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April 2011

GB Style File 04.28.11

Hey Guys! Want to know what this picture….

This picture…

and this picture have to do with each other?

Well I have some exciting news! Remember back when I had Rowan and I started the Fashion from Art Series? Well I am going to be continuing with that idea and doing monthly guest posts over on the Lulu’s blog. I will be sharing a favorite work of art and then an outfit inspired by that piece. I am super excited!!! The first Art Inspired Fashion post went up yesterday! Head over to Lulu’s and check out how I put together an outfit based on this Joseph Cornell Assemblage Piece.

I hope you will hop on over and leave a comment to say hi over there!

Style File 04.27.11

Dear Weather: When I said I wanted it to be spring I did not mean I wanted you to skip spring and go right into summer. I love summer but I also love spring. Please give me both.

Yesterday was so freakin’ hot. I forgot how little you have to wear in the summer. I kept thinking I was forgetting something when I left the house. There was no coat, sweater or layers of anykind. Rowan and I packed up and spent a good 4 hours outside yesterday. We walked and walked, took some pictures and then laid out on a blanket and played in the warm sun. It was a very pleasant afternoon.

It felt so good to wear just a lovely little sundress and sandals. One of my favorite color combos is red and teal/turquoise. I was so excited to pair this pretty red dress and teal wedges together. Remember that if you use code JENLOVES when you check out on Francesca’s you will receive 30% off!! Code only good until this weekend.

Subtly Striped Dress: c/o Francesca’s
Wedges: c/o Ruche
Straw Hat: Thrifted
In good Time Watch: c/o Francesca’s

and if you would, could you please head over to Top 25 Mom’s with Style and give me a vote. I could really use the help. You can vote once every day. Thanks.

My Mom, Style Icon Giveaway!

You may see this cute book popping up around the internet. It is on a little blog tour this week. I was honored when I was asked if I would partake. My Mom, Style Icon by Piper Weiss is beyond adorable. The moment I sat down to look thru it, I was glued to the couch for like an hour. In the book Piper has a collection of photos of stylish moms, with stories and sections like “Hair Story,” “Going to the Chapel,” and “Mom’s Gone Wild.” This Book really is a little treasure and perfect for your own book collection or perfect for a Mother’s Day Gift.

In the spirit of Reflection today, I wanted to share some pictures of my own Mom. I love her to death. I always enjoy looking back at pictures of her when she was my age.

To enter the giveaway all you need to do is leave a comment below. Simple, Simple. Giveaway will go from now until this weekend. Winner will be randomly chosen and notified by email.

Be sure to check out Piper’s Blog and watch the Trailer for this book!
Now Go Enter (and maybe call your mom and tell her how much you love her!)

A reflection back…

When you are running 18 miles you have A LOT of time to think. I got up this morning at 4:45am to get ready to run one of my last super long runs before the marathon. I think one of the reasons I love running so much (not to sound like a nike commerical) is that you are exercising your body and your mind. For me I like to take the time to reflect on things going on in my life. This weekend is our 7 year dating anniversary (Yes we still count years from when we first started dating), so I was thinking a lot about Kev on this run.

I hear a lot of negative talk around the internet about “young married” blogs, how they are fake and annoying. This kind of bothers me. I don’t know if jenloveskev falls into that category as I am not all that young- eeek 29 this year and I always try to stay honest on this blog but when it comes down to it- I much rather blog about being positive then being negative. Is every day of marriage lovely with rainbows and bunnies? No. But that doesn’t mean that one can not actually have a happy marriage. This is not a rant. Nor the point of this post. I just want to say that I love Kev, I love our marriage. Yes it is give and take on both our parts but right now after 7 years of being together- I love him more than the ever.

We have been married for 5 years this year and we have done a lot of living in those 5 years. We practically moved half way across the world, we bought and sold our first home, we have moved from Hawaii, Massachusetts and now into NY, I quit my teaching job and now stay at home, we had a baby, and Kev quit his old job and started his own company. Thats A LOT of major life changes.

This year especially we have been going thru lots of adjusting. As soon as your baby is born your life changes. That is enough for most people to adjust too. We some how decided it was also a good time for Kev to start his own company. We went from 2 well paying jobs to both of us leaving our jobs and having a brand new little one at home. I don’t know why we thought that was good timing but it was. These last 7 months have been very hard. Lots of hard work for both of us. But I think the dust has settled. We are climbing our way back from what seemed like a step backwards. Rowan has been the greatest gift in our life and has made each of us better people and better for each other.


