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This dress showed up on my doorstop a little while ago and I was instantly in love. There is something that I really love about dresses that are super 80’s. I love the black and white contrast and the ruffle around the waist on this dress. Plus the button detail on the back is super cute.

I really love being influenced by lots of different decades, but do you have a favorite that you are always drawn to?

Vintage Dress: c/o Kissing Tree Vintage
Belt: J.Crew
TIghts: c/o We Love Colors
Flats: Target (Similar Pair )

  1. The back of the dress is amazing. It’s a great dress! I’m influenced by the 50s style dresses. I love the cut and style of them. I have a couple of 80s pieces as well. 🙂

  2. What an incredible dress! I love that you put the red with it!

  3. You know, I don’t usually like 80s styles, but for some reason I like that one. I love the buttons on the back. It’s flattering on you. 🙂
    I generally gravitate to the 60s, but I’m starting to lean earlier now, more 50s and 40s.

  4. i love the ruffle around the waist! i wish dresses would appear at my doorstep 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  5. lovely dress!i love the effect of how it looks like a deux-pieces in front!

  6. ooh, love this dress Jenn. I love the look of a floral 50’s influenced dress for sure, but this is such a nice change and you’ve styled it so beautifully. I’m also loving that pretty ruffle, great mix of girly & just a touch of edge. Hope your having a lovely Monday! xx veronika

  7. Yay! Gorgeous 🙂

  8. Katie •

    Ok – totally off topic. Do you have any good sources for technical drawings or illustrations of the parts of flowers? Any books you can recommend? I’ve seen some of your art and I’m just curious. I’ve been searching for a good botany, illustrated diagram, labeled parts of flowers, kind of book or website and can’t find anything.

  9. That’s funny you should say that about the different decades. . . I always feel like such a mishmash. My hair is always sixties, but I tend to gravitate towards the 30s and 40s with my wardrobe. . . and then also more modern styles too. That’s what I like about the trends these days, it’s basically just combining the best of every era in whichever way you choose!

  10. i love the belt!!! i’m always partial to the 70’s and the early 90’s.

  11. You managed to make this super 80s dress look totally modern. This looks amazing on you, I love it!

    I think i might gravitate a lot towards the styles of the 60s -70s and the 90s. The grunge side of the 90s, not the permed hair/acid wash side of the 90s, haha.

  12. Hmm, I must say I keep within the 00s usually! Too many embarrasing recollections from my 80s & 90s “style” (where I also went through periods of emulating 60s & 70s).
    But I do love the 20s & 30s when it comes to evening dresses, so classy.

  13. This dress is absolutely awesome! Plus I love the pop of color that you’ve created with that awesome belt! The buttons down the back are very “Miss Mary Mac” and I adore them!

  14. This dress is super cute, but I’d have to say the 1920s and 30s are my decades… I feel like such an anachronism. 🙂

  15. Dress is amazing! I love all dresses you were but this one in particular is so pretty, of course it gotta be vintage, love the little red popping belt!

    Cess O. <3
    The Outfit Diaries

  16. For me it will always be the sixties. Those lines and colors were amazing, no wonder they keep coming back year after year.

    You look great in 80’s Jen!

  17. love the pops of color

  18. This dress is so fun! You look great in it and totally carry it off–and I love the pop of color in the red belt.

  19. This dress is so cute! I love that it buttons up the back!

  20. That dress is beyond adorable on you! I love how you paired the red-orangish belt with the dress.

  21. The dress is so adorable on you! Love how you styled the outfit.

  22. I love the 50s and 80s as well (like Andi mentioned above). This dress rocks.

    fashion party redux

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