Happy Friday!

Hello? haha this little outfit was too cute to pass up on the clearance rack at Target. I mean for $3.50 total top and bottom, you really can’t say no. Look how stinkin’ cute it is on her. They are both sized 12m. yikes. We have a big baby on our hands.

Guess what?? Rowan says “MA” a lot now and has even started putting it together to say “Mama.” It is by far the sweet thing I have ever heard in my life. This morning we woke up to her saying it in her crib. We could hear her thru the baby monitor. Amazing!
Here are some happy & adorable friday links for you! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1. Still on my bathing suit hunt, I am head over heels with the Rainbow Graph Two Piece from modcloth! How cute would you be on the beach with a little straw hat and big sun glasses!

2. Love reading all the Delightful Dozen’s 12 Delightful Things every Friday. Good glimpse at everyones personalities.

3. I am totally loving our Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack. Perfect for all kinds of baby accessories. We use ours everyday!

4. Love this little living room house tour. So sweet!

5. Things have been super buys lately. My favorite thing is to make some tea in the afternoon and just sit for even a few minutes and regroup. This Verbena Mint Organic tea is my favorite, favorite tea!! Mmm.

6. Remember when we annoucned we I was pregnant? Spent sometime looking at these pictures yesterday. I already feel like we look like babies compared to how much we have grown since then.

7. How adorable is this Skip Hop Hug & Hide Owl Activity Toy. I think Rowan has to have this! I know it is probably for a boy but it is just so darn cute!

8. 2 years ago Kev and I were on a train ride home playing drawing games in an urban outfitters catalog.

9. I want to bring Kev on Vacation to Paris so badly. How awesome is this hotel?

10. Ahhh. Mini Veggie Chili Pot Pies. I want one right this very instance!!!! Aimee can you please be my personal chef?

  1. Your little gal is absolutely totally precious. Seriously so sweet! Also, randomly, I don’t know if you have a backyard, but if so, have you thought of planting a Rowan tree? They are actually quite pretty, and very daughter appropriate 😉

  2. cutest baby ever! and i adore the way you dress her! shes going to grow up having style just as good as you!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. Rowan is adorable! She is going to have her childhood documented with beautiful photographs!


  4. i tell you what, cloth diapers ought to come with a warning: the onesies and pants your baby wore in disposables will NOT fasten/fit over cloth! in disposables, wynne (6 months next week) can wear her 9-12 month things but in cloth it’s aaaall 12-18! thank the Lord for consignment sales!

  5. Seriously – she is so friggin cute! Every time I see her, I just keep hoping that my little Naja is going to be a cutie pie too (I worry sometimes about that and then I think I’m an awful mom for worrying). Have a great weekend!

  6. This is a super sweet outfit! We found out we are having a baby girl this week too! Yesterday I went to the mall and drowned in cuteness! All the pretty tights and dresses EEEEeee!!!

  7. Paris is my DREAM vacation!! I haven’t seen this hotel yet and I feel like I search Paris all the time..thanks for putting this hotel out there. Can Rowan be any cuter? I don’t think so 🙂


  8. Hi! I’m Rachel, a newbie here! Found your website through top baby blogs- ADORABLE BABY, by the way. Mine just turned one last weekend. You can’t see me but I’m making a pouty face.

    I’ve loving your blogging style and look forward to following you. Hope you’ll visit me at http://www.upperbottom.com

    Cheers, and happy weekend-ing!

  9. Rowan is such a little Gerber baby! Love those cute full cheeks. Hope you have a great weekend!

  10. Priscilla •

    Cutest baby award goes tooooo.. ROWAN!!!!!!!

  11. I can never get over how cute she is! Her little baby belly and cheeks are THE CUTEST!!!! She’s seriously the most adorable little baby. She looks so much like Kev, but I can definitely see you in her too. My best friend’s daughter turned 2 in January, but I think she always was wearing several months up in clothing. Actually, she probably wears a 3T or so now. I don’t think it’s uncommon at all for babies to wear clothes much bigger than their “age size”. Target really does have some super cute baby things sometimes!

  12. Personally, I think Rowan should start her own blog or at least have her own little link up top! She’s beautiful!!! 🙂 Have a fun weekend!!

  13. For serious?! This is THE cutest kid ever; I just can’t take it.

  14. If you ever do come to Paris anytime soon, let me know, I would LOVE to give you and Kevin a tour! Bisous!

  15. She is sooo cute Jen! She is a big girl like Cadence!! She is 18 months and can fit into 2t/3t sometimes which means JCREW CREW CUTS! Ahhh, they have the cutest stuff!

  16. Hi Jen, I wanted to leave you a little note and say three important things: 1) Rowan is a beautiful little girl. I’m so excited she’s saying Mama! 2) There are so many of us who admire you for always being true to yourself. 3) I love that telephone shirt. Why do little kids get the best prints?

  17. She is absolutely beautiful!

  18. What a cute kid! 🙂


  19. Hi Jen – thanks for the link – very cute baby photos!
    Hope you get time to go away to some lovely hotels too.

  20. Annie •

    Hi Jen — what a darling girl! FYI: I bought the Hug & Hide Owl for my son (although it’s definitely unisex — after all, I’M the one who liked it first) and he LOVES it. He spends a lot of time scrunching up the crinkly wings and gnawing on the little leaf. There are mirrors, rings, squeakers, too. It’s really a great toy.

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