I am so proud of Kev. He has worked so hard and Iron to Iron is doing better than they ever imagined (well I always knew they would be awesome). He is the most talented web designer ever and he daily inspires me with creativity and his commitment to never settle for anything less than his dreams. I am so excited for Rowan to learn to follow her dreams by watching her Daddy reach for his.

I always feel like we come to defining moments in our life and if we can embrace them and power thru we will come out changed for the better on the other side. I know this last year has been one of those times. It makes me smile to know that we went thru it hand in hand. Kev is my best friend and I can’t imagine living life without him.

Thinking about this past year also makes me think back to another defining moment in our lives. When I got back from my run I sat and looked thru a years worth of blog archives from when we lived in Hawaii. Although we had lots of fun- it was another one of those years. Being newly married and 12 hours worth of plane rides away from family sure defines your character. I look back on all these pictures with such love and hold all the memories close to my heart.

Kev I love you so very much. Happy 7 Years of being my Super Hero Crime Partner.
Maxmum & Ringo 4 Life.

Easter Weekend

Did you have a great weekend? I hope it was spent with loved ones and you got time to relax and reflect. We really had a wonderful weekend. Friday Night Kev and I got the night to ourselves as Rowan had a sleepover at Grandma and Grandpa’s. Saturday night we got to hang out with friends, watched a movie and eat candy and then Sunday was Easter. We didn’t see any family yesterday but we got to enjoy the day as our own little family unit. We went to church, I had an easter egg hunt set up for Kev and Rowan, we took some family photos, went swimming and then ordered Chinese for dinner. Having Chinese food on Easter is a tradition in our family.

Do you have any funny Easter Traditions?

Isn’t Rowan so cute? She is wearing another little dress from when my sisters and I were little.

Easter Style File 04.25.11

I love Easter! I love the idea of getting dressed up in pretty colors and florals. I had to get up way early yesterday morning to head over to our Church to set up. It came out so beautiful. Erin and I made so many white paper flowers and it really all came together in the end. Here is a

Remember when the Rodarte Dresses hit Target? I think every blogger out there had one of the dresses. I was no exception. I have really only worn this dress once before but it really is a pretty dress. I thought it was perfect for Easter this year.

This is off topic but I took out last week and all I can see in any picture I take now is that they aren’t there anymore. I have had them for almost 11 years. It’s sad but I think it was time. haha. Does this mean I am growing up? Just kidding. I already told Kev I was going to get my nose pierced and the tattoo I have always talked about.


Blazer: Forever 21
Dress: Rodarte for Target
Splendid Heels: Jeffrey Campbell

Style File 04.22.11

Wow. Sorry for the unexpected break there. I went home to my parents and the internet wasn’t working so no blogging for the last 2 days. Whoops.

It gave me a chance to work on some art projects though which was nice. I am doing all the decorations for Good Friday and Easter at our church so I have been busy, busy. Tonight I headed into Boston for another Swap, which of course our my favorite. Yes, we walk away with some free clothes but I love them so much because I get to hang out with all my favorite people. There was lots of dressing up in ridiculous outfits tonight. I am sure there are some funny pictures on their way.
I’ve been having fun lately mixing what I would consider fall colors with more bright and cheery spring colors. Like this burnt orange and bright coral. I scored this polka dot skirt in Austin at the Swap and loved it even more because Pamela brought it from Market Publique. Is it warm where you are? Winter is sure hanging on tightly. It is chilly!! Plus WINDY!!! Every time I go to take outfit pictures it is like a freakin’ tornado out there.
Cardigan: Target
Coral SIlk Tank: Target
Belt: Thrifted
Polka Dot Skirt: Swapped (Market Publique)
Glitter Socks: Forever 21
Wedges: Dolce Vita c/o Lucky
Heart Necklace: Gift

Here is a funny out take from it being so windy. I definitely flashed a neighborhood and a playground full of children.

