a little of that sunshine our way?

  17. I found your blog while looking for Boston bloggers. You and the site are too cute. I lived in the Berkshires for awhile before moving a little further west (worcester county). I will keep coming back.

  18. well, you’re the cutest ever!

  19. That jumper is so cute! And it looks PERFECT with the gingham!

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