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Happy Monday!
Did you have a good weekend? We had a nice relaxing sort of weekend. Dinner with friends, time together as a family, my mom and sister came to visit and I ran 16 miles. I don’t know if running is relaxing, but I am glad that it is over and that I finished the run. The weekends always go by way too fast. Don’t you agree?

Friday night we spent a little bit of time taking some fun family photos together. What a treasure to have later in life to look back on. Oh Sweet Rowan- we love you so much!

haha. Best upset baby photo ever…

Rowan loves her activity center so much. It really is the BEST one out there in my opinion. I did tons of research. I didn’t want to get one for her, but after seeing how much she loved other peoples we caved. This one is perfect for us. It has great toys that bend and reach her mouth, which is a total must. Tons of options to play with. It keeps her entertained longer than anything we have. This one is the Kolcraft Wonderbug Activity Center, Bugging Around and I would say it is a must have!

  1. Just gorgeous! These actually made me smile too when I looked at them…

  2. The fourth and last photos are devinitely my favourite. So cute!

  3. Meghan •

    THESE ARE SO ADORABLE. You guys are the cutest family in existance, I swear.

  4. You guys make such a beautiful family. I adore the photo with rowan in the glasses, hehe. My husband and I are hoping to start a family soon so reading your blog is always encouraging for me!

  5. These are adorable. That last one made me laugh- upset baby photos are just so pathetically cute! We also resisted the exersaucer until we realized how much Lorelei loved we don’t know how we lived without it!

  6. Too cute! It’s scary how alike Rowan’s upset face is to my Isobel’s. It reads “I don’t want to play anymore!!”

  7. girl you crazy! 16 miles is soooooo long. good for you!

  8. I seriously don’t know how you get anything done with that baby in the house. I don’t think I could stop kissing those cheeks long enough to eat dinner.

  9. These are GREAT! You guys look like you have so much fun with her. What a blessed little girl!!
    Who takes your pics when you are all in them ? (Just curious. :))
    Way to go on the run too–that is a LONG way!!

  10. ROWAN IS THE CUTEST! That angry baby face is major! 😀

  11. Adorable family photos and I can’t help but love the lat one, too 🙂 Congrats on 16 miles! This 5K-only girl is stunned and impressed!

  12. These photos are adorable! They’re going to be so great to look back on when Rowan’s older! She has the cutest little smile too!

  13. These photos are so precious! I especially love the ones where you’re all wearing glasses..too cute. Also, you are looking amazing and superfit for having a 6 month old…it must be all that running! Congrats on your 16 mile run this weekend! You’re an inspiration to the rest of us 🙂

  14. you three are sooooo cute! this photo shoot just made my morning, i love seeing beautiful families 🙂

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  15. hehe! thanks for sharing your beautiful family with us.

  16. Aw!! You have such an adorable family!!! <333


  17. Great photos! Did you do these yourself? Ps… I hate to admit but i love upset baby photos! I find them so cute and endearing… it’s like really? what do YOU have to be sooooo upset about (at least when it really is nothing major!), precious, well-fed, happy baby?!

  18. Awww…these pictures are so cute. I love Rowan with the glasses on. She is such an adorable baby.

  19. OMG Jen these are just adorable. What a happy family – even in Rowan’s crying pic. Love your outfit, love the family glasses portrait, love the 2 little bottom teeth. You guys are awesome. 🙂

  20. Jen, these are great! These are great family photos — much better than any studio portrait types. Love the cute little crying one too.

  21. There is only one word that fits here: adorkable. Take it as you will, but in my family that is a very high compliment indeed! I’m also insanely jealous of your ability to run without quitting after about five minutes as I do 😉

  22. Your baby is soo freakin cute. I love the chubby stage. Is it bad that I think “upset baby” pictures are by far the cutest?

  23. The photo of Kevin and Rowan is adorable. Your baby is just the sweetest! How do you resist kissing those cheeks??

  24. Little babies in glasses? Yes please!

  25. Those photos are adorable! You are SUCH a cute family! And that last photo of Rowan made me laugh…haha 🙂

  26. What a good looking family! Rowan has a face for glasses! 🙂

    You guys have a lovely week!


  27. Tina B •

    AW…the one with Kev and Rowan is the best….although double chin upset baby is also so cute! 😉

  28. Hilarious last photo! You guys are so freakin adorable. <3

  29. Such sweet family photos! 🙂

  30. these turned out SO damn cute, i love how you’re all just in your normal clothes and not some obnoxious coordinated numbers that my mother used to make us do when we were kids. they’re so natural and sweet:)

  31. These are so, so, so cute! Look at Rowan’s little teeth! I love the upset baby one, haha. Adorable.

  32. Julia •

    Your girl is so cute! You are a happy mom!

  33. I love how these photos capture your family personality–they are so much fun! I think this type of photo is so much better than the stiff posed shots.

  34. Love the photos and the realness in all of them – you three are a beautiful family!

  35. The glasses on Rowan.. ahh i die. TOOO adorable. You guys are such a fabulous family. Seriously I love how happy you guys look- and how much you love Rowan- it’s nice to see decent parents out there, after seeing so many bad ones. And she’s such a gorgeous baby (but I love babies- I find most of them adorable till they cry hehe).

  36. your baby is ADORABLE .
    i hope when i have a family it can be this cute .

  37. hahaha you three look so adorable with glasses! =D

  38. You guys are an absolutely adorable family!! I love the one where Rowan is looking down at you, so sweet! And also, that upset/mad face at the bottom is possibly the most hilariously cute “cross baby” picture ever. What a sweetheart, even when she’s not pleased, she’s looking adorable.

  39. Oh these are so special! Rowan is such a cutie, and so fun to watch her sweet little expressions change as you guys interact with her. Does she resemble either of you when you were kids? She seems to be a perfect mix! xo

  40. Hahaha aaaawww poor Rowan! My boyfriend has a 1 year old nephew, and I don’t know what it is – and I know it’s terrible – but it can be so funny and cute when babies cry!

    You three are crazy cute.

  41. lol I would SO frame that crying one!

  42. NurseMarta •

    Pure happiness!
    You guys make my gloomy days bright again! <3

  43. Such beautiful pictures, thanks for sharing them !!!! Rowan is growing so fast!

  44. Look at those cheeks! Daww 🙂 You two have a gorgeous child!

  45. I can’t even DEAL with how adorable she is. I’m so happy for you guys.

  46. I love you hair pulled back. You have such a beautiful face!

  47. Candice Richards •

    What great pictures! Such a sweet little family!

  48. Oh my gosh!! These are the most fun family portraits EVER!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Such a happy time in your lives!

  49. Oh, wow. You are now officially the cutest family that exists. Ever. And I have made an executive decision that all babies must wear glasses.

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