Ukrainian Easter Eggs

I had a really, really awesome art teacher when I was in high school. It made me want to be an art teacher myself. Anyway, we always did the coolest things. She taught us how to make paper, handmade journals, screen print, transfer images and then around easter she taught use about Ukrainian Eggs. It is a technique that is called Pysanky. Eggs are decorated using a wax-resist (or batik) method. There are very specific Ukrainian Folk Designs that are used to decorate these eggs. They really are beautiful. I still have my little tool and chunk of beeswax from high school that I use to make eggs every year.

1. Hollow out some eggs (hard boiled would work too they just gross me out, so I blow all the yolks out), get some food coloring and get yourself some beeswax and your Little Dipper Pen
2. The tool has a metal funnel to scrape wax and allow you to write with it after it is melted
3. Fill some glasses with hot water and vingear and get all your dyes ready to go
4. You will need a candle to melt the wax
5. Scrape wax into funnel
6. Heat in flame to melt the wax
7. Start to draw on your egg where you want white to stay. I decided to write Rowans name and make some little white polka dots.
8. Once you are finished drawing where you want to stay white. Dip in the first color. You will have to think thru your drawing as far as colors because you will be layering as you go. You wouldn’t be able to dip in blue first and then think you will get yellow down the line. I started in Yellow first. Dried it off after and then drew again with melted wax where I wanted the yellow to stay. Then I dipped in Red. Then drew again where I wanted the red to stay. Then finally dipped in Blue to make a purple color.
9. Anything nice about my nails is now over after sticking them in dye all afternoon. I felt like an art teacher again. Haha. my hands were always a mess when I was teaching.
10. When you are done dipping your eggs will look dull and dingy with all the wax on them. Here comes the fun part…
11. Hold your egg near the flame to melt the wax.
12. As wax melts wipe wax away revealing the vibrant colors below. Work your way around the egg until the whole egg is clean.
13. Make as many eggs are you want!
14. Your finished product will wow everyone as they wonder how you decorate such awesome eggs!!! It does take a while to make them, so be patient. I made two yesterday and then needed a break. I am going to try for a few more today.

Tools can be found at Dick Blick.

Style File 04.19.11

Last Monday it was 80 degrees. Kev also had the day off so we headed out for a delicious breakfast at one of our favorite places. Mmmm Spill’n the Beans. I love going out for breakfast. Isn’t it the best? It was also nice to not worry about if it was cold out. It was a little glimpse of what is to come. I got to wear bear legs, sandals and short sleeves. Yay! I found this stripped pink tee so long ago and it is such a staple in my wardrobe. I feel like it goes with everything. I love the little scoop neck in both the front and back.

This is totally off topic but anyone teach their kiddos sign language? Kev and I really want to and we have been starting to do the signs as we say the words more, milk, please and all done. I am pretty excited. Our friends did it with their kids and it was so cute and useful.
Express Striped Tee: Thrifted (Similar Top)
Wool Pencil Skirt: J.Crew
Sandals: Forever 21
Sunglasses: Forever 21
Franklin Be Thankful Necklace: c/o Jess LC

And I may be bugging you all week but could you please vote again today for me in the Top 25 Moms with style. I was way late to the game and have some catching up to do. You can vote once a day. Please and Thank you!!!

Top 25 Moms with Style

So, I am way behind on this and I am not sure if I even have a chance, but I just found out my name was added to the Circle of Moms, Top 25 Mom’s with Style Contest.

What an honor!!!

You can vote everyday until April 28th. Do you think you could send a vote my way? Just click HERE and then click the little thumbs up circle on my page. I would be so, so thankful!

7 Months Old


I tired to narrow down these pictures but I just couldn’t. I am a proud momma and these pictures are too cute for words. Can you believe that Rowan is already 7 months old? Crazy! I know I say this all the time but holy cow time goes by fast.


Rowan is the sweetest little baby. She is always so happy. She is also becoming quite independent. She rolls and scoots herself all over this apartment, entertaining herself forever. She is our little explorer and very, very determined. What is it with babies knowing exactly where everything is that they are not supposed to have? With in minutes of putting her on the floor, Rowan finds every cable, remote, magazine and book that we thought we put out of site.


Rowan is also talking a lot. Lots of babble of course but lots of “ma, ma, ma” and “ba,ba” and her favorite word haha “ma ba” we know its not real words but it is so cute to watch her learn and try to form her mouth to say things. We like to make up what we think she is saying. Kev is convinced that she says “dada I love you” and “kitty cat” what she sees our cats. She has also started smacking her lips and clicking her tongue a lot.


We were having a lot of trouble with sleeping but we seem to have passed that stage for now. I am sure as she grows up we will come across it again but she is back sleeping thru the night and we are enjoying minute of sleep we are getting. One thing we have not had trouble with is eating. This girl LOVES to eat. She really loves everything we give her and because of it I LOVE making her food. I love trying new combos of fruits and veggies for her. The Beaba Babycook is really the best baby product we own. I LOVE that thing.


Our building just opened an indoor pool and hot tub and Rowan loves to go swimming. It has been so fun going down there for a swim with her. I cannot wait to go to Florida in 3 weeks so she can go swimming in the warm weather. Little babies in bathing suits are too cute. We bought a Jogging Stroller the other day and it works great! We have been going on family runs together and I love every minute of them. It is so nice to get out in the fresh air all together and exercise.


My mom saved a bunch of cute Polly Flinders dresses from when my sisters and I were little and I snagged a few of them for Rowan to wear. This pretty pink one is one of those dresses. I love when she can wear something special like that. haha and I made this ridiculously large headband for her. It is so big!

Style File 04.18.11

Happy Monday Everyone. Did you have a nice weekend? Isn’t it so nice that it is spring now? I am loving that I don’t have to wear my giant puffer coat anymore. I love wearing spring coats. Especially my denim jacket. It is perfect over cute spring dresses.

Do you have a denim jacket?

This floral dress came from the folks at Francesca’s Collections. I will be honest and say I had not heard of them before until they emailed me, but they are a fantastic online shop. They have a great variety of lovely items and I really like their website. I highly recommend checking it out!

Besides they are offering readers of jenloveskev a very generous discount!!
FROM: 4/18-4/30
AND RECEIVE: 30% off a single regular priced item online

Plus today they are offering free shipping. Now that is deal I can’t resist. I may be going to purchase this pretty red dress.


Peonies Dress: c/o Francesca’s Collections
Denim Jacket: Thrifted (Similar Jacket)
Regal Boots: c/o Wanted
Heart Necklace: gift from Suzi

Friday Share and Tell…

Yay! It’s friday again! This weekend I plan on going to ikea, running 12 miles (yay a shorter long run!), making easter eggs and easter cards, sleeping as much as I can (with a baby is that even possible?) and kissing Kev and Rowan lots. I just wanted dot share a few random photos with ya. 1. I miss being an art teacher and getting to make cool examples of the projects. Every easter season in my ceramic class we would make egg rattles. These are a few that I’ve made over the years of teaching the project. So fun glazing ceramic pieces. 2. Like my leopard nails? I am in LOVE with the Sally Hansen Nail art decals. So easy and pretty legit. So far they have stayed on for 3 days. They are chipping just a little bit but still look pretty good. Definitely add a good top coat to help make them last. 3. This is Gully she is 1 of our 2 cats. She amuses Rowan to no end. When Rowan sees her, she gets so excited that little squeaks come out of her because she doesn’t know what to do with herself.

Here are some favorites from around the interwebs and from sponsors this week…
1. Have you seen ModCloth’s new Stylebook? A.d.o.r.a.b.l.e!! I have looked at it everyday this week!

2. OMGosh! I have to get these little Saddle Shoe’s for Rowan. Can you imagine how cute they would look with a little skirt!

3. How perfect would this Yellow dress be for Easter and/or Spring. Lulu’s has such a pretty dress selection!

4. I am a Kale fanatic, so I was super excited to see this yummy and healthy snack on Sometimes Sweet.

5. This girl is so cute! I don’t know her but I would like to be friends please.

6. Barley and Birch is more than just cute kids clothes. They really are making a difference in the world. I LOVE them!!

7. I love thinking about how I would style this lovely lace skirt.

8. I started making some easter cards for friends and family and I seriously love colored pencils. Over the years I have collect hundreds of Prismacolor Colored Pencils Ahhh I love them so much.

9. Would you please send a vote our way. We slip down if I don’t keep sending votes that way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

10. How good does strawberry, white balsamic and black pepper jam sound? MMMMmmm!

Style File 04.15.11

On Wednesday I headed into nyc for the day to meet up with the lovely Kim from eat.sleep.wear. I love that girl. She is a ray of sunshine on any day of the week. The first part of the day I shopped around a little bit by myself. Had lunch at one of my favorite spots in nyc and then headed over to the Conde Nast building in Time Sq. for a little meeting I had at Lucky. I got to meet the ever dashing John Jannuzzi and I wont lie it was pretty fun to behind the doors at the magazine. This just shows you how big of a nerd I am- before I went into the building I switched my flats to my wedges to try to seem a little bit more put together and all I could think about was how Devil Wears Prada I felt doing that. I am so not high fashion.

Anyway, that is where Kim and I finally met up and then we headed out for the evening. We took outfit photos together and then headed to the LOFT fall preview and then over to the launch party for Lucky Kids. Have you checked out that magazine yet? so cute!!! I will have more pictures from the events next week. Here is what I wore yesterday though.

I wanted to push my colors a little bit yesterday and step outside my comfort level. I went with Bright Orange, pale/nude pink and burnt orange tights. It’s a combo I have never worn before, but honestly I kind of really loved it. These pictures came out great, except for the fact that I look like I slept in these clothes for a week and then decided to talk some photos. Ugh! I guess that is what you get when you sit on the train for 2 hours and then walk around the cold damp city for the day.
Buttons up Blouse: Gap ( Similar Top)
Linen Skirt: J.Crew
Tights: H&M (Similar Rust TIghts)
Wedges: Dolce Vita
Necklaces: NY&Co.
Bubble Umbrella: Totes (via Amazon)

All photos taken by Kim

Giveaway Style File 04.13.11

Have you been to the Kissing Tree Vintage site yet? Umm they have The. Most. Amazing. Dresses!!!! I love the selection they have. This blue little number came from there and GUESS WHAT?? You can win this fabulous dress!!! There would be so many awesome ways to style this dress. I love the striped top and the super cute collar. You could add a skirt over top and have a whole new outfit!

To win this crazy awesome dress all you have to do is…
1. Visit Kissing Tree Vintage, take a look around and then leave a comment here.
2. Bonus entry for “Liking” on facebook and leaving an extra comment
2. Extra bonus entry for following them on twitter and leaving another comment telling us that.

That is 3 chances to enter!!

Just so you know as far as length of skirt- I am 5’9″. The dress has an elastic waist so it could fit any one from a small to a large.

Good Luck Everyone! Contest will run until Sunday Night. Winner will be randomly chosen and contacted by email on Monday morning.

Style File 04.12.11

This might be my most favorite thing I have ever gotten from the thrift store. It’s not vintage or anything special but this oxford shirt dress is just perfect. I am totally in love with it. The fuller skirt on the bottom is what puts it over the top for me. Don’t you love items that make you feel great even when they are so simple?


haha. When I first put this dress on, I had some white chucks on. Then Kev called me a nurse and I decided maybe white shoes weren’t the right choice. Some sweet little loafers did the trick though. I have been trying really hard to wear more lipstick lately. I have never been a lipstick girl. I’m still not, but I am becoming hooked on lipstains. Especially the Revlon Just Bitten Lip Stain. It is so light and airy and not heavy on your lips. I don’t even know it is there. The color I have on is called Flame. I seriously have like 4 of these lipstains in different colors. Love them!

Liz Claiborne Oxford Shirt Dress: Thrifted (Similar Dress)
Belt: Swapped
Bag: Target (Similar Bag)
Loafers: Forever 21 (Similar Shoe)
Trench: Old Navy (Similar Coat)

Help Me Make A Difference

This will never be a blog where I ask you for very much, but the idea that child sex slavery and exploitation goes on in this country and around the world is something I can’t sit by on. I have to continually do something. My heart aches every time I hold Rowan in my arms thinking of these children.


I am running my second Marathon for Love 146 on May 29th. I know it is something small in comparison, but it is something I can do. I have been training hard as you know and my race is only 7 weeks away. So, here is where I need your help! From now until the week of the Marathon, I will be posting a little post each week asking for donations.

Please help me collect donations! Help spread the word!!

If you would be so kind to repost this message about Love 146 and let people know that you wont settle for anything less then the abolition of child sex slavery and exploitation. Spread the word on your facebook, twitter, tumblr, your blog, anyway you can, but please help me get the word out there.

Here is the link to my personal donation page. Check it out and if you can please donate!

Here is a little video of the history of Love 146.

To learn more about LOVE 146 please visit their website. There you can learn about how donations made are not only used for prevention, but also for aftercare and research toward this issue.

If you feel like you want to do more than just donate, consider signing up for the Tread on Trafficking campaign. The video is super funny!

Baba Sling Giveaway!!!

Kev and I are always on the go, so a good baby carrier is a must. We have a lot it seems like, but we are always on the look out for something better. Then we got the Baba Sling. We LOVE this sling! It is super simple to use, adjustable, and has the most comfy shoulder strap and padding around the edges. Rowan loves sitting in it and it comes in so many wonderful colors!!
The lovely people at Baba Slings would like to give away 1 sling to 2 lucky readers. That doubles your chances of winning!! You may not have a baby yourself, but chances are you know someone who has one. This would make the best present for a shower, a birthday, or even for mother’s day!

All you have to do is…
1. Visit Baba Slings and tell us what color you would chose from the standard slings in a comment below.
2. Bonus entry for visiting them on facebook and liking their page, then just leave a second comment letting us know you did so.

Trust me you will LOVE this awesome sling.

Friday Share and Tell…

Happy Friday Everyone!
This is a picture of my dad and I. Cute huh? I feel like this is going to be Kev and Rowan in no time. It is funny because growing up I looked nothing like my mom. I still don’t. Everyone always thought I was my sisters friend when my mom had us all out together. My mom and 2 sisters are blue eyed, have blonde and red hair and freckles. I have brown eyes and brown hair. I look just like my Dad. Rowan is going to follow in the same footsteps. Kev and her are like the same person already. I can see it and that warms my heart to no end.
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!

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Here are some of my favorite links around the interwebs and from sponsors this week…

1. Being a sale loving momma- This first link is for a crazy good sale I got emailed this morning from amazon. Britax is an awesome brand. Right now on Amazon all Britax Products
are 20% off. 20%!!! That is a huge deal. Also if you buy a Britax Strolleryou get an infant carseat, bassinet or second seat for free. Umm hello Free $200. We are going to buy a Britax for Rowan’s next stage Carseat.

2. Kev and I first saw this forever ago, but still talk about it to this day. Even this morning we were laughing over pancakes thinking about it.

3. Love this adorable handbag. I love the woven texture to it!

4. I know Rowan is a long way off from riding a bike but how cute is this Wooden Trike Bike? 1st Birthday present, maybe?

5. I am in swimsuit heaven over at Anthropologie. I want this one, this one, this one, and this one!! So freakin’ cute!

6. These floral wedges are too cute for words. Perfect for the summer with a pretty sundress!

7. Kind of in love with this sea captain print over on Spotted Moth. Wouldn’t it look great in one’s living room?

8. Have you ever been to the CreateForLess website? Ahhh I add so many things to my cart there. I love craft supplies. Whenever I make invitations for someone I buy ALL my paper from this site. It is way cheaper than Michaels or AC Moore.

9. I can not get over these tulip fields. I have to see this in real life one day!!!

10. How cute is this little vintage easter dress? I am on the hunt for a pretty one for Rowan.

Style File 04.07.11

Yesterday the sun came out. It was much needed because after being in the house for almost 3 days with it pouring rain. I was going a little crazy. It was also very nice out. So much so, that I wore these amazing Gimmik Heels and wasn’t cold at all. The wind was an other story though. haha. So windy! Ok, back to the shoes. I think these have topped my other shoes for the most comfortable heels. The thick platform makes them so easy to walk in and the cork sole makes them crazy light.

I went with the whole 70’s vibe yesterday. I didn’t start out that way but I just kept adding and it just kept looking more and more 70’s.

Today I am back in my pj’s. I am sick, Rowan is sick. We are a household of tea, vicks and naps today. Hopefully we will be better by the weekend.

Sweater Vest: Swapped from Kendi (Similar Vest)
Ruffle Sleeve Blouse: Forever 21 (Similar Top)
Leopard Belt: thrifted (Similar Belt)
Jeans: Forever 21 (Similar Jeans)
Cynthia Rowley Hat: TJ Maxx (Similar Hat)
Gimmik Heels: c/o Blowfish

Road Trip

I was honored when Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage asked me to do a guest post for her while she was on a fabulous vacation in Hong Kong. Since she was traveling, she thought it would be fun to have guest bloggers create their own travel post. I decided to write about one of my favorite trips.

When we moved home from Hawaii, we got our car shipped to Seattle. We drove North into Canada and headed East all the way into Ontario to surprise my family at my uncle’s cottage.

Canada is beautiful. Driving across is really nothing short of breath taking. It will always be one of my favorite trips. Here are some of my favorite pictures from our trip…


Have you ever taken a road trip? What are your must see places?

Style File 04.05.11

My Mom and Sister came out on the weekend to visit, but also to give us a much needed little date day. We started with a walk around our neighborhood. There are lots of old factory buildings around where we live and it’s fun to explore. They really are beautiful. I love in the summer when the ivy covers the tall sides of the buildings.

For our little walk about I wore this super cute jumper from ModCloth. I have had this skirt for a while now and have been dying to make an outfit with it but never got a chance to till now. Sunday was the perfect day for it!

Plaid Shirt: Old Navy (Similar Shirt)
Jumper: c/o ModCloth
Tights: Forever 21
Oxfords: Bass/Thrifted (Similar Shoe)
Trench: Old Navy
HandBag: c/o Lulu’s

Style File 04.04.11

This dress showed up on my doorstop a little while ago and I was instantly in love. There is something that I really love about dresses that are super 80’s. I love the black and white contrast and the ruffle around the waist on this dress. Plus the button detail on the back is super cute.

I really love being influenced by lots of different decades, but do you have a favorite that you are always drawn to?

Vintage Dress: c/o Kissing Tree Vintage
Belt: J.Crew
TIghts: c/o We Love Colors
Flats: Target (Similar Pair )

Family Photos

Happy Monday!
Did you have a good weekend? We had a nice relaxing sort of weekend. Dinner with friends, time together as a family, my mom and sister came to visit and I ran 16 miles. I don’t know if running is relaxing, but I am glad that it is over and that I finished the run. The weekends always go by way too fast. Don’t you agree?

Friday night we spent a little bit of time taking some fun family photos together. What a treasure to have later in life to look back on. Oh Sweet Rowan- we love you so much!

haha. Best upset baby photo ever…

Rowan loves her activity center so much. It really is the BEST one out there in my opinion. I did tons of research. I didn’t want to get one for her, but after seeing how much she loved other peoples we caved. This one is perfect for us. It has great toys that bend and reach her mouth, which is a total must. Tons of options to play with. It keeps her entertained longer than anything we have. This one is the Kolcraft Wonderbug Activity Center, Bugging Around and I would say it is a must have!

Happy Friday!

Hello? haha this little outfit was too cute to pass up on the clearance rack at Target. I mean for $3.50 total top and bottom, you really can’t say no. Look how stinkin’ cute it is on her. They are both sized 12m. yikes. We have a big baby on our hands.

Guess what?? Rowan says “MA” a lot now and has even started putting it together to say “Mama.” It is by far the sweet thing I have ever heard in my life. This morning we woke up to her saying it in her crib. We could hear her thru the baby monitor. Amazing!
Here are some happy & adorable friday links for you! Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

1. Still on my bathing suit hunt, I am head over heels with the Rainbow Graph Two Piece from modcloth! How cute would you be on the beach with a little straw hat and big sun glasses!

2. Love reading all the Delightful Dozen’s 12 Delightful Things every Friday. Good glimpse at everyones personalities.

3. I am totally loving our Boon Grass Countertop Drying Rack. Perfect for all kinds of baby accessories. We use ours everyday!

4. Love this little living room house tour. So sweet!

5. Things have been super buys lately. My favorite thing is to make some tea in the afternoon and just sit for even a few minutes and regroup. This Verbena Mint Organic tea is my favorite, favorite tea!! Mmm.

6. Remember when we annoucned we I was pregnant? Spent sometime looking at these pictures yesterday. I already feel like we look like babies compared to how much we have grown since then.

7. How adorable is this Skip Hop Hug & Hide Owl Activity Toy. I think Rowan has to have this! I know it is probably for a boy but it is just so darn cute!

8. 2 years ago Kev and I were on a train ride home playing drawing games in an urban outfitters catalog.

9. I want to bring Kev on Vacation to Paris so badly. How awesome is this hotel?

10. Ahhh. Mini Veggie Chili Pot Pies. I want one right this very instance!!!! Aimee can you please be my personal chef?